How Do I Clean a George Foreman Grill?

Personally I clean it while it's turned on. I used to work in a kitchen and this is how we always cleaned the more industrial versions.The surface is non stick anyway so should not be too difficult to clean. Just take a cloth or green/yellow scouring sponge heavily soaked in water and give a scrub on the top and bottom

1. Water & Nutrient Cycle of an upside down forest

This idea might create some new problems, but perhaps to aid the integrity of the torus mechanically, and to aid with some of the problems with debris covering the outer portion of the torus where people have pointed out the incoming light could be blocked.Figure not drawn to scale. The green dot could be a tree... The arrows are where light can leave the light guide. This could be done where the thin lines are. The poorly drawn diagram is meant to show that there could be light guides capture the light and direct it to the interior the structure. This could be pretty efficient since total internal reflection is not lossy. In the region with the darker lines the totally internal reflection layer is protected on the outside. In the thinner lines of the light pipe the light can be allowed to leave the light guide in a controlled direction. This is similar to how an optical fiber works. One way you can let the light out is through the aperture at the top of the pillar (like the end of an optical fiber), or you could also design in patterns that either frustrate the total internal reflection letting the light out, or scatter the light out by changing its direction so it escapes the critical angle. These structures are also big, so you could also have internal mirrors or other optical structures. By the way, optical fibers these days do not have to be solid glass, there are photonic crystal, and "holey" optical fibers. You can also make sensors where you pipe the light to an area, let the light interact with the surface and what you want to sense on the surface etc. To the people and trees in the interior of the torus these "sunlight pillars" would periodically rise up out of the landscape providing illumination. The upside down trees might be genetically engineered to have a very strong photo-tropic response so they want to grow away from the soil and to the light. To sprout and grow against gravity there might also have to be genetic engineering since normally sprouts want to grow away from the center of the earth. The light piping structures could also be used other ways. There potentially could be other connections that could pipe the light to other places in the structure that would otherwise be dark. The could penetrate all the way into the soil layer and provide some illumination into the interior of the caves. The shape of the pillars rising out of the sunlight side could be sculpted to direct the flow of water and debris that might fall to the transparent surface. This could direct the water to areas were the light was guided and concentrated and turn it into vapor so it could be carried back up to the tree and soil/cavern layers. Perhaps it could even burn or vaporize organic materials to help with the cleaning of the optical side of the torus. If you can control the index of refraction as a function of position, you can also focus the light and make graded index lens this kind of technology could be very versatile in moving the optical energy around. For the vaporization of materials part, the main concern is having enough optical energy on the outside of the structure, since the brightness and how much you can focus the light is limited by what eventually boils down to the violating the second law of thermodynamics. However, I am assuming the Torus is pretty huge. In general, being able to control where the optical energy is turned into heat should also give you a lot of engineering flexibility, and maybe help with the climate control

2. It's short. Can you help me? Thanks?

In this topic we are going to discuss biodegradable plastics. Here we will show the definition of plastics, their characteristics, their production, and all necesary knowledge to differentiate between conventional plastics and biodegradable plastics; taking in consideration the environmental problem that plastics create, the recycling process, the advantages in terms of use, the aptitude of companies, and the new research on biodegradable plastics. This one material that we will expose is still developing and is being gradually introduced into our society. Progress on biodegradable plastics has advantages in many aspects, essencially in the degradation of these materials in the environment due to the fact that the damage is almost nothing to the fauna of any ecosystem. The disadvantages which could be attributed to these materials depend on the purpose for which they are used. Many of these materials are degraded at a specific temperature or introduced in water, therefore making it complicated to apply a type of biodegradable plastic to different utilities. Finally, we will explain our final conclusions and how these plastics have benefited us from the point of view of social awareness and scientific progress. Genial! Prcticamente perfecto. I corrected only a few things, but overall you did great. Good job.

3. i need more hot water?

If you have an electric water heater, it sounds like you have a bad bottom element. Only the top element is heating the water & the water on the bottom of the tank is cold. Either that or the bottom of you tank is full of sediment and you only have half the capacity. Check into a tankless water heater if this one is going out. They will save a ton of money in utility bills, but they do cost about twice as much. Money well spent. You can take 2 hour long showers and never run out of hot water again!!!!!!

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"In the moments before death," a John began, "your whole life will flash before you and you will be able to see each separate moment simultaneously, noticing where you did well and where there is room for improvement. The reason that this only takes a fraction of a moment, which is a complete review of your life, is that you will now be approaching Reality, and Reality does not have earthly time as its basis. The past and future does not exist in the same way there. "After this review of your life, you will have various experiences, some good, some bad, but eventually you will feel extremely isolated, as death is a solitary journey. Strong thought patterns might linger for awhile, possibly materializing in the form of a wispy ghost that will want to remain near the people or places you were particularly attached to on earth. Eventually, however, you will move on to where there possibly might be a period of extremely fearful states, especially if your life was full of evil. Usually, key seekers forgo this terrifying stage, but due to your recent, past connections to the tragic wars and the blacksmith's death, I will describe this terrifying stage. Just in case. "If you do find yourself in this troubling situation, monstrous animal-like beings will chase after you, and in desperation you will frantically seek a hole in which to hide. Do not go into a hole. You will be entering some hideous, unknown womb, or possibly a cave where you will find yourself reborn into a horrible situation, perhaps trapped in a self-made prison for eons. If you can somehow maintain your awareness through this illusion, and this is where your practice of the inner work will come in handy, there will always be a light somewhere for you to go toward instead of diving into a hole, but it takes tremendous courage to go for this light, because the light is out in the open. "You see, for those who die while still in an evil state, darkness and hiding will always appear to be a better choice than light, but of course they will be dooming themselves. The intensities and colors of the lights will vary, depending on previous life experiences, but regardless of the color, one should always go for the whitest, brightest light, even if it appears intense and frightening." I dozed off, mumbling that I must find my key and that I would fight with everything I had. A John gently shook me, saying that the only chance I had was to fight - harder than I had ever fought before, and reminded me that I must remain awake because sleep would put me in jeopardy. A John went outside and emptied the 'pee jar' he provided for me, then filled the water jug again, as I fought for my life. "If you can make it to this light," he continued, "there will be choices on the other side. You will see what must be refined and improved, and you will be able to select the physical form that will best provide the circumstances to satisfy and resolve any lingering desires. This will all be accomplished outside the parameters of conventional time. After you enter the new form, which will occur in time almost instantaneously after you die, any memory of past lives and in-between lives will completely disappear. You will be an infant, and required to learn everything anew in order to survive in your new surroundings which will usually be earth, but possibly other material spheres if earth is no longer habitable. There will be tendencies that will be your strengths and weaknesses from past existences, but you must be very sensitive and listen to your heart in order to recognize these tendencies and use them to your advantage - to insure a better rebirth next time." My body was exhausted that first night. My leg became swollen to twice its size, and as I slipped in and out of consciousness, my mind drifted to the young maiden in the village with eyes like almonds and hair shining like black silk. She was distracting me from my quest, I knew that, but I felt so empty and alone right now as death was closing in, and I desperately needed her, if only in my mind. Then the nightmares began. I imagined Moosawa sitting next to me. A John's voice floated in and out the next morning, "Now is the time for you to investigate the painful feelings you have. Is the pain in your mind, in your leg, or is it an entity all to itself? Is human suffering only a concept or is it a truth to be realized? He looked at me for a moment as if what he had just said was very important. Then he remarked that I would have plenty of time to investigate these things and many others at a later date, and with great masters, if I could make it through the next two days. "These same questions have been pondered before," a John continued. "and now I will tell you a story of the original great warriors of the mind. ". . . A long, long time ago, in a hot, dusty country very far from here, freethinking people, no different than you and I, were questioning things. They did not trust the secretive priests who at the time controlled all of the religions. These priests were nothing but pious zealots, fearing the loss of their political power and eventually associating only with rich people, ignoring anybody in a lower class. The freethinkers were so disillusioned by the cloaked hatred and deceit of these priests that they refused to believe their rhetoric any longer. The only way to find authentic truth, in the minds of these freethinkers, was to directly communicate with whatever it was that they had descended from - no different than the direct communications that had enlightened the many prophets throughout the ages. "The freethinkers knew in their hearts that there was 'something,' but they did not know what. Therefore, similar to present day key seekers, they went into the forests and risked their lives to find the truth through their own efforts. They were determined to find this truth or die trying. It was either possible to communicate directly with this Source of all things, with Reality, or it wasn't, and they were going to find out. The religious leaders warned them that demons would overtake their minds if they dared open them, but the freethinkers simply responded that the demons only existed within the closed minds of the priests, and nowhere else." I was trying desperately to stay awake, and I wasn't dreaming; Moosawa was actually sitting right next to me! I couldn't move, or I would have grabbed his throat and throttled him like a chicken. A John put his finger to his lips, indicating that I should remain silent, and then continued his story as if nothing was amiss. "After spending many years in the forest, these seekers of truth began returning, and their stories were not only amazing but consistent. They declared they had found the Source of everything that exists, and where they found it was, astonishingly, nowhere but deep inside themselves."They described this Reality as formless, timeless, beyond space, beyond nothingness, beyond consciousness, beyond perception, beyond everything we could think of . . . and anything we could not think of. The truth seekers proclaimed that this Absolute Reality was indestructible, and indescribable, expressing itself in the myriad of forms, including us. And that we no longer needed to be terrified of annihilation. The solitary thing we must concern ourselves with is our mistaken assumption that we are somehow separate and isolated from this loving Source. We are merely a drop out of the great ocean, and when we return to that ocean, we will be all of it." I had my eye closed again, as a John nudged me awake; aparently, he knew what he was doing with Moosawa. But regardless, I had no choice; I had to trust him, as he continued with his story. "The original key seekers had used no methods or preconceived doctrines to make these discoveries. It was not a case of studying books, accepting beliefs or listening to teachers. The freethinkers merely sat in the forest for years, watching and quieting their minds, facing their emptiness until all the past words, teachings, misconceptions, and indoctrinations faded from memory leaving just a pure, bright, calm mind. And out of this bright mind, they claimed that the "Source," the absolute reality, surfaced from within their individual consciousnesses enabling them to make their fundamental discovery; that this Source of everything is not merely in all of us; it is all of us." I had fallen asleep briefly, only to be gently awakened again by a John, and when I opened my eyes, I noticed Moosawa leaning against the wall barely awake himself. A John's non-stop discourse resumed . "Any worldly thing we depend upon always becomes our blackmailer, and we pay these blackmailers in one way or the other. When we count on worldly pleasures to sustain us it is no different than eating chicken bones - beside the fact that they are not nourishing, they stick in our throats and strangle us!" I could see that my war in the kingdoms were now my blackmailer, making this quest such an ordeal. The blacksmith, on the other hand, was a simple man, and able to do it quickly. However, I also had to agree with Ariya that without the war, I would never have been convinced that power would not provide lasting happiness. Therefore, I had no choice but to accept the long struggle ahead. I concluded that I had to be extremely careful of my actions in the future, if, in fact, I had a future. I tried desperately to stay awake.
I Have a Above Ground Pool It Has a Oily Film on the Top of the Water Any Suggestions to Get Rid of
Go to a Pool Supply store and get some enzyme additive for your pool. The film is a result of natural body oils and suntan lotion. That is why it is important to shower before you enter the pool.1. 2 short chemistry questions about acids/bases?a million- c 2-d 3- c 4- applying alerts 5- 7bcfbacd98cfa6ce29d0ad821b14f97bcfbacd98cfa6ce29d0ad821b14f9 (proton) , hydronium, 7bcfbacd98cfa6ce29d0ad821b14f93O7bcfbacd98cfa6ce29d0ad821b14f9 6- O7bcfbacd98cfa6ce29d0ad821b14f9- 7- p7bcfbacd98cfa6ce29d0ad821b14f9 = -logbcfbacd98cfa6ce29d0ad821b14f97bcfbacd98cfa6ce29d0ad821b14f 8- pO7bcfbacd98cfa6ce29d0ad821b14f9= percentp7bcfbacd98cfa6ce29d0ad821b14f9 9- NaO7bcfbacd98cfa6ce29d0ad821b14f9 - a million liter --> 0.333 mole 0.0684 Liter --> 0.0227 mole so now u be conscious of that u used 0.0227 mole of base to titrate the acid. 0.049 Liter--> 0.0027mole 1Liter -->0.4648 mole the molarity of 7bcfbacd98cfa6ce29d0ad821b14f9Cl i 0. 4648M.2. Balanced molecular, total ionic, and net ionic equations?i will walk you in the process the 1st one becasue I ought to bypass quickly. First inspect the ions, Ba2 and (NO3) -a million, how do all of us understand the fees? Nitrate ion (NO3 -a million) has a can charge of -a million, and the two interior the subscript skill we've 2 nitrate ions. This finished can charge of -2 ought to be balanced via the barium which has a can charge of 2. For K2CO3, carbonate has a can charge of -2 and potassium has a can charge of a million. so as to make the compound impartial you need to have 2 potassiums for a finished can charge of 2. accepted: First reproduction down the reactants and attempt to style products via switching the ions, remembering to stability for rates. Ba(NO3)2 K2(CO3) -----> Ba(CO3) KNO3 Now blance the two facets of the reaction to blance each and all the atoms. Ba(NO3)2 K2(CO3) -----> Ba(CO3) 2KNO3 Now inspect the solubility chart. BaCO3 is insoluble, KNO3 is soluble. under and to the magnificent of the reactants you need to write "aq" for KNO3 simply by fact that's soluble and an "i" for BaCO3 simply by fact that's insoluble. finished: Now time so you might interrupt up each little thing that exist as ions on the two facets of the equation, retaining the two facets balanced and writting "i" or "aq" under and to the magnificent of the ions or compounds. be confident you incorporate rates. Ba^2aq 2NO3^-1aq 2K^1aq CO3^2-aq ---> BaCO3i 2NO3^-1aq 2K^aq internet: it is the easy area, inspect the finished equation above and cancle out the flaws that look on the two facets, you need to get this. Ba^2aq CO3^2-aq ---> BaCO3i it is your internet ionic equation. important issues to remember are a million. Write out the reaction, are looking forward to the products and blance the reaction. 2. seek for solubilities and write "aq" for aqueous and "i" for insoluble. 3. ruin up the ions interior the finished reaction, cancle issues that look on the two facets. 4. Write the internet equation from the ions/reactans that "replaced" state in the process the reaction (aq to i, or g for gasoline etc.) stable success!3. Why is my hermit crab out of its shell and had lost all of its leg and claws, I only had it for 5 days too!! =?It may have been unhealthy when you purchased from petco. Im not sure if they can survive with just one leg. Id call the store and see if you can return it or if they have any suggestions. good luck=).4. Hair problems? I don't know whats wrong?well first of all, everyone looses like 80 hairs or more each day, its perfectly normal and healthy haha. also your hairs texture changes over time, texture, volume, style. however to make it grow longer, i would first suggest going to get a trim to take off the spilt ends, then let it grow grow grow! (you dont have to get your ends taken off every few months if your growing it out, unless its really bad) i have personally grown my hair out really long over the summer by not getting it cut, using barely any heat on it (id say this is a major aspect, because the heat can damage your hairs growth patterns) and i use a product called "Moroccan Oil" its AMAZINNG. i use it everyday, it smells amazing and its really good for your hair. it might seem a bit pricey but its worth every penny!!
No Water Pressure!!!?
Washing machine hoses have little screens built into the connections and the kitchen faucet has a screen built into the aerator. Check these first because they may be clogged, clean or replace as necessary. The angle stop valves under your sink and the hose bibs for your washer have fairly small openings through which the water flows and frequently have a collection of sediment at this opening. You pretty much have to remove them to flush out the particles and you might as well count on putting in new nipples (short pieces of pipe) and valves. I usually put in the new nipple with a garden hose adapter, connect a garden hose, and flush them one at a time. I recommend Rectorseal pipe sealant at all connections. I will betcha a cup of coffee you have galvanized iron pipes in your house, and that you do not have a copper ground rod on your electrical system1. The Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washing - Jim's GroupPressure washing, or water blasting as it is also known, has become a popular cleaning device in recent years. It's effective, efficient, and super satisfying to watch. If you are curious to learn more about pressure washing, today's your lucky day. We've created the ultimate guide to pressure washing in Australia and New Zealand. Read on to learn more about how pressure washing can completely transform your home. First thing's first: what exactly is pressure washing? The answer is pretty simple. A pressure washer is a tool used for cleaning surfaces and exteriors. As its name suggests, it works by blasting water at high pressures onto cleaning surfaces. The higher you set the pressure, the tougher the washer will be on grime and dirt. Although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, pressure washing and power washing are not quite the same things. Like pressure washers, power washers also use pressurised water to clean surfaces. However, power washers also incorporate hot water into the cleaning process, differentiating them from the standard pressure washer. In most cases, a pressure washer is more than enough to clean most surfaces. A power washer is usually only necessary when you need to beat tough oil stains and other heavy buildup. PSI stands for Pounds per Square Inch. A pressure washer's PSI simply calculates the equipment's cleaning power by measuring the pressure of water generated by its motor and pump. A higher PSI is usually reserved for heavy duty jobs, while a moderate PSI is sufficient for most home cleaning projects. Generally speaking, 1,300 to 1,900 PSI is more than enough pressure for domestic cleaning tasks like removing light mildew or mould, cleaning outdoor furniture, or washing cars. A higher PSI of 2,000 to 3,000 is better suited for heavy duty jobs like cleaning decks, cleaning pavements, and cleaning machinery (e.g. farm equipment). A reputable professional will know exactly which settings to use for your specific cleaning job. This means that you do not have to risk damaging any of your surfaces by miscalculating the amount of pressure needed for the task. How much does pressure washing cost? When it comes to pressure washing, you have two options. You can either rent a pressure washer and do the job yourself, or you can hire a professional pressure cleaner to do the job for you. If you are planning on renting a pressure cleaner, it could cost you as little as $40 a day for the equipment. If you are planning on hiring a professional, you will likely pay based on square metres. Usually, as the job gets larger, the cost of pressure cleaning comes down proportionately. Bear in mind, however, that the price also depends on the type of area or surface that's being cleaned. Some surfaces require more attention than others, so you can expect prices to vary accordingly. Although hiring a professional is more expensive, it's usually the easiest option. Water blasting is not as easy as it looks, and it requires patience, training, and technique. A botched DIY job could result in expensive damage to your property as well as other environmental damage. There's something extremely satisfying about watching layers of dirt and grime melt away with the blast of a pressure washer. It's a powerful tool that can remove built-up dirt and other debris from many surfaces. Driveways, garage floors, decks, fences, wheelie bins, and outdoor furniture are just some of the most popular surfaces for pressure washers. You can also take your pressure washer indoors and use it to clean grout and bathroom tiles (just make sure that the tiles are perfectly intact and that you are using a low PSI!). If you are unsure, it's always wise to do a patch test before spraying the entire surface. That way, you can be sure that you wo not cause any damage. You can also choose to hire a professional pressure washer to do the job if you would prefer an expert who knows a bit more about what they are doing. What should you not pressure wash? The beauty of pressure washing is that it can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and exteriors. That being said, there are definitely some exceptions. Since pressure washers work by spraying water at high pressures onto surfaces, some exteriors are just too delicate to be able to withstand the force. Some of the surfaces that should not be pressure washed include painted surfaces, oil surfaces, stained wood, and asphalt roofing. If you are unsure about what you can and can not pressure wash, you should reach out to your local pressure washing expert for some advice. There's no reason why you have to spend hours and days manually cleaning grime and dirt off your surfaces. You can save yourself time and energy by simply getting these surfaces pressure washed. Our friendly pressure washing professionals will be able to get your surfaces looking bright and new in no time. If you are in Australia, give us a call on 13 15 46 or enquire online today to get an obligation-free quote.2. What does it really mean when a house leans? Please help!?If the house has stairs, put a marble on one of them...if the marble moves more than 2 move 2 miles. Seriously though. You say that there is 'heavy concrete" around the house? Most times people are well meaning to install a concrete water deflector. What they end up with is pressure against the foundation walls. I've seen it before. The basement walls bulge..then the footings are tip-toeing..and you end up staying at the Holiday Inn while they raze your house. If I were buying the house I would knock a substantial bid price off, maybe your dad can do the same. There are few problems that can not be solved if you throw enough thousand dollar bills at it.3. Losing my virginity, yes or no?It's true that young people have started having SEX ..... BUT .........It's also true that MOST WISE GIRLS HAVE NOT. And many of those who've done "IT" did not really want to - they let themselves get talked into it. If your friend is trying to push you into having intercourse, they may tell you - "It will make you feel like a real woman." The person you are going with may even try to pressure you with lines like, "If you really love me, you will prove it," or "If you do not do it with me, someone else will." Or you may feel that "Having Sex" is the only way to keep someone interested in you. YOU DECIDE! You may wonder, "Why am I so eager and, at the same time, I want to hold back?" Because you rightfully feel what millions of young people feel - "Sexual Intercourse" can be a big mistake when you are not ready. Why the decision to have sex early? Is it because you want to make your partner happy? Is it because you will feel more adult? Is it because your friends are doing it? These are not good enough reasons for losing your virginity. Remember sex does not prove love. It does not make you into a grown up, in fact you are more of an adult if you do the sensible thing and say "NO". You will always remember the first time you have sex. Do you want that experience to be forever linked in your mind with some man who also Broke your Heart? I understand that with all the talk about sex it puts pressure on young people to experience it, but the fact is, sex without a relationship is just not that great. If you need sexual release, masturbate. WHAT TO DO? - BE HONEST - It's okay to say "NO." You do not have to explain, but you can give your reasons if you want to - "I've made up my mind to wait," or, "I am not ready to get involved" - say whatever makes you most comfortable. It may help to practice saying it to yourself before you need to say it to someone else. Sex is an important part of life. It is not separate from everything else... BUT >>>>Our Respect and Reputation is also an essential part of life - including our sex life. Respect allows us to accept and appreciate each other. It helps us to be thoughtful and trusting of each other. It's not always easy. But it's always important. IF YOU NEED HELP - TALK TO PEOPLE you trust and respect - at home, college, sensible friends etc. Remember ------------ SEX is...both physical and emotional in nature SEX is NOT......NOT....NOT ...a way to make somebody Love you OR make a Commitment to you OR Even a Test of your Love. So saying NO is perfectly Ok, remember its your reputation at stake .......Let the secret be known that teen sex is not a trendy behavior - nor will you be respected for all your sexual encounters. Good Luck>r
Wut Are the Benefits I Will Get Frm Only Drinking Water?
absolutely nothing apart from putting your body into starvation mode and that in effect causes you to put weight on as it starts to build up teh fat in your body already to will eventually lose weight but starving your body of teh nutrients it needs to function work and LIVE is not a good idea. 8 glasses a day. 3 healthy meals and snacks and treats here and there is all you need.1. The best foundation to make your skin look flawless?If you really want something good from the drugstore most probably and cheap,its not 100% positive that it will make your face slightly flawless. Search it up on youtube and there will be some advices from beautyguru. all i could say is wash your face twice a day. for the blackheads, use a nose strip or the blackhead strip or even the mask from daiso which works wonders and it only cost $2. Moisturise your face if possible too! You can use lotions that have whitening effect and it can helps to whiten the dark spot. bio oil can also be used on the dark spots too. lemon too but do not use lemon often and ensure that you put on sunblock after it as your face might burns. If you do this religiously, your blackheads and dark spots will slowly disappear and you wont really have to use an expensive make up to cover up your insecurities. all the best, darl. :)2. Why is one side of aluminum foil shiny while the other side is matte?the shiny side is used to wrap or cover things in the oven to create a mirror like effect on the food that gives the food a golden and crisp texture ,the matte side is used to keep things cold in the fridge or a cooler3. What is a Domino effect?It seems Mage Revised features what you call Domino effect v2. On page 151:Wise mages who wish to avoid the nasty consequences of Paradox will attempt to disguise their magic in coincidental Effects. As the number of wild "coincidences" rise, however, they become harder to pull off. As an optional rule, a Storyteller can impose an additional difficulty penalty of one to coincidental magic difficulty rolls for every two such Effects over the first in one scene. The effects of this penalty are cumulative. After five co- incidental magic Effects, the difficulty for such magic increases by two. Storytellers should only count those Effects that cause massive change, such as pipes bursting, tires going flat and ammo dumps exploding. Coincidences that no one sees - sensory magic, Attribute increases, objects disappearing into pockets - should not increase the difficulty at all.I do not know how Domino effect was ruled on 2nd edition. My first edition book does not list Domino on the glossary (as the revised does). Anyway, the application of the terms does not seem contradictory to me, as they point to different phenomena. On v1, you rely on accumulating causes to make an effect more plausible (I think that only work on the RBD paradigm). v2 is about creating too much coincidences that make the effect less plausible. These are different applications of magic and as such there is no contradiction.4. What is the effect of Estrogen?Estrogen contributes to cognitive health, bone health, the function of the cardiovascular system, and other essential bodily processes. However, most people know it for its role alongside progesterone in female sexual and reproductive health. The ovaries, adrenal glands, and fat tissues produce estrogen. At the onset of puberty, estrogen plays a role in the development of so-called female secondary sex characteristics, such as breasts, wider hips, pubic hair, and armpit hair. Estrogen also helps regulate the menstrual cycle, controlling the growth of the uterine lining during the first part of the cycle.In women over age 40, low estrogen can be a sign of approaching menopause. This time of transition is called perimenopause. During perimenopause, your ovaries will still produce estrogen. ... When you are no longer producing estrogen, you've reached menopause. For example, elevated estrogen levels are a risk factor for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. ... High levels of estrogen may put you at a higher risk of blood clots and stroke. Estrogen dominance may also increase your chances of thyroid dysfunction. This can cause symptoms such as fatigue and weight changes.What happens when you take estrogen?Blood clots: Estrogen increases your risk of blood clots, which can cause stroke, heart attack, and even death. Cancer: Estrogen may increase your risk of certain cancers, specifically breast cancer. . .. Birth defects: If you are using estrogen or hormone therapy and become pregnant, your pregnancy may end prematurely.Common symptoms of low estrogen include:painful sex due to a lack of vaginal increase in urinary tract infections (UTIs) due to a thinning of the urethra. irregular or absent periods. mood swings. hot flashes. breast tenderness. headaches or accentuation of pre-existing migraines.depression
An Introduction to water carrierJean Hood is a maritime author and historianBiography of water carrierJean Hood read English Literature at the University of Durham and began her professional career working in the cardboard industry as an advertising copywriter. Advertising soon led Hood to Lloyd's Register of Shipping where she became Information Officer during the 1980s. This posting marked a turn in her career; drawing on a continued passion for history, her job at Lloyd's Register of Shipping inspired a love for maritime history. She became an authoritative figure and consultant in this field, answering questions from private individuals, researchers and maritime art dealers. Her subsequent research on the 18c East Indiaman, Winterton, spanning two decades, became the subject of her first non-fiction book, Marked For Misfortune, published in 2003 by Conway Maritime Press.In 2006, Hood released Come Hell and High Water, an examination of several infamous or less well-known shipwrecks, to general critical acclaim. Warship International Fleet Review wrote that it reads like the best fiction, yet they are all true stories. It entered 2007s Good Book Guide, which commended the piece as Meticulously researched and compelling. Janet Dempsey writing for the BBCs Who Do You Think You Are? magazine asserted This is pure maritime magic. Her next book, Submarine an anthology concerned with personal accounts of submarine warfare during the Second World War, followed in 2007 and also attracted positive reviews: Hood has created a lasting tribute to all those who fought and died in these "iron coffins".'In 2009 Hood wrote the foreword to Dark Navy: The Italian Regia Marina and the Armistice of 8 September 1943 by Dr Enrico Cernuschi and Vince O'Hara, published by Nimble Books LLC, which was described as "a masterful account of the Regia Marina's role in the [Italian] Armistice of 1943".In an interview with The Sentinel in August 2010, Hood explained the intention of her latest work, Carrier: A Century of First-hand Accounts of Naval Operations in War and Peace (2010): my book tells the human, rather than the technical, story of aircraft carriers and naval aviation, using eye-witness stories from those who served. Navy News described it as probably the definitive book on life in the capital ship of the past seventy or so years pretty much everything involving carrier operations, full stop, is covered.Hood lives in Cheshire, and has been quoted in her books as enjoying walking and opera. In 2010, Hood was commissioned to write the accompanying book to a major new exhibition on the war correspondent to be held at the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester, beginning the end of May 2011. According to the IWM, it will be 'the UK's largest ever exhibition about reporting war, featuring some of the people whose words, images, voices and faces bring the story from the frontline'.Bibliography of water carrierThe Dragon of Brog, Oxford University Press (1994). .mw-parser-output .citation qquotes:"""""""'""'".mw-parser-output .id-lock-free a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-free abackground-image:url("");background-image:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("");background-repeat:no-repeat;background-size:9px;background-position:right .1em .id-lock-limited a,.mw-parser-output .id-lock-registration a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-limited a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-registration abackground-image:url("");background-image:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("");background-repeat:no-repeat;background-size:9px;background-position:right .1em .id-lock-subscription a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-subscription abackground-image:url("");background-image:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("");background-repeat:no-repeat;background-size:9px;background-position:right .1em .cs1-subscription,.mw-parser-output .cs1-subscription span,.mw-parser-output .cs1-registration spanborder-bottom:1px dotted; .cs1-ws-icon abackground-image:url("");background-image:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("");background-repeat:no-repeat;background-size:12px;background-position:right .1em code.cs1-codecolor:inherit;background:inherit;border:inherit; .cs1-hidden-errordisplay:none; .cs1-maintdisplay:none;color:#33aa33; .cs1-subscription,.mw-parser-output .cs1-registration,.mw-parser-output .cs1-kern-left,.mw-parser-output .cs1-kern-right,.mw-parser-output .citation .mw-selflinkfont-weight:inheritISBN978-0-19-272289-8Marked for Misfortune: An Epic Tale of Shipwreck, Human Endeavour and Rescue in the Age of Sail, Conway Maritime Press (2003). ISBN978-0-85177-941-6Trafalgar Square: A Visual History of Londons Landmark Through Time, Batsford (2005). ISBN978-0-7134-8967-5Come Hell and High Water: Extraordinary Stories of Wreck, Terror and Triumph on the Sea, Conway Publishing (2006). ISBN978-1-84486-034-0Submarine: An Anthology of First-hand Accounts of the War Under the Sea, 1939-45, Conway Publishing (2007). ISBN978-1-84486-046-3Dark Navy: The Italian Regia Marina and the Armistice of 8 September 1943 [Foreword], Nimble Books (2009). ISBN978-1-934840-91-7Carrier: A Century of First-hand Accounts of Naval Operations in War and Peace, Conway Publishing (2010). ISBN978-1-84486-111-8War Correspondent: Reporting Under Fire Since 1850, Conway Publishing (2011). ISBN978-1-84486-131-6
HELP Frozen Hot Water Heater!!!!?????Pipes!!?
You have a branch line past the spigot that is frozen in some place. First you need to shut off the circuit breaker to your water heater. You may have already burnt up the heating elements in the water heater if it has no water in it. Anyway shut off the breaker to the hot water heater. Check for gaps in the skirting around your water heater, plug up all the gaps as tight as possible. Now purchase a heat tape and wrap it around the exposed pipe under the trailer. Cover the heat tape with some insulation wrapped loosely over the heat tape - then plug the heat tape in - make sure light comes on indicating the heat tape is working. This may take several hours for the heat tape to unfreeze the obstruction. Also open the panel to your water heater and put a heat tape on it also on the incoming cold water line. I know it's cold work but it needs to be done and done right to allow you to have water in this cold weather. When you finally get a flow of water from your hot water faucets - then you can flip that circuit breaker back on for the water heater.1. Chronic Flame Sensor Failure - Furnace and Water HeaterI have had issues with gas lines having moisture problems ,and causing failures. I had drip legs in the gas line but had to install longer ones and drain them 2x per year to eliminate the problem. A drip leg is usually close to the appliance just after The shutoff valve. A drip leg is a T with a single dead or capped off pipe pointing down. A drip leg catches liquid and chunks in the gas line that can cause valve and ignition problems. If you do not have a drip leg you might want to install one after The shutoff valve at the furnace. If you do have one it may need to be drained, to drain turn the gas off, make sure any pilots have gone out and you have fresh air available. Remove the cap from the drip leg and if water flows out you probably found your cause. Make sure when reassembling to use gas rated pipe dope or tape (it is usually yellow). After reassembly and pressurizing make sure to leak test the drip leg with a bubble solution to verify there are no leaks. How long is long enough for a drip leg? I have had homes that only had 4" long legs to the home that had lots of water in the gas needing 12-18" having that much water is unusual but it will cause valve and ignition problems as the water/oil? Contamination causes hot surface igniters to fail. Your problem sounds similar so I would check that as it is something you can do.2. Is there a water shut off switch for the water heater?There should be a turn-off somewhere in the line to just shut it off there. Follow the line back until you find it3. Is there a way to convert a Natural Gas water heater to LPG?In answer to your question, yes you can make a conversion, but it would be beneficial to employ the knowledge of a skilled person, generally i give advice to all types of home projects, but Gas is something you should leave to the experts. A guy traveling down from heaven was met by a guy on the way up, the guy on the way down, said hey buddy do you know anything about gas boilers, the guy on the way up, said no way man, but what do you know about gas fires? They were traveling in opposite directions but the result was the same. The moral of the story, hire a professional, if he makes a mistake, at least your feet are still on the ground. Good luck Paul M.4. How to remove sulfur odor in hot water heater?Most water heaters have an anode tube. This will have to be removed. However, this will shorten the life of the heater but this will probably be a good trade off. There is another type of tube to use but I can not remember what it's called. Maybe someone else will log on give you the information. Regards, Dale.
Boil Water,the Fastest Way Closed
Of course if you want to cook food quickly, you need a pressure cooker (temperature of water goes above 100 C and you get significant increase in cooking speed as the chemical reactions speed up a lot).If you have a finite amount of heat (say an amount of gas to burn) then you will get the water hottest (most efficient heating) when you use a counterflow mechanism: let the hottest gas heat the already-warm water, and extract the last of the heat from the gas by flowing it past the coldest water. This is done for high efficiency heating systems.When you have an electrical heating element (like in a kettle), immersing it inside the water ensures all the heat is transferred to the liquid. In general - look at the heat escaping. If you minimize that, you maximize the heating efficiencyClosed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 5 years ago. Improve this questionFew days ago I had to boil water to cook for myself a meal, and then I wondered what is the fastest way to boil that pot of water , any suggestions?(of course I had like to get some formulas and relation between the amount of water and the shape of the pot).·OTHER ANSWER:Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 5 years ago. Improve this questionFew days ago I had to boil water to cook for myself a meal, and then I wondered what is the fastest way to boil that pot of water , any suggestions?(of course I had like to get some formulas and relation between the amount of water and the shape of the pot).
I Want to Make a Goody Basket for a Friend and Need Some Help (see Details)?
I would make some type of mix (like a chex mix) that has a varitey of nuts/cereal in it. Wrap them in small packages or small bags so they have something to snack on.Also, dried fruit would be great since they don't like sweets.I think what you are doing is a wonderful idea. I hope everything works out okay for the family and your friend.• Related QuestionsI need to lose 100 pounds..?This Site Might Help You.RE:I need to lose 100 pounds..?I'm an 18 year old female who weighs 237 pounds. I have always been overweight. In fact, I dont even know how it feels to be skinny Because my parents and two out of three sisters are all overweight, Im thinking it may be hereditary (along with eating more than enough as well, of course). I...------how can i gain weight in a healthy weight after being anorexic I am 5'3 and weight about 90 pounds i htink i?wow i can bench two of you if you were a dumbbell!sorry i couldn't help it but if you don't want to eat then maybe make a shake just put thick foods like peanut butter or icecream and water i dunno what you like, but you could go to GNC and buy a weightgainers poduct, it gives you powder you add water and drink it.very easy calories.------Im trying to get in shape but find myself not eating in order to do so. What can i eat and still be healthy?One thing that will help you lose weight: diet pills. I was one of those who did not believe in them until I tried it. And I tried a few. The best product I found on the market is made with pure hoodia and it works great! You can go tohttp:/ and order you free trial, also you only pay 6.95$ shipping and handling. Good luck!------healthy food for an 18 month old toddler?Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last couple years, I'm sure you've heard of the Paleo Diet. Read here https:/ hate to even call it a diet, because it's really just the real way that humans have eaten for almost 1.9 Million years, as opposed to the modern-day processed food diet full of grains, sugars, and processed vegetable oils.------Does anyone know of any low carb recipes that don't use weird ingredients??Any meat and vegetables, stir-fried. The carb is the rice you eat with it, so if you just eat the meat and veggies... low carb.Soups with meat and veggies... same thing.Spaghetti squash is easy to cook and you pull it apart into strands to make "pasta" and serve topped with marinara sauce... voila... low carb spaghettiOmelets with meat, cheese, veggies... any type, whatever you like...------8 glasses of water every day...?when you add the flavorings to it, it's still water! that's what you need, 8 cups of water a day. it can be in any form: water mixed with crystal light, etc., even fruit has water in it (not like a cup but it's still got water). although it's better to drink pure water rather than flavored, it's still water that will keep your body hydrated------Are two minute noodles bad for you(weight loss)?Packed with salt. If you have one everyday then eventually it will catch up with you. Theres nothing wrong with 1-2 a week though if you want to stay healthy. Just like there is nothing wrong with having lollies/chocolate/burgers 1-2 times a week, just so long as you are having something healthy/healtheir on those other days.For the best answers, search on this site https:/ to make a salad taste good?You can add any vegetable to a salad that you like...Most vegetables and fruit are good together And a lot of vegetables are good raw... ...I think Balsamic vinegar dressing is good on both...and it gives you plenty of can also try feta or blue cheese crumbles on top...I use Romain and sometimes iceberg... It can be as simple as you want...Hope this helps...------Lipton Strawberry Kiwi Sparling Green tea?RE: Lipton's Sparkling vitamin inexperienced tea, strawberry kiwi taste. Healthy or bad? I've heard inexperienced tea can support with rushing metabolism a bit of. This is my first time making an attempt the glowing strawberry kiwi taste. Does the carbonation make it horrible? It says sugar unfastened, however the elements comprise that horrible, too? I've been ingesting not anything however water, so------Help I'm to Skinny ?Not one person is ever happy about their weight, I would prefer a slim man to an overweight one anytime, as you can wear anything you like and look good in it. You can also go out and enjoy your meals and drinks without worrying. All you need to do is to 'pump iron' and build up your body., that way you will get muscles in all the right places------What should I feed my 8 month old???? She's driving me crazy!!!?Try the Trader Joe's organic pizzas - My niece LOVES those and she's a bit over 1. You can always take off the cheese if you're not doing that yet.Try Shells (pasta) cooked really soft with no sauce or even just a bit. Or butter.Or give her a pasta and a veggie (from a can, a lot of kids don't like the frozen as much)------I am changing my eating habits for life. But, I need some help. Anyone have any meal plan ideas?Unless you aren't being totally honest it sounds like you have a nice, healthy eating plan. Bump up the intensity of your workouts for more cardio to really get the heart going (so if you can find a video that will help go ahead and get one - maybe try TaeBo). And Yes - drink more water. A glass with each meal and between each meal at least.------Is there a fast, easy, inexpensive, and healthy way to make ramen?It's not the noodles that make Ramen unhealthy, it's the powder that comes with it because of the massive amounts of sodium that it contains. If you have the plastic packaging that requires you to make it in a pot, then don't use the sauce. If you have the styrofoam container, you're screwed. Try getting something else isntead, like Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones TV dinners------i am doing the cabbage soup diet and i have a few questions .. ?These type of diets are not recommended ways, from a medical stand point, to achieve weight loss.Fad diets such as these, are at best moderately effective, at worst very bad for your health and well being.True dieting requires, counting your calories while eating nutritious meals and possibly vitamins. And what most dieters leave out is: exercise.Diet without exercise is a waste of time. You must exercise.------Driving Cross Country with two 8 year old boys. Tips?Why does anyone have a problem with this? "David J. Pfahler of Allentown, Pa., filed suit in Denver federal court claiming Scott Swimm, of Vail, then 7, was skiing fast and recklessly when they ran into each other in January. Pfahler's suit says he suffered a torn shoulder tendon." Now the world knows that David J. Pfahler of Allentown, Pa is a jerk. What's wrong with that?.------What are some good healthy (buy at the store) foods for toddlers?Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last couple years, I'm sure you've heard of the Paleo Diet. Read here https:/ hate to even call it a diet, because it's really just the real way that humans have eaten for almost 1.9 Million years, as opposed to the modern-day processed food diet full of grains, sugars, and processed vegetable oils.------What is a good diet for a 12 yeard old?you need to exercise... run alot everyday (it will help you get ready for soccer too) and you dont have to worry about dieting,i know you asked for what is a good diet... but there is no point. even if you starve yourself to lose some weight in 2-3 weeks, once you stop dieting you will gain it back in 4 weeks and all your new clothes wont fit.RUN!!------Need some good soup recipes?You did not say what type your looking for. There is tons of kinds and some people like only certain types. Best to pick a couple you like. I make many kinds and most I do not use a recipe for, Maybe buy yourself a good cookbook or stop at the library and copy the kind that impress you. Also the net is loaded with the,. Try drinking water with crystal light flavoring in it still have the benefits of drinking regular water?Yes and no, depends on the type of crystal lite packets you get. Most crystal lite packets are loaded with artificial ingredients, which even though contain very few calories can hinder weight loss attempts. Try to find one without aspartame or sucrolose for best results.If you really don't want to drink water though, the crystal lite packets will be a much better option than not drinking much water.------Vegans: I suck at making soup, what kind of broth or powder is healthy & vegan friendly?Tomato sauce makes a good base for a soup, try making a tomato soup. Lentils, beans, and tofu will help improve the flavor without any added MSG. Potatoes will make it more filling. Carrots and celery will also help balance the flavor. Try adding some coconut oil or palm oil as well, it's healthy, it will improve the flavor, and you do need to include some fat in your diet------Is my diet really that bad??Diet is about more than eating what you think is healthy. Do a little research online and you will find information on how to structure the right foods to maintain a healthy balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients. You should also look to your activity. A diet without exercise is kind of like a paperless toilet, you can use it but you won't be happy with the results.------My 4 year old allergic to Strawberries PLEASE HELP!?odds are, it is probably strawberry flavoring and not real strawberries but do your research! this is your child's health and well being that is being discussed. check the labels, or check the product website. there will always be an email address that you can write to ask these questions. and most of all as your child's doctor. you don't want to endanger your child's health------I'm naturally skinny and I'm sick of it!?Eat foods that are healthy, but high in fat. An example of this is peanut butter. Just spread it on crackers or apple slices. It is high in protein too, which will help build up muscle. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat does. Also, eat avocado. It is high in vitamins, but also has a lot of fat content.Stay away from greasy foods, they will clog your arteries.------Are there any wines that have a sweet taste?White - German Riesling, especially Dr. Loosen, about $10. Some Alsatian and Australian Rieslings can be dry. Red - Pinot Noir is a well balance not very dry and no tannins (the bitterness in many reds, similar to the bitterness in very strong tea). 6.99 - 30.00, ( I had a great 6.99 from Oregon the other day) Sparkling - I LOVE Moscato D'asti, has a wonderful fruit flavor with a nice little bubble.------hey i am on i diet and i am trying to cook my self a healthy easy meal who can provide me with a recipe?thanks?Spaghetti Bolognese made with Quorn Mince, tinned tomatoes, mixed herbs, onion, mushrooms all fried in a pan with Fry Light spray then crumble in a meaty stock cube (OXO).Cook wholewheat pasta.No cheese as is high in fat content, but with all the other ingriedients - you'll be on your way to your 5 portions of vegetables and wholewheat content!Healthy in lots of ways and very filling.------What food can I get for my dorm that wont spoil, is easy to make, and is not bad for you?You can get dried pasta and keep it there for ages and it will be ok, even if it's opened.As for what to eat it with...that's a bit trickier. Maybe some sundried tomatoes in oil, kept in a tightly sealed/re-sealable container would be nice.Or you could get a sauce in small quantities so you can open it and use it all at once.------Why I am not losing weight?Sounds like you are exercising a fair amount. It is normal to fluctuate a couple of pounds when you first start working out so I wouldn't stress over it. Have you changed your diet? Eliminate sugar, soda, alcohol and all crappy carbs (muffins, donuts, waffles, cereal, granola bars, crackers, etc) and you will notice a significant change. Focus on eating whole foods like lean meats, eggs, vegetables and fruit
Why Is My Hot Water Not Working ?
Why is my hot water not working ?You might have a valve that is shut off. Or you might have a frozen pipe— — — — — —why would a person need a valve replaced on their heart?If a valve is not working it's because of one of two reasons, either it does not close properly or it does not open properly. There are several reasons for valvular abnormalities. It could be congenital or as a result of disease. That's the basics, anyway. I am a physician.— — — — — —Marshall valve gearJ. T. Marshall invented and patented several different valve gears but these should not be confused with the "Marshall valve gear" patented by Marshall, Sons & Co. in 1879. At least one of J. T. Marshall's valve gears was a rotary type and the only known application was to the Austrian BBÖ Class 114 locomotive. The better-known J. T. Marshall gear was a modified Walschaerts valve gear which was first applied to a Great Northern Railway mineral locomotive, no. 743, in 1901 and received a glowing report. Next, it was tried on GNR Class C2 No. 1520 in March 1903. There was no external change visible on the locomotive as a result of this modification. When the valve gear was in use, the motion was derived from two eccentrics, one of which gave lap and lead movement by swinging the link backwards and forwards on its suspension bracket. The other eccentric was set at 90 degrees to the crank and rocked the link by means of a bell crank on the hanging link pin. The position of the radius rod die pin in the link determined the direction of movement and the cutoff. Showing little advantage over the normal Stephenson link valve gear, it was removed from the C2 'Atlantic' in April 1907 to ease maintenance. A modified version of the gear (for outside drive) was tried on SECR N class no. 1850 in 1933-4 but, again, it was not a great success.— — — — — —Vieussens valve of the coronary sinusThe Vieussens valve of the coronary sinus is a valve and anatomic landmark between the coronary sinus and the great cardiac vein. It is often a flimsy valve composed of one to three leaflets found in 80% to 90% of people. It is clinically important because it is often an obstruction to catheters in 20% of patients. .— — — — — —Desmodromic valve - WikipediaThe valves in a typical four-stroke engine allow the air/fuel mixture into the cylinder at the beginning of the cycle and exhaust gases to be expelled at the end of the cycle. In a conventional four-stroke engine valves are opened by a cam and closed by return spring. An engine using desmodromic valves has two cams and two actuators, each for positive opening and closing without a return spring.— — — — — —Mitral valve prolapse - WikipediaEchocardiography is the most useful method of diagnosing a prolapsed mitral valve. Two- and three-dimensional echocardiography is particularly valuable as they allow visualization of the mitral leaflets relative to the mitral annulus. This allows measurement of the leaflet thickness and their displacement relative to the annulus. Thickening of the mitral leaflets >5 mm and leaflet displacement >2 mm indicates classic mitral valve prolapse.— — — — — —Variable valve timingVariable valve timing gave the Twin Spark engine very good performance for its cubic capacity, but it is one of the weaker areas of the 16-valve engine. The original variator that controls the cam timing is prone to wear or jam, although replacement part carries a different part number and has improved reliability. Symptoms are a slight loss of performance and a diesel type rattle from the top of the engine, which appears at startup and gradually lasts for longer. It is therefore advisable to get the variator changed regardless of its apparent condition at the 36,000 mile (60,000 km) cambelt replacement. The variator problem is not often seen in the earlier 8V Twin Spark version, as these use a different type of cam timing variator system, this is also the case for later 16v versions used in the Alfa Romeo 156 and the 147 where the weak variator was addressed— — — — — —i have a 89 accord and it has a idle issue with a/c on what could it be?There is a valve that should speed up the engine when the AC is switched on. Yours is apparently malfunctioning
Service Life and Precautions of Water Heater
When I came home during the Spring Festival, I found that the water heater in my home was "old age".It has been sticking to its post for nearly 13 years. It is not easy to live so tenaciously after going through repair and mending. The old people at home uphold the excellent traditional virtue of diligence and thrift and mend for another year.Fortunately, it broke down again this time, and under the strong replacement requirements of Xiaobian, the family is finally going to usher in a new water heater.Diligence and thrift are indeed commendable, but household appliances have a service life. If they exceed the service life and fail, there are potential safety hazards even after maintenance, so replacement should be considered.China Household Appliances Association has already issued a series of standards for "safe service life of household appliances", which clearly defines the safe service life of water heater: the service life of electric water heater is 8 years.Water heaters that have exceeded their service life may have the following problems:1. Increased energy consumption;2. Accidents are easy to occur, because exceeding the service life will lead to the aging of components and increase the possibility of leakage;3. In case of safety problems, the manufacturer will no longer bear the responsibility and cannot claim;4. The function design is backward and inconvenient to use.Take our water heater as an example. Before it broke down completely, there had been several times of non combustible fire, and the bottom of the shell was rusty and dripping water from time to time.The key is that our water heater was designed more than ten years ago. We need to rotate the knob to adjust the fire power and temperature. The key is that we can't adjust to the specific temperature value. We can only choose high temperature and low temperature, which is very unwise.The use experience is getting worse and worse. The water temperature goes up when the water is a little smaller. Taking a bath in summer is like drenching down with water at 70 or 80 degrees.Another potential safety hazard is that it is a direct row water heater. There is no suction and exhaust device in the direct row water heater.When the water heater burns water, it sucks in indoor air to participate in the combustion of liquefied petroleum or natural gas, consuming oxygen in the indoor space. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other waste gases generated in the combustion process are directly discharged indoors. When the oxygen in the indoor space is exhausted, the concentration of toxic gas increases.If it happens that the bathroom is closed, the air is not circulating, and people inhale for too long, it will directly lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and loss of life in serious cases. Fortunately, the country has already banned the production and sales of direct row water heaters.It is also suggested that when installing the gas water heater, it is best to choose the ventilation place on the balcony or kitchen.When choosing the water heater this time, I also had a good understanding of the common sense of the water heater.One of them is the liter. The liter of water storage water heater refers to the amount of water that can be stored in the water tank. The liters of gas water heater can be understood as the heating capacity, which refers to how many liters of water can be increased by 25 ℃ per minute.For example, 10L gas water heater can raise 10L water by 25 ℃ per minute. The larger the number of liters, the higher the heating energy consumption, hot water volume and heating time.When we choose the gas water heater, we choose the number of liters according to the specific use needs at home, not the bigger the better.If there is a kitchen and a bathroom for 2-3 people, generally 10-12 liters of hot water is enough. If the family has a large population and is still a double bathroom, a water heater with a large number of liters can be appropriately selected to meet the hot water demand.Another point is that it is best to choose a thermostatic water heater. You can use hot water with appropriate temperature in summer or winter to ensure the comfort of shower.At present, the water heaters on the market can basically adjust to specific temperature values and ensure constant temperature, so that consumers can have a more comfortable and satisfactory use experience.In short, any electrical appliance has a service life. For electrical products that often fail beyond the safe service life, the best solution is to replace them. After all, safety comes first.The service life of the water heater is 8 years. It should be checked regularly during use to prevent explosion risk caused by gas leakage. It is best to install it in the ventilated place of balcony and kitchen to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.In the selection of liters, consider the use habits and needs of the family, not the most expensive, but the most comfortable.Editor ajx
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