Good Running/jogging/walking Shoes?

I always find that New Balance fit me best, but that's me. You need to go to an athletic shoe store and try on all of the brands. When you find one you like, take it home and wear it around. If it gives you blisters or sore spots or is not comfortable enough, return it with the receipt and try again. One time I strayed from New Balance b/c everyone was raving about this new running shoe company. I had the shoes for one day and returned them b/c they simply were not a better fit than my tried and true NB's. So, go to the store and figure it out b/c everyone has different feet and different brands fit different people better

1. surveys & polls: Is it okay to wear a bikini with a wrap and walking shoes to go for a long walk outside?

I would like to see you in it. So, yes it's okay

2. Do you know of any good walking shoes?

I love Nike Cortez. They have great colors and the marshmellow bottoms make you feel like your walking barefoot

3. What are good walking shoes for Disney World?

I've been to Disney World nine times, and the best walking experience I've ever had came when I wore Crocs. I wear them with footies, because otherwise you will get blisters big time. Just my two cents worth

4. I need walking shoes for my baby were can I get them?

I would try any good shoe store. They need to be supportive so your little one does not twist his/her ankles. Shuster shoes,Buster Brown shoes , or any GOOD shoe store in the mall

5. What happens when you use walking shoes for running?

when you use walking shoes, casual shoes, or cross training shoes, you will get injured. esecially since you are running around an hour a day. the proper shoes are almost always the cause of injuries such as calf injuries, shin splints, IT band (hip area) injuries, and other injuries. i would advise you to get actual running shoes. unless you are a serious runner, you can get cheaper running shoes at stores like Sports Authority try RoadRunner or a specialty running store. if not, try sports authority or sports chalet

6. What type of walking shoes should I bring to the UK?

I prefer asics if you are planning on walking mostly throughout your trip. Either that or nikes. It's really up to you to choose. Good luck on your trip and have fun!:)

7. What is the best brand of mens walking shoes for wide feet, and why? (tennis shoes)?

Brooks/New Balance

8. Stiletto heels, flats, or walking shoes to work?

depends if your a big company wear stilettos if its casual dressy place flats if its a grocery store go ahead get walking shoes i always wear nice shoes im a teen and even when i was a waitress i wore heels bigger tips and starts conversation

9. Is there a good brand of walking shoes that I can use for my Washington DC trip?

I hate driving and love walking/running all over DC. Good walking shoes depend on your foot. e.g. I am an over-pronator, so I love Asics Evolution. But, they only work for flat footed folks. I suggest going to It's a shoe retail website. They have this really good program to help you find the right shoes even if you do not want to buy from them. Re: clothes, I suggest layering up and checking out The problem is that DC is normally muggy, but we have been having some freaky whether lately. It was 70 yesterday and 50 today! FREAKY! Bon voyage!

10. Hard bottom walking shoes are they bad?

Do not use hard soled shoes. Your baby needs to learn to grip properly with his feet and wo not be able to do that with the ones you have bought

11. Does Wal-mart sell good walking shoes?

Yes...look for the section that says walking shoes. I got some Dr. Scholls walking shoes there. Very comfy shoes.

12. how to tell the difference between running and walking shoes?

The big difference is the walking shoes, heels are not square or flat, because walkers land heel first, and roll onto the foot. The running shoes are usually flat on the back of the shoe, that is square and not rounded up. You can find many quality shoes for under $80.

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