How Do I Fix My Aquarium Ph?

Do not listen to a single word that comes out of any Petco employee's mouth. They sold you a bunch of crap, if any is unopened return it for a refund. Unless you are keeping wild caught fish, or plan on breeding a more difficult species, your pH is fine out of the tap. Unless you start with ro water, adjusting tap water & keeping the pH at a certain level is nearly impossible. This is because hardness stabilizes pH, your water hardness will cause the pH to rebound to it's original value. I breed angels in water that is 7.7, and fairly hard. This is what comes out of my tap. I add nothing but Prime to dechlorinate, that is it.

1. is it ok to set my marine tank up like this???????

I have been doing SW reef and fish tanks for about 25 years and I could say that you are on the right track BUT I would use RO water to fill the tank and do water changes. I have tried MANY different ways to set up tanks from 10gal to 250gal This is what (I) find the easiest to do. 1- fill the tank about 2/3 with ro water. 2-Add salt and run powerheads to mix the salt untill you reach proper salinity (1.022 to 1.026), I run all of my tanks around the high point 1.026. 3- Pour in your aragonite (Sand) I do not even bother rincing it anymore, Go to next step.(adding sand will raise your water level a bit) 4- Run a Used cheep AquaClear filter with ONLY filter floss or even a couple of Old socks (yes I sead Socks. 5-Rinse the Socks out every 4 to 6 hours for 24 hours, you can stir the sand with your hands every once in a while for the first rinse or 2 but no more. 6-After 24 hours check and adjust the salinity if needed. 7- When temp and salinity ar proper, Add your FULLY CURED live rock (about 1 to 2 pounds per gal.aquarium size) work the rock into the sand and then stack the rest the way it looks good to you. The rock should bring your water level up to almost full (TOP UP WITH SALTWATER if needed) 8- Keep running the aquaclear to clean dust that you stir up. 9- I usually add a bag of carbon to the aquaclear at this time but it's probably not needed. 10- After 48 hours your tank should be crystal clear, your salinity should be stable, your temp should be stable. 11- fire up your external filter. With FULLY CURED LIVE ROCK, you should not have any problem adding 1 harty cheep fish, a couple of snails and hermits (start of a cleaner crew)after 3 to 4 days. FULLY CURED live rock is already cycled so you should NOT see ANY spikes in amonia, nitrite or nitrate.(NITROGEN CYCLY) Your sand will START to become live within a few more days and should begood to go in a few weeks. I would stick with the 1 fish for this time but you could probably more cleaners (I personaly would add a skunk cleaner shrimp and if he survives your water should be good. After about a month you could start adding what you want SLOWLY ( 1 or 2 fish and leave it for a couple of weeks) Take it slow and have fun.

2. What plant do i need to not feed fish and not clean it?

It is possible to set up an aquarium ecosystem that only needs to be fed one month, and only needs to be cleaned once a year, although you will have to replace evaporation however you need a larger tank. Your tank is way too small for anything. Edit: Trolls should read the article before you thumbs down me. The article is written by a fishkeeper who built a high surface area 3.5 gallon tank filled with RO water, where he kept mystery snails, crystal red shrimp, and endlers. The tank produced enough algae to feed the shrimp and snails. The endlers fed primarily on snail eggs. He did regular water testing, and everything checked out. Over the course of a year, he fed it 13 times. He did not do a water change although he topped it off to replace evaporation. I am not advocating a torturesphere.

3. Will guppies breed if the Ph is 8.2? How can I get my Ph naturally down to the 7.5 range?

if your tank has guppies only an 8.2 pH is fine as they prefer an alkaline environment ... they will breed in that pH ... i am not sure why people use reverse osmosis water ... i understand it removes impurities and such but it also removes essential minerals that the fish need too . .. but you must have a reason for using it but maybe include some dechlorinated tap water too ... i would absolutely not do a complete water change with RO water ... what is the pH of your tap water ??? are there any non-aquarium decorations in the tank ??? you could add a piece of driftwood, boil well first to help remove some of the tannins that would discolour the water (but not harm the fish) and that would naturally bring the pH down . .. but an important thing to know about pH is that a stable pH whether high or low is better than a fluctuating one ... with the pH tests you described, are you using liquid tests or strips ... if strips they are mere approximations of the parameters . .. if you are using liquid tests, i would check to see if they are not expired ... because usually the liquid tests are quite accurate

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