Good Pads for 15 Year Old?

I love love love Always Infinity pads. They actually are like memory foam. They are super absorbent and it does not even feel gross, you do not even know your wearing it. Try them out :)

1. If You Have Wide Feet, These Comfy Winter Boots Were Made For You

When you have wide feet, shopping for boots is especially tough - while they technically can range in width from extra-narrow to six-extra-wide, most brands usually only carry standard sizes. Fortunately, I've scoured Amazon for you to come up with the best winter boots for wide feet. All of the boots on this list offer an extra 3/8 inch in width or more. After you measure your feet and figure out your shoe size, you will want to keep several other factors in mind. First, look at the exterior of the boot to make sure it's waterproof. Typically, your best bet will be full-grain leather or some sort of synthetic material with a waterproof coating. Next, look at the interior. Does it have insulation? What is the lining made of? Faux fur, fleece, microfiber, and similar fabrics will be the softest and most comfortable. Finally, look at the bottom of the shoe. The sole should be made with tough rubber or a similarly sturdy material. Inside, the footbed should have some sort of soft cushioning, like EVA or memory foam, to offer shock absorption and ankle support. With those features in mind, take a look at this list of the best winter boots for wide feet. Also, remember that shoes that come in a wide size (sometimes denoted with a "W") typically offer an extra 3/8 inch, while shoes that are extra-wide (sometimes denoted with an "XW") offer around 3/4 inch more.

2. Memory foam mattress? How long can I keep it in packaging?

It will be fine, tuck it away until you are ready. Those things hang around in warehouses for weeks and months until they are ready for delivery, or some furniture store places a big order, etc. No worries

3. I need a new matress.?

memory foam probably ok for him, he will get the benefit from it. I have good quality memory foam mattress but because in not very heavy i do not sink into it enough and prefer a cheap standard mattress, the dog sleeps on the 200 mattress. If you have enough money, go for a "pocket spring" mattress with individual springs, go into a bed shop and try them out(only laying on them LOL) Just go in, try them out and make sure they dont sell you something "like " a pocketspring. Memory foam is good too but its really personal choice. You should go in a try every matress in the store untill u are sure. If youself or you husband are self concious about trying them when the stores busy, go in during the week if you can, and take your time.

4. Is it possible to remove certain embarrassing moments from your Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress?

I dont know, but this really made me giggle

5. Do the memory foam/gel combo pillows really help your neck?

I am not really sure because the one I purchased smelled so badly that I had to send it back without using it :( If you want to try one, maybe buy it at Target or Walmart so you can return it easily if you need to.

6. How do you wash a memory foam pillow that was thrown up on by a sick child?

This Site Might Help You. RE: How do you wash a memory foam pillow that was thrown up on by a sick child?

7. Am I supposed to put a Memory Foam Mattress Top under covers?

Yes, it should go under the sheets

8. have degenerative discs in my neck. Sore all day. Tried everything supplements to memory foam pillows. Idea?

Heat works well and so does ice packs. Ice packs you only leave on for 20 minutes out of an hour. It helps to shrink the swollen muscles that tighten down on your bones. You can not leave them on the hole 20 minutes straight because it starts to hurt but take it off for 30 seconds and replace at own comfort. But do not go over the 20 minutes in an hour. Do this till it feels better. hope this helps

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