How Can I Stop Losing so Much Water During Brew

I have two very rough guesses.First, are there any points where you are boiling uncovered where you could change and cover the pot?Second, your boiler is 52l? Given how large that is I expect you are producing a lot of steam in the boiler due to its increased surface area. Try skipping the boiler, sparge back into your HLT instead of the boiler. Having the volume of the vessel be closer to the volume of your liquid should slow down your water loss. Try this and see if it helps. One comment, if you are not worried about water efficiency and are only bothered by the loss of volume, then feel free to add more sterile water at the end

1. I have plastic pipes and low water pressure and volume, . how do I?

check the main stopcock in the street and the one in your house is fully open, also sometimes a washer breaks and jams the pipe

2. What are 3 ways to measure ingredients other than scales?

There are three ways to measure ingredients. These are by weight, by volume and by time to pour. Naturally we measure weight using scales. You measure volume in many ways. You can use a measuring cup. You can use a standard spoon or you can use a calibrated measuring jug. You could say these are the same by considering a teaspoon to be a very small cup. Another way of measuring volume is to cut a measured length of a bar of stuff. Butter often has marks on the wrapper telling you where to cut at 50 gram intervals. Then there is alway the technique of pulling a knifeful of paste out of a jar. Measuring by time to pour is otherwise known as the glug method. You might, for example, pour a glug of wine in a stew. That is to say you tip the bottle until the wine makes a glug sound as an air bubble comes in the neck. Not very accurate but good enough to do the job. There's half a dozen methods. Take your favourite three.

3. what would give my hair volume?im diein to get some volume!!?

Layers. & keep your hair above your shoulders to keep the weight from keeping it flat. Use clear shampoo & tiniest amount of conditioner on ends. Use tiny amount of gel for thin, fine hair at the roots. Blow dry upside down. Use large rollers & hair spray & keep blasting w/blow dryer till it sets. Trying all that should help.

4. When I stand up I get Dizzy, Faint, Loose Vision, Collapse. HELPP!?

You hit the nail on the head, it very much likely is orthostatic hypotension. This happens to everyone pretty much when they get up fast. Do not let the name fool you, it's not so much a disease or condition, but more like a 'symptom' of moving. It's simply that when you get up fast, your blood pressure drops for a few seconds because your heart is used to pumping at the rate and volume of when you were sitting or laying. The sudden change in posture means not enough pressure is there to keep the blood flowing to your brain and you start to black-out. But since you said you get up slowly, it's even possible that you might have a naturally low blood pressure. I used to get this all the time when I was a teenager, but I never passed out, I would just lose my vision and hearing and get dizzy for a few seconds. Next time you are at a store with a pharmacy, they usually have an automatic blood pressure machine you can test yourself. If it's below 120/60, you might want to ask your doctor if he has any ideas. You might just be dehydrated.

5. When does Kyo fall in love with Tohru in the Fruits Basket manga series?

i think its around volume 15 but im not sure its been a long time since ive read fruits basket

6. How democratic is an American vote when an Electoral college vote can overturn the popular vote?

To give the losers of the vote based on the intent of the founders of this country to keep volume of body count from outweighing the true voice of the entire population something to whine about

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China LED Lighting Market, Volume by Applications, & Companies
Get Free Customization in This Report In China, people are adopting LED lighting at a rapid pace because of the gradual reduction of LED lighting price. Many Chinese LED light manufacturer are increasing their production capacity because they are getting an optimal subsidy from both central and local government. The favorable government policies of China are helping the LED manufacturer and distributor to run their business smoothly, and it will further boost the LED lighting market in the forecast period. Besides, the Chinese government has also implemented LED lighting standard that will help to produce the supreme quality of the LED product. China LED lighting market is going to cross the US$ 29 Billion mark by the year-end of 2025. The growing demand for LED lighting in China stimulates LED light market. Chinese LED manufacturer mainly focused on Research & Development of LED light; cost reduction, energy efficiency, and environmental friendly, long life. In China, the demand for lower-end LED product is high, but there is also stiff competition in this segment. In China, penetration of LED lighting is growing at a rapid pace due to supportive government policies that help out LED manufacturer and distributor to a great extent. The Chinese government banned incandescent bulbs over 100 watts in the year 2012. After that, it banned 15 watts in the year 2016. Besides, China is also looking for a framework to replace the fluorescent bulb with an LED. In China, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Ministry of Finance (MOF) have taken several measures to administer subsidies for proliferating LED Lighting products. Consistent Reduction in the Price of LED lighting products stimulates the Market to Expand In China, technology mechanization in the LED lighting industry has increased over the period. Therefore the average price of LED lighting product has declined and reached to an affordable price as compared to conventional lighting products. According to Renub Research Analysis, the market of LED lighting product will grow during the forecast period, especially in residential segments due to the price reduction of LED. Key Companies China LED Lighting Sales In this report, we have taken the top five Key players in the China LED Lighting market include Cree Inc., Philips Lighting, MLS Co. Ltd., Foshan Electrical & Light, Osram. Renub Research latest study "China LED Lighting Market, Volume by Applications (Industrial, Outdoor, Residential, & Commercial), Companies (MLS Co Ltd., Philips Lighting, Osram, Cree Inc., Foshan Electrical & Light)" provides a detailed and comprehensive insight of China LED Light Market. None We have done a comprehensive analysis of China LED lighting Market. We have taken historic data from 2010 - 2018 and anticipated year from 2019 - 2025. Besides, we have considered several factors that propel China LED market like government policies and LED manufacturer and distributors. None In this report, we have done a complete analysis of China LED lighting on the volume front. Also, we have also studied the demand and supply of LED lighting product on a unit basis. We have taken historic data from 2010 - 2018 and anticipated year from 2019 - 2025. None Rising mechanization and cutting edge technology will stimulate lower the price of LED lighting products. We have studied the LED lighting product price from the year 2010 to 2019 None It provides a complete detailed analysis of the present and future value chain of LED lighting in China. None It studies the different factors which are helping the LED lighting market to grow in China. None It explains the core challenges within the LED lighting industry. None We have covered five key players and their LED revenue in China. Apart from sales analysis, we have also included an overview of the company and LED latest development trends. If the information you seek is not included in the current scope of the study kindly share your specific requirements with our custom research team at1. Does an LED light bulb convert AC to DC?Yes, because at heart an LED is a diode. However, they are not efficient for the rectification (AC to DC) purpose alone, a topic the other answers address. They are better for use as an indicator light, or along with other circuitry for illumination purposes2. where can I find a good led light supplier?Recently I found a website. I learn a lot from that website. I bought a sample from them, It is a led down light, Good quality and services make me easy to deal with. So, here I wanna give you a advice to visit their website and have look, Maybe you can find some products you like.Their website At last wish you can find a good supplier and do not forget to regard my answer as the best. Good luck!.3. What makes same wattage led light bulb brighter than the other? [closed]I was just looking to buy a new led light bulb and noticed that one was 800 lumens and the other 1000 lumens and both were rated for 10 watts.What exactly makes one brighter than the other?There are a massive array of factors affecting LED brightness including quality of LED, color, human perception of that color, CRI, drive current and voltage, thermal dissipation and driver efficiency.In addition to these factors that actually affect results, LED lumen measurements differ to some degree between companies, and some will even add up the lumen ratings of the LEDs without measuring, giving higher than actual ratings. Some people really appreciate high CRI LEDs and almost everyone will not like extremely low CRI arrangements. This means if it is high CRI, you might like an 800 lumen bulb better than a low CRI 1000 lumen one, even with the same color temperature and assuming the labelled brightness is accurate.LEDs in general are more energy efficient than CFL and incandescent and in some cases there are factors that can even mitigate incandescent (If a house is entirely electric heated at wintertime, it makes no difference if heat comes from a lightbulb or a radiator. ). Between electrical and thermal design, LED die improvements and advances in switching technology, manufacturers have still left themselves plenty of headroom for improvement even on more expensive bulbs.Where I live there is also no strong correlation between price and quality for many bulb types due to market factors. A19 bulbs can cost anywhere for $1.50 to $5 and the cheap ones can be quite good and the more expensive ones nothing to write home about. The best way to find a good bulb is to either evaluate it(if you are at a hardware store and they have a row of lightbulbs, turn them all on and take a picture.), find out what is in it(A good bulb will have good quality/ high efficiency LEDS, more LEDS running at lower power as opposed to few at higher power, and a better driver in it(more efficient). Or read reviews to get an idea of your best options. I will sometimes buy $2 bulbs on sale just to test them out, but for more expensive socket types where bulbs are still $20 minimum, It could definitely be worth some effort to compare before you get a set of 11 new bulbs for the designer track lighting in your kitchen or something
Applications of Integral Calculus - Find Volume of Tent
The tent must touch the ground at all boundaries of the square.Therefore, the square's side length is $displaystyle 2sqrtfrac32$.We have the parabolic slice area as $displaystyle int_-sqrtfrac32^sqrtfrac32left(frac32-x^2ight),dx=sqrt6$. The slice has the same area for all $x$ in the square.Therefore, the tent has volume $sqrt6 times 2sqrtfrac32=2sqrt9=boxed6$$m^3$1. What is a conical tent?I guess those are the tents some call bell-shaped. There are many canvas tents nowadays on the market built in that style.Those are non-freestanding tents usually with one single pole which supports the whole structure after you stake it down properly. Some have also a pole that supports the entrance. One person can easily set this tent up.So they are very tall but there is less headroom as compared with cabin tents that are with nearly vertical walls. But some of them have a vertical section above the ground where you can have windows. The conical roof continues above, so in such a design you have far more volume inside.What is a conical tent?2. Does your child have a play tent?Yes my son got a pop up play tent when he was 2 we throw it behind the couch when he is done playing 2 yrs later he still gets it out and plays with it and my 1 yr old daughter loves to play in it also..Get one you can fold and hide behind ur couch3. Compact Tent to fit into Backpack on a Budget?Check Kelty Gunnison 1. It's small tent for single person and costs less than $200. The cheaper option is only Eureka solitare tent4. what's your tent of choice?big and comfy5. Should I get a tent? If so, which kind?Agreed go for the coleman at 20 bucks its better than those more expensive play tents at like toyrus6. Where does God extend his tent? Will God spread his tent in the heavens or on earth?Gods true church/tent, is in the mind and heart of his people who follow him and not men or religions of the world. His new Jerusalem, consists of the descendants of all 12 tribes of Israel, which are scattered throughout the world and are covenanted in Hebrews 8, 10-12. 10. For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts; and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people; 11. And they shall not teach every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord; for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest. Show me a man who believes in God, the Father and pushes no set church beliefs, or belongs to no religion on earth, and I will show you a person who is a member of Gods true church/tent which is in their heart and mind as stated in the Covenant above.7. My tent was broken, can anyone help me??Look around your area for a shoe repair shop. The equipment they have is strong enough to go thru the tent material. They might be able to mend it or patch it up.8. How to use a tent...? and most commercial mover firms can sell or give you cardboard big enough to camp within.9. What is your opinion on Lysol spray and your tent?Use nothing on the tent that is not made for use on tents, or recommended by the manufacturer of the tent. Lysol in particular, like many sprays, is largely alcohols which will harm both the water proofing and it's resistance to burning. Like others have said, properly dried and packed you should not have any problems. Even in an unheated shed or garage it should store just fine. If you are concerned the tent is not quite dry, a couple hooks in a garage, basement, or even a closet will let you hand the tent out of the way until dried. Back in college, My tent was often set up in the living room to dry!10. Fun things do in backyard tent?Do paintings! seek for stuff on your backyard, and use them as paintings factors. Sticks would nicely be utilized like popcicle sticks, bark is a distinctive texture, sand would nicely be utilized as glitter, pine cones are an astonishing start to a tiny tree, or the around ones would nicely be an animal will nevertheless choose some interior factors, like glue and paper. yet see what you additionally could make with stumbled on-outdoors supplies!
20.610 G of FeSO4. 7 H2O (MM 277.95) Are Dissolved in 48.000 G Water. the Solution Has a Volume of 5
a. 1.2929 m b. i = 1.193 c. 19.3% d. Tf, sln = -6.238 C (pure water did not freeze at zero degrees on the thermometer.)1. A tank contains 1020 L of pure water. Solution that contains 0.08 kg of sugar per liter enters the tank at the?(a) o (b) after t min; the amount of sugar is = 8*tL (c)limitt to infty=the total amount of sugar=0.08 kg2. why does it take more salt in water solution to float a soft boiled egg then a hardboiled egg?The soft boiled egg has a higher density than a hard boiled egg. This is due to the loss a lot of water from the egg when you hard boil it. By Archimedes's principle, a body with lower density floats over a liquid of higher density. When you go on adding salt to water, you are increasing its density. So a point will come when the density of water-salt solution becomes greater than that of the egg. This will happen for the hard boiled egg earlier than the soft boiled one. A similar thing happens when you visit the dead sea. The salt concentration is so high, that its density is greater than that of our bodies. So we can float there without even swimming.3. Find the volume of water in a solution that is not pure water?The standard way of doing this is with a moisture balance. In essence, you weigh a specific amount of solution and heat it to total evaporation and weigh the residual solids. You could do the same using a rotary evaporator.4. Is a mild vinegar-water solution safe for hard wood floors?Here is a post from that you will probably find useful: Though many will argue against using products that are not recommended by the manufacturer, and I cannot help to agree with them, this is a natural alternative to some of the harsh chemicals that some other products may leave behind on your floors. While I urge you to use manufacturer recommened products to avoid voiding your warranty, I would rather see you use this than some of the products out there like Orange Glo, Murphy's Oil Soap,.. It's well known that vinegar is a good disenfectant and deodorizer, if you can get past the smell as it dries. Use a gallon of warm water and a cup of white vinegar. Wring out your mop very well as hardwood should only be damp mopped. Afterwards, you should damp mop with water only to remove as much excess vinegar as possible which will reduce the lingering vingar smell.5. A tank contains 2200 L of pure water.A solution that contains 0.09 kg of sugar per liter enters a tank at the?Nobody will do this for you because it takes too long and needs more maths that most retired engineers can cope with! But if you have the spark of decency needed to at least say "please" I will do it! (a) zero kg sugar.6. what happen to a cell if you place it in a pure water solution? why does this happen?Your question involves the transport of water across a semipermeable membrane. Water will cross the membrane in order to reach equilibrium (same concentration of water on both sides of the membrane). This process is called 'osmosis'. The concentration of water inside a cell is not 100% water as it has dissolved substances in it as well. So, if you place the cell in 100% pure water, water will tend to cross the membrane INTO the cell to equalize the concentrations on both sides of the membrane. This will result in the cell swelling . . . or possible bursting (lysing). The correct terminology to describe your water solution would be "hypotonic". In order for the cell to remain the same when placed in any solution, the solution would have to have the same concentration of water as that of the cell, or 'isotonic". Hope this helps. BIOLOGY TEACHER7. If a reactant or product is in water solution, (aq) is placed after it.?The first thing to understand is what a mole is. It is just a number chemists use to express weight. This many atoms of any element in the periodic table equals its atomic weight. Molecular weight is the sum of atomic weight. Molarity is how chemists express concentration. The units are moles per liter. All weights and volumes in chemistry use the metric system. Adding water neither increases nor decreases either the reactants or products. However, the molarity will decrease because the volume is increasing. In everyday terms, the solution is becoming more dilute.
Which Central Air Conditioner Is Better: Air Cooled, Water Cooled, Or Variable Refrigerant Volume?
Each of them have their special characteristics, common features, pros and cons. One need to select based on the objectives, resources and constraints of the individual. Lets analyse the basic features.Air cooled Chiller -In comparison to water cooled chillers-Less complicated, lower installation cost, Cost effective in less than 1000 tons range, cooling is not affected by air humidity, lower area for plant equipment, higher power consumption per ton, less complicated maintenance and lower efficiency. Compared to Variable refrigerant Flow system-Less efficient, less complicated, easy for expansion or modification, more expensive, suitable for higher capacity, no pipe length restrictions and less prone to complete shutdown.Water cooled chillerSuitable for high capacity systems particularly group of buildings etc in places where air humidity is not very high and water is available plenty. No system can match its operational economy here. Variable refrigerant Flow system-Highly efficient due to VF driven compressors and efficient refrigerant. Systems, once designed and installed can not be easily expanded or altered. Very sensitive to installation expertise as piping mismatches and leakages can spoil the show. Better acoustic performance, complicated controls and continuous reliance on manufactures support.Which central air conditioner is better: air cooled, water cooled, or variable refrigerant volume?• Related QuestionsWhat kind of central air conditioner is good to buy for the Miami Florida weather?Pay attention to the SEER (cooling efficiency) and, just as importantly, the dehumidification capacity since comfort is a function of both temperature and humidity, the control unit should be both a thermostat and humidistat.If you opt for a single external cooling tower/evaporation unit, be aware that such units may be stolen if the house is unoccupied even for a week and they should be secured either within an enclosure or with some form of impervious fixation.Look for a multi-stage compressor. That means that instead of on or off, your compressor can more efficiently adapt itu2019s power to the need, as well as operate more quietly as levels under full power. If you are near the ocean, it pays to have a u201csea airu201d-proofed external unit. Salt air can destroy unprotected aluminum cooling fins in a few years, turning them to a powdery aluminum oxide. Choose units that are specially coated or, if you are thinking very long-term, look for stainless steel units that are usually needed on ships. It is worthwhile rinsing off the fins regularly if you live on the seafront.Finally, if it for a secondary home, it may make more sense, especially if there is no attic or preexisting duct work, to use multiple mini split systems, cooling only the rooms used and minimizing ductwork costs.What kind of central air conditioner is good to buy for the Miami Florida weather?.------How do I maintain an air conditioner?Central air conditioners have two separate components: the condenser and the evaporator. The condenser unit is usually located outside the house on a concrete slab. The evaporator coil is mounted in the plenum or main duct junction above the furnace. Most central air conditioners are connected to a home's forced-air distribution system. Thus, the same motor, blower, and ductwork used for heating are used to distribute cool air from the air conditioning system. When a central air conditioner is operating, hot air inside the house flows to the furnace through the return-air duct. The hot air is moved by the blower across the cooled evaporator coil in the plenum and is then delivered through ducts to cool the house. When the air conditioner works but the house doesn't cool, the problem is probably in the distribution system. Both the evaporator and the condenser are sealed. Therefore, a professional service person should be called for almost any maintenance other than routine cleaning. Central air conditioners should be professionally inspected and adjusted before the beginning of every cooling season. However, don't let your maintenance end with this annual checkup. While there aren't many repairs you can make yourself, there are specific maintenance procedures you can follow to keep your system operating at peak efficiency------Why can we not use vapor absorption refrigeration system in our normal household air conditioners?We could. But it would not be cost effective. First of all, the equipment is MUCH more expensive than your average central air conditioner. It should also be noted that absorption systems are larger and more complex, which means that more space is required. Some types also require a cooling tower, which further increases costs and space requirement along with now requiring cooling water. The requirement of a cooling tower also means decreased performance in humid climates. Of course, absorption cooling is also well-known to have a lower coefficient of performance, which increases operating costs.In the end, absorption cooling really only makes sense when you have a free source of heat that would otherwise be wasted. Examples of such heat sources include engine exhaust and geothermal energy. It should also be noted that the heat source must be of fairly high temperature, which rules out the use of MANY sources of waste heat. Absorption cooling has been used in solar applications. But in recent years, it has become less attractive due to the possibility of using conventional vapor compression systems powered by photovoltaics (which get cheaper by the year).The bottom line? Absorption cooling can work well in certain situations. But the high cost of equipment, low efficiency, and need for a free and relatively high temperature heat source precludes its use for typical residential applications. Why can we not use vapor absorption refrigeration system in our normal household air conditioners?------What are the main reasons why a central air conditioner unit would make a rattling noise?What are the main reasons why a central air conditioner unit would make a rattling noise?Hello Kim Dalessandro,There are two main reasons.First, something is loose somewhere and needs to be secured. One would have to trace down as to where and what. Also the blower (fan) assembly might need servicing such as cleaning and lubrication. On the outdoor unit, you might have a cracked, broken or out of balance fan blade. Make sure the outdoor unit is sitting level. Second, you might have a Heat Pump system instead of just an air conditioner. Sometimes the check valve in the indoor coil of a Heat Pump system will rattle after the system shuts down and near the end of system equalization. This would only rattle somewhere between half to three minutes after the system cycled off and it would be a relatively short burst, maybe 10 to 20 seconds. The first reason, you can probably trace down yourself by listening an looking. If you should attempt a repair, TURN OFF ALL ELECTRICAL POWER TO THE SYSTEM. THERE ARE USUALY TWO AND SOMETIMES MORE CIRCUIT BRAKERS INVOLVED. DO NOT attempt to do anything about the second reason. Only a qualified service technician has the knowledge and tools to perform a proper diagnosis and repair.I hope this helps.What are the main reasons why a central air conditioner unit would make a rattling noise?.------My central air conditioner is not cooling the house. Can you help troubleshooting?There are three basic reasons for air conditioner freeze ups: Insufficient air flow Refrigerant charge Outdoor temperature 1) The two most common causes of insufficient air flow are dirty filters and under sized ducts. A dirty filter limits air flow which in turn allows the cooling coils temperature to drop below freezing. Replacing the filter, monthly, usually alleviates this problem. Under sized ducts will also cause the system to freeze Because it also limits the amount of air flowing over the cooling coil. This results in lowering the coil temperature and allowing the humidity in the air to collect on the coil and freeze. 2)Refrigerant charge. The refrigerant system teeters on a delicate balance. If the system is not charged correctly, the system will not function properly. This malfunction may result in the poor cooling output and/or freezing up. Only a qualified, certified service technician can properly test and charge a refrigerant system. 3) Outdoor temperature. If night time temperatures are too low, the system will not operate properly, and freeze up may occur. The outdoor unit does not function well in temperatures below 60 degrees F. A special ambient temperature control must be installed to allow the unit to run properly in cool temperatures, or you may open your windows and save energy.------Whats a good alt to central air conditioning?you could no longer pass incorrect with an attic fan. They deploy interior the attic floor with a louvered beginning to the residing house or in a louvered beginning interior the attic wall with self-final louvers interior the residing house ceiling. They suck cool night air into the residing house by open residing house windows and rigidity it out the attic. whilst sized surprising they are able to do sufficient air transformations that the great residing house reaches the exterior air temperature interior minutes. they are going to furnish each and all the cooling you pick different than on those few nights a 365 days that it continues to be warm and muggy all night. you're working a fractional horsepower motor and pay for hundreds of kilowatt hours. in case you had an equivalent air conditioner you would be paying for hundreds of kilowatt hours so the decrease fee expenses are significant (previous the preliminary extra low priced fee). whether in some unspecified time interior the destiny you put in an air conditioner, working the attic fan for a on a similar time as gets the nice and snug air out of the attic (a hundred and forty ranges on a bad summer season day) and ease the burden that the air conditoner will could conflict------How does Air conditioner/ central heating/cooling System work?Central air conditioners incorporate two different coils in order to cool your home. This type of cooling system is used to cool the entire home, versus a window air conditioner that is used to cool a specific area or room of your home. The cooling compressor is set outside the home, separate from the fan unit used to blow the cool air throughout the home on the central air unit, unlike the window air conditioner that utilizes everything within one concealed unit. By using the existing heating/cooling ducts that encompass the entire home, the central air unit can cool the entire home evenly.The coil that is placed outside of your home is called the condensing coil. It consists of a compressor, condensing coil condenser fan, a grill to protect persons from coming into contact with the fan blade, a case built around all of the components, controls, and two refrigerant lines that run into the home to the evaporator coil. The refrigerant inside the compressor is pumped through the evaporator coil inside, which cools the air as the furnace fan blows air through the coil.The coil absorbs the heat from the air. Then the refrigerant flows back outside to the condenser coil and this is where the heat that was absorbed is released. At this point, the refrigerant is returned to a liquid form as it is cooled and the cycle of refrigerant flow continues.
10 Billion Plastic Bottles in Landfills - Plus Tips to Conserve Water
For Immediate Release-Each day, American's consume approximately 200 billion gallons of water. On top of that, each year more than 10 billion plastic water bottles end up as garbage in landfills. As the US population increases, the demands on our water resources continue to increase. This puts a strain on our environment but there is a way to make a difference and impact this growing trend.Purchasing water filters can lead to reduced plastic water bottle waste. Instead, filter your own water and place it in a reusable bottle. Your average water filter can replace approximately 3000 16oz plastic water bottles saving you and the environment. You are saving big money by filtering your own water and you are saving the environment by eliminating plastic water bottles from the landfill.Other ways to conserve water include keeping a pitcher of filtered drinking water in the refrigerator so you don't have to run the water faucet to get the water cool. Also, make sure all of our water faucets are turned off and are not leaking. A leaking faucet really adds up and can account for 4000 gallons of water waste per year. When you are doing laundry, run only full loads. This also holds true for dishwashers. This can save up to 800 gallons of water per month. Finally, consider water efficiency when you purchase a new laundry machine. Today's energy star appliances use 40 percent less water and can save you up to 6000 gallons per year.You can also conserve water in the bathroom. Replace the parts in your toilet to secure the tank from leaks. Avoid running the water while brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your face. Install water-saving shower heads and shorten your shower time.Conserving water outside is one of the biggest things you can do to impact the environment. Avoid excessive watering. Most yards require much less than you think to enjoy a thick, lush, green appearance. Most lawns require only 1 inch of water per week. You can measure the time it takes your sprinkler to collect 1 inch of water and then factor that into future waterings. Also, don't forget about the contribution to outdoor watering that Mother Nature brings. Install a water gauge to measure rain water and factor that into your watering schedule. Lay a layer of mulch around trees and flowerbeds to help hold moisture in the soil. Pull large weeds to decrease competition for water. Watering in the evenings or early mornings will ensure your water isn't evaporated before it can be used by your lawn, plants, flowers and trees.These simple tips will help you save money and protect the environment. Inside, purchase a water filter and filter your own tap water. Outside, be aware of your water use and optimize when you use it.
What Could I Use to Substitute Vegetable Oils When Baking a Cake?
What could I use to substitute vegetable oils when baking a cake?Yes you can use butter, I always use butter to bake. But just use a stick of butter (one stick = 1/2 a cup), you do not have to melt it down; I used melted butter once and my cake did not turn out that great— — — — — —How does the boiling point of vegetable oils compare to the boiling point of water?Boiling Point Of Olive Oil— — — — — —Vegetable oils as alternative energyVegetable oils are increasingly used as a substitute for fossil fuels. Vegetable oils are the basis of biodiesel, which can be used like conventional diesel. Some vegetable oil blends are used in unmodified vehicles, but straight vegetable oil needs specially prepared vehicles which have a method of heating the oil to reduce its viscosity and surface tension. Another alternative is vegetable oil refining. The availability of biodiesel around the world is increasing, although still tiny compared to conventional fossil fuel sources. There is significant research in algaculture methods to make biofuel from algae. Concerns have been expressed about growing crops for fuel use rather than food and the environmental impacts of large-scale agriculture and land clearing required to expand the production of vegetable oil for fuel use. These effects/impacts would need to be specifically researched and evaluated, economically and ecologically, and weighed in balance with the proposed benefits of vegetable oil fuel in relation to the use of other fuel sources.— — — — — —Can you lower the alcohol concentration of a drink using vegetable oils?Liquid-liquid extraction is a widely used method, but it's normally used the other way round: You add e.g. ether to a solution of your valueable substance X in water, separate the phases, and evaporate the ether to get pure X. Add some more ether to the aqueous phase, etc, two-three times. Now you can be quite sure that you have recovered all of your substance X, but also your aqueous phase will be saturated with ether. No problem if you would discard it anyway, not so good for drinking. :-/It's also bad if X, like ethanol, is well soluble in both phases. For hard liquor, the whole mixture is likely totally miscible, and for beer, you will need a lot of oil to get any significant effect. And then what do you do with the ethanolic oil afterwards?— — — — — —What causes different vegetable oils to have different smoke points?the amount of methyl silicone added, this reduces the smoke point types of oils: corn oil vegetable oil (soy bean) peanut oil olive oil canola oil these are all liquid solid product Crisco-mainly baking MFB Blue-Baking only MFB Red-Deep frying mainly— — — — — —The 8 Most Unhealthy Vegetable Oils To Eat & Why This MD Avoids ThemButter is not always high on the list of health foods, but is it healthier than most vegetable oils? According to family physician and New York Times bestselling author Cate Shanahan, M.D., the answer is a resounding yes. During a mindbodygreen podcast episode, Shanahan says, "I think vegetable oils are the No. 1 cause of health problems in this country." Now, before anyone starts throwing away their cooking oils, Shanahan is only referring to eight specific types of vegetable oils. These oils are deemed unhealthy by Shanahan for two reasons: They are highly refined, and they are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). Though polyunsaturated fats are actually healthier than saturated and trans fats, (and have been shown to reduce "bad" or LDL cholesterol), Shanahan says they are highly unstable. Meaning, when they are exposed to chemicals in the refining process, they are stripped of their antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Over time, PUFA becomes stored in the body fat, which may lead to inflammation. Seeds, nuts, beans, fruit, dairy, and animal fats are all naturally derived and healthy to eat. Those are all good, Shanahan says, so the question becomes: What kind of added fats are safe? "For all foods, we have to consider the nature of the fats," Shanahan says. Traditional added fats, like butter, are closer to whole foods than refined oils are. "You do not need high heat, you do not need complicated equipment, you do not need refining machinery," Shanahan says about butter. "You just let the cream rise to the top, skim it off, and then you start churning it around, and that's butter." The same can be said of olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil when they are cold-pressed and unrefined. Traditionally, these oils are squeezed straight from the fruit, or the seed of the fruit, and are not stripped of their antioxidants and minerals. Not all fats or cooking oils are unhealthy. In fact, in their natural and unrefined state, fats can be healthy. When possible, Shanahan recommends avoiding or limiting these eight oils: corn, canola, cottonseed, soy, safflower, sunflower, grapeseed, and rice bran oils, which may lead to inflammation over time.
Sony's Image Sensor Is in Short Supply, and Its Best Production Is still Not Enough
On December 24, Beijing time, Sony is producing popular image sensors day and night, but they can't be sold even if they rotate around the clock.â–² iPhone 11 Pro rear cameraTerushi Shimizu, head of Sony's semiconductor department, said that the company would maintain the operation of the chip factory in the holiday season for the second consecutive year in an attempt to meet the demand for sensors for mobile phone cameras. In this fiscal year, Sony's capital expenditure on semiconductor business will more than double to 280 billion yen (about US $2.6 billion), and will build a new factory in Nagasaki City, which will be put into operation in April 2021."Judging from the current market demand, even if all these investments in expanding production capacity are included, it may not be enough," Shimizu said in an interview at its Tokyo headquarters. "I have to apologize to customers because we just can't produce enough sensors."With mobile phone manufacturers taking camera configuration as a hard indicator to attract customers to upgrade, three camera phones are now very common. The camera resolution of the latest mobile phones of Samsung Electronics and Huawei has exceeded 40 million pixels. It can take ultra wide-angle images and is equipped with a depth sensor. Apple also joined this camp this year and launched the three camera iPhone 11 pro. This is why Sony's sales of image sensors are still soaring when the growth of the smartphone market slows down."The camera has become the biggest feature of the smartphone brand. Everyone wants their social media pictures and videos to be good-looking," said Masahiro wakasugi, an industry research analyst at Bloomberg. "Sony has well grasped this demand."Sony accounts for half of the countrySony said in May that it controlled 51% of the image sensor market in terms of revenue, with a goal of increasing to 60% in fiscal 2025. Qingshui Zhaoshi expects that this year alone, the company's share will increase by several percentage points.Semiconductor has now become Sony's most profitable business after the Playstation Game business. In October this year, Sony raised its operating profit forecast of the semiconductor department by 38% to 200 billion yen after the profit of the semiconductor Department soared by nearly 60% in the second quarter. Sony expects the revenue of the semiconductor department to increase by 18% to 1.04 trillion yen, of which image sensors account for 86%.Sony is currently studying the next generation of sensors that can see the world in 3D mode. Sony uses the "time of flight" (TOF) method, which sends invisible laser pulses and creates a fine depth model by measuring the return time. This helps the mobile camera to more accurately select the virtual background and take more beautiful photos. TOF can also be used in mobile games.Samsung and Huawei have released flagship models equipped with 3D sensors. It is rumored that Apple will add 3D cameras to its mobile phone product line in 2020.Shimizu declined to comment on specific customers, but said Sony was ready to meet the sharp growth in demand next year. "This year is the first year of TOF," he said. "Once you start to see interesting applications of this technology, it will encourage people to buy new phones."
I Am Looking for a Spacific Pair of Wedding Shoes...... HELP!!?
have you looked on the louboutin website? or tried google instead of ebay? email the louboutin people directly and ask if they make the shoe in white1. is there any good websites that rates golf clubs?Yea go to google and type in golf digest hotlist then the year and then what type of clubs you want. Exp. Golf digest hotlist 2009 wedges2. what soccer websites that sell cheap soccer cleats are authentic?Hey hey, frankly speaking... the best money that i have ever had was with Toms money plan (i found it on google ) tired of all these fluff but this one really is refreshing3. How to get better at inequality problems?Searching for "inqualities" on Google gives lots of hits. The Wikipedia article has lots of references. And Lohwater's Introduction to inequalities is very thorough on the type of inequalities you describe (do not be fooled by the huge PDF, it is a short typewritten manuscript).4. i have been owned by a chi!?Google NILIF training and small dog syndrome. Problem solved5. what are the best and easiest ways to loose weight.?The secret to weight loss- that major companies do not want you to know- is simple. Eat natural foods, not fast foods or packaged food with preservatives that slow your bodys internal functions down. Eat plenty of protein after workouts or exercises to help rebuild your muscle, and eat carbohydrates before your workouts to give you energy. An energy drink without too many monophosphordiglyicero-whatever-the-hells will keep your energy up during your exercises.. You do not need to go anywhere to exercise, you can stand in one place and move your muscles in different directions, and that's exercising, in its simplest form. Also, you should know that all natural foods do more than just fill up your stomach, they actually help your body to perform better and can help you to lose weight, just go to google and type in "what does ___ do" and research all the different foods, it's really interesting. . like blueberries improve your memory, and almonds and olive nourish your brain.. stuff like that. Also, a good rule is that you burn a lot more after you exercise, so try to eat all your craving type food after you exercise, kinda think about it like you "earned" it. Fruits and veggies clean your body out and drink a lot of water, water flushes what you eat out of your body, so it's the best way to lose weight. Also, a positive attitude has a lot to do with it. So theres some good info for all of you. I hope you all the best health and hapiness. Peace6. what should i feed my newly hatched goldfish fry?This Site Might Help You. RE: what should i feed my newly hatched goldfish fry? hi, My oranda's eggs just hatched. I know that i don't have to feed them for next 24 hours. but after 24 hrs what should i feed them? i search in google and it says that we should feed them brine shrimp fry. but at my place there are not any shop that sale brine shrimp eggs/fry. So, is...7. How to keep your solar plant safeThis webinar was presented live on Thursday, September 3, 2020. Click below to watch it on demand. By attending this webinar you will gain knowledge about the latest Soltec full-wireless technology for PV solar plants, performed with the Open Thread system. This system has been developed by Google and it is less widespread than other full-wireless systems, which makes it safer than other technologies. Each device has its own IP, allowing you a unique worldwide IPV6, which enables the system to be prepared to apply Internet of Things technologies, something that other systems do not have. Attendees of this webinar will learn: Understanding how this new full-wireless system protects PV plants from any meteorological event Why Open Thread system is safer than others How Soltec applies this full-wireless system to all its plants no matter the tracker model8. Don't google "google”I did this in TI 89 for fun. There has got to be a more optimized method, but this is the best I could come up with for the moment.Basically abuses the fact that a string divided by itself becomes 1.0 is necessary to remove the string from the calculation otherwise you would return ("fun" 3) which i do not think is compliant to the rules.
Intel Revealed That It Will Launch a New Generation of Core X Series Processor This Fall
Intel today officially announced the 10th generation core mobile processor of 10nm ice lake, the next generation Athena notebook, as well as new Borui and Xeon products, which are quite rich.During his speech, Gregory Bryant, senior vice president of Intel and general manager of client computing division, also revealed that a new generation of core X Series fever processors will be launched this autumn, covering core i9 extreme, core i9 x, Core i7 X and core i5 X.Intel said that the new core X series is for high-end creators, will provide higher frequency and memory speed, and will upgrade the dynamic acceleration technology of core Max 3.0.Intel's current ninth generation core X series is derived from the server-side first generation scalable Xeon (skylake SP), and the next generation must come from the second generation scalable Xeon (cascade Lake SP). The latter is still a 14nm process and skylake architecture, with a maximum of 28 cores (dual core package 56 cores). The main changes include increasing CPU frequency, expanding cache capacity, increasing memory frequency Support aoteng persistent memory, enhanced vulnerability patch, new avx-512 vnni instruction set and dlboost machine learning acceleration.The new core x will certainly continue most of the enhancements, but up to 18 cores have been for two consecutive generations. I don't know if it will be released this time? After all, the mainstream Raptors next door have achieved 12 cores and are beginning to take the fever core i7-9920x as their opponents.As for the REMAX Max 3.0, based on the traditional REMAX acceleration, it automatically identifies one or more cores with the best physique and further accelerates when the power consumption, temperature and heat allow. For example, the 18 core flagship core i9-9980x normally has a maximum REMAX acceleration of 4.4ghz, while the REMAX Max 3.0 can reach 4.5ghz.Acer boxx host with built-in core x
How to Reduce the Power Consumption of Air Conditioner?
I spent my childhood in a coastal city in India. Looking back, I still remember the severe humidity and the tolerable 90 ° f heat wave mixed with each other - a typical equatorial climate. When I returned to my hometown, I found that the local temperature became higher, often exceeding 100 ° F. I also found split air conditioners everywhere; This was very rare in my childhood. Split air conditioner is composed of internal unit and external unit. The external machine is installed on the outer wall of the house, and the inside of the machine body is a condensation coil and compressor. Finally, I also found a lot of signs and advertisements from the main suppliers of air conditioning.The power consumption of air conditioning units is very large, so with the increasing popularity of air conditioning units, energy consumption must be reduced. The only way to reduce energy consumption is to use energy-saving air conditioning and well insulated rooms. Power and seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) grade are the key factors to consider when selecting an appropriate air conditioner. The higher the grade of seasonal energy efficiency ratio, the higher the energy efficiency. Fortunately, most air-conditioning brands have high energy efficiency grades.Variable frequency drive (VFD) is used for compressor and condenser fan of energy-saving air conditioner. Another method is to use active power factor correction (PFC) in air conditioning power supply. Both trends use switching energy conversion in the system, while before, compressors and fans relied on inefficient line frequency electronic technology for power supply. VFD installs a motor in the compressor unit to realize speed change by adjusting the voltage, current and frequency of power transmitted to the compressor. Therefore, the system does not need to run at full speed. This way significantly reduces energy consumption, which is the biggest benefit of VFD so far. Since the air conditioner will operate at a high power of usually several thousand watts, the use of active power factor correction can improve power quality and reduce harmonic distortion. At the same time, it also reduces the reactive power that eventually returns to the grid as dissipated power or idle power.Both VFD and PFC of air conditioning unit need high-voltage system, which is developing to the solution of executive integrated circuit (IC). By using appropriate power IC, such as ucc21520 and other high-voltage isolation drivers, you can provide an ecosystem for the air conditioner to ensure high system level efficiency and reduce the bill of materials cost, so that you can effectively keep cool and comfortable by using the air conditioner.
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