How Do You Increase the Brightness of LEDs?

If you have an existing LED, you can drive it with more current. That may shorten its life and it will make it run hotter. You may need to provide a better heatsink.

If you mean, how do you design a brighter LED, then there are only a couple of ways to do that.Simply tack more LED chips in the same location for more output illumination.Build a bigger junction LED. This is like building a giant power transistor. It requires pushing the semiconductor manufacturing technology.Here is an interesting video that answers a lot of your question.Wait for the "Andy Rooney Segment." The bloopers at the end are interesting, too.

My answer does not necessarily reflect the views of the Boeing Company or the US Department of Defense and is intended for informational purposes only

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What are we made to believe we need but actually don't need it?

Made to believe but don't need it, there are many examples such as:Live for others - makes you feel that you are good and important person.Appreciation are key to motivation - when appreciated your sense organs are trapped to follow the negative challenges.Confidence of known persons - in life most of them face difficulties from known individuals due to high level of confidence.

Sacrifice and compromise gives you happiness - this is applicable only in movies but not in reality. Most of them ruined their life.The list goes on.Note:Live for self" and not for others". The above terminologies are applicable when you (as a self) are focused to know the value of life.

A Tree, the stages of process from seed-plant-leaves-branches-flowers-fruits-dry. It does it's work without any expectations.Likewise we need to follow the process. Think and Act truthfully


What are some of the most important benefits of incandescent light bulbs?

Hey, friend. Maybe you can talk us more details.Like you will use the incandescent light bulbs in which place for what kind usage - If you are going to buy a desk lamp for your reading room. For this situation we will suggest you to use a incandescent lamp, because incandescent lamp with a warm white light, and its CRI is 99 very close to the sun shine, it is the best choice for reading. Or you need some one-off lights to make a party, or you just want keep your object warm, the incandescent bulb also the better choice. Because it is very cheap and produce lots of heat when it light up.So, please kindly let us know more your requirements in detail. There is no best/most important, just for different situation different choice.

This is James from A-Plus Lighting, wish our answer can help you


Why is Singapore so much more developed than Malaysia?

Singapore has always been the most strategic ports for international ships to port, refuel before continuing the journey. Having this as one of the factors, it automatically became the most important hub for South East Asia from the rest of the world.With the frequency of people from all over the world coming in and out of the country, it became one of the most important entreport and point of contact for businesses and commerce. Since its location is in the middle of the shipping routing, it gain more popularity as compared to all the other ports that Malaysia has. In other words, it makes more sense in the nautical chart of a ship to harbour in Singapore as compared to Malaysias other ports. For example, if you are going to Brunei from Jakarta, Indonesia by sea you don't go and refuel your ship all the way in Australia.


What is considered a third degree manslaughter?

Third Degree Manslaughter, similar to Third Degree Murder and Involuntary Manslaughter, is the act of killing a person with no previous intent, no initial intent, and no afterthought of hiding the act of the murder. A case of this would be, in the spur of the moment, a man would punch another man in the face. The punch broke the receiver of the punch's nose and thereby sent bone fragments into his brain, unintentionally killing him. The killer pleas guilty. There was no plan to kill the person, in the moment there was no intention of killing the person, and afterwards the killer did not attempt to hide the fact that he killed the other man.A good lawyer would attempt to find anything that might make the chances of the victim's death through a punch in the nose more probable, such as a previous nose break, so that the Jury would be more lenient


Was KISS really the hottest band in the world compared to other groups of its era like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd?

They were a lot more of a novelty act than most bands due to the makeup. I dont think they are as respected in the music world as the other huge bands of the time. They were also known to often be rude to their fans. They yelled at my brother when Gene Simmons was here in Nashville and he asked for an autograph very nicely. This is Nashville we know how to do that without being annoying we get every celebrity you can imagine here at times. I mean Nicole Kidman lives here and Justin Timberlake. The list goes on. Regardless they had a specific fan base as well though they were popular with record sales they werent nice guys really unless you were a female groupie. So Id answer no to this question. I am sure there are some stories where they are nice but I mean I have heard a half dozen bad ones


I wasn't bothering him; why did he block me?

Maybe he got pissed off that you approved of the break-up without causing much drama. Maybe he expected you to ask him why he wanted to break-up with you. Maybe he got hurt that you never bothered him again. Maybe he blocked you so that you get bothered. So many "maybe"s but the bottomline remains the same:- Social media's become a part of our life in such a way that only a few value face-to-face convos like me. Just go to him and ask him instead of getting stressed out over him blocking you. Whatever maybe the case, find something to keep you busy so that you can move on without much pain and trouble and regardless of whatever happens in the future, know that there come times when you gotta be your own hero and save yourself because no one else can. Be safe, work hard, play hard and be happy. :-)


How were the American and French Revolutions similar? How were they different?

mmm, interesting.The French had an absolute monarchy that kept feudalism in operation.Also : (and this is a direct excerpt from Wikipedia):Between 1700 to 1789, the French population increased from 18 million to 26 million, leading to large numbers of unemployed. High levels of state debt, incurred during the Seven Years' War and the American Revolutionary War, required increases in taxes, borne disproportionately by the lower classes. This was accompanied by sharp rises in food prices caused by years of bad harvests, worsened by deregulation of the grain industry and fifty consecutive days of below-freezing temperatures in the winter of 1788/1789.Situations that the UK should bear in mind at present!The American rebellion was primarily about tax avoidance and a UDI strategy in crown colonies (i.e. not a nation state) hatched out by a relatively small group of insurgents who wanted to benefit from the supposed tax income and become a leadership.


If the Germans were losing so many casualties in WWI, particularly after Verdun, that they already knew they'd lose, why does it seem that the French population was more severely impacted by the war?

Did they know, or even suspect they would lose?Its easy for us to sit by the fire with the wonderful tool of hindsight and make such judgements but the guys on the ground did not have this privilege, they had to make their decisions based on the available news.This is hard, because successful generals tend to be optimists, else they would tend not to remain in the job for long.And towards the end Great news from the front looked good for the Germans; rhe Americans were taking a very long time to get active and both the British and the French were falling back in the face of a relentless German assault. Looking back we now know that the brilliant final Australo-British campaign was going to decisively break the resolve of the German army; this was certainly neither known nor expected at the time by most observers


How bad is police brutality in the United States?

Huge problem! Most have forgotten the serve part of the oath they took to protect and serve! For example.a few years ago I needed to back out into a busy street in a large semi truck due to construction being started at the other end of the lot as I was unloading my truck. There was a San Jose cop directing traffic for the construction on Story Rd and I asked him if he could stop traffic for a second so I could safely back out since I was blocked from pulling forward.

he replied with extreme hostility No! You got in, you get out! You hit someone backing out illegally and Im gonna make sure you get a ticket! SeriouslySadly, I see this crappy attitude from more police Ive interacted with than the ones who arent infected with this personality power crisis


What was/were the reason/s behind the decline of the Indus Valley civilization?

There are popular three theories of the Decline of Indus Valley Civilization.Drought-It is said that Indus Valley Civilization came to end because of Drought which was very severe for survival of Mankind.The evidence related to this we can say is extinction of River Saraswati which is mentioned in early text is having dried river bed now. So there is possibility of drought.

2. Floods-Is said that Floods to river Indus was the reason of decilne of Indus Valley Civilization.But I believe that Indus Valley people were very great in constructing buldings, roads .They have build many cities like Dholavira, Lothal which were very water resistant or Flood Resistant.

3. Invasion of ARYANS-It is said that invasion of Aryans was one of the reason for decline in Indus Vallley Civilisation because 1500 BCE Harappan/Indus Valley Civilisation came to end and 1500 BCE marks the beginning of Aryans


What were the best 90s rock bands?

What a great era for rock. So many great bands to come out of the 90s .Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Bush, Oasis, Tool, Radiohead, Our Lady Peace, I Mother Earth, God Lives Underwater, Orange 9mm, The Toadies, Sparklehorse, Stone Roses, Screaming Trees, Soul Asylum, Three-Eleven, Clutch, Filter, System Of a Down, Everclear, Pearl Jam, Mad Season. It can go on and on and I can't name them all.

I left of Nirvana although I do credit their song and video Smells Like Teen Spirit' as changing the direction of rock forever.I'm not sure there's any real way to answer so it might come down to personal opinion.If someone told me I had to pick just one I would take Stone Temple Pilots.

They were my favorite 90s band and they had so many great songsI recently watched a live concert of theirs and forgot how many great songs they had. Damn they were good


Why did India let Masood Azhar go?

IC 814 was flying from Kathmandu to Delhi and was Hijacked and taken to Kandahar.The Taliban was helped by ISI agents in the hijacking and Pakistan government was fully involved as Pakistani agents were seen in KandaharThe initial demand was for the release of a few hundred militants in Indian jail but later on, after negotiation, 3 were released, including Masood Azhar.When the flight had landed in Amritsar for refueling there was even a plan to immobilize the plane but, instructions were passed at the last moment not to carry out any such operation for reasons better known to the establishment.

It is believed that there was betrayal from the Indian establishment too as few relatives of people in high positions were also in the flight.The opposition also pressurized the government by arranging riots like situation and Dharnas by the family members of people who had their relatives on the flight

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