Has Anyone Ever Come Back From Death and Was Able to Provide Proof of What Happens After Death?

NO! get over the idea everyone that shows up gets one shot with the body and mind by chance fatewe have to work with animated of life before it wears out thats how the Universe we know kinda, tells us for you, me there is no evidence to dispute this mortal is what mortal does

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What does a super grandmaster in chess understand that an ordinary GM doesn't?

Sometimes nothing. But a elite GM is always someone in peak fighting form, in their prime, with all the competitive cylinders clicking. All the intangibles will be just right, fighting spirit, endurance, balanced emotions, preparation, etc.The evidence of this is that when elite players are past their prime or not in top health, their performances and Elos become ordinary.


what is the principal clause in the sentence "I know that he is dumb"?

The basic sentence is:

I know him.

I know this.

The second sentence is:

He is dumb.

This sentence is converted into a clause:

that he is dumb

This clause is inserted into the former sentence by replacing the object:

I know what

I know that he is dumb.

So, the principle clause is: I know .

and the subordinate clause is: that he is dumb.


What is the real reason behind BJP's victory in the 2014 general elections? Is it the Modi wave or is it something else?

Expose of numerous scams : average 2 scams per month. The way in which congress handle it. Not so vigorous campaign from congress except amethi (lol).

Anti incumbency , final blow was current account deficit and the consequences on rupee's value.The unprecedented campaign of modi & full media exposure to it.Amit shah's ground level work in UP. Etc


If humans never consumed bat, would COVID-19 have occurred?

One doesnt have to actually consume bats to get sick from special pathogens.A person can be infected by deadly microbes, like this novel coronavirus, just by having direct contact with natural reservoirs or carriers (bats, snakes, pangolins, civet cats, camels, raccoon dogs, etc.) of coronaviruses yes, there are several types that are naturally found in these animals.


US history: economic policies that deepen the Great Depression?

Protectionism, such as the American SmootHawley Tariff Act, is often indicated as a cause of the Great Depression, with countries enacting protectionist policies yielding a beggar thy neighbor result. The SmootHawley Tariff Act was especially harmful to agriculture because it caused farmers to default on their loans.en.wikipedia.org wiki Causes_of_the_Great_DepressionCauses of the Great Depression - Wikipedia.


How did Sensex surge despite the 21-day lockdown in India?

We are highly dependent on Western Market especially on USA Dow Jones. USA government issued stimulus plan of $2 Trillions for boosting economy activity buy providing minimum wages to needy and buying high quality corporate bond which infuse liquidity in market.Amid some news aired on national news channel that Indian Government preparing stimulus package for economic damaged done by pandemic outbreak.


How do you get prompted by the Holy Spirit?

It often is a recollection of something you already know. I once had a belly ache so bad I expected to die screaming. I decided I would scream I claim the name of Jesus. I got that out twice when I remembered something I had read about twenty years before: magnesium stops cramps. I had cramps. I took a dose of epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) and in ten minutes it was all over


Is this a phrase or clause: "she assured me"?

Question: Is this a phrase or clause: "she assured me"?It is a clause. It has a subject and a conjugated verb. From Grammar Clauses:Clauses are units of grammar that contain at least one predicate (verb) and a subject. This makes a clause different than a phrase, because a phrase does not contain a verb and a subject.


How are the modern computers different from old computers?

Size, speed, capability to do an incredible amount of functions now vs a huge building to house a computer that could only do one function. Old computers started with punch cards worked their way up to tapes and then gradually increase in abilities and miniaturization to have the phone in your hand being a miracle to the original computer technology. Im sure there are YouTube videos of old computers, feel free to check them out.


WHO figures show that average COVID-19 mortality for age group below 50 is 0.4%. Shouldn't we just distance the elderly rather than shutting down the world?

I dont think that just because mortality below 50 is less, they should roam around freely, keeping only the elderly groups secluded; most people below 50 would still require hospitalisation in order to help them recover, even though chances of them dying is low. This would exponentially increase the demand of medical facilities and failure to meet the demand would indeed increase the mortality of even the age group below 50


Is there a bad Led Zeppelin song?

All Of My Love is terrible for starters. And I'm a huge Led Zep fan (so much that my Halo gamertag was ShmekZeppelin)There's some others that have been mentioned in this thread but I really hate All of my Love and don't understand how it's considered a hit or anything. It's so bad. The synth solo is cheesier than the cheesiest 80s soundtrack. Oh god I'm gonna hurll legbfhgnck,fxgsefd.


If God (the Christian god) is all powerful and all caring, why does he allow abuse? Why doesn't he do something about abuse that happens?

He did. He designed a fail safe. Don't you know your immortal according to the bible?Also people tend to attempt to put God in a catch 22.If he kills those who sin he's bloodthirsty. If he allows them a temporary reprieve he's unjust.

If free will necessarily creates ability to do wrong should he have instead programmed you as a no choice robot?


Why hasn't Alibaba bought a major US bank so that it can promote the Alipay platform in the US?

A2A. I don't have information specific to Alibaba, but I do know that banking is one of the most highly regulated industries in the US, and that levels of transparency are required by law that might be considered problematic for Alibaba. Buying and operating a Western -- and especially a US -- bank is a very "lawyer-intensive" enterprise. I'm not sure Alibaba wants to get into such a thing.


Which country is more racist- the UK or the USA?

It amused me when people asked ; "How does your mother feel about you being married to a white man?" because my mother is Indian. (I am a widow.) I would point out that while my parents both came from India, my late father was of Irish and English descent. Also, my step-father is Scottish. I live in the UK, and mixed marriages have been no big deal, for a long time.

Could anyone say this is the case in the USA?


Were Led Zeppelin better musicians than the Beatles?

Subjectively, yes, but their songwriting skills were dead even in my opinion, and I believe The Beatles recording techniques of George Martin influenced Jimmy Page as he produced all the Led Zeppelin albums. The Beatles had a leg up on Led Zeppelin in vocals and harmony as most harmonies in Led Zeppelin were Robert Plant doing most if not all of the harmony tracks, whereas The Beatles had 4 distinctive voices


Why is there no viable alternative to the Republican or Democratic parties in the US?

There are many other parties. Their viability is related to their candidates appeal. Gaining a new party is a process not a quick thing. In the 2016 election, the Green Party was hopeful to get 5% of the vote. If they had gotten 5%, they would gain momentum. Unless they have momentum, they will not succeed as their ideals are not known


What would happen if Danzo defeated Sasuke?

It wouldnt have happened. There was no way Danzo was coming out of that fight alive because Obito was there. Futhermore Obito could have easily killed Danzo but he wanted Sasuke to do it. Which led to Danzo not going all out because he was preserving chakra to fight Obito afterwards. had he gone all out on Sasuke he might have been able to win but then Obito would have stepped in


What did Pink Floyd think of The Beatles?

Yes. The Beatles and Pink Floyd were good friends in the 1960s swinging London.They saw each other on occasions out on the town, they frequented the same pubs and social circuits.I'm just going by some of the other answers on here, since I really don't know that much about Pink Floyd.

If you want more definitive answers I'm sure you'll find on here, or just Google them


Which ideology is worse: fascism or communism?

Communism, as theorized, is Utopia. That tells you how possible it is to achieve.Socialism, the theoretical necessary precursor to Communism is only slightly different from Fascism. Both are totalitarian - that is, the government controls the lives of all of the citizens absolutely. For their own good, you understand.

So yes, communism is better than fascism. You just cant get to communism. Ever


Was the United States's annexation of Hawaii justified?

Like most international conquest, it was justified by the law of the jungle.But for that matter, the Kingdom of Hawaii was itself founded on the conquest by force of the islands by one small fragment of the whole led by King Kamehameha.And those kingdoms were the result of a later wave of settlers conquering the first wave of Hawaiians.


I feel that this guy played with my feelings. I'm angry and offended. How should I deal with it?

Anger is such a wasteful feeling that stops you from simply talking about what happened and how it made you feel, which is communication.Youre offended, youre angry. Oh well. How is that for you?You could simply chalk it up to reality - not everyone will be what you want in your life, or you could without putting him down, tell him that you feel this way


How did we forget many of our ancient Indian technologies?

Could you please tell us what kind of technologies India had during the ancient time? The meaning of technology is knowledge of engineering or applied science. I have heard of myth, fictitious, fabulous, superstitious stories of ancient. Try to practice modern technologies and if you are able to top up, that would help you and your nation.


PM Modi has said 600 crore people voted for the BJP in 2014. What does he mean by this?

Everyone does a mistake, by the time he mentioned 600 crores he was 30 minutes into his speech. It might have been an error and he was talking about wide variety of topics and it was a pretty good speech. Having said that, I agree that it was an error but there were other good things to talk about his speech. Talk about them too.


Why/When did ancient India started losing its amazing technology?

According to the scriptures Kaliyug started just after Mahabharat so we can assume that the disconnection started with the advent of Kaliyug which according to some accounts is 3102 BC. The deterioration progressively increased as time passed and the vast pool of knowledge become more and more restricted. Ultimately the whole plethora of it got confined to few books closely guarded by fewer families who most probably have no idea how to comprehend it but non the less consider it to be very important.


How do you compare India's economic growth during Congress-led and BJP-led government at the Centre?

We cannot. Any two situations, where time paradigm is different, cannot be compared. Its very subjective and will never be an apple to apple situation. The closest one can get to compare two situations is by looking at few indicators like trade deficit, per capita income, INR-USD exchange rate, unemployment rate and a few more of such neutral indicators.


Why are Iranian women so beautiful?

Im 100% convinced its the region. Ive searched the internet for lots of nationalities and no nationality even comes close to Iranian women. The climate in Iran has amazing effects on the skin, teeth, and hair. Ive heard doctors say that it even affects the way the eyes develop in terms of color, shine, and focus.


Why do people like Draco Malfoy (particularly girls)?

Hes hot and edgy, and people like hot and edgy. But people dont want to admit that hes not a good person, because hes hot and edgy! So they romanticize him. Hes not really evil, he was just raised that way! I can change him!TVTropes has a name for that. You know what it is? Its called Draco in Leather Pantsing someone, and it should be pretty obvious why


What form of government does the U.S. have currently?

We are and have always been a republic. Most people think that we have a Democrat system but this is not trueA true democratic system means that everyone has to agree for anything to be done. A republic system means that only most people have to agree. The Democratic party is trying to take us to a socialist system we do not need to go there as it is a bad system in my opinion.

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