Holiday Waterslide Smash Left Me with No Front Teeth

CHLOE PRICE could not wait for her first trip abroad with friends.

The 18-year-old was off to the Canary Island of Tenerife for four weeks of sun, sea and sand.

But her dream trip turned to disaster after an horrific waterslide accident left her needing £8,000 of dental treatment.

She slipped out of an inflatable ring and landed face-first on the slide, shattering her front teeth.

The full-time mum, now 24, says: "The pain shot across my mouth and blood poured from it.

"I had to put up with looking like that for a whole year and it destroyed my confidence.

"I know I was lucky not to have worse injuries but something like this scars you mentally."

Chloe jetted off in January 2009 to see her pal Emma, who lived on the island.

She says: "It was my first foreign holiday and I couldn't wait. I put aside a month and saved up enough money to have a great time.

"I flew out there with my now ex-boyfriend Rhys. I was looking forward to some serious relaxing, with a few cocktails thrown in."

Five days after she arrived, the trio decided to try out Siam Park - a water park in the Costa Adeje area of the island.

The Thai-themed park opened in 2008, calling itself Europe's "most spectacular water park".

Chloe, of Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, says: "I love water parks and it had nearly 30 rides. We had been there ten minutes when we decided to try out our first ride, called The Volcano.

"It was a huge ride we could go on together, sitting in a rubber ring that span around. It looked a little scary but also a lot of fun.

"I excitedly sat down and held on but a few seconds in, I could tell something was wrong. As we entered the dark tunnel and started to spin, I felt myself slipping off the ring.

"I tried to hold on, but was thrown off the inflatable. Before I knew it I had landed, face first, on the bottom of the slide.

"I felt immense pain across my face and head and then I must have passed out because everything went black.

"I opened my eyes and I had been shot out of the ride. I struggled to pull myself up and looked down at myself in shock.

"My white bikini was covered in blood. My jaw hurt and when I moved my tongue I tasted blood. My front teeth were missing.

"I could feel my gum where they used to be. I must have been in shock because I just stood there at first. I didn't realise what had happened.

"Emma and Rhys put me straight into a taxi and we rushed to hospital so I could get checked out. I couldn't stop shaking."

In hospital, Chloe was X-rayed and told she had a fractured top jaw. She had smashed four front teeth and needed extensive dental surgery to repair the damage, staying in hospital for three days.

Chloe says: "I couldn't believe something so terrible had happened in the first week of my holiday. It was the first time I'd been out of the UK.

"The first time I held up a mirror, I burst into tears. As a teenager I was already body-conscious enough. I felt like it was the end of the world.

"I couldn't smile without looking like a gummy granny. I was absolutely mortified."

But instead of flying home, Chloe was determined to see out the final three weeks of her trip.

She says: "There were moments when I just wanted to go home but I was determined to enjoy the rest of my holiday.

"I was still in quite a bit of pain and there was also no way I would smile properly for the camera, so I had to pose awkwardly for every picture from that moment on. I wouldn't show my teeth."

When Chloe did fly home, she visited a dentist who told her she would need dental surgery and treatment costing £8,000.

Chloe says: "I was absolutely devastated. I had just received some inheritance money from a family member so I could just about afford the treatment.

"But I was gutted the money was going on something like that, instead of being used for something more useful or exciting like a deposit for a house. I had to have two dental implants and two caps.

"The treatment was spread out across a year and I had to have four extremely painful procedures.

"For one of the procedures, I had to have 16 doses of local anaesthetic as my heart was racing so fast it was wearing off - yet it wasn't having much of an effect on the pain. I was a complete nervous wreck.

"I've always been scared stiff of going to the dentist."

Following all her painful surgery, Chloe could finally smile properly again.

A year on from her water park ordeal, she started fighting for compensation. And after almost five years, Chloe received a cheque in November 2014 for £19,500 from the water park.

She says: "I was over the moon when I opened that envelope. I felt that the whole situation had been unfair and because the case had dragged on for years, I honestly had given up all hope of getting anything.

"The money went a long way. It helped pay off some debt I had built up with my partner Michael, 29, who is a personal trainer. And it helped us start a family, as doing so is so expensive.

"Our son Noah was born in March this year.

"We are going on a family holiday to Florida in October but I am not sure I'll be going anywhere near a water park again.

"I'll never forget my first holiday abroad - but for all the wrong reasons."

KIRSTY GREEN is a specialist international personal injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, the firm of solicitors who represented Chloe.

She says: "Chloe suffered some terrible injuries as a result of an accident in Tenerife in January 2010.

"We investigated Chloe's accident at the waterpark and were able to secure a settlement for her at the end of last year.

It is essential that all waterparks and theme parks ensure that their customers safety is their highest priority so that families and their loved ones can all enjoy them safely."

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Splash-Pod: the Personal Water Park
The record Texas heat wave of 2011 sent me reeling back into my childhood filled with memories of escaping the heat with home-made water toys. In an effort to create similar memories for my daughter, friends, and family, I set on an adventure to create a unique water toy for all to enjoy.Members of Instructables, I present to you; Splash-Pod: The Personal Water Park.Inspiration, planning, procurement, construction and thoughts.Or... how a simple idea can lead to hair-loss, sleeplessness and borderline obsession.My daughter loves the water. No, to be more accurate, she loves getting wet. Splashing, dunking, squirting, spraying and puddle-stomping are all highly regarded activities in her little world. We first discovered this when she was 8 months old and would refuse to get out of the bath until the water was cold; she was too busy playing. My wife and I happened to see a "water-activity table" toy from one of the major toy companies on sale at Target last Summer. It was basically a plastic table with a few spinning wheels and some empty cups. She suggested that it would be a great toy for our mer-baby. Being the tinkerer that I am, I immediately thought - I could build something far better. And so I offered this idea to the better half: Why spend $80 on a plastic table that just sits there when I could build a table that's 50 times more interactive and fun at half the cost.Let this go down as mistake #1.She agreed and we passed on the toy. The idea was planted in my brain and one year later we have the final result, which I've named Splash-Pod: The Personal Water Park. I hope that you enjoy the Instructable as much as I had writing it (nervous laughter). Well, I hope, at least, that you can make it through this giant write-up.I have three goals for this instructable. They are:Please feel free to ask any questions as I will do my very best to stick around to quickly answer them.My muse came from multiple sources, some of them obvious and others fairly obscure. Many of you have seen the commercial water-activity tables for sale at Toys R Us or Target. We've all seen the images of joyful tots cooling off in the spray of a busted fire hydrant, and most of us remember running through sprinklers on a hot summer day. It is now a common sight for public fountains to have jets of water intended for child activity. Even major water parks often have interactive toys such as tipping buckets, fire hoses and rain showers for the smaller kids. Then there is the simple joy of spraying a garden hose all over the yard. All of these are incredibly fun activities that I wanted to incorporate into this toy - somehow.I just needed a platform; the foundation of the project. This problem ran through my head for months as I tried out various ideas. Common wood construction methods availble to the layman (me) were too ugly and welded steel would be too heavy and also really freaking ugly.Enter Popular Mechanics June 2011 issue; specifically the article titled "How to Build a Marble Top Coffee Table." The article introduced me to the wonderful world of t-slot extruded aluminum, and was pointed at the massive product inventory at 80/20. I knew right away that I had the solution for my 'water-table' (as it was then known). From this point forward, everything began to fall into place.The concept is incredibly simple and any electronics nut would find this overly simplistic in design. But that's also the beauty of it and this simplicity greatly aids in the troubleshooting process. more on that later Water pressure is provided by the tap, by way of a garden hose. It is then diverted into four equal paths which are stopped by a solenoid valve. The solenoid valve is controlled by a simple momentary 12v push-button switch, which the child will press to activate the water functions. Each path is independently controlled by an individual button and all four valves can be opened simultaneously by pressing all four buttons. Past each valve, water is diverted to the actual output devices, whether they are water jets, modular toys or other outputs. The majority of the output water will be contained within a vessel with a drain at the bottom for easy removal. Each of the four main paths will have optional accessory outputs onto which modular toys can be attached. Electrical power is provided with an enclosed battery so that the whole unit is completely portable (and much safer than using household AC). That's the whole plan in a single paragraph. Now to make it a reality.Parts list This whole project can be divided into two separate components: structure and function. Everything is either part of the chassis, or related to what makes it tick. So I will separate the two parts lists accordingly. Later in the project you will see additional parts lists for individual modular 'toys' that were added to the base. The following pair of lists are for the water-box itself.Structural components:Functional Components The electronic bits The plumbing bits - all from Home Depot unless otherwise specified.Sourcing the materials. There are three different sections that we're cutting for the plywood. The side panels and bottom panel are cropped at the corners for style, as well as function. The hidden joints I chose for the chassis sit inside the same channels that the wood panels occupy. This means that I would need to make room for these by cutting an ugly notch in the wood, or by doing something more tasteful like a cropped corner. The size that I went with for the crop just happened to be the exact size of my cheap 45° drafting square. This made for a nice template which I used for all of the cuts on the 1/8" plywood. All of the pieces came from Home Depot slightly off size and I had to trim very small amounts off of the sides in order to make them square. I don't own a table saw so I had to make do with my circular saw. Cutting 1/8" to 1/16" off of a 1/8" thick plywood with a 1/8" thick saw blade without a rip fence wasn't very easy. I thank my older brother for tips on setting up my saw to make this possible. Lopping the corners offf of the pieces was much easier. I simply drew on the template and chopped it off with the circular saw. All edges were then sanded smooth with 80 & 120 grit sandpaper. The top panel also needed to be shaved down to exact measurements. After I had a near-perfect 39" square, I needed to cut the hole in the middle. I wanted 5" of border around each side of the tub for strength and to provide a stable surface for the external accessory connectors. This meant an internal circle of 29" cut into the very center of the square. To draw this out, I simply drilled two holes 14.5" apart inside a thin piece of wood and used this as my compass. One hole was placed in the middle of my panel around which I rotated the compass, drawing the circle. Next, I drilled a pilot hole near the internal edge of the circle so I could fit my jigsaw blade into the panel. I then carefully cut out the circle, supporting both the panel and the cutout as I sawed. The cutout was trimmed up and sanded to complete the cut. Finally, the panels needed to have their holes drilled for the 4 buttons and 2 accessory connectors. All of these were drilled with a spade bit. The buttons used a 3/4" bit and the accessory holes required a 1/2" bit for the pipe. Each hole was slightly bored out with a rotary rasp. I went with a single color for the project, choosing "Buzz Lightyear Blue" from the Disney color collection at Home Depot. The first step is to prime the surface with a heavy duty outdoor-rated primer. I chose Kilz Premium for it's superior commercials and excellent labeling. It also had prime product placement on the shelves at Home Depot which really influenced my decision. Sarcasm aside, apparently this stuff is really good so go with it. I put two coats of primer on all of the side panels and three coats on the top panel. To keep things somewhat smooth, I did a light sanding with 200 grit paper between coats. The final coat was sanded with 400 grit. I let the primer dry overnight before continuing with the enamel. Again, the sides received two coats of paint and the top got three. We were planning on repainting the patio in a couple of weeks so I didn't bother with drop cloths. But I would suggest using these in most environments. One thing to note - oil based enamel takes forever to dry. It holds up very well against the sun and water but it really needs to set for a month. I didn't want to wait that long so I just dealt with the occasional paint spot on my hands/clothing. The final step was to apply the varnish. I wanted this to be as glossy as possible so I bought a quart of high gloss spar urethane from Minwax. The same process was repeated - two coats on the sides and three on the top. This whole painting process took a little less than a week due to drying time between all of the coats. Assembling the 80/20 15-series components couldn't be any easier. They describe their product as the "Erector set for grown-ups" and I totally agree. You Instructables people need to check out their catalog because you'll get so many ideas for projects. As soon as I made my first connection, I was hooked. I later called up my product design specialist at 80/20 and told him about this and he laughed, saying, "Yeah, it's kind of addictive isn't it?" Anyway, building with this thing is different than most metal fabrication you'll find. It really is like using an erector set or Kinex. The one thing that's common with all construction techniques is the need to accurately measure. Past that, it's just tightening down some hex screws and assembling the pieces into place. Once the pieces are in place, I was able to do a couple of dry fits with my panels. This thing was starting to come together. I incorrectly assumed that the hardest work was behind me. It's just a few bits of electronics & light plumbing now, right?(-) Battery () -> Fuse -> Breakout bundle -> Push-button switch -> Solenoid (-) back to battery Push-button switch -> Solenoid (-) back to battery Push-button switch -> Solenoid (-) back to battery Push-button switch -> Solenoid (-) back to battery It's all very simple. Once the lines are measured out and cut, the connectors can be crimped to the ends and hooked up to the components. Testing is easy enough, press the button and you should hear the solenoid valve open up. Now we know it works.The battery is good for 7.2 amp hours which means I have enough juice, in a perfect world, to last for about 10 hours. That's if all four buttons were held down, all at the same time, for ten hours straight. That's not going to happen very often. So we should have plenty of power all Summer long. Things are about to get really tight. If you left yourself sufficient slack on the jets it won't be as bad for you as it was for me. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The very first thing that you need to do before completing the tub is to finish the four sides. Since the top panel rests above all four sides and the top horizontal rails, all sides must be complete before we can continue. Up until now we had all sorts of freedom to work on the plumbing and tubes because the sides weren't in the way. With the sides assembled, our room to move is very effectively diminished. It gets much worse with the top on. The top sides use gusset joints for additional support. These are best assembled all at once so that you can move around the sides and install the top rails with the joints ready to go. Each joint consists of five parts: two bolts, two t-slot nuts and one gusset. Assemble these by placing one bolt through the gusset hole. Loosely attach one of the nuts to the bolt, leaving plenty of room for movement. Repeat the process with the next hole. These nuts will slide into the top rails as well as the vertical legs. Slide a gusset joint onto the rails, one on each end. After all four rails are completed, we're ready to install the wood. Insert a wood panel into a t-slot channel on both sides and press it down until it hits the bottom. The wood might have warped a little bit from the paint so you may need to press it in or out to make it line up with the bottom slot. Press it down until the wood is properly seated into three channels. Now we can install the top rail. On one side, slide the gusset joint all the way over until it is at the end of the rail with the vertical nut facing down. Press the nut into the vertical channel but don't drop it in all the way yet. Continue on the other side so that both joints are properly sitting inside the channels. Now, press down on the rail and fit its channel over the top of the wood panel. Ensure that it is flush with the two vertical legs before tightening all of the bolts. There isn't much room here so tightening the bolts will be time consuming without a ratcheting hex wrench. After all four bolts are tight and the rails are flush with the legs, this side is complete. Rotate around to the next side and repeat the process. Now we have finally completed the chassis! Strong and sturdy - just what we need. Take a step back and admire the work but don't waste too much time because there's a lot of annoying work left. With the plumbing all assembled and secure in the frame below, we move on to the tub connections. The problem is, we have no more room to work. The tub sits inside the top panel and the panel on top of the now enclosed box. This makes it very difficult to reach underneath and make all of the tubing connections. I found that almost all of my connections could be made by rotating the top 45 degrees so that 4 corners are opened up. You can also raise the top panel slightly to give a little extra room. All of this depends on how much slack you left yourself on the tubing. I had a good amount on 14 of my 16 tubes so I saved those last short connections to the very end. Carefully reach into the exposed openings and connect the ends of the jet tubes to the proper barbed fittings which are on the end of the manifolds. I found that the 1/8" barbs properly held the tubing without any difficulty. The 1/4" barbs occasionally blew the tubing off, so I made sure to clamp the tubes with a worm-drive clamp. The 1/2" accessory joints DEFINITELY need a clamp as these blow off with even a single jet. We don't want there to be much water spray underneath the tub. Work your way around and connect all of the tubes. Finish the connections by hooking up the buttons to their respective valves. One positive goes to the valve and the negative goes to the negative line. These should be waiting for you, as described at the end of step 9. When everything is complete, rotate the top back into place. We are now ready for the last round of leak testing. First, press each button and listen for a faint click coming from the solenoid valves. Go ahead and hook up your garden hose to the fitting underneath the chassis. Lift the top of one side so that you can take a peak inside. Turn on the hose and look for any new leaks from the main plumbing assembly. Check to see that the solenoids hold properly without any leaks. Passing those full-pressure tests, move on to the button tests. Press one button and ensure that all the proper jets fire. Check below to see if any tubes are loosened off their barbs or need to be reset. If you clamped the 1/4" and 1/2" barbs there shouldn't be any tubes that fly off. Proceed with the rest of the buttons and follow the above tests. Past this, we're pretty home free. Now onto the modular toys.Shower Head Toy (x2) Tape up both sides of the nipple and then thread one end into the FPT end of the shower head. We can now install the shower head into any of our accessory connectors.Expanding Rubber Glove First, bunch up the rubber glove's opening and stuff it through the hose clamp. Next, shove the barbed connector into the opening. Tighten the clamp around the barbed fitting. Apply plumber's tape on the threaded end. Snip a small opening on the end of each finger for spray and pressure relief. We can now install this into any of the accessory connectors.Rubber hose misting squid This is another toy that's basically pre-built. Simply cut off six lengths of the surgical tube and install them into the manifold. Next, install the 360 degree misting nozzles into the other ends of the tubing. Apply plumber's tape onto both ends of the flexible sprinkler neck. Install one end into the pipe fitting of the manifold. The other end will plug into any of the accessory connectors.Water-balloon filler This is clearly the easiest 'toy' to create. Simply wrap the threaded end with plumber's tape and you're done. Now if the kids want to have an easy place to fill up water balloons, plug this into one of the component connectors and water will shoot out of it into your water balloons when the proper button is pressed.Vertical 'rain stick' and ring toss Assemble the three components and seal them with PVC cement. Next, drill holes all over the stick to create spray nozzles. You can use larger and smaller drill bits if you want to have variety. I found it easier to just drill like crazy all over the sticks. Apply plumber's tape onto the threaded end. This can now be installed into any of the accessory connectors. If mounted on the outside, it makes a great target for a ring toss.The next 'toy' was the most ambitious and it all started with a simple idea. This whole concept came towards the end when I was describing some of my planned toys to a friend of mine. One of the proposed toys was a tipping bucket feature like they have at most major water parks. I knew that I could get the physics of the tipping bucket right, but I was not sure about the method for suspending the contraption above the kids. He and I brainstormed on this for a little while and came up with a pretty nice solution. This last piece is a completely self-contained toy which happens to fit perfectly on top of the splash-pod. This toy expands the accessory connectors by four, depending on how it is hooked up. All output connections are 1/2" FPT, just like the standard accessory connectors. This means that any of my toys can plug into this toy, and I have even more room for upgrades. As soon as I came up with the basic form for the chassis, I realized that this could do a lot more than just the tipping buckets. I had an earlier idea for a pinwheel toy and this was a perfect opportunity to create it. I went with hose pipe thread for the input for two reasons. First, the free-spinning hose pipe thread connector allows me to connect a hose to the external accessory connectors without any trouble. If I went with a standard 1/2" female pipe thread instead, I'd have a problem with counter-spinning a hose with dual 1/2" MPT ends. If you hooked up the chassis on one end, you would have to spin the hose the opposite direction in order to hook it up on the other. A free-spinning connector resolves this conflict. I hook up the input hose to an external accessory connection and then the other end goes into the external chassis. This easily connects because the free-spinning connector threads right onto it. The second reason is even cooler - by using hose pipe thread, this toy will work completely independent of the splash-pod. If the kids want to use this as a quick water toy, all I have to do is hook up a hose. And again, all of my current (and future) toys will plug right in. And... to get the ultimate in wet fun, I can run a SECOND water hose into the top assembly while the splash pod receives its own input. The top will then be 'always on' but holy crap it's a lot of water this way. Picture #2 shows a simple MSPaint drawing of the assembly. Standard PVC construction techniques were used here so I won't go over that again. The dimensions are basically whatever the top surface of your water toy will be. Since mine is a 39" square toy, each of the 'grip arms' that straddle the side must be properly spaced. This was easily figured out by doing a quick dry-fit before I made any cuts. When this assembly receives water pressure, the entire setup fills up with water. This is why I used valves on the middle arms and plugs inside the grip arms. This forces water to go exactly where I want it. If I'm using the arms which hold the tipping water bucket, I'll cut off the flow of the water and these middle arms become structural components, not water features.Required Parts:Required parts:Well, I don't know where to begin. This was a monster project. I tried to write this up as best I could to come off as if it was a very organized and well-thought out project plan. This was absolutely not the case. I had an idea and a budget... and a really understanding wife. The budget was more than doubled and the idea was expanded so far beyond what I initially expected. The whole thing was just supposed to be a little tub with jets, right? When did tipping buckets and fire hoses become necessary? And, oh man, if you all knew the ideas that I had to scrap because of time and budget reasons. Left to my own devices, this would have blown out of control. This project became far too important to me and it definitely caused a lot of stress. I mentioned my hatred for Home Depot earlier and I feel I should spend a little more time on this since it's specifically caused by poor project planning. Nearly every time I went into that store I received great customer service and occasionally some outstanding ideas for problems I was experiencing with my designs. My problem was that I couldn't stop with one trip. In fact, from the day that I received my 80/20 components, I made 52 trips to Lowes or Home Depot. That's in an 8-week period. This is the reason why I have to take a break from home improvement warehouses. We aren't even doing any gardening around our home because that would require a trip to either store. I just can't bring myself to go back in there. Proper planning could have avoided this. I definitely got in over my head here. Several weeks ago, my wife asked me if I would do this over again if I knew then what I know now. My answer is yes, but only because I wouldn't make the same mistakes. There was a LOT of wasted material, probably over $150 in scrap. I initially went with pressure-treated lumber for the top panel, but pressure-treated lumber is CRAP and it was a terrible choice. My original buttons were in no way water-proof and all of my efforts to make them weather resistant totally failed. Then there is the giant bag of PVC and copper fittings that I'm left with. Maybe I'll make a sculpture someday. Who knows? The point is that this was not thought out. I had my idea and I was going to make it happen one way or another. The results are fantastic. People say that the Starfield Ceiling is way better in person than the video shows. I feel the same with the Splash-Pod. Everyone laughs and loves the effect; it is MUCH wetter than the videos make it seem. My entire yard is completely drenched after a few minutes of play. It is a great toy. But this was work. My biggest piece of advice for anyone attempting a project like this is to fully plan every factor and answer every question before starting. I didn't do this and I knew it. I ordered the tub and the aluminum before I even knew how I was going to mount it. My wife came up with the hole in the wood panel idea. I asked 80/20 to tap the ends before I even knew if I could get casters in the size they were tapping. Most glaring (and still unsolved) is the fact that my battery will eventually run out of juice and I didn't design a recharging system (I'm planning on taking it out and topping it off every year). I knew I had all of these issues to overcome but I just assumed that I would solve them as I went. Holy crap, do not do this. Do not go forward with a plan unless every loose end is covered; every question is answered. I have to spend a whole paragraph to cover my wife's contributions to this project. She is really responsible for 50% of the design here because of her ability to think outside of the box. She doesn't have any background in engineering or mechanical design like me, but she follows along incredibly well. Every single time I ran into a problem with plumbing, structure, mechanics or toys I could bounce ideas off of her and she nearly always came up with the solution you see here. The fire hose - hers. Cross-fire jets - hers. Tub mounting system (hole in top) - hers. Water-balloon filler - hers. This toy would not exist in any form if I didn't have her support. So for that, I thank you. And I'll thank her for my two daughters who don't know to thank her yet. This was definitely a family effort. My dad was a huge help by answering tons of design questions on electronics and plumbing ideas, from the very beginning. My older brother Paul helped me out with questions on wood-working and paint. My older sister Molly helped by creating the overview video on page 1. My baby sister Erin helped me with this guide. And my mom fostered my early love for water that carried over into my own children. Thanks to all of you =) Anyway... I think that's it. I wish that I could show you all this thing in person because it's so much more fun that way. Stay tuned because I'm definitely adding more toys and accessories to it as time goes on and I have tons of more project ideas for my growing family. I hope you enjoyed the Instructable. -Mike
Everything You Missed About Aquaventure WaterPark
Step into the world of fun and excitement at Middle East's and Europe's No.1 water park- Aquaventure waterpark. It's right in this aquaworld that adventure like no other awaits you. In this post, we take a deeper look into the popular waterpark.Why Experience the WaterPark Simply the Best Dubai is known for everything ultra level. If you want to visit any water park in the world, well, Aquaventure water park without a doubt delivers the absolute best.Amazing Race If you've dreamt of joining amazing race, well, going to Aquaventure waterpark may give you the same thrill that you've witnessed on big screen. This is putting into consideration that one of the episodes of Amazing race season 15 was shot at the popular waterpark. Fun to know is that one of the teams lost because a team member wasn't brave enough to go down the tower of neptune-keep reading to find out what awaits on this particular slide.What Better Way to Cool Off?The temperatures in Dubai can be extreme. I don't see a perfect way to just cool off the heat than splashing your day at the water park.Visiting Aquaventure Waterpark Aquaventure tickets on come in three different options to allow for flexibility in interests and budget. They include:Aquaventure: Adult ticket in this category costs AED 275 and AED 215 for children AquaventureLost Chambers: An adult ticket goes for AED 310 and AED 250 for children Lost Chambers: An adult ticket to the mythical world of Atlantis goes for AED 100 and a AED 75 for children.Attractions Aquaventure Waterpark Below are some must not miss attractions at the waterpark:Atlantis the Palm Aquaventure waterpark is located within the striking Atlantis the Palm Resort this marks the top attraction, but only after you've fully explored the waterpark.The Lost Chambers The state of the art aquarium perfectly recreates the mythical world of Atlantis with Atlantis themed Lagoons & chambers. The dramatic effect is even heightened with the more than 65,000 creatures in the Atlantis resort.Dolphin Bay How about savoring up close interactions with the friendly creatures right in the Atlantis, Dolphin Bay? It's here that you get to watch their unique behaviour in their natural habitat. Don't be afraid to experience their world and just enjoy playing with them.Shark Safari Let's get it clear that you don't have to be a scuba diver to taste the experience of swimming with the sharks. This one is exclusively for thrill seekers though-we don't want anyone screaming with terror lol :) Grab your special helmet and dive into the shark Lagoon for one of the most epic experiences at Aquaventure waterpark.Cownose Ray Feeding The shallow shark Lagoon gives you a cute experience hand feeding the adorable, Cownose rays.Splashers Kids Playground Designed with the young ones in mind, the splashers play area is dedicated to children. It features both open and closed slides, climbing frames, suspending bridges and uniquely crafted water cannons.Aquaventure Beach Note, this is the only waterpark in Dubai with a private beach. If you'd just like to chill and unwind, the 700m pristine beach is a perfect place for everyone.Rides-Aquaventure WaterPark The rides include:The Tower of Poseidon The thrilling collection of thrilling rides & slides include:Aquaconda Did you know this is world's largest waterslide? Sure you can guess what awaits. Get to slide through the serpentine tunnel with excitement before dropping into yet another record breaking attraction-world's largest fiberglass.Zoomerango What does gravity feel like you ask? Well, this ride will have you experience gravity like you've never before. Experience a mix of sensation as you slide up and down the gigantic ride.Poseidon's Revenge This has been marked the most thrilling ride at the water park. Wait in a chute and await to experience the most dramatic thrill of suddenly plummeting at 60km/hr right in the heart of the Poseidon's tower.Slitherine Excitement is racing against your friends right? Get on the dual water slide and go into a wild frenzy on the twists and turns.The Tower of Neptune Welcome to another world of thrilling slides and requires guests to at least meet 1.2 metres in height. The slides are as follows:The Leap of Faith It's all written in the name. The leap of faith slide will have your heart pounding as you drop down the 9 storeys in just a second ;) Shark Attack Take an exciting journey to the core of the tower of Neptune. You could ride solo or in a two person tube which takes you right into the shark Lagoon. Scary right? Not at all! The unique experience brings you close to these creatures, but trust you'll be totally safe.Water Coasters The slides utilize a high-end technology to help push you up and down twisting tunnels on jets of water. Having successfully navigated through the tunnels get to finally emerge in the lazy river for a chilled sail down the stream.River Rides Aquaventure waterways elegantly snake throughout the park providing unique ways to discover different sections of the park. Grab your floating tube and float away. The waterways to try out include:The Rapids The 1.6km long river offers excitement you've not experienced before on its white waters throughout its length.The Torrents The wave generator produces sheet waves that swells up to a meter high adding to the excitement and fun!Zero Entry Pools The pools spot the park allowing you to enjoy leisurely dips as you cruise down the waterpark waterways.Need we say more? Splash your way into the exciting, fun filled world of rides & slides use the link below to reserve your spot on a click of a button!
Ontario Waterpark Allows Women to Go Topless After Human Rights Complaint
A Limoges water park that initially fought a human rights complaint from a woman who wanted to slide topless has changed its dress code.Calypso Waterpark now says "bathers of all genders are required to wear an appropriate swimsuit bottom" although thongs and see-through garb are forbidden and "we reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of swimwear."Lawyer Marie-Pier Dupont of the Ottawa firm Caza Saikaly confirmed the move was related to the complaint of her client, an unnamed Eastern Ontario-area woman, launched two years ago."I cannot comment much," Dupont said Friday."All I can say is that the human rights complaint was settled and now both parties are very happy with the results and that this is as a result of the complaint."Dupont didn't know if her client had since visited Calypso without her top.The woman cited Calypso, the City of Cornwall and seven hotel companies in her complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario in July 2017.Groupe Calypso-Valcartier didn't respond to a request for comment Friday morning.In July 2017, CEO Louis Massicotte said it would maintain its topless ban, which also applied to its park in Valcartier, Que., after consulting clients and legal advisers in both provinces."It is not out of a sense of modesty that we have made this decision, but rather it is simply because we have listened to the views of our family-oriented clientele on this matter," Massicotte said at the time.But it was more than two decades ago in December 1996 that the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that Gwen Jacob's topless stroll down a street in Guelph was not obscene, making it legal for all women in Ontario to be topless in public.Jacob was a 19-year-old university student when she was charged with the crime of committing an indecent act for taking off her shirt as she walked home from class on a sweltering day.Her stand has also been credited for helping to open the door to mothers breastfeeding in public.While there have been cases touching on toplessness since, such as whether there's a difference between male and female exotic dancers doffing their tops, the law in Ontario is settled."Essentially, being topless in public is not indecent," said Dupont said, who concludes it's "definitely" an equality issue."It's a matter of men and women being treated the same."The park's current dress code says "weThe park does ask some guests to cover up less, citing slide manufacturers' safety requirements.
Hawaii Vacation with Kids
There couldn't be a more relaxing vacation spot than Hawaii. There are lots of activities on both the land and in the water. The landscape provides the perfect backdrop for all sorts of outdoor activities. There will be plenty of things for the kids to do, so bring them with you. The whole family will love boogie boarding or body surfing on one of the great beaches in Hawaii, like world famous Waikiki Beach. Waikiki even has a cheeseburger in paradise restaurant. The kids will love it. They can get any kind of toppings they want on these world famous burgers. Don't forget the Honolulu zoo. It is a small city zoo, but it's worth taking a tour. The flamingo pond in the front is sure to please the kids and will offer a great photo taking opportunity. The Waikiki Aquarium is another fun family stop. It has a touch pond for the viewing pleasure of the kids and adults alike. Lastly, the bishop museum is worth taking a tour. They have demonstrations on the art of making lei's as well as hula dancing performances. Before leaving the island take the kids to visit the world famous beaches of the North Shore. It's worth the drive to see the very beaches where world class surfers congregate. When visiting Maui a sure bet is the Maui Ocean Center, home to the largest tropical fish aquarium in the United States. The dolphin statues out front make a great background for a souvenir photo. Don't forget to check out the whaling museum located in Lahaina. If you are visiting during the winter months go ahead and take a whale watching tour from the Lahaina harbor. It's sure to please. The beaches at the resort are of Ka'anapali are fun for kids as well. Most of these resorts have awesome pools for little swimmers. Some even have water parks within the hotel themselves. Parents should take advantage of the kids programs at these resorts for some quiet time to themselves. On the big island of Hawaii take a drive through Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. You can see active volcanoes and possibly some lava flow from the comfort and safety of your own rental car. Next take a ride over to Waimea and take the kids for a horseback ride through the valley. You could do an all day excursion complete with lunch, or perhaps just pony rides for the little kids. Lastly you could go to North Kohala and try kayaking. This is a great place for beginners. The island of Molokai will offer some good old fashioned rest and relaxation in an authentic Hawaiian atmosphere. You could rent mountain bikes and explore the island together. Be careful, however, not to go too far off the trails, because it's easy to get lost on the mostly undeveloped island. On this island you should consider renting a house so the kids will have plenty of room to spread out. Also there aren't too many hotel options here on Molokai.
25 Great Gifts for Kids That Have Nothing to Do with Toys (and still Allow for Plenty to Unwrap)
While all kids expect some toys for the holidays, the gift of new experiences and time with family are the gifts that are most likely to be remembered long after the tree has been taken down. Adding some non-toy gifts to your holiday line-up can help ensure that you carve out some family time throughout the year, give children some experiences they may not otherwise have, and go a long way towards simplifying and decluttering. If you are on a budget, many non-toy gifts are very low-cost or even free and others may include events you may already be planning. If you are concerned about your child not having anything to open if give gifts that are not toys, don't despair. It's perfectly fine to wrap notes, tickets, or small trinkets that relate to the gift.1) Indoor Playspace Tickets:Chances are your children will start feeling cooped up over winter break and throughout the coming cold months. Many areas have a variety of indoor play spaces available, from those with giant inflatable bouncy-houses, to indoor trampoline parks, to events like Baby Loves Disco that are held nationwide. Younger children may even enjoy a "ticket" you make good for a visit to a local mall's indoor soft playspace. Even if you have packed winter schedule let your children know that you will take them on a day off of school or over the summer. Buy tickets or gift certificates (or make your own) to wrap.2) Pint-sized grown-up things:Kids love to help around the house and imitate the grown-ups around them. Kid-sized aprons, garden tools, brooms, and even working items like an E-Z Bake oven will help kids feel big and included in their grown-ups world.3) Memory Keeper:Kids love collecting trinkets. Giving them a special box to keep memories or special items, from favorite rocks to bookmarks or their best drawings to birthday cards from loved ones, will be treasured.4) Art basket with projects:Look at Pinterest or library books for inspiration. Gather all of the supplies needed for art projects that you think your little ones will like in a basket or box with a print-out of instructions. Use what you have on-hand -- not everything needs to be new and nothing needs to be complicated.5) Trip plans:Planning a trip for the coming year? Tell the kids about it now and build anticipation. You can wrap a photo of the beach or a guidebook to your destination.6) Play Tickets:Look around your area for upcoming children's shows in your area. Many areas have professional children's theaters, local children's performances, and even middle and high school productions. You can wrap a small item representative of the play, such as a small dog figure if going to see 101 Dalmatians.7) Movie tickets:Most kids love movies! Tickets to a holiday blockbuster or a gift certificate to nearby theater work equally as well and both can be wrapped 8) Lessons or Classes:Let your child know that they will be starting new lessons or continuing with lessons they already love in the new year. If your child needs new equipment, such as a bathing suit for swim lessons, ballet slippers, or a new soccer ball wrap that item to put under the tree.9) Night at a Hotel:Most kids love the adventure of staying at a hotel -- even one right in their hometown. If you can find a hotel with a big pool or water park chances are your child will be even more excited. Search ahead of time for upcoming deals and wrap a note letting your child know about their upcoming adventure.10) Magazine subscriptions:Magazine subscriptions are a gift that will continue to give throughout the year. There are kid-oriented magazines for all age groups and interests from Thomas and Friends to Frozen to Sports Illustrated for Kids and National Geographic Kids . Get one issue of the magazine ahead of time and wrap it to open during the holidays.11) Books:Kids love building their home library. Do they have a new interest they've been learning about school or a favorite author? A couple of new books will be enjoyed for months to come.12) Family Date Night:Give your child a certificate good for a family outing of their choice or choose an event that the family will attend together. This could be as simple as eating out at a neighborhood restaurant or even an at-home movie night.13) One-on-One Time:As much as most kids love family time, they also appreciate one-on-one time with a parent. A coupon good for a mommy/daughter tea or manicure, a daddy/daughter ice cream date, a father/son baseball game or mommy/son trip to the pool will give your child something to look forward to!14) Favorite Food:Give your child a coupon good for one (or more) choice of a for meal choices at home. Most kids will love the power of choosing pancakes for breakfast or mac n'cheese for dinner one day in the coming week. Alternatives could be a coupon for good for an extra dessert or getting to have breakfast for dinner.15) Write a story or poem about your child:Even young children love hearing stories about when they were little and would love a simple book or poem you put together all about them. Add some photos for extra interest. Or, if you are not feeling very creative consider a publisher that prints personalized books with your child's name.16) Museum memberships:Museum memberships make great gifts and usually offer great value for an activity you can enjoy over and over all year long. Wrap a brochure from the museum or the membership card itself for your child to open.17) Gift certificates:Does your child have a favorite restaurant or is she always asking to go to the ice cream shop? A gift certificate would make a great gift!18) Game Night:Put together a basket of everything your family needs for the perfect game night. Include a couple of snacks and a game, which could be new or one you already have.19) Art or Science Kits:There are many options available for all-inclusive art and science kits that you can purchase individually or as subscriptions. Scientific Explorer makes kits exploring everything from the science of ice cream to the science of spa treatments. KiwiCrate offers all-inclusive kits for craft projects geared towards all ages from toddlers to tweens. Seedling offers amazing party kit boxes that keep kids engaged.20) Photo Book:Many kids love looking at photos of themselves and family members. Create a photo book for them or let them know you will be making one together. Be sure to include photos of your child's favorite people and places!21) Go Big:Some events can be counted on to roll through town every year, such as Disney on Ice or Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus. Even if you don't know the exact show dates yet a little red clown nose under the tree will let your child know you are planning a trip this year. If your child is a sports fan tickets to a sporting event, even one in a different season, makes a great gift.22) Power over Planning:Give your child a voucher good to plan one family outing. You can always provide a list of options if you are worried about requests getting out of control!23) Movie Night Basket:Put some popcorn and a DVD in a basket (even one you already own) to let your child know that movie night is on the calendar!24) Impromptu Party:Why save parties just for birthdays? Let your child know with a note that one day in the next few months he can invite a few friends over for crafts, games, a movie, etc. "just because." 25) Return Visit:Think about what event your child particularly loved over the past year. Bowling? A trip to a playground you don't usually visit? A great water park? Apple picking? Wrap up a photo and let your child know that you will returning this year.
Water Parks in Montreal: a Huffington Post Travel Family Fun Guide
Water parks in Montreal provide families a place to cool off, or warm up. Indoor and outdoor water parks give families the choice of summer fun in the sun or winter warmth in the waves. As part of a Huffington Post Travel series on family-fun parks, here is our guide to all the key information visitors need to know about Montreal water parks.Address:350 rue Saint-Denis, St-Sauveur-des-Monts, Quebec, J0R 1R3, Canada Phone:450-227-4671 Hours:The park is open June 4 to June 22 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; June 23 to Aug. 14 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Aug. 15-21, 10 a.m to 5 p.m.; and Aug. 22 to Sept. 5, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.Price:Tickets for adults and children 13 and older are $32.48. Tickets for seniors 65 and older and children 6 to 12 are $35.89, while children 3 to 5 are $16.24.Keeping the fun going all year round, Aqua Dome offers something for everyone. The indoor pool and swimming complex is the largest in Montreal. Aquadome has partnered with the Red Cross to offer swim lessons and safety classes to visitors all year long.Address:1411 rue Lapierre, Arrondissement LaSalle, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H8N 2J4 Phone:514-367-6460 Hours:The hours of operation, classes and sports opportunities vary and may change. Check with the facility for daily hours.Price:Admission for children 3 and under is $1.50. Children 4 to 16 are admitted for $2.50, while adults 17 to 54 are $3.50. Admission for seniors 55 and older is $2.50.What's your favorite water park in Canada?Check out more WATER PARKS
Bouncing Bosoms, Bloody Mayhem in Piranha 3dd
"Welcome to rock bottom," muses star David Hasselhoff, playing David Hasselhoff, to himself in a moment of pained, ironic self-reflection.The former Baywatch beefcake is on hand to give a little star appeal to opening day of an Arizona water park not too far from where, a year earlier, a school of prehistoric piranha was unleashed and feasted upon scores of cavorting co-eds (briefly recapped in the film's opening moments to add a sense of continuity to this senseless sequel).In the first Piranha , Richard Dreyfuss provided the opening cameo before becoming fish food. This time, it's Gary Busey who does the, um, honours, uttering the immortal "Holy flying baby s----" before his well-deserved demise. (Continuity is apparently important to the people behind the Piranha franchise, but surely Busey is quite a step down from Dreyfuss.) Christopher Lloyd reprises his wild-eyed role - the only kind he ever seems to play - as a marine biologist who sees the impending danger, and there's the return of a much-diminished Ving Rhames (his legs were eaten in the first one), providing, yes, even more continuity for drive-in theatre owners shopping around for a double bill.The rest is jiggling boobs provided by "water-certified strippers," some below-the-waist nudity, loads of salty language, hoary dialogue ("I don't want to die a virgin," one busty damsel laments) and, from stem to stern, a tidal wave of gross-out humour (including a dismembered member).So Piranha 3DD ("Double D's swim for free," says water park co-owner Chet, played with sleazy relish by David Koechner) trolls pretty much the same waters as its predecessor, which should delight the same adolescents and arrested adolescents who filled theatres the first time around.Yes, as one character notes, "there's something in the water" all right, and apparently it's making movies (and audiences) progressively more stupid.News services
Is It Safe to Go to an Water Park and Get on the Small Slides When You Are Only 7 Wks Pregnant?
Most things I have read on amusement parks (I went to one around 6 weeks so read up on it beforehand) say not to risk it - so I didnt, I just watched with a big ice cream!1. how do i clean 35mm slides that are a little dusty but only a few years old?hfrnakmann is right. In an emergency you can re wash your slides and for this you will need a bowl of warm water with a few drops of washing up liquid to break the surface tension of the water. They can be washed with a ball of cotton wool, dried using a wrung out ball of cotton wool, and then force dried with a hairdryer - obviously this is much easier if you have strips of negs instead of slides. If you use Jet Air be very careful to keep the can upright or you could wreck your images!2. Should we put the references in slides/poster when we already have them in paper?One important consideration is whether any of the people who wrote the references are in the audience. It can not hurt to mention them because academics like to have their egos tickled. Of course, this does not apply for posters.3. Do they make toddler swings/slides for indoor play?I believe they are made by liltte tykes and step 2. They are a bit expensive, look on craigslist or freecycle etc4. Generate powerpoint slides automaticallyYou can give this extension for Impress a try, it is very easy to install and use, just follow these instructions. It takes a whole folder of pictures and automatically creates a slide show out of them, Works nicely for me. The pictures on each slide are centred as you wish but most photos vary in their aspect ratios so tall photos are fit by height and wide ones fit by width.You can then save as Powerpoint, here is a little tip; before saving your slide as Powerpoint, break the links to the photos in Impress by clicking the edit menu item then click links, select all the links and then press the break link button, save the slideshow and then save as Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP (. ppt) this will have the photos embedded in the Powerpoint slide, even though the file size will be large depending on the amount and size of your photos the slide show will be more portable.While this does not automatically create the Powerpoint slide show, it could be a time saver as it does automatically create the Impress slide show which is easy to save as Powerpoint.5. Who prepares slides of and examines cells for adonormalities?The science of specimen collection and examination is generally called pathology (blood tests, urine exams, stool exams etc.) but the specific science dealing with cell studies is called cytology. Study of cells gives information about cancer and other problems.6. How do I skip slides in Beamer?With the beameraudience package you can create different versions of the presentation based on keywords of your choice:7. Course development: can I pay someone to make slides for the course?Theoretically you can, but practically I doubt you will find someone qualified who is willing to do it for a reasonable price. Designing a course is hard work and pretty individualized. Look at how many different ways there are to teach the same course. Everyone does it differently and I hate teaching to someone else's syllabus and cannot image using someone else's unaltered slides.As for acknowledging the author, you probably need to let your department know that you have outsourced this aspect of your job. You will need to make sure that the material is appropriately licensed so that you and the department can use it as needed. As for telling students, I believe there is a fair amount of leeway regarding the reuse of material. Specifically, for many courses, you are not presenting "original ideas" so it is not plagiarism in my opinion. That said, when possible, redirecting students to the original source can be helpful.8. Why do I have a Clicking sound/scan line during PC gaming cinematics?"experiencing an odd clicking noise distorting the audio playback" - Is the noise coming from the hard drive? If so, the hard drive is failing. " a line of distorted pixels that kind of slides up and down the display" - Have you updated the drivers for your GTX465? If you have, then I would return the video card (faulty). "Could any of it be a result of the fact that I use a 26" LCD TV as my computer monitor instead of a traditional computer monitor?" - Nope!
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