How Can I Replace a Water Pipe on the Second Floor Without the Need to Damage the Bathtub?

If the ceiling on the first floor is bubbling then there must be a leak somewhere on the second floor or somebody is just splashing a LOT of water in the bathroom. Because you claim it is directly under the bathtub then you will need to find the source of the leak.Many older homes have an access hatch in the wall that can be removed to get to the plumbing behind the tub fixtures. This is the first and most obvious place to look for a leak.If this checks out then inspect the second floor bathroom for any mold or water damage on the walls or floors. This may give you clues to what may be happening. Perhaps there is not a leak at all and they are being careless in the shower. If you do find mold or damage then you may have located the source of the leak.At this point once you have confirmed a leak you may want to remove the damaged parts of the ceiling or walls to get a better inspection of the plumbing that you can not see. Do not worry too much about this because you will need to repair the damaged ceiling or wall plaster eventually after the leak has been fixed.If you still cannot find the source of the leak then you should call a plumber

1. I have a frozen ,broken water pipe Between my house and the water meter,How can I locate the Break?

The most effective way to find the leak and get your water back on is to start at the meter. The majority of these main line leaks are on your side of the connection at the meter, there is a fairly easy way to tell just remove the top of the meter and turn the meter on, if you see water bubbling as soon as you turn it on your leak is there. If your leak is there check in the yard following about where your line is going into the house if there are any dips or any other spots that seem lower than the rest, this would be the next place to dig. When you do find the leak the best way to fix it and get the water out of the hole your working in is to dig a big hole, about a foot deeper than the actual line and use a sump pump while you are working, especially if you are using glue, water must be kept off the glue. The depth of your line will really depend on where you live. If you are in a state where it does not get to cold or freeze you mike get lucky and your line be a 12 to 18 inches underground, if you are in a colder state your line is likely 30 to 36 inches deep. The best pipe for cold weather is PEX piping. Good Luck

2. Water pipe clogged with dirt (we think)?

The plumbing in mobile homes are supported mainly by vinyl or metal straps. This allows the pipe to shift back and forth. To secure the pipe I would stack concrete blocks with a 2x6 cut the length of the blocks set on top of the blocks. place them about one foot from the toilet you are having trouble with. You may have to use several 2x6 wood blocks to make fit snug under the pipe. It is usually best to put a wedge on esch side of the pipe and secure each wedge with a small nail or screw. Also check the conections to the shower drain to make they have not been loosened by shifting of the pipe.I hope this will fix your problem. Or you may have air in your pipes.

3. Is a cold water pipe static discharge ground wire dangerous near a computer or electronics?

Generally speaking, no. The nature of a pipe is that unless it is non metallic, it is a very good conductor of electricity and is fully capable of conducting any static discharge to the earth. Just do not make the same mistake I did, and misidentify a black plastic pipe with a wire connected to it as a ground source, when I moved in. Black plastic is a really good insulator and has zero validity as a ground source

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