How Do I Check If a Website Uses Google Analytics

You can find this out by downloading the chrome extension, Wappalyzer. It will tell you what software was used to make the site, its CMS, and more. Definitely a great tool for business developers when qualifying sales prospects re: Google Analytics and for programmers who want to see what was used to create the site.

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What is Oman's stand on Saudi led blockade on Qatar?

Oman provided a neutral and alternative role, as she tries to stand away from their conflict. For Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar share their bond and the best is not to become a moron between.And Oman did well. Though its role is not as large as Kuwait, Oman is really the main good actor beyond the border between Riyadh and Doha.


How did Prussia help with German unification?

By releaving Austria from their desire to rule Germany and to keep it all chopped up to keep France happy. Plus, Prussia proved better in military and cultural reforms. A modern Germany would need strength and modern ideas to fuel it. Austria was not up for this task, and not when Prussia was facing them.... again!


Did the Founding Fathers profit monetarily from the American Revolution?

Nobody profited (financially) from the American Revolution, at least in the short term. Beside the significant property damage and casualties, the colonies now found themselves out side the British pound trade area. Colonial business, which had been founded on trade with the Mother Country found itself without markets and without its main source of investment capital. The slow rate at which the economy recovered. Jeffersons embargo of 1807 showed a nation still struggling


Is COVID-19 a naturally made virus or a biological weapon accidentally released?

Balance of probability is that it is entirely natural but even if we knew it was artificial it wouldnt make any difference. But if it isnt then the chances of ever proving it to be artificial are zero. Biological weapons used by nation-states are a mid 20th century bogie man. Thats over. Move on. Stop living in the past.


Why are Europeans not prone to be anti-science? Is there any cultural/religious difference?

Generally, Europeans have grown up with mainstream, moderate religions, and with a questioning attitude to religion. Religious extremists tended to emigrate to the US, where their oddball (to Europeans) religious views flourished and, with a greater concentration of the minds associated with such views, got ever more extreme (to European minds). It's actually a classic example of evolution in action, amusingly.


During evolution, why didn't humans or animals develop random organs that neither helped nor harmed them? We can claim an evolutionary reason for every organ but why don't random complex mutations persist across a specie?

Features that are neutral cause variation and polymorphisms within a species. We dont recognize these polymorphisms without function as organs.Some people have birthmarks and others do not. Some birth marks are inheritable. Is the birth mark an organ?I will call an inheritable birth marks an organ. So that is my example of a random organ that neither helps nor hurts a human


Why has Africa not been industrialized yet? What could be done to improve their level of industrialization?

Africa hasn't industrialized fully mostly because of political instability, corruption and inadequate education. Most of these factors are deeply connected.To improve the level of industrialization, each of those challenges would have to be tackled, and its not going to be easy, peace has to be restored to most of the region, corruption reduced significantly and stronger education initiatives.


Is this sentence correct, "He awaken his brother"?

awaken - awakened (past) - awakened (past participle)Awaken which is a verb is mostly used in the passive voice.She was awakened at dawn by the sound of crying.wake somebody up to make somebody stop sleepingUsage:1. He wakes up his brother every day.

2. Ha woke up his brother yesterday/last week, etc.Therefore, prefer wake some up to awaken somebody


For what exactly was President Nixon pardoned?

Gerald Ford doomed his own chances of election to national office when he pardoned Nixon for anything that he may have done. Nixon's organized attempt to undermine the electoral process was a criminal conspiracy, but similar to Bush's pardon of Scooter Libby, (for crimes that were likely originated and sanctioned by Cheney), The power of the executive branch came into play to help administration members avoid prosecution and criminal penalties for their misdeeds


What would happen if I plugged 220 volt lights into a 110 volt socket?

A tungsten bulb will behave as if on a dimmer, NOTING THAT: the resistance of a light bulb goes up as the wire gets hotter creating a negative feedback loop so that it reaches equilibrium at the required brightness for the full line voltage, and half the Voltage does not give you 25% brightness.LED bulbs that are dimmable may give you some proportional level, non-dimmable probably either work at full brightness or dont come on properly


Why is Russia bombing civilians in Syria?

Russia is bombing a specific group of civilians (Syrian Sunni Muslims) because they are the main enemies of Putins puppet Assad. Thus they bomb Syrian Sunni Muslims in order to carry out a genocide against Sunni Muslims and eliminate the opposition to Assads fascist regime.Its a new Holocaust, ignored by the world with the complicity of the UN.


Why did it take Martin O'Malley so long to withdraw?

My gut instinct is he's probably staying in through the first few primaries so he can figure out who it would be best to throw his support to in exchange for a Cabinet/VP gig. It's hard not to get the sense that his presence in this race is mostly about setting himself up for 2020 and beyond


What is Putin's strategy? Why is he operating so overtly and catching flak from all the western countries? It's as if he's intentionally trying to get more sanctions put on Russia.

Exposing that the west is after him and Russia, so he can prove to the Russian people who their true enemies are. He needs to explain why the country is in shambles and the economy is on verge to break down, someone has to have the blame - this man needs a war soon on grand scale to remain in power. It is so scary


What is the most disastrous tactical mistake a modern military power has made during wartime?

I would say that the decision that was made concerning Arnhem, Holland during WWII. That was when the Allies ignored their own intelligence that two Waffen S.S. Armored Divisions were being retrofitted there, and proceeded to air drop British paratroopers (Red Devils) nearby. This resulted in the deaths of some 6,000 of them! It inspired the book "A Bridge Too Far."


Why are people obsessive about RLJ theory?

I think the main reason behind this phenomenon is that the author as well as the show makers have not bothered shedding almost any light on the past of one of the most popular characters in the series. Also I noticed that the support for this theory grew drastically after the ending of the 5th season. This may be because of the fact that almost no one wants to see Jon dead, at least not yet.


Is CyanogenMod as safe as the regular Android?

Its as close to stock Android in terms of AOSP (Android Open Source Project), so you are guaranteed the former two. As far as stability, it may vary but its very stable if the manufacturer loads firmware from the stable branch of CyanogenMod .My previous Android devices are in good condition and they all have at least some form of CyanogenMod installed on it during its lifetime when I was actively using them.


How do you recover from being led on?

You just do.Being led on is mainly about that person building their own confidence. It has nothing to do with the one being led on, it has to do with them wanting reassurance of their own self and the knowledge of having someone on the back burner to fall back on. It is selfish and it is awful and I'm sorry. I know it sounds cliche but this is true: time does heal all wounds


What is the statute of limitations on manslaughter if the person turns themselves in?

Manslaughter is a homicide charge so there may not be a statute of limitations. Bear in mind, the statute of limitations is a time limit on how long the police have to charge a person. Once charged, especially for manslaughter, that warrant will remain on file and be valid for the rest of that persons life. Being a fugitive doesnt protect one from the consequences. Once charged, theyre charged


What is the difference between a smart TV and an Android TV?

What is the difference between a smart TV and an Android TV?Smart TV has built-in apps that you can use to access through the internet. The downside of it is the number of downloads is limited, and most of its operating system cannot be upgraded.Android TV, on the other hand, has a lot more apps because it has Google Play Store. Another thing is, its operating system can be upgradable


What is considered a third degree manslaughter?

Briefly the unlawful killing of another person without premeditation or so-called "malice aforethought."This is impossible to answer directly as each state has its own definition of murder and manslaughter. Manslaughter as stated above is no premeditated and could be killing someone with a motor vehicle which arises to carelessness but not deliberate action.

You would have to look up the definition for your particular state


Was Led Zeppelin a better rock group than the Beatles and Rolling Stones?

Taking a literal reading of the question, the answer has to be YES.The Beatles was a pop band that occasionally flirted with rock.The Rolling Stones is a rhythm and blues band that frequently flirts with rock.

Led Zeppelin was an actual rock band, unlike the other two. So right out of the starting blocks, Led Zep was a better rock group than the Beatles or the Rolling Stones


Why did Apple release the iPhone 8 at the same time as the iPhone X?

Guessing.iPhone X is very, very expensive. Most people cannot manage to come with that much extra money.Apple wants to sell phones, lots of phones.Apple wanted to provide a solution for people that are sold on the iPhone X but cannot afford it, so Apple expects them to buy the 8 attracted by the X hype.


Is the following sentence correct?

Use the preposition at when you are talking about a specific time. Here are a few different ways this sentence can be written:I will send it this evening.I will send it tonight.I will send it tonight at (specify a time).

I will send it to you at (specify a time).It is your noun in the above examples. Replace it with the noun, as mentioned by the others here.Hope this helps!


Why was France so easily conquered at the beginning of WWII?

Germany had large numbers of modern war machines that they were building up since 1933. The allies didnt want war so they were reluctant to modernize there military. When Germany Over run Germany it was obvious that war was inevitable France was not ready for war. There world war 1 tactics was no match For Hitlers Modern War Machine


Is Russia considered a western country?

I would argue it was back when it was the Russian Empire. In those times that now seem so distant to us, Russia was without a doubt a European Great Power. When it lost a war to Japan at the start of the 20th century, nationalists throughout Asian were joyous that the East had managed to finally beat the West. Of course today, when Western largely translates into liberal political beliefs, consumerism, and individualism, Russia is clearly not Western


I've just taken an autism self test, and was puzzled by some questions. Do autistic people have difficulty to make up a story?

Personally, no. I mean, I've been writing my whole life and all my concepts are wildly original.

In my autistic assessment, I was asked to make a story out of random items out of a bag - I did it perfectly (that story that I made was very weird). So while some might, I definitely do not have any difficulty with it.


Why is the BJP buying ministers from other political parties?

These are all very common practice followed by every democratic party in the world and bjp learned this art thoroughly from Congress and hence chattisgarh Rajasthan and maharashtra are going to be bjp ruled statesOmkar if you are Congress supporter switch to bjp fast otherwise your adhar card will be confiscated by bjp and you have to migrate to Italy compulsorily with all your family members


Why did Apple discontinue the iPhone X when they are still selling older phones like the iPhone 7 & 8?

I guess Apple decided not to sell the X because the Xs sold a year later was a very incremental upgrade to the X. So if the X was sold alongside the Xs, most people would prefer the X because of its cheaper price as well as the design, which cannot be distinguished between the two, save for the gold variant only available on the Xs.This, in turn would affect the sales figures of the XS.

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Knowledge About Sandstone - Phillips County Carnegie Library of Sandstone
Phillips County Carnegie Library of sandstonePhillips County Carnegie Library is a Carnegie library on the National Register of Historic Places located in Malta, Montana. It was added to the Register on August 27, 1980. For a time, it was used as a museum interpreting local history.It was built of tan brick on a stone foundation in 1917. It is 34 by 62 feet (10m 19m) in plan, and has the words "Carnegie Library" carved in sandstone above its doorway.The public library moved to a new location in May 1978, and the local historical society then planned to use this building as a museum.------Acacia gnidium of sandstoneAcacia gnidium is a shrub belonging to the genus Acacia and the subgenus Phyllodineae that is native to parts of north eastern Australia.The shrub typically grows to a height of up to 4m (13ft) and has a dense and spreading habit.The shrub is found in Central Queensland from around Kroombit Tops National Park in the south east to around Springsure in the south west and up to around the White Mountains in the north where it is found on rugged rocky sandstone country as a part of scrub or Eucalyptus woodland communities.------Poet's Seat Tower of sandstoneCoordinates: 423541N 723511W / 42.5946N 72.5865W / 42.5946; -72.5865Poet's Seat Tower is a 1912 sandstone observation tower, located in Greenfield, Massachusetts. It was so named to honor a long tradition of poets being drawn to the spot, in particular, the local poet Frederick Goddard Tuckerman. By 1850, the location was referred to as "Poet's Seat" by Tuckerman in a surviving herbarium entry for November 10 of that year.An earlier wooden tower was erected at the site on June 3, 1879. This first structure was built, along with a public drinking fountain and a road accessing the site, under the auspices of The Greenfield Rural Club.------Hall Cliff of sandstoneHall Cliff (7159S 6837W / 71.983S 68.617W / -71.983; -68.617Coordinates: 7159S 6837W / 71.983S 68.617W / -71.983; -68.617) is a sandstone cliff 1 nautical mile (2km) long, located along the south side of Saturn Glacier and 1 nautical mile west of Citadel Bastion in eastern Alexander Island, Antarctica. The feature was mapped from trimetrogon air photography taken by the Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition, 194748, and from survey by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey, 194850. It was named by the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee from association with Saturn Glacier after Asaph Hall, the American astronomer who contributed toward the study of Saturn and also discovered the satellites of the planet Mars..------Buffalo Public School No. 24 of sandstoneBuffalo Public School No. 24, also known as Public School 59, is a historic school building located in the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood of Buffalo, Erie County, New York. The original section was built in 1901, and is a three-story, seven bay, "I"-shaped, red brick building over a raised basement with Renaissance Revival detailing. The building incorporates sandstone, terra cotta, and pressed metal details. It was the first school to offer special education within the City of Buffalo school system. The school has been redeveloped as an apartment building.It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2016.------Mynydd Meio of sandstoneMynydd Meio is a 322-metre-high hill in the county borough of Caerphilly in South Wales. Parts of its western slopes fall within Rhondda Cynon Taf county borough. Its eastern slopes drop away to Cwm yr Aber between Caerphilly and Abertridwr and its western slopes to the valley of the Taf. The high point is just over 200 m north of the trig point which sits at 322 metres (1,056ft) above sea-level.The hill is crossed by the Senghenydd Dyke, an ancient earthwork considered to date from the 13th century and associated with nearby Caerphilly Castle.------Searight's Fulling Mill of sandstoneSearight's Fulling Mill is a historic fulling mill located at Perryopolis, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, USA. It was built about 1810 and is a 2 1/2-story, sandstone building with a gable roof. It measures approximately 20 by 30 feet (6.1 by 9.1m). The mill closed in the 1820s and was converted to a dwelling.It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.The mill is named after William Searight, who built the mill on a farm previously owned by George Washington. Searight is credited for realizing that small fulling mills could not compete with city based factories served by railroads, and left the fulling business before his mills became unprofitable.------Jacob Spori Building of sandstoneThe Jacob Spori Building was a historic building located in Rexburg, Idaho listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was the first building built at the permanent location of Ricks College, a college founded in 1888 by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.It was built during 1900 to 1903. Its external walls were faced with ashlar, and were 51 inches (1.3m) at the foundation, 32 inches (0.81m) at the first floor windows, 28 inches (0.71m) at the second floor windows, and 24 inches (0.61m) at the third floor windows. Lighter colored sandstone was used for string courses encircling the building.The building was destroyed by a fire in 2000. A new Spori Building was built on the same site and in a similar style.------Old Greeley County Courthouse (Kansas) of sandstoneThe Old Greeley County Courthouse in Tribune, Kansas, is the former courthouse of Greeley County, Kansas. Built from 1889 to 1890, the courthouse was the first in Greeley County. Construction started only a year after the county was formed in 1888. William T. Heaps, who also designed Hamilton County's courthouse, designed the building. The sandstone courthouse has a plain design with an iron cornice. It was constructed by Allen and Oleson of Ness City, Kansas and William Ruff.In 1975, Greeley County replaced the courthouse with a new building adjacent to the old one. The old courthouse became the Greeley County Historical Society Museum.The courthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.------Ghoufi of sandstoneGhoufi, also known as the Rhoufi, Balconies of Ghoufi and Ghoufi Canyon, is a historic settlement in the village of T'kout in Batna Province, Algeria. These ruins are located in the Aures Mountains and Abiod Valley. The Balconies of Ghoufi overlook an oasis.The Ghoufi balcony ruins include troglodyte homes or domesticated cave dwellings. The homes are carved out of metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, including sandstone. The home are four centuries old and were inhabited until the 1970s. The ruins preserve traditional and indigenous construction methods.Ghoufi is included as part of the Parc des Aurs on UNESCO's Tentative List of World Heritage Sites.------Brindley Mountain of sandstoneBrindlee Mountain (or "Brindley Mountain") is an isolated portion of the Appalachian Plateau in northern Alabama. It occupies significant portions of Cullman, Morgan, and Marshall Counties and extends into Winston and Lawrence counties. The plateau is formed by a sandstone cap-rock overlying limestone. The main mountain sits south of Lacey's Spring and houses communities such as Union Hill and Morgan City as well as parts of Union Grove and spans into Arab also. U.S. Route 231 runs over Brindlee Mountain. The highest point of Brindlee Mountain rests in Morgan City.Several radio stations have broadcast towers located on Brindley Mountain. Those include, WRSA, WTAK, WZZN, WAFN, WRJL, & WRAB------Access of sandstoneMinor roads ascend the slopes of the hill from Ferndale, Ynysybwl and Pontypridd converging at the elevated hamlet of Llanwonno. Various other public rights of way cross the hill though none reaches its summit. Route 47 of the National Cycle Network runs the length of the hill on its eastern side ascending via the minor road from Pontypridd to Llanwonno and then continuing northwest on forest tracks to join the A4233 above Maerdy. Those areas of forestry in the ownership of Natural Resources Wales (successor to Forestry Commission Wales in 2013) are open to public access, as are some areas of open moorland by virtue of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.------Calytrix glutinosa of sandstoneCalytrix glutinosa is a species of plant in the myrtle family Myrtaceae that is endemic to Western Australia.The shrub typically grows to a height of 0.2 to 1 metre (1 to 3ft). It usually blooms between August and December producing white-pink-purple star-shaped flowers.Found on hillsides and among granite outcrops in the Mid West and Wheatbelt regions extending into the Swan Coastal Plain of Western Australia where it grows on sandy or clay soils over granite, laterite and sandstone.The species was first formally described by the botanist John Lindley in 1839 in the work A Sketch of the Vegetation of the Swan River Colony. The only synonym is Calycothrix glutinosa, described in 1843 by Johannes Conrad Schauer in the work Monographia Myrtacearum Xerocarpicarum.------Steinsfjorden of sandstoneSteinsfjorden is a branch of the lake Tyrifjorden located in Buskerud, Norway. It has a length of about eight kilometers, stretching from the sound Kroksund at Sundvollen northwards to sa, in the municipalities of Ringerike and Hole. At the eastern side are steep cliffs towards Krokskogen.At the western side of Steinsfjorden is Stein Grd, the largest farm in Buskerud. The ruins of Stein Church (Stein kirkeruin) are located on Stein Grd. The church was constructed during the latter half of the 1100s of sandstone and limestone from the area. By the second half of the 1500s, the church was no longer actively used.------Arkansas Valley National Bank of sandstoneThe Arkansas Valley National Bank, constructed in 1902, is a two-story, 30 feet x 90 feet sandstone structure located in Pawnee, Oklahoma. Constructed in a Late Victorian architectural style, it was Pawnee's original bank. When the building opened, the bank occupied the first floor, while a doctor, photographer, and local telephone office occupied the second floor. The bank closed around 1918, and the building has served as various storefronts since.Originally the bank was to be called the Pawnee County Bank, and this name is engraved on the east wall; however it was chartered as the Arkansas Valley National Bank. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.The building's facade was heavily damaged in a 5.8-magnitude earthquake on September 3, 2016.------Description of sandstoneThe glabrous and resinous shrub typically grows to a height of up to 3m (9.8ft) and has a spreading habit. It has slender, prominently ribbed branchlets. Like most species of Acacia it has phyllodes rather than true leaves. The flat, thick and evergreen phyllodes have a linear shape and are 6 to 22mm (0.24 to 0.87in) in length and 0.7 to 1.1mm (0.028 to 0.043in) wide and are straight or slightly decurved at the apex with one prominent vein on each face. When it blooms it produced simple inflorescences occur singly in the axils and have spherical flower-heads containing 30 to 35 yellow coloured flowers..------Rich Mountain (ArkansasOklahoma) of sandstoneRich Mountain is the second highest point of the U.S. Interior Highlands and Ouachita Mountains, and in the U.S. state of Arkansas; it is also the site of Queen Wilhelmina State Park. Rich Mountain is a long, generally eastwest-trending ridge composed of hard sandstone. It is located just outside of Mena, Arkansas and is intersected by the Arkansas-Oklahoma border. Atop its summit is the Rich Mountain Lookout Tower, which is approximately 2.4mi (3.9km) east-southeast of the Queen Wilhelmina Lodge.Arkansas State Highway 88 and Oklahoma State Highway 1, collectively known as the Talimena Scenic Drive, traverse the entire top of Rich Mountain and provide excellent vistas of the surrounding Ouachita Mountains.------Sulphur Creek (Utah) of sandstoneSulphur Creek is a slot canyon canyoneering route found in Capitol Reef National Park in the state of Utah. It is a 6.25 mile hike one way and has been categorized by the state of Utah as an easy hiking trail. The canyon contains waterfalls, pools, overhangs and red sandstone, and a shallow stream that runs through it year-round. The route begins from the Chimney Rock trailhead and ends at the Visitor Center. The rocks at Sulphur Creek are some of the oldest exposed rocks in Capitol Reef.Sulphur Creek confluences with the Fremont River at the town of Fruita, Utah, located within Capitol Reef National Park.
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