How Could a Potential Patrick Stewart Led Capt. Picard Star Trek Series Turn Out?

Id just be happy to see them moving the franchise forward rather than backwards. Since Voyager ended the series has looked behind rather than ahead, which is the WHOLE point of Star Trek.Im skeptical, not because I dont think hed do it, hes an actor for the right amount of money theyll do anything. Im skeptical because of his age; the man is 77. That is a bit long in the tooth to lead a franchise and work 1518 hours a day for the next 47 years.Weve seen some good sci-fi in the last decade. That proves there are good writers with voices that have something to say. So if Kurtzman can surround himself with talented writers I can see something great happening.EditIve never added to an answer but todays news warranted it. Sir Patrick has announced hes returning to JLP in a new chapter of Star Trek. Im more than excited than I can imagine. Finally after all these years were returning to the future rather than looking back. Its a new and undiscovered country. As a Star Trek fan this is the best news Ive heard in a decade

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Was the barbarian's attack what led to the demise of the Western Roman Empire?

No. There was no barbarian attack in the same sense as the Mongol Invasions (destructive, massacring, apocalyptic). There were some episodes of invasion and pillage, but they were not decisive, except for their psychological impact.The Roman Empire was declining due to unstable institutions and internecine rivalries, as well as economic crisis and increasing dependency on mercenary troops (recruited among the barbarians) for its own defense and for keeping internal peace. Rome provided advance training for many of the commanders that would later turn against it.And the Germanic barbarians didnt invade the Roman Empire bent on destroying it. They invaded it fleeing from other migrations (Slavs, Huns, Magiars) and because they adored and admired Rome so much that they wanted to live in it, become Romans themselves.

It is more or less the same as the USA today. Many barbarians from over the world admire and adore the USA so much that they just want to go there and become Americans. When there is war or famine in their countries they automatically think if we were living in America this would not have hit us so painfully, so they plan to flee and emigrate to the USA.

Major migrations in a short time span increase institutional and cultural instability.Most of the time the barbarians were not attacking Rome (though they were invading it), but merely immigrating and trying to settle within its borders for safety


What did Obama do wrong that led to the election of Donald Trump?

Gosh, do you really think Obama is somehow to blame for the gutless wonder presently in the White House today? Wouldn't you rather blame it on Ms Clinton, who was the great hope of the Democrats when they placed her in nomination? Or how about Bernie Sanders, who couldn't seem to stay relevant in the race to be top dog?On the other hand, I've seen it said that Trump won because so many were fed up with the Obama years and wanted a drastic change. They sure got their wish. I wish they had stated their wishes more clearly.Did "they" really want a person who'd make light of the electoral process? Who'd attempt to undo everything (the bad and the good) Obama had managed to get through the legislative process? Who would display contempt for so many values Americans hold dear? Who would appear as a much lesser personage than the world leaders he pushed around and stepped in front of while reviewing troops?So, the bar has been lowered. Anybody can be a presidential candidate, and the person doesn't have to be particularly "presidential." As long as the person meets the age and citizenship requirements, that person can be put forth as a candidate and elected.I wish Dr. H. Fanny met the requirements, because I'd vote for him in a minute.


What are some of the influences that led to promoters becoming DJs versus curators of music?

There's several factors that lead people to become DJs rather than simply collecting music. For some it's the love of the music and a desire to share that. Even now, years after I've stopped playing professionally, whenever I hear a tune that makes me smile/dance/or triggers a myriad of other emotions I want to share it. For others it's the technical challenge of mixing, the ability to seamlessly mix one song to another to keep a dance floor moving. To master the equipment and learn the craft. And then there is the performance part, standing up in front of a crowd, to entertain. Whether it's to a small crowd and playing classics from way back when or in a packed club spinning cutting edge underground tracks, the feeling is the same. Nothing compares to working a crowd, building up a night to the point where they are literally under your spell and a two way trust is built and that's when the magic happens, you can throw in curve balls and forgotten gems and watch the place erupt. For me it's all of the above, collecting music and sharing it with others and seeing them enjoy it too is incomparable and I hope that even though I don't play out now (family, work etc) I will still get the opportunity now and again to play to a crowd.


If cosmic inflation led to the Big Bang how did that happen and, whilst you are at it, what led to cosmic inflation?

Cosmic inflation did not lead to the Big Bang.Depending on who you ask, the Big Bang is either the initial moment of the existence of our cosmos, or it is the expanding universe process as a whole. In the first case, inflation is one of the consequences of the initial moment, in the second case, inflation is one of the many distinct epochs in the evolution of a Big Bang universe.

In the inflationary theory, what led to inflation was the presence of an unstable field in the very early (pre-inflation) universe. The Higgs field before symmetry breaking is an example of such an unstable field. "Unstable", in this context, means that the field's ground state (the vacuum) has a higher energy content that some excited (i.


, particles present) state of the same field. Therefore, the vacuum can decay into a lower energy state.Depending on how the field works, this decay process may be associated with extremely rapid, exponentially accelerating expansion. One of the difficulties of the inflationary theory is that this expansion, though gigantic, still has to come to a stop at some point before the cosmos is so diluted, there is barely any matter left in any given volume. Otherwise we end up with a universe that has much fewer then one atom in a volume the size of our observable universe... and that's clearly not what we observe.It should be noted that one of the founders of inflationary cosmology, Paul Steinhardt, now has serious doubts about the validity of his own brainchild, and one reason is the degree to which the model's parameters must be fine-tuned to achieve the desired outcome (i.


, a universe like ours).


What was the transition that led Hitler to become anti-semitic? I have read that he initially didn't dislike Jews and was affected by some incident.

Family issues. His father, Alois Hitler (18371903) was an illegitimate child. His mother (Hitlers grandmother) had been working as a domestic servant in the Frankenthal household, a wealthy Jewish family who lived in the area. Shortly after she got pregnant she was dismissed, and given a relatively generous payment, unusual for a servant girl dismissed because of lax morals (getting pregnant while unmarried in that area n those times was definite proof of lax morals). Rumor had it that the family paid her to avoid scandal, because she had been having an affair with the familys elder son Leopold.Illegitimacy carried real social stigma in those days, and in small villages where everyone knew everyone, most illegitimate children had miserable lives, constantly teased and bullied. This in turn made him a very bitter and nasty man, who abused his wife and son. Hitler, who hated his father because of this, blamed the Jewish family for creating the situation.DNA testing of Hitlers living relatives (great-nephews and second cousins from his fathers side) shows the family has a relatively high percentage of genes quite common (20%-30% ) among Jews. About 10% of northern Europeans also have these genes. While not conclusive, this tends to add credence to this theory that Hitler developed a pathological hatred for his Jewish biological grandfather, whom he blamed for having made his father into the alcoholic abusive person he was, which metastasized within his troubled psyche to a hatred for all Jews


Has anyone's relationship with an ex-narcissist led you to your spiritual awakening?

Yes! And I too wondered if it has led anyone else to theirs.During the first few weeks of the discard I was struggling bad. I was hurt in a way I've never experienced. I couldnt make sense of any of it.

I knew I did not deserve the treatment I had got. I knew he was in the wrong. I knew he was cheating. And I was still bearing bruises from my last encounter with him. I asked again why wouldnt he just tell me the truth. I already knew he was cheating. And I knew he had never been faithful to anyone. Those are his own words. He had told me he only wanted to have sex with me and didnt know how the last 14 years had happened. I mean who says that? What a dick right?!?Anyway any time I asked anything about the cheating I was most definitely reminded of why I better not ask again. Almost makes me feel sorry for his new girlfriend. Right now she thinks hes perfect just like I did and all those before me. But that will change soon. Alot sooner than she thinks because hes already unfaithful to her.

So here I was trying to pull myself thru a level of heartache that I dont even know how to explain and I find myself guided to read certain things. In the midst of the horrendous heartbreak something is guiding me to read about things that were very deep.It's been a year now and I understand now but at first I didnt.


What is the reality of the BJP led Maharashtra Bachao Andolan?

Maharashtra Bachao Andolan is a protest by BJP citing the failure of Maharashtra govt in handling corona cases in the state. This protest was lead by former chief minister Shri Devendra Fadnavis. Maharashtra has seen the biggest spike in number of corona cases in last 2 months despite of lockdown.

Maharastra crossed the mark of 40,000 cases on friday with mumbai alone contributing 25,000 cases with maharashtra having 2940 new cases and 64 deaths on friday. Dharavi which is the one of the largest slums of asia havs been severely affected by the corona cases with 1,578 cases yesterday. Citing these failures of the government of Maharashtra BJP started the 2nd phase of their protest, Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis had said that party leaders and activists would hold protests by placing placards outside ministers' houses across the state. Along with this, people will register their protest against the government by wearing black clothes or wearing black stripe, making two yards in their courtyard on the roofs of houses.Other than that they also pointed out the negligence of Maharashtra govt in providing healthcare services to people of the state. He tweeted:Maharastra has been crushed by the coronavirus and the CM is busy in filing nomination for Maharashtra Legislative Council polls. And when a meeting was called by the Governor of Maharashtra he skips itThis behavior toward a pandemic by the person whose state has devastated by the virus is totally unacceptable

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