How Can I Convince My Boss to Turn on Air Conditioning? [duplicate]

Computers do not like hot temperatures eitherYou are not the only victim in your workplace, all the computers in your workplace are likely also suffering with you. If you go the route of talking with Management you can also bring up the damage the office temperature is having on the computers.Based off of several articles: PC Operating Temperatures and Computer Room Temperature . The upper end of temperature you want in your workplace is 27C/80F otherwise you risk damaging the PCs in your workplace. Even if the machines do not crash (which at the temperatures given in the question is not hard), at higher temperatures the PCs could throttle their CPUs to prevent them from over heating and thus the machines would appear to be running slowly.

1. The hall did not have air conditioning on my July Wedding I want to file a lawsuit. is it worth it?

You paid $10,000 for the hall? I would definitely pursue legal means, especially if you have a written contract where the a/c is mentioned. With the summer we've been having (at least here in MO) it's been too hot to even think about going without the air. For $10,000 just for the hall, there is an expectation of certain amenities to be included--and air conditioning is included in that (unless you got married in say, Alaska, or an old building that does not have air.) I would write a formal letter stating that when you signed your contract for the hall (which, I am assuming you did), you knew the condition of the hall and anything extra that you would need to provide on the day of the wedding. By their deceipt (not telling you as soon as they knew there was a problem with the a/c) they essentially broke their contract with you by not providing full disclosure. Mention in your letter that, had you known, you could have taken the appropriate steps to bring in portable air units, evaporative air units, or even just warn people to dress appropriately for the heat. It may not be worth it to immediately file a lawsuit (remember, the most you are likely to get back is your $10,000 and a suit may cost more than that), but writing them a formal letter, mentioning how dissatisfied you were, that you will consider alerting the Better Business Bureau, and that you will never refer them to another customer may be enough for them to offer a small refund.

2. I am having a problem with my air conditioning, It cools extremly well at night but during the day?

I will agree that it needs to be checked by a heating and cooling person. Altho, common sense will tell you if its leaking freon, it would at night as well as day. If that was the case you would not have no freon in it at all. I will agree night is cooler, but during day when it is warm , check and see if it is covered in ice when you take door off to look inside. If so, turn it to fan only this will thaw it out. Then put it back on cool to cool your place down. Always keep your filters changed and clean so it can circulate right

3. Air Conditioning Unit Blowing Hot Air?

If your outside unit is running and the fan on top of it is blowing hot air, then the refrigeration unit is working properly. The unit pulls the hot air out of the building using an air handler inside of the building. This hot is tranfered to the condensor coils outside and the fan outside cools the condensor and if it is blowing hot air, then it is working properly outside. If the inside is blowing hot air out of the ducts, then there's something wrong with the air handler inside or the duct work. There is cold getting into the house. It's just not getting to the ducts.

4. Air Conditioning Not Working?

there is a few possible problems 1 a-coil(inside unit) is dirty and needs cleaning 2 air filter is dirty and needs replaced..3possibly low on freon(need a service tech to check this)....turn the thermostat to off and turn the fan switch from auto to on, let it run like this until air is flowing out of all the ducts very well. ....turn the unit back on set the fan switch back to auto and let it start working again if it does the same thing again and you have replaced the filter you need to either have the coil cleaned or the freon checked

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Why Do Movie Theaters Always Have the Sound and the Air Conditioning?
The cold air is probably to keep people from falling asleep. Some people still fall asleep during the movie. The sound is probably for the movie experience. Some theaters have the speakers out in from and so the people have o hear what the person is saying when the actors are whispering1. What to do about frozen condensation on air conditioning unit?The unit probably needs to be topped off. The low side pressure should be 68 PSI2. My air conditioning works every once in a while.?Bad electrical connection could be any where. GOOD LUCK3. Does my air conditioning unit have a bad capacitor?Likely is the cap. And for $20, why not replace it. Of course, disconnect the condenser before working on it. You probably have a dual capacitor, short out the terminals with each other to dissipate any stored charge. They can pack a punch. Check an appliance parts store or even places like Home Depot if you need one today. Just match the values.4. Is central air conditioning more efficient than window units?Central air conditioning is overall more efficient than a window unit. The main benefits are a more efficient fan, a more efficient chiller compressor, and more advanced energy-saving features. You really should not have more than 10% duct losses in a typical office building. There are also several different kinds of central air conditioning. Full fresh air AC is not very efficient, however when used as a displacement ventilation system with economisers it can be extremely efficient. Then you have fan coils or chilled beams, where a small amount of unconditioned air is supplied to a room equipped to a fan coil or chilled beam which uses chilled water to deliver cooling, and the air is either passively or actively moved around in the room, that also can be really efficient. You also have mixed-mode AC where the chiller is only used in peak cooling cases, otherwise people are free to open windows to passively cool down rooms. Finally you also have night ventilation, where you use the cool night air to completely chill down the building and rely on the structure's thermal inertia to maintain that temperature well into the day.None of these energy-saving features are possible with window units. Is central air conditioning more efficient than window units?5. How do I get rid of foul odor in vehicle air conditioning?air freshiinger6. home Air Conditioning prob, no one is able to repair my air conditioning and they are giving ridiculous prices?$80 for 2 hrs is not bad as many companies charge a $75 diagnostics charge that only includes 1 hr. If it was low on refrigerant (would explain the not cooling well) then there is a leak. The days of just topping the unit off are over as we now know that R-22 depletes the stratospheric level of the ozone and a leak needs to be repaired. I would imagine that after 2hrs time all the easy find leaks were over and needed to do a more thou leak testing. More and more companies are turning to flat rate billing. Which would explain the $500 leach search. In most of the flat rate leak search prices it is including a pump down or recovery of the refrigerant with only a trace gases left then pressurized with high pressure nitrogen then leach searched with a special electronic leak detector. this price usually includes a guarantee, nitrogen, solder and isolation if required, filter dryer, basic leak repair and refrigerant recharge. Most likely he cannot give you a price for complete repair because he has not pinpointed the leak yet and depending on where that leak is major minor or weather to its repairable or replacement part would be answered after the leak was found. For example a leaking flair fitting would be considered minor, leak in fin-tube of the evaporator coil would most likely be a replacement part. I am not trying to defend the guy as I would have to see the bill and be there to evaluate the system myself but just an in site to how the industry is now operating. It is suppose to simplify so you will know how much you are going to have to pay for each step or level of diagnosis compared to somebody just working and paying by the hour. it makes even playing field if a tech is slow or fast you will pay the agreed price weather it takes an hr or a week to find that leak. Also I am hoping you paid the service fee because many company's today are using a black list for customers known for not paying and sharing that information between them. Remember when its hot outside the companies are busy and charge more when demand is high, best time of year to have system serviced is spring and fall before its hot or cold to have it checked and find problems before they start at the "off time" of year when they are not as busy. Keep in mind that companies that have full page phone book adds are generally more expensive as some of those adds can cost $30,000 per year. That is a lot fo overhead they have to overcome. Check with the Better Business Beau, and ask around your area for who your friends or neighbors recommend. I recommend using a company that employs N.A.T.E. generally the leak would have to he on the high side of the systems and generally at a low point to show up, example small leak at the bottom of condensing coil show large oil spots where a leak at the evaporator coil may show nothing at all and be a large leak. Furthermore Freon is a brand name registered trademark of Dupont Refrigerant is what the systems use more specifically R-22 for residential older systems and R410A for newer systems. The system does not use compressor oil. it uses refrigerant oil specifically for R-22 systems use a mineral oil or Alkylbenzene and R410a systems use Polyol Ester (POE)
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