How Do You Cope with a Baby in Summer?

If you do not have air conditioning then I would recommend opening windows and turing on some fans. Make sure the fans are not directly on him though, you do not want to give him a chill

1. If you can answer this you are a Car Correction genius (see details)?

First things, first. Remove your battery and have it tested at a parts store. While you are having it checked, clean your battery terminals, making sure that there is a good connection. If there are dirty connections, then the alternator and voltage regulator will over work and burn out sooner. Sounds to me that your alternator's voltage regulator has stopped working. Have your charging system checked. Check that your alternator belt is properly tensioned and not loose or worn. You seem to have a huge voltage drop. As far as your heating problem goes, do the following. Go the auto parts store and get a can of Gunk engine cleaner (orange can) Go to a do-it-yourself car wash follow the can's instructions and shampoo your engine as clean as ayou can get it. At this time, remove the cover holding your radiator in place to get acces to the space between the radiator and air conditioning condenser. By this time there will be huge amount of debris collected there and power spray the area thoroughly. This will insure that the air flow across your radiator is smooth and not creating "hot" spots. At theis age, replace your temperature sensor and fan cooling switch as a matter of course. I personally would flush and clean the cooling system and use Mercedes coolant in it as it provides better gasket and pump bearing protection and keeps the inside of your cooling system lasting longer. E-mail me, if you like. Good Luck!!!!.

2. How did car windshield defrosters function before they had air conditioning?

there are knobs on the dash which pull out cables to mechanically move a flap controlling the airflow, heat alone works fine to defrost a windshield. as for wiper fluid, it was basically antifreeze (that is if the vehicles you refer to had a place for washer fluid. & yes, sometimes it is necessary to crack a window or open a floor vent as to not die of heat if it's not extremely cold out, yet cold enough to frost the windshield. But most of the heat escaped out of vehicles anyway (they were not sealed like today), so the heat could stay on full blast. Winter fronts work great too

3. is it ok to take my baby out as a newborn?

Half the countries of the planet take babies out in the sun from day one and do not worry about germs and that, a healthy immune system is built by being exposed to germs. Keep her out of direct sun and use sunblock and a hat. A parasol on the pram will shade her, and since there's probably air conditioning in the shops and places to go in your country, remember it may well be COLD in some of the air conditioned places, so take her a cardigan and a blanket. I clearly remember being so cold on a bus in Pennsylvania, in August, that I could have cried, sitting there in my shorts and t-shirt when it was 80 outside.

4. yes attic fans make a big difference?

Have you considered a solar attic fan, this way you can ventilate to cut on energy costs, and not pay to do it each month. Read this one I found: Solar Attic Fans- Solar attic fans are a great example of a simple way to make your home more energy efficient without spending a lot of money. The need for air conditioning is reduced by venting hot air out of your attic. Installing a solar attic fan may also increase the life of your roof materials by keeping them at a lower temperature which also reduces moisture buildup in your attic. This prevents mold and rot in your home, and can also reduce allergens and pollution.

5. Do you think it is odd that architects, builders and designers will completely destroy some thing old just to?

Wellllllllllllll, I know in some's absolutely necessary because you need to upgrade things like wiring and plumbing, and to change all that out, and's probably less expensive and easier to just tear down the old structure, and build new, from the ground up, with all the latest gadgets and innovations, rather than trying to upgrade a house that just was not built or made to accomodate such things. In Italy, there are actually LAWS, about what you can and CANNOT do, to historic old villa's. You cannot rip up old "Historic" tile cannot touch walls with Fresco's, and so forth..........which makes any sort of upgrading, a practical nightmare, if not impossible. And Millionaires, who can afford these villa's these days..........needless to say, want all the 21st century comforts, like air conditioning, and climate control.....but are legally blocked from making such renovations. All these fancy palaces and villa's...........and no indoor plumbing! Like......where's the bathroom, dude! Chamber pots? Like........seriously? How did they do it back then?

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