You probably asked yourself this very question too at one point, most likely at the beginning of your dance journey. Oh, and what an important and smart question that is! Wearing the wrong type of shoe can make dancing in heels that much more difficult, uncomfortable, impractical and can unintentionally make your dancing look messy - yikes! We care about you and it is our great responsibility as teachers to make it perfectly clear about what type of "equipment" to choose, that is why we decided to write this guide with all the necessary information for you (spoiler alert: and even a discount code!). You do not have to figure it out on your own anymore, here we are guiding you through this. No more frustration or desperation. We are sure, that this will once and for all, solve all the problems you may have surrounding your heels. There are a few basic guidelines you have to follow when choosing your dance heels. If you follow them once, it wo not be hard at all choosing a shoe anymore in the future. It will be like 11! Hands down, the most important thing, not only so we can be mentally more focused on the actual training but also to spare our physical bodies, is COMFORT. Are not we all looking for that in heels? - when we are dancing a choreography but also when we are simply just walking or posing. Your body will thank you in the long run. After many years of trial and error, to then having so many AHA moments, we now accumulated enough experience to know what we are talking about. Some options are simply better than others. These are some of our recommendations: The choice of heel height is really personal. You need to feel comfortable in your heels, whether in terms of stability or self-confidence: so choose a pair of heels whose height make you feel beautiful and confident! Anything between 7 to 11 cm is suitable and works fine, depending on what you are used to walk in. The higher and thinner the heel, the slimmer and more prominent your silhouette will be. A 10 cm stiletto is the ideal medium heel height. You can start with 7 cm and dance yourself up to 11 cm, or even more if you can - but remember, the higher the heel, the more you need to be able to stretch the wrists of your feet! Contrary to popular belief: we are training athletes, technical dancers & growing performers - your talent, ability & skill set is not defined by how high your heel is. Be a smart dancer instead! If you are a beginner and 7 cm still feels too high for you, as much as we want to inspire you to go for a flared heel which will make you handle the height easier, regardless, we recommend you starting with a lower height stiletto heel. Dancing in anything else has a very different feel to it and might even look a bit clumsy. YOU GOT THIS, babe. A peep toe is perfect, that's it. If you happen to not know what that is, it's when the toes are visible. A peep toe gives you the full freedom to really point your feet. Alternatively an open sandal heel can work too. Pointy toes is where it gets tricky. Shoes that have a pointed toe can limit you from actually pointing your toes, sometimes your whole leg can look like it's not a line. And we always want to create beautiful lines. If you are a trained heels dancer, you are welcome to wear pointed toe shoes, but we do not necessarily recommend beginners to do so. PSA: get yourself some peep toe heels, just to be safe! While we are at it, refrain from getting shoes that have the actual heel of your foot exposed. It takes away some of that stability you worked so hard for. Make sure your heel is covered, that way especially in floor parts your heel can not slip out of the shoe - same thing could happen in pumps. PRO TIP: Always bring a pair of socks to wear no matter if your shoes are open, have a peep toe or else. Our feet sweat too and so it can get sweaty and slippery inside your shoe which will make you almost unable to dance - that's when your socks come into play. No, we are not talking about heeled house shoes, girl, but we are not dancing on the street either. We are dancing in a studio (or on stage), so make sure to have at least one pair of heels only for the purpose of training and do not wear them outside. Small stones or even glass might get stuck onto the heel of your outdoor shoes and this would ruin the floor in the dance studio. Be respectful! In addition to that, you should choose a pair that has a suede sole. PRO TIP: This is how you can tell if you have a high quality shoe that's made for dancing or not! Suede soles are suitable for parquet floor - suede soles are softer than normal soles, which makes for instance pointing the feet easier. Turns are usually smoother too because you can glide more easily across the floor. Most heels come with a so-called "all floor sole". These are regular soles as we know them, and are fine too. Do not pick a shoe with a rubber sole, as these tend to be too sticky on the floor and can leave unpleasant marks. That's a no-go! Say bye-bye to the thought of getting platform heels, honey. Since we need to feel the floor with our toes at all times, it's smarter to go for a pair without any platform - yes, they might be more comfortable to walk in on the street or during a night out, because the platform reduces the height of the heel, but it wo not help you at all if you want to actually take a dance class in them: platform less grip less stability and the stability is exactly what we want to achieve. The dangerous risk of your ankle snapping over is very high in a platform heel, so stay away from them! Also, especially during floor parts where you need to push yourself back onto your foot, a platform will be in your way. Period. Most of our hearts skip a beat when looking at a gorgeous pair of heels, right? It may sound so obvious, but after reading about all those guidelines, it's important to not forget to choose a pair of heels that you are completely in love with because they look so good. You have to feel confident and sometimes the shoe really helps you bring that out more. Pick a design that suits your individual style, express yourself with your shoe! There are so many different cute options to choose from. Come to class looking and feeling your best - whatever that means for you. All these tips not only make your personal growth and experience in class better, it is also important for your teacher. If you wear a shoe like mentioned above, it is so much easier for us to correct you during class and then for you to be able to adapt right away. We want to be able to see your leg extensions and lines. Be patient with your progress, as dancing, and not just in high heels, is a life-long learning process. Your feet need time to get used to the feeling and build the muscles. In the beginning your feet will hurt - A LOT - we are not gonna lie to you, but after a while your hard work and the pain you might have felt will all pay off. What inspired us to write this whole blogpost is that we finally found the perfect store to buy the perfect dance heels. I KNOW! It's crazy. We are so happy and excited to share this with you! Joheela is an online retailer based in Paris, France. This young Parisian brand breaks the codes of dance heels. Their goal is to highlight women and men who dance in heels with trendy, resolutely modern, comfortable and customizable models, in order to bring out the best in each dancer. They provide shoes that are not just super stylish but that are specifically made only to dance in. And this is game changing for us! They are definitely a good choice because you can extend your legs and point your toes in these properly. For certain, these shoes will absolutely enhance your silhouette, reveal your femininity, sensuality and character, like none other. We can promise out of our own experience that Joheela shoes are comfortable and they check off all our requirement boxes. You will almost forget about being in a heel when you dance: Joheela offers you a faultless comfort to allow you to dance with passion without worrying about hurting your feet. THANK YOU! YOU can exclusively get 20% off EVERY purchase by using our code The amazing thing about this brand is that you are actually able to customize your heel so that it works best for you: shape, height and sole. Yes! Each dancer is unique and so are their shoes. You can enjoy a wide choice of styles and customization. Compared to other professional dance shoes, their prices are very reasonable. You do not need to break the bank, sis. It is so important to invest in a good pair of heels to suitably train in. You will spend so many passionate hours wearing them, they are your constant companion through the growth and hard work. From now on, Joheela is the only shoe we can truly recommend. We are so grateful that there is finally a heels brand that we, as Vienna Heels, stand behind. Not only are the brand's owners so very lovely, but they also represent all that we do. OH MY GOD! Ladies! No more worrying about what type of heels to get and where to get them. Vienna Heels and Joheela got you! Happy shopping!

1. Cute outfit to wear to Boomers?

I would suggest you to wear to a theme park that what works for you! wear comfortable clothing and shoes at the theme or amusement parks. That's simple enough, but which clothing or shoes are really comfortable to wear on a day you are going to ride several attractions, especially if you are going to get wet on some river rapids ride? The most common clothing I've seen in the first few theme and amusement park trips were the mundane shirts and shorts (with fanny packs). Nowadays, people go beyond the usual ensemble - some too macho and some too skimpy. On cooler days, most of them wear light jackets or sweatshirts and jeans - not much of the usual theme park attire, is not it? To know how to dress for the parks, consider those seasons and pick out appropriate clothing. If you do not know what I mean, see my below pointers on the right clothes to wear.

2. 8 Pairs of Shoes That Every Woman Should Own

Get ready to kick off those slush-stained winter boots and slip into something more comfortable: The deep freeze is over and spring is right around the corner. And as is the case with every new solstice (and temperature upswing), there is some long overdue closet restocking in store. The best place to start? From the bottom-as in your footwear. From a slingback and polished ankle boot to a clean-cut sneaker and patent-leather loafer, here are the eight pairs of shoes that every woman needs in her closet. See more fashion trends here.

3. My mom can't afford to buy me pants and shoes?

Maybe sell your clothes and shoes that do not fit anymore

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What Shoes Would Go Best with My Prom Dress?
What shoes would go best with my prom dress?Go with glitter:))) black shoes are boring if you have a black dress. Prom is the time to bling it out— — — — — —Interior Monologue of the Black Dress?Nope. The black dress does not have monologues.— — — — — —I make a simple black dress cuter?you will come across them almost everywhere. yet I strongly propose Kohl's. they have superb outfits at stable expenditures. i am very petite additionally and that i detect getting an XS or S in Juniors works for me. If it is nevertheless too enormous for you, you ought to locate a ribbon sash to tie it around your narrow waist. might seem superb. stable good fortune. Mila— — — — — —how do can i dress up a simple black prom dress?a black dress always looks good long with side slit looks best, but black mini is good— — — — — —What can I wear with these leggings?You can wear them like their pictured with a leather jacket . or with a black shirt and a denim vest or jacket or a black dress I would stick to plain stuff theyre a little too bright do wear anything but black or white with.— — — — — —Wearing white & black dress to wedding?your day, your choice :p if your set on a white/ivory dress, Viven of holloway do vintage style dresses and some of their ivory/white/cream dresses have been teamed with a black belt and with them being nipped in at the waist they look pretty good. sticking with the vintage idea here (having been looking for my own wedding dress and vintage being my ideal its all I've looked at!) usually those dresses have petticoats underneath. You could have a black petticoat to match along with the rest of your dress. for inspiration you could always try ebay and see if that throws anything up to give you a better idea of how it would look— — — — — —why can't you wear black to a wedding?Who says you can not wear black to a wedding? Not me, I do it all the time. Some people say that wearing black to a wedding is in bad taste, because black is the color of death/mourning. Apparently, people believe wearing black means you oppose the marriage. I, beg to differ. Black is just a color and I actually can not remember the last funeral I attended wear I dressed head to toe in black. At the last funeral I attended, I wore a white button down blouse, black dress pants, black shoes. I just wore formal work attire and not a black dress/frock of any kind. Therefore, I just do not understand how people equate a black dress to negativity. It really stupid and pointless. I have a lovely black cocktail dress that's sleeveless, fitted at the top w/ a flowy skirt that hits just above the knee. It's not morbid at all and it's actually quite sophisicated and stylish. I've worn black to countless weddings and I've never been singled out, mocked or looked down upon. In fact, I am usually one of many women that is wearing black. I just do not see the problem with it. As a future bride, I would not care if everyone wore black. I equate black with sophisication and classy, not death and negativity. I am acutally considering black bridemaid dresses. Plus, someone in another post mentioned something great. Why do all men wear black suits to weddings? Men have been doing that for decades and no one has said a thing. Black is simply a color and nothing more. I am one for tradition, but this is one tradition that needs to be left in the dark ages.— — — — — —what goes with purple heels?A black dress, Black goes with anything!— — — — — —How can I make my Halloween costume better?TAKE IT BACK.GET YOUR MONEY AND GO TO GOODWILL.GET A BLACK DRESS AND CUT THE ENDS AND MAKE THEM RAGGETY,,,PUT A BELT AROUND YOUR WAIST AND CUT UP THE SLEEVES AND MAKE THE NECKLINE CUT UP AND RAGGETY ALSO. GET SOME SPRAY ON GLUE FROM THE FABRIC STORE AND SPRAY THE COSTUME WITH IT AND PUT SOME BLACK GLITTER ON IT THE SPRAY GLUE WILL HOLD THE GLITTER IN PLACE,,,IF YOU WANT IT SEXY THEN MAKE YOUR CUTS MORE PLUNGING AND IF NOT MAKE THEM SUTTLE. .ALSO AT GOODWILL FIND A BLACK SKIRT . .FOR A CAPE. .CUT THE SKIRT IN HALF BUT LEAVE THE WAIST UNCUT USE THE WAIST AS YOUR CONNECTION AROUND YOUR NECK. MAKE THE CUTS JAGGETY ON THE SKIRT FOR YOUR CAPE,, TAKE ELMERS GLUE AND MAKE STARS AND A MOON ON THE BACK OF THE CAPE AND SPRINKLE SILVER GLITTER ON IT AND LET IT DRY 24 HOURS. GET A WITCH HAT AND PUT STARS AND MOON ON IT TO MATCH THE CAPE. .WHERE BLACK NYLONS AND RIP THEM WITH RUNS OR TIGHTS.OR BLACK FISHNET STOCKINGS.WHERE BLACK HIGHHEELS OR BLACK BOOTS.MAKE YOUR MAKEUP VERY PALE WHITE AND DARK BLACK EYES AND BLACK LIPS AND A MOLE ON YOUR CHEEK OR NOSE. YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO PUT THIS TOGETHER FOR LESS THAN 20 BUCKS. .HIT THE GOODWILL OR RECYCLED CLOTHS STORES.WALMART FOR GLUE AND GLITTER HOSE AND HAT.ADD SOME SPIDER JEWELRY AND LONG PRESS ON BLACK NAILS TOO. .HAVE FUN AND STAY SAFE. .VOTE FOR ME. IF YOU LIKE MY IDEA. .PLEASE.
Where Can I Buy Nike Air Yeezy Shoes?
the 2's comin out today on nikestore. you can get yeezy's too on ebay or somewhere else but beware of ridiculous prices of over $2000 or more. someone just sold the new yeezy 2's like 2 days ago for literally $90,000 and it was even featured on ABC News and a lot of other articles out there1. Should you wear your yeezy shoes or resell them and why?Why should you sell them after investing 300 euros in them? you sure as hell not gonna sell them for 300 euro again on ebay or amazon. No one will buy them at that price on these types of sites. People want cheap stuff and to sell a pair of yeezys on ebay/Amazon you are going to loose a lot of money. Why would you wanna sell them them they are very comfortable and popular right now2. Only Nike air Yeezy have lighting footwear throughout the air jordan brand?I think it's one-of-a-kind3. Are the 'Yeezy boost 350' shoes comfortable?Of course!!!!!!There is no doubt that the Yeezy boost 350 shoes comfortable!!!I have got one yeezy boost 350 "OXFORD TAN" from Artemisyeezy,it's pretty high quality and looks like the real ones!Awesome shoes!!!4. which air yeezy 2 should i get?Black ones look more dope, plus, they keep clean longer. There's nothing worse than dirty kicks5. Kanye West's Yeezy Boost 700 ‘Sun' will beat the January bluesSince his 2013 move from Nike to Adidas, Kanye West has been a key player in the sneaker industry. With the latter brand he consistently puts out trainers that typically sell out in under a minute, making designs such as the Yeezy Boost 350, Boost 380 and Justin Bieber-approved Ararat RNNRs some of the most sought-after trainers on the planet. If you are serious about what you put on your feet, you should have a pair of Yeezys in your rotation. And despite everything else going on in his personal life (those divorce rumours are not going anywhere), West and his Adidas aides have just revealed that the first Yeezy launch of 2021 is less than a week away. The latest trainers take the form of the pre-existing Yeezy Boost 700, which launched in 2019 and distinguishes itself from West's muted and streamlined designs with its chunky silhouette, coloured laces and neon accents. Case in point: the Yeezy Boost 700 "Sun" is one of the more colourful designs in Yeezy history and, as a consequence, is an easy way to add a pop of colour to your winter wardrobe. Crafted from a bright yellow mesh, the upper is decorated with further sunflower-yellow leather accents and black and teal textile overlays. Additionally, West has chosen a bold orange hue for the midsole, which is paired with a black rubber outsole. Launching on 23 January, the Yeezy Boost 700 "Sun" will retail at 210 and, as ever, we are expecting these to fly. And if you are not fortunate enough to bag a pair, do not fear: with his first drop of the year looking as good as this, we reckon we are in for more excellent Kanye West-designed kicks across 2021. Best men's trainers in the world this week Best trainers of 2021 (so far) Is Converse x Kim Jones the most-anticipated collaboration of the year?6. NIKE AIR YEEZY 2 SOLAR RED?100% scam. That is a scammer pretending to sell cheap merchandise. Any person or website that advertises merchandise cheaper than the official manufacture's website is a fake site shipping gosh awful crappy knock-offs or simply collecting cash and not even bothering to ship fakes. The pictures you were sent look like the real merchandise because those pictures ARE of the official merchandise. Those pictures were stolen from the official manufacture's website. If you receive anything at all, which is doubtful, it will not resemble those pretty pictures at all. The payment options say it all, Western Union and moneygram, only anonymous cash payments. Western Union and moneygram do not verify anything on the form the sender fills out, not the name, not the street address, not the country, not even the gender of the receiver, it all means absolutely nothing. The clerk will not bother to check ID and will simply hand off your cash to whomever walks in the door with the MTCN# and question/answer. Neither company will tell the sender who picked up the cash, at what store location or even in what country your money walked out the door. Neither company has any kind of refund policy, money sent is money gone forever. In all seriousness, when something goes wrong, what will you do? Send an email that is ignored and blocked? That person only "ships" with EMS, the Chinese post office, good luck getting the "tracking number" they give you to work on the EMS website. Free email addresses are easy to open and close completely anonymously.
Do These Types of Mens Shoes Exist? How Much? ?
I do not think there is a such thing as tough loafers.....But there arent too many shoe stores in the mall, so all you can do is look!1. In the summer, do women prefer men to wear flip flops/sandals or shoes?I am not attracted to mens shoes or feet. Most of them tend to be a bit stinky. Let them wear what they like2. Suitable mens shoes for playing polo/horse riding?No you acquire regular ft i placed on length 11-11 a million/2 i think of the main important length shoe they make is 14-15 unsure till now you will desire to specific order on your super ft. purely be happy your no longer the this guy on the link under. He has length 28.5 and it fee him 22 grand for a pair of trainers communicate approximately paying for 2 inexpensive vehicles for one pair of trainers.3. what kind of SHOES are NOT GIRLY?Men's shoes4. if you wear a 8.5 or 9 in womans shoes, can you wear a 7.5 in mens shoes?Jordans fit a little different in men's and women's sizes. JordanDepot has a conversion chart from mens to womens, mens to kids, and womens to kids5. what mens shoes go with this?You are 16 and in high school, take advantage of the fact that fashion is not the most important thing yet. Choose shoes that are comfortable and yet somewhat stylish. If you choose them solely on their fashion then you are not going to be happy with them.6. I wear a 8 1/2 in womens so what size am i in mens shoes?you are a 7 i think7. what size would I wear in mens shoes?six. i think. but try them on8. Can I wear a size 8.5 ?Probably not, men's shoes are 2 sizes bigger than women's, at least that's how converse are I am not sure about huraches9. do jordan mens shoes run big or small?depends on which kind of jordans really. just buy your regular size10. is this too much pink for mens shoes?blue and pinK? seriously? -_-;. well yeah i guess its ok for a dude11. mens shoes?You would have to buy two pairs of shoes in the two sizes you desire. You can not buy one of each12. If i am a size 10 Mens shoes what size am i in womans? I know i am not an 11.?Ladies 12. Hard to find. Do not EVEN think you would be a ladies 8 or 8-1/2. It goes the other way. Mens 7 would equal ladies 9 Mens 8 would equal ladies 10 Mens 9 would equal ladies 11 Mens 10 would equal ladies 12 You might need a wide width, depending on the width of your foot. Ladies have narrower widths than men, so your 12 might be too narrow. Try Wal-Mart....Payless....Shoe Pavilion.....to keep your price down. K-mart and Target probably wo not have a 12 in stock.13. If I purchased mens shoes for mewhat size would I need in mens?I wear an 8 1/2.What is the sizing difference?Strangely enough 8 1/214. I wear size 12 mens shoes, where can I find high heels big enough for my feet?lol....i wear a 9 in mens...and i have a large foot for a women...so i am sure you can but not in stores...try online15. Oceana Bristol Night Club Mens Shoes?Oceana Nightclub Bristol16. i need help with my crossdressing problem!?? im serious btw?Hi, You can always go online and buy, before you do though buy a measuring tape for clothing and yes mens shoes usually are larger then women's so i would also do research on that as well. also be careful please!!!! I work for a prison and theirs a few men that's in there for beating the person lifeless because they took them to bed and then found out whoops wrong gender so be open and not so quick to take someone home. Or,,, you can always become friends with a chic that's about your same size and that would be willing to try the things on for you and open to it. You would seriously be surprised at how many people would be willing to do it, cause men these days rarely like to go shopping with us, either were by ourselves or with a girlfriend. Hope this helps =)
For Anyone Who Has Run a Marathon What Shoes Did You Use?
The proper shoe depends on your foot type and shape. Go to a specialty running store and have your gait and arch type analyzed and then try on the proper type of shoe, (cushioned, stability or motion control) in each brand. A good store will spend an hour or so with you to get you in the right shoe.1. How can I run a half marathon?From what I can gather with limited internet research, the half marathon you are looking at is typically in January. This gives you roughly 6 months to prepare, plenty for a first timer. You need to find a good beginner running schedule. I recommend the couch-to-half marathon, it is designed for people with no previous running experience. A structured plan keeps you on track, so you always know what you are supposed to be doing each time you go run. 4 days per week should be enough for a beginner. Many plans only have you running 3, I advise against that for a longer race like a half marathon - the consistency of frequently running, even when it is short, easy mileage, is good for helping you prepare. I also recommend some intermediate races along the way. Try to pick out a 5k, then a 10k, which fit into the schedule. This allows you to stay on target with the training plan, while gaining valuable experience in a race - such as dealing with race-day preparation, running in a group of people, etc. When you run, stick to the plan. You may have to walk sometimes, that's OK for a beginner. You build endurance by consistently working on it. Your schedule will have one run each week dubbed the "long run", which will gradually build towards race distance. Treat this as a dress rehearsal for race day - wake up when you plan to wake up for the race, eat the same breakfast as you plan to eat on race day, etc. Do not worry too much about your eating habits, as long as you stick with less junk, more vegetables, and do not stuff yourself, you will probably be alright. You do not have to fine-tune your diet at this point, and you certainly should not make big, sweeping changes - those are hard to maintain. Little things done over time build to big results. As for support, your family and friends are good options. If you are really serious about the half marathon, tell the people who care about you, make your intentions known, and let them know that you would appreciate it if they did not let you give up.2. I,m 28 and do not exercise... and want to do a half marathon.?No, Actually that's really good for your age. The Average athelete strives for a Mile in 4 mins but you did it in 6mins 45 seconds. Fix your posture to run better, keep your chin parrellel to the ground and eyes focused ahead. Back must remain straight and keep your jaw and hands loose for more speed and less stress. Do Jump Squats and Jump Split Squats as warmup and practice the swinging movement with your arms in a stationary postion.3. What are good songs to listen to during a walk/marathon?stronger - kanye west satisfaction - benny benassi the hey song - gary glitter meet me halfway - black eyed peas song 2 - blur ghosts n stuff - deadmaus let me clear my throat - dj kool bulletproof - la roux wheres your head at - basement jaxx ...and pretty much any song from a jock jams cd!4. What is a good half-marathon time?I am 13 years old and I ran a half marathon in about 2 hours and 15 minutes. I ran the 5k in 16 minutes so I would imagine your half marathon time would be somewhat around mine5. We just planted marathon seed and there are little clover-like growths everywhere... what are they?If you planted on bare ground its likely that it is a few weeds. The best thing to do is wait until the grass can be mowed 2 times. After mowing at least 2 times the best way to get rid of the weeds would be to use a spray chemical that has tremec in it. Tremec is one of the best it is made by PBI Gordons. If you can find tremec that would be even better because it will kill crabgrass as well. Read the lable carefully and apply as the instructions say because it is easy to harm your new grass. I personally use a cheap ortho dial-n-spray to spray my yard
5 Reasons "Christmas Shoes" Is the Worst Song Ever Written
1. The Lyrics Are All of the Saddest Things Ever Written Put Into One Song: A dirty, tattered boy tries to pay for shoes with change for his dying mother, so she'll look beautiful when she meets Jesus. It's like someone played Mad Libs while watching a Sarah McLachlan commercial.2. Adult Contemporary Music Will Make You Cry All the Tears: The song is padded with soft guitar and what sounds like tiny toy instruments Are you kidding!3. A Choir of Kids Will Guilt You Into Losing It: Oh, if this "Butterfly Kisses"-wannabe lead singer dude hasn't cracked you, there is literally a choral army of sad, innocent voices, wavering on the edge of tears, who will wear you down. Children's choirs represent emotional extremes—hey can be used to be scary, joyous, or devastating. In this ballad their sole purpose is to crush your damn heart.4. The Song's Backstory Is Internet Heartbreak: It's been reported that the song was inspired by a sad story found on the Internet or an email chain letter that had been circulating in the late '90s. Email chain letters are like why moms bothered learning how to use AOL. They're scientifically proven to make you feel feelings. For some, poignancy. For others, seething rage.5. The Guy Makes It All About Him: "I knew that God had sent me that little boy to remind me what Christmas is all about." After this whole emotional mess, a boy's mother is allegedly on her deathbed, the guy who had a couple extra bucks on him makes the message about what he learned. What happens to the kid The mom THE SHOES! Over it!Bonus Clip: For our final piece of evidence, we'd like to present comedian Patton Oswalt's "Christmas Shoes" rant, where he breaks down the elements of this awful, awful song:
Foot Locker, Shoes , Promotional Codes ? How Many Can You Use?
Foot Locker Source Code1. Musiciansfriend.com? Are there any promotional codes?123617889r884 Search it up on google, you will get alot.2. How do I create a website introduction/promotional videos?As Zach mentioned above, the example video you gave is rather complex. For a video of that scale, I would definitely use after effects. However, if you like the general style and pacing, but do not necessarily need all of the cutesy minor animation details (such as things bouncing and following precise motion paths), this kind of project could possibly be done in an advanced slideshow program, such as Apple's Keynote, part of the iWork suite. I do not know for certain about Microsoft PowerPoint, since I almost exclusively use Keynote, but Keynote has the ability to animate different attributes of items independently, such as position, rotation, scale, transparency, etc. Keynote can directly import Photoshop files, and can export slideshows to quicktime. I've certainly used this method when I am in a pinch for some simple motion graphics. If you absolutely need the finesse and detail that you can not get in a slideshow program, ask your friends if any of them are good with Adobe Flash. Like Zach said above, Flash can export to video files, has great controls for animating, and I believe that it has a bigger user base than Adobe After Effects3. How do I get into modeling or promotional modeling?Generally speaking, modeling and promotional modeling are two separate industries. You can easily get started in promotional modeling by registering with several event staffing agencies and applying for available shifts in your area. As a promotional model (also known as a Brand Ambassador or Event Rep), you are usually working as an Independent Contractor and therefore can work for multiples agencies at the same time. To begin working as a promotional model, you do not need a portfolio and do not need to spend significant money on photos. You will need a good quality headshot and full body shot, but they do not need to be professional. where you can participate in online forums and seek feedback from other event reps.4. Monster Energy Drink Promotional truck drivers?Apply at Hansens...Monster is a division of Hansens5. What is establishing and allocating the promotional budget?ESTABLISHING AND ALLOCATING THE PROMOTIONAL BUDGET As noted in the text, the budgeting decision is not a trivial matter. Whether the firm is spending millions of dollars or thousands, this decision will have a direct impact on the success of the communications program. As can be seen by examining the decision sequence model presented in Chapter 1, budgeting decisions are not made in isolation. These decisions require an interactive process in which the communications objectives must be taken into consideration. Likewise, the budget directly impacts the promotional mix strategies that are to be developed. Thus, both the size of the budget, and the way that it will be allocated must be given much attention A. Establishing the Budget 1. Theoretical issues in budget setting-most of the models used to establish advertising budgets can be categorized as taking an advertising or sales response perspective. In this section we discuss some of these. a. Marginal analysis-Figure 7-9 in the text illustrates the concept of marginal analysis. As the figure indicates, as advertising/promotional efforts increase, sales and gross margins will also increase to a point and then level off. In using marginal analysis, the firm would continue to spend promotional dollars so long as the marginal revenues created by these expenditures exceeded the incremental costs. When the dollar expenditures exceed the returns, the budget should be scaled back. In other words, the optimal budget would be at that point where marginal revenues are equal to marginal costs, or where mr = mc. While this economic model seems logical intuitively, in fact, there are two major weaknesses that limit its applicability: (1) The assumption that sales are a direct measure of advertising and promotions efforts, and (2) the assumption that sales are determined solely by advertising and promotions. b. Sales response models-two budgeting models based on sales response are discussed in the text. The first of these-the concave-downward function-is based on the microeconomic theory of the law of diminishing returns. Essentially, the model states that as the amount of advertising expenditures increases, its incremental value decreases. The basic argument is that those most likely to buy the product are likely to do so as a result of the earliest exposures. Additional exposures are not likely to increase the probability of their purchasing, nor is it likely to have an effect on those who are undecided or unlikely to buy. Thus, the effects of advertising would rapidly diminish. The second model-the S-shaped response function-takes a very different approach. In this model, it is argued that initial outlays of promotional dollars will have very little impact on sales. As indicated in Exhibit 7-10, in Range B an impact will begin to be noticed, carrying through to Range C, where additional expenditures have again very little impact. This S-shaped curve suggests that there are incremental values to be accrued from additional dollar outlays, but only to a point. For example, it would be argued that a certain level of expenditures is necessary to make an impact. However, after a certain point (beginning of Range C) these dollars are unlikely to be of value. In other words, no matter how much I spend, if you do not want the product, advertising is not going to make you buy. As with marginal analysis, the marketer would want to establish the budget at the point where s/he gets the optimal value for the outlay. c. Additional factors considered in budget setting-In addition to considering the theoretical aspects of budget setting, a number of other factors must be taken into consideration including: situational factors; customer factors; the competitive environment; etc. can be used to demonstrate this point quite effectively. is useful to provide a perspective of what advertisers and their agencies consider the most important factors to consider in setting the budget.
How Do You Make a Tennis Shoes(meaning Playing Tennis) Fit Your Size. Well Making Your Feet Bigger?
The chore is to fill space all the way around your foot(feet). If you have other athletic shoes take the innersole out of them or buy some new ones and add an extra pair of Thor-Lo Socks or some equivalent to the socks you will wear over them. The socks will help keep you from sliding too much and the innersoles will raise your feet so you get a good lacing. Of course, that being said...There are not too many other things more important to a player than properly fitting shoes. I would strongly suggest you having a pair of shoes overnighted that are a proper fit if you have a tournament coming up. Good luck and hit an ace for me!• Other Related Knowledge ofyour feet— — — — — —Since, like in 2010, the elections this week were another boot in the butt at the ballot box for?Better check your feet, your side did not have shoo in— — — — — —What causes eczema to form on your feet?Dyshidrotic EczemaThis basic type of dermatitis causes small, intensely bothersome blisters on the edges of the fingers, toes, palms, and soles of the feet. It is twice as basic in ladies as it is in men, say the Best Podiatrists in New York City for Foot and Ankle.Because of the association with seasonal allergies, the dyshidrotic skin inflammation blisters are known to erupt all the more frequently during the spring hypersensitivity season. The blisters may last up to three weeks before they start to dry and can sometimes be extensive and painful. As the blisters dry, they may turn into skin cracks or cause the skin to feel thick and spongy, especially on the off chance that you've been scratching the zone.There is no cure for dyshidrotic skin inflammation, but the uplifting news is, by and large it's sensible. Also, similar to a wide range of the condition, it is not contagious. You can not "get" dyshidrotic dermatitis from someone else, or offer it to someone else.What does dyshidrotic skin inflammation resemble?A wide range of skin inflammation cause tingling and redness. But some, as dyshidrotic skin inflammation, look and act slightly not the same as others.Symptoms of dyshidrotic skin inflammation include:Profound set blisters on the edges of the fingers, toes, palms and soles of the feetTinglingRednessChippingScaly, broke skinPainDyshidrotic dermatitis blisters can be difficult to see on the palms and fingers because the skin is thicker hereIt's essential to understand which kind of dermatitis you may have and furthermore your symptoms and triggers, so that you can all the more likely treat and oversee it. The best way to make certain that you have dyshidrotic skin inflammation, is to make a meeting with your doctor.What causes dyshidrotic skin inflammation?Dyshidrotic skin inflammation usually appears in adults ages 20 through 40 but it can also influence youngsters. Dyshidrotic dermatitis seems to run in families, so on the off chance that you have a close relative with this type of skin inflammation, your shot of also creating it is increased.Skin inflammation Causes and TriggersWhat causes skin inflammation?We do not have the foggiest idea what precisely causes dermatitis. Anyway for most types of dermatitis, researchers trust a blend of genes and a trigger are included. Individuals with skin inflammation will in general have an over-receptive immune system that when activated by a substance outside or inside the body, responds by producing irritation. It is this irritation that causes the red, bothersome and painful skin symptoms normal to most types of dermatitis.Research also shows that some individuals with skin inflammation have a mutation of the quality responsible for making filaggrin. Filaggrin is a protein that helps our bodies keep up a solid defensive obstruction on the top layer of the skin. Without enough filaggrin to build a strong skin obstruction, moisture can escape and microorganisms, viruses and more can enter. This is the reason numerous individuals with dermatitis have exceptionally dry and contamination inclined skin. Dermatitis triggersAttempting to monitor your symptoms is critical to staying solid and agreeable while living with skin inflammation. When attempting to recognize potential triggers, remember that a skin inflammation flare can seem some time after exposure. This slack time can make some triggers testing to recognize. Remember that skin inflammation affects everybody in an unexpected way, and that one person's triggers may not be the same as another's. You may encounter skin inflammation symptoms at specific times of the year or on various areas of your body.Here are some ordinary things that can trigger a skin inflammation flare or exacerbate it:DRY SKINAt the point when your skin gets excessively dry, it can easily wind up weak, scaly, rough, or tight, which can prompt a dermatitis erupt. IRRITANTSThere are ordinary products and even natural substances that can cause your skin to burn and tingle, or become dry and red.Chemicals and skin inflammationThese could be products that you use on your body or in your home - hand and dish soap, laundry cleanser, shampoo, bubble shower and body wash, or surface cleaners and disinfectants. Indeed, even some natural liquids, similar to the juice from fresh fruit, vegetables, or meats, can aggravate your skin when you touch them. Some regular skin inflammation irritants include:Metals, in particular, nickelTobacco smokeSoaps and household cleanersFragrancesCertain fabrics such as fleece and polyesterAntibacterial balm like neomycin and bacitracinFormaldehyde, which is found in household disinfectants, some vaccines, glues and adhesivesIsothiazolinones an antibacterial that is found in personal consideration products like infant wipesCocamidopropyl betaine used to thicken shampoos and lotionsParaphenylene-diamine, which is used in cowhide dyes and impermanent tattoos, among othersSTRESSEnthusiastic stress considered a dermatitis trigger, but we are not actually sure why. Some individuals' dermatitis symptoms deteriorate when they are feeling "stressed." Others may end up stressed, just realizing they have skin inflammation, and this can make their skin erupt. CLIMATE AND SWEATINGNumerous individuals with dermatitis become irritated, or experience a "thorny warmth" sensation when they sweat, or get excessively hot. During the virus winter months, your skin may also get excessively dry - prompting disturbance and a dermatitis erupt.Your skin inflammation also may flare when the air is excessively dry or excessively humid. Or then again in the event that you take long, hot showers or baths.DISEASEYour skin inflammation can end up tainted with microorganisms or viruses that live in the earth. Staphylococcus aureus ("staph") is a standout amongst the most well-known types. It's essential to know the symptoms of these distinctive infections and what causes them, so that your skin inflammation does not deteriorate.ALLERGENSDust can trigger skin inflammation or exacerbate itThere are regular materials in the condition that can cause you to have an unfavorably susceptible response and trigger a skin inflammation erupt. Some of the most widely recognized are: seasonal dust, dust mites, pet dander from cats and dogs, shape and dandruff.Allergens that cause symptoms to stick around significantly more, or to return, are much harder to pinpoint. It's critical to know the allergens that could cause an erupt, so that you can help monitor your symptoms. HORMONESHormones are substances produced by the body that can cause a wide assortment of symptoms. At the point when the levels of specific hormones in your body increase or decrease, some individuals with dermatitis (especially ladies) may encounter flare ups.Treatment for dyshidrotic skin inflammationAt-home treatment for dyshidrotic dermatitis includes soaking hands and feet in cool water or applying compresses for 15 minutes to the influenced region two to four times multi day pursued by a rich moisturizer or a skin obstruction fix cream. For progressively severe cases of dyshidrotic skin inflammation, a supplier may prescribe topical steroids, TCIs or phototherapy. Moreover, the supplier may deplete the blisters in-office, or potentially give a dose of Botox in the hands and feet to reduce sweating and wetness, which are known triggers for this type of skin inflammation.Dyshidrotic skin inflammation has the inclination to get contaminated, which can postpone clearing of symptoms. On the off chance that you suspect you have a contamination in the zone where the dermatitis appears, make a meeting with your supplier.Tips for overseeing dyshidrotic skin inflammationThere is no surefire approach to forestall dyshidrotic skin inflammation. Notwithstanding, great skin care and moisturizing can help strengthen your skin against aggravation, so that it does not erupt, or deteriorate. The most critical thing to recollect is to be consistent. What causes eczema to form on your feet?.
Does Wearing a Pair of Shoes Every Day Shorten Its Life (counting Just the Time It's Being Worn Obvi
Does wearing a pair of shoes every day shorten its life (counting just the time it's being worn obviously)?Yes, that's why when I find a shoe I really like I will but 2. At work I am on my feet 8 hours a day so I always need a few comfortable shoes so I can switch off daily to prevent its lifespan— — — — — —Does storing medicine at recommended temperatures prolong its life?Let's start with a simpler question, and build up.Do drugs last longer than the expiration date?Yes, for most but not all drugs.The American Medical Association were concerned about the wastage of pharmaceuticals due to expiry dates. The US Department of Defense has been collecting data on this, because they stockpile a billion dollars worth of drugs (original source: Wall Street Journal).The FDA examined the DoD data on over a hundred drugs:Based on testing and stability assessment, 88% of the lots were extended at least 1 year beyond their original expiration date for an average extension of 66 months, but the additional stability period was highly variable. The [DoD] data supports the assertion that many drug products, if properly stored, can be extended past the expiration date. Due to the lot-to-lot variability, the stability and quality of extended drug products can only be assured by periodic testing and systematic evaluation of each lot.The Wall Street Journal article quoted a former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) employee:Joel Davis, a former FDA expiration-date compliance chief, says that with a handful of exceptions - notably nitroglycerin, insulin and some liquid antibiotics - most drugs are probably as durable as those the agency has tested for the military. "Most drugs degrade very slowly," he says. "In all likelihood, you can take a product you have at home and keep it for many years."Davis blames the pharmaceutical company's marketing for this.Now, let's address how the dates are determined. In the USA, the FDA require pharmaceutical companies to perform "stability testing" on new drugs. Note that maintaining the cold-chain for refrigerated drugs is difficult and expensive - it is under close scrutiny by the FDA. It is easier to store drugs at room temperature throughout the manufacturing and distribution process.So, a manufacturer wants a room-temperature stable drug, and the FDA wants drugs to be tested at room temperatures - they even want refrigerated drugs to be tested at room temperatures for shorter periods. Having two expiration dates: refrigerated and room-temperature - would require careful tracking of each package to know whether it has always been refrigerated.How is this turned into an expiration date?I found a confusing claim in the RAPS Summary FAQ about the regulars says:What is the maximum level of shelf life FDA will allow?Twice the available long-term data at the time of approval, or up to 24 months.If this was true, if a manufacturer tests a drug for 12 months, and monitors the breakdown of the active ingredient and predicts it will remain effective for five years, they may only claim 24 months. Even if they worked out that putting it in the fridge would extend the shelf-life to 10 years, they must only guarantee it for 24 months.So, if true, it is difficult to accept Davis's blame on the manufacturers for limitations imposed by the FDA.However, this clashes with other information I found such as drugs. com:The expiration date of a drug is estimated using stability testing under good manufacturing practices as determined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Drug products marketed in the US typically have an expiration date that extends from 12 to 60 months from the time of manufacturer.Australian sources (not under the FDA yoke) also describe longer expiry dates. So, to summarise the answer to the original question:The manufacturers probably have not tested how long room-temperature drugs would last in the fridge, because:— — — — — —If we could breed a cow that enjoyed its life producing meat more than a natural one in the wild, eat it?I think more people would eat meat if this happened as people would have less reason to believe cows do not enjoy their life. So I do not think yours is a stupid question like some people are saying. However i find it hard to believe that it would ever be possible because i do not see how they could enjoy being slaughtered, which is probably why people are disagreeing with your question. Also, a lot of animal tests would need to be done to make this work, and any true vegetarians would disagree with this and therefore not eat the meat for that reason. I am vegetarian and i would not eat the meat, because i do not think it is possible for this idea of breeding to be ethical. I suppose if it happened ethically before i become vegetarian, i may not have become vegetarian at all.
Do They Sell New Balance Slip on Shoes for Men?
i might say decide for the autos like the previous assertion or you should purchase your self a pair of the surf footwear like the surfers positioned on. I positioned on them around the domicile to stay away from wearing holes in my socks1. best shoes for men for bad back?New Balance. My father and grandfather both have bad backs and flat feet and 2 independent doctors told them to wear new balance in their everyday running around and excersise. I ware them as well and swear by them. Look for one with good heel cusion but is a support shoe. Support is important for you back. People do not realize there are multiple different types of running shoes.2. Brown Vs Black Shoes | Men Style TipsCan you wear brown shoes in the evening? Dear Antonio, can I wear brown shoes in the evening? I know all the rules, no wine before nine, no brown after six, but do the rules cover all possible situations? No brown to a club, no brown to an informal social meeting, no brown to a museum, say, at 7:00 p.m. I understand that I should only wear black shoes for an opera, formal meeting, or at a decent restaurant with dinner with an important client, but what about less formal events? Thank you in advance. Vlad. My quick answer is that yes, you can wear brown shoes in the evening. There are three factors that you are going to want to pay attention to when you are choosing really not just the color of your shoes, but the entire color of your outfit. Watch this Youtube video Can You Wear Brown Shoes In The Evening? Watch this Youtube video Can You Wear Brown Shoes In The Evening? I am going to leave out your natural colors and tones. These are three things independent. How formal is the occasion, and you bring that up in your question. If you are going to the opera, if you are going to something that's a formal event, you want to wear darker colors. And so, in that case, black shoes will suit most events. However, dark brown especially if what you are wearing is, let's say, a navy suit, look fine and it can be pulled off in the evening. You want to look at the time of the day, and you did mention this as well. In the evening, you are going to see darker colors; during the day, lighter colors. So we've talked about the formality of the event and the time of the day. Is it summer? Is it winter? Usually with hotter temperatures with warmer temperatures, you are going to see lighter colors, so just look informal wear. You will see that whenever you are looking at black tie and smoking jackets, even dinner jackets, all that stuff right there, you are going to see lighter colors during the summer, so it's perfectly fine to have a dinner jacket instead of going black and black with your tux to actually have a white jacket with black bottoms with black shoes. We are not saying white shoes there, but what we are saying is that because of the weather, we are seeing lighter colors. So you will see white box, you will see spectators. This is summer wear and it's associated with the season. If you are going to an event that's in the summer, that's during the day and is informal, that's perfect for light-colored shoes to include tans, browns, like that. If it's during the winter, if it's a formal event, and if it's going to be in the evening, these three factors lean me towards black shoes. Anywhere in between, well, this is left open to interpretation. So if you are going to an evening pretty formal event but it's during the summer and you actually take into account that, "Hey, I have light colored hair, light colored skin. I am going to be wearing a lighter colored suit," you could pull that off because of the weather especially if it starts, let's say, around 5:00 or 4:00 p.m. and then goes into the evening. So it also depends on when - and this is kind of the wild card, is when do the event start and when does it end. If you are going to a wedding event and it's starting, let's say, two or three in the afternoon, maybe even a little bit later, you can still wear lighter colors into the evening despite it going until 2:00 in the morning. There is not exactly a right or wrong answer. There are guidelines and hopefully that helps. You figure out your unique situation.3. What to Look for in the Best Casual Shoes for MenIf you are keeping it casual, there are some things you should know. We've compiled a handy list of qualities to look for in your casual footwear, as well as the three types of casual shoes every real man should have in their closets. What is a casual shoe, besides a comfort shoe? We are not saying it needs to be boring or hideous. But let's not kid ourselves, if a casual shoe does not make your foot feel like it's spending the day on its favorite couch, the shoe is not doing its job. A shoe's design makes or breaks its comfort, particularly the material, sole, and fit. Unless you have an inexhaustible budget, finding shoes that can be both dressed up and dressed down is key to a foundational wardrobe item. Finding several staple pairs of neutral-toned shoes like black, brown, and white, can be a saving grace when it comes to dual purpose footwear. Our feet carry the entire weight of our bodies all day, so thinking beyond style is vital. With the right resources, footwear can embody both the right style and true durability. The best casual shoes for men have a production process, material acquisition, and material choice that give it a nice, long lifespan. If you are looking for casual kicks, here are the categories we recommend checking out. Classic low-tops bring the option for a grounded approach. But with all the different colors and styles available for low-tops, you can easily find a pair that sync with your personal brand. These simple, yet retro sneaks go with nearly every outfit combination and are without a doubt a staple in every man's wardrobe. The right low-tops should be engineered to last even the hardest of days. Do not forget to snag yourself the essentials before heading out. High-tops are a must-have in the shoe department. The minimalistic design and energetic high-top look marries fashion with functionality like never before seen. Many sneakerheads champion high-tops due to the customized fit and longer lifetime compared to other shoes. Give your feet the comfort they deserve, while adding a slimming effect. Thick dad sneakers are a rage that snuck up on us. But we've decided, with the rest of the world, to embrace it. Picture an elevated running shoe that provides modern color schemes with a chunky sole. We think these are a great staple because they are not quite as obvious as the classic high- and low-tops. If you find a quality pair, they are also extremely comfortable. Plus, they are the picture-book definition of 'casual.' Embrace that. At the end of the day To be the that 2020 has to offer, a pair of shoes needs total comfort, convenience of versatility, and the ability to last many moons. Snag a pair of low-tops, high-tops, and some chunky sneakers with these qualities and you are set. Cheers to keeping it casual.
What's the Difference Between Ballroom Shoes with Suede and Leather Soles?
What's the difference between ballroom shoes with suede and leather soles?The difference is suede will give you proper traction and the other wo not . You wanna get the ones with suede sole, unless it is your intention to dance on particularly dirty floors. Suede is easily cleaned with a wire brush to restore it. Suede is the best material to give you proper traction for ballroom dancing. A pair of suede-soled shoes lasts me about a year, and the sole is NOT the part that wears out first. My partner wears his suede-soled shoes even longer, probably like 2-3 years. They really do last with proper care.— — — — — —Embassy Ballroom, PerthEmbassy Ballroom was a dance hall on the corner of William Street and The Esplanade in Perth, Western Australia between 1928 and 1982. When established in 1928 it was across the road from White City and next door to the Capitol Theatre. It was opened originally as the Temple Court Cabaret and Tea Rooms. The name Temple Court continued after the name change, the building being known as Temple Court, and the ballroom being known as the Embassy. The floor was 12,000 square feet of jarrah timber. The building was affected by fire in 1933 but was repaired and re-opened the following year. The Embassy had, at stages of its operation, its own cabaret events, with orchestra and dancers, called the "Temple court ballet", as well as a band. In the 1930s, most large department stores in Perth had staff balls at the Embassy. It was a well used venue during and after the Second World War. It continued to be a venue for a range of events well into the 1950s. It was closed 26 November 1982 and demolished soon after.— — — — — —what type dinner dress suitable for ballroom function?short prom dress like dresses put not the long dresses— — — — — —I'd like to take ballroom, but am I too tall to partner?I feel you, trust me... xD I am 5'8" and over 6' with my latin heels... Soo... no, you can not dance ballroom solo. It's strictly danced with partners. But I suggest you give it a try either way. There HAS to be a man tall enough. (in my studio, one of the partners is about 6' 10") Or, you can wait a couple of year to find boys your age and your height. :) I do not think it's a problem though. It does not really matter how tall your partner is, unless it's a huge difference. Just a few inches taller would do, even the same height is ok. You can try to find low heels, like 2 inches (you need to buy ballroom shoes anyway). You can try ladies' styling though. It's salsa, just for women, solo. I think it's pretty fun :)— — — — — —Baby Ballroom: The ChampionshipBaby Ballroom: The Championship was a dancing show on ITV, which began on Saturday 28 July 2007. Twelve pairs of juvenile ballroom dancers, aged between six and eleven, competed for the title of Baby Ballroom Champion. The dancers had to impress a panel of three celebrity judges: X Factor's runner up dancer and actor Ray Quinn, former child star actress singer and dancer Bonnie Langford and famous dance tutor and dancer Pierre Dulaine. Kate Thornton presented the show, where the public decided who went into the final, which was held on Saturday, 11 August. The winners of Baby Ballroom: The Championship were Kim and Josh.— — — — — —Where can i get a not to expensive Latin dress for ballroom competition?In all the ballroom competitions I even have been, I wore a knee length black skirt and a good installation white or gently coloured perfect. The judges could desire to be waiting to work out your discern & all the strikes of your physique— — — — — —how much for your hall/hotel/ballroom?ours was $3000. this included for 100 guests, the ballroom for 8 hours, linens, table, chairs, china and silver. for mixers and glassware it was an additional $500. We spent about $5000 on food and liquor for 100 people. Cake was $350. So that's about.88/pp. Yours sounds reasonable.— — — — — —How are ballroom dancing shoes different from regular high heels?Latin dancing shoes (the strappy kind) usually only have a half shank, so they are very flexible, to give you an idea I can bend mine in half. Also, they have a suede sole to allow you to slide across the floor. They are also balanced differently to regular heels to push your weight onto your toes, which is where it should be if you are dancing latin anyway.
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