How Do I Install Water Bottle Cage to a Bike?

On the frame of your bike, there might be what looks like two hex screws screwed into the frame. Those are the mounting points for a water bottle cage. If your bike has those hex screw points, all you need to do is unscrew those hex screws from the frame and use the hex screws to fasten the bottle cage to the frame. Very easy. Takes 5 minutes if you have the right size allen wrench.

1. Water bottle question about caner...?

The number indicates the type of plastic it is. Some recycling centers will only take types 1 and 2 (common for drink bottles), others will only take 3 and 4 (harder plastics). Edit: Thanks anticone. Was not aware there was an article on this

2. do hampsters need a water bottle?

get a bottle...btw its spelled hamster not hampster...the bowl can be knocked over when your hamster is playing, and he might accidentally fall in it, and it could hurt him. if he trips, he can break his leg

3. What do you do with your empty water bottle?

I like bottled water cuz it's convenient. I can walk around with it in my bag. I reuse my water bottles until I get sick of them, get to many of them or lose them. Then I throw them away and buy new ones

4. Disney Princess water bottle with food container at bottom?

They are called a "fun-tainer." I've seen them in various places, I think target had some. You could look online for them too

5. How do I return a broken Nalgene water bottle?

I am pretty sure that the nalgene warranty is only against defect. The cost of specifically going anywhere for a bottle of sending it in will be more than a new one. You might try bringing it to REI but I am guessing that you are just going to need to suck it up and buy a new one.

6. water bottle of choice for your bunny?

I prefer to use water dishes for my buns because they are easier for them to drink out of, maybe you should buy a "travel bottle" (a water bottle to take with you on trips) and have a water bowl for your bunny when you arrive at your destination :) I think a 250ml bottle would be good for travelling with :)

7. How to remove mildew from hot water bottle?

My mom has been giving me enemas with the same water bottle for a while. She says to rinse it with bleach and water every now and then

8. Have you ever tried to drink a water bottle with its cap still on?

no because I am not [insert insult here] edit- no because i am not a woman :P

9. Will my hamster find its water bottle?

he will be able to smell the water and if you are not that sure put a dish out with a small amount of water in it

10. How do you heat up a hot water bottle?

Heat Water Bottle

11. How long can I trust the purity of water in a water bottle?

You are way over thinking it.Presuming the water in the bottle was properly clean, potable and microbiologically safe to begin with, and you are a normal healthy human, the water in the bottle will be OK virtually indefinitely. A few days of a backpacking trip? No question.If you have a bunch of sticks, leaf matter, or bugs, etc in the water, you can sterilize it and drink it within a day or two just fine. But if you let it sit and stew you might develop a problem, but if a problem develops it will not mater whether you drank some of it or not first.Disease causing organisms generally need to be present in their hosts to multiply, or you need to ingest a good number of their spores/cysts. Neither of those conditions are likely to occur in your situation and transform your water from safe to unsafe.

12. Is it better to use a recyclable plastic bottled water at the gym or a real water bottle?

I guess I would prefer real water instead of water made from plastic

13. Can I put anything in my Guinea Pig's water bottle?

Adding juice would make things worse, not better. The problem is probably bacteria rather than mold. Some guinea pigs have a mouth bacterial flora which colonizes the tube and bottle making it smell bad and sometimes become cloudy. It can also form a film on the inside of the bottle and tube. The bottle should be emptied rinsed (including the sipper tube) with fresh water daily before refilling and replacing it. Right now you also want to disinfect the bottle. The best thing is to soak both the bottle and sipper tube in a solution of 1 part chlorine bleach (like Clorox) and 9 parts hot water. Let it soak for an hour and then brush the bottle thoroughly with a bottle brush (look in the baby supply area of the super market for one) and clean out the sipper tube with a rough pipe cleaner. Then you need to rinse the bottle and tube completely. When you think it is rinsed enough, rinse it more! Then refill. You will need to disinfect every week or so. Vinegar, while frequently recommended, is only a moderate disinfectant compared to hypochlorite (bleach). Properly rinsed, there is no harmful residue.

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