How Can I Get Rid of the Bad "plastic" Smell of My Yoga Mat?

Get a different one

1. My eye doctor is a good Christian, but yesterday I saw a yoga mat in his office, should I say something?

na just lift up ur skirt a Little higher

2. How much is the real price of a yoga mat?

Will depend on the quality...i bought one from the art of living sattva cost me 700...very good quality and's been 2 years now and it's still as good as now...i have seen local yoga mats getting worn out in few days

3. Know a good yoga mat? My tchr told me of one that start w/"M" but I can't remember the name?

As a yoga instructor myself, I do not discriminate against mats. Seeing that you are probably starting out in your yoga journey - just pick up a mat from Wal-mart of Target. You do not need an expensive mat - unless you have slipping problems or the mat is too thin. If you have slipping problems, I would recommend the mats from yogi toes that you put over your current mat. Those mats soak up sweat and can be washed. You wo not slip. If you need a mat with more padding, just go to Wal-mart or a sports store and feel the thickness of the mat. Alternatively, you might want to use 2 thin mats instead of one thick one. Have fun!

4. Yoga mat question, what kind do you use?

located on some ingredient mushy and tight, yet loose so u can breath. what u have reported is extensive in my opinion. i on no account been to a yoga classification, yet i choose to advise u bypass and watch some yoga video clips on youtube so u be conscious of what to expect. i desire this permits :) have exciting at ur classification

5. custom yoga mat, is it too distracting, does it mess up the atmosphere of a yoga class?

I understand the point your friend makes, but on the other hand, part of practicing in a group setting is learning to turn your focus inward on what you are doing, and tune out distractions. Speaking for myself, I would not care what pattern, image, or words are on anyone's mat. When I am "in" my practice, I am not noticing what the other students are doing, wearing, or standing on... but I certainly acknowledge we all have different levels of concentration, and the thougthful thing to do is to respect others when able. If you can, best thing would be to ask your sister's teacher. Short of that, I assume this mat will have picture on only one side? If it becomes a big deal in class, she can probably flip it over. Or, she could always use it as a home practice mat. Namaste', dwb

6. What is the best thickness for a yoga mat?

I'm 62 years old and have been practising yogasanas on and off for over 40 years. I have always used a carpet called jamakalam that's available in South India. Recently on the advice of a teacher I started using the foam yoga mats and specifically the thicker one. What I found was though the asanas were easier to perform, my knees and calf started paining (staying in vajranasa for a while). I reverted to my jamakalam and the pain went away. Similar the case with my walking/jogging, I use a plain canvas shoe and recently bought a branded hi tech running shoe. While I was able to do more in shorter time, my knees started paining. I reverted to my old shoe and all was well again... :)What is the best thickness for a yoga mat?

7. How do you wash a yoga mat?

Kylie has a good answer, I do not do hot yoga anymore, so mine do not get as funky. I just throw them in the tub with an inch or two of water, and a squirt of dishsoap, swish it around real well, let it soak a while, then take a washcloth - give it a once over on both sides, then swish, and rinse. It's trying to get it to the porch railing without dripping through every room of the house thats a challenge. :).

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