Get the Best LED Integrated Tubes in Toronto

LED Integrated Tubes by LEDmyplace is innovatively manufactured LED tube light that provides a significantly lower operational cost compared to standard LED tubes, with savings reaching up to 90 percent. These are not just replacements for the traditional fluorescent tubes rather create a truly spiritual ambiance that adds to the satisfaction of the consumers. These LED tubes lasting for not less than 50,000 hours and with very little lumen depreciation until the end of the lifespan, you incur almost negligible maintenance cost.Use The Best Led Integrated Tube For Indoor Lighting Toronto On Buy-sellUse The Best Led Integrated Tube For Indoor Lighting Toronto OnBuy-sell Use The Best Led Integrated Tube For Indoor Lighting Toronto

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what's the secret of the light emimmiting diode (LED) when it change colorr from red to green.?

There's no secret. There are two separate LEDs in there, red and green. One lens, three leads. Normally it is possible to turn them both on simultaneously and get yellow as well.

Does anyone in Orange County know of someone who can change out the LED lights in a scion tc?

You should check with the members of the SoCal-tC Club. Lots of their members have had their gauges changed by a few different companies. You can also check out LED-MODS.NET. His reviews have been varied, from some very pleased to some not so pleased. He's based in Tustin. Definitely check out the SoCal-tC Club though, and tell 'em we sent ya ;)

Is there in existance, an LED that can have its colour output controlled by varying input frequency.?

Charcind is correct, but it's an interesting question. You might be able to change the colour by feeding the light from the LED into a non-linear optical medium whose properties can be varied electrically, but do not ask me for any technical details

LM317 VS AMS1117 as Constant Current Limiter for LED SMD Boards

If your voltage drop is 15V, and your current is 450 mA, then your linear regulator, no matter whether it's just a transistor, a LM317 or an AMS1117, will have to dissipate 7W.That's an insane amount of power you waste and convert to heat. They will all overheat. So, you are wrong, and all your solutions are inadequate; they are wrong "by the same amount". In fact, you are also misinterpreting what "current limit" is here. But that's been asked multiple times on here...You need a switch-mode power supply here. And you do not want a constant-voltage supply, but a constant-current supply, so design accordingly. Actually, I would argue you would really want three constant current supplies, one for each string, to avoid thermal runaway if any of your LEDs has a lower forward voltage than the others

FAVI RioHD-LED-2 - Replace LED Projector Lamp- (photo) What Is This?

Just pitch that box into the trash. It is worth even less than you paid for it

How do I use LGM540 LED Grow Lights?

Hello How funny were just looking them up the other day and thought who would buy them lights for growing, you must be very rich, anyhow, you will need to keep them LED grow lights pretty close to your plant's, if you've never used hydroponic nor grown plants much, then start with soil growing and do lot's and lot's of goggling, and you will do fine. Good luck.

How about Samsung LED? is it worth to buy it?

For the pic quality, shape, function and technology, Samsung LED is much better than others, but i think it's much expensive. ><

If the green LED is solid on my motherboard...can it still be fried?

Sounds like you are talking about the Power LED, in which case that only stays on as long as your motherboard is getting power from the power supply. The motherboard can be dead and still be getting power, so yes, it's entirely possible that your motherboard is fried. I doubt very seriously the front-panel power header is bad, but I guess it's possible.

Added LED Side Mirrors. Will i need a higher Amp Fuse?

It would not hurt. If you do only put like ones that have an extra 10 amp. But you dOnt really have too. I have 4 LED strips thru out my car and I have not changed any fuses

Will too much current damage LED's?

Yes, too much current will definitely damage them, they will explode. If you have a small local electronics shop, you can ask them. If not and you have an LED to spare, you can use a potentiometer to measure the amperage at which they become damaged (this will likely be quite low, so be careful), and then place larger or smaller resistors accordingly. A 1k resistor should be about the maximum

How do you make at home LED light sticks and how to get the materials?

Explain what you are trying to do a little better. I can not tell if you are making party favors or reading lights. Go to and there's lots of LED projects.


At a local electronics store (there should be one in your area), or buy something at a dollar store that has an LED and just take it apart. There's eBay, too

Fluorescent light or LED lamps ?

LED is the way forward. Plenty of light at very low consumption

can linux be configured to blink an LED (GPIO) on disk activity?

Sure.Disk activity is recorded in real-time in "proc/diskstats". All you need to do is loop every 100 ms, read this file and compare if any of the read or write counters for the USB block device changed. If they changed, blink the LED on the GPIO. See the kernel source file "Documentation/iostats.txt" for information on the "proc/diskstats" format

Does the 2011 Elantra have LED lights like the Korean version?!?

I heard as well that the US spec Elantra will not have LED's. Cost reasons I guess. The top trim Elantra is $22,000. I guess they wanted to keep around that price point

LED light: Help with parts list and assembly order?

Hi, Since you already have an idea of how to work with electronic items, this should be easy for you. Basically you require a some colored LEDs ( Blue and Reds), high current and low voltage supply, few resistors and some wires.

Plasma vs LED... which looks better?

Plasma still is king in my opinion. While LED has made awesome strides I would still go with Plasma. Panasonic Plasma's are just about the best, they look gorgeous and they are a MUCH better bang for your buck

Can i hook a 120v LED to the end of a self regulating heat trace?


My LED's are dim, how do I get them brighter?

try a heavier wire..20 gauge isnt really heavy, im not sure how much juice 6 LED's drain but i guess its worth a shot

Dim LED on Xbox 360 Controller?

your controller is modded,the LED of a standard controller can not be blue is only yellow.the third link show you controllers who are similar to standard controller but they are modded

Xbox 360 Controller LED soldering not working?

In my experience if you use too much solder it may get onto other things and completely ruin the circuit that runs electricity to the other lights. Givin how small those LED's are its really easy to use too much solder when replacing them with different lights. Every time ive seen this happen there wasnt a way to repair the damage :( you can try removing some of the excess solder but i dont think its going to help. And btw, ignore that thomas guy. where else are you going to post xbox related repairs other than the "Xbox" section?

LiPo charger MCP73831 does not light an LED with it's STAT pin when done charging

The main problem MAY BE that your STAT LED is connected wrongly. This depends on the IC actually supplied. The 73831 will work as you have shown. The almost functionally identical 73832 will not. Odds are your IC is as specified, but checking would be wise. Dejvid is correct that a lower voltage option of the IC should be used - but the battery would almost certainly charge to the higher voltage if it was a bare battery. After reassessing Dejvid's comments I realised that the battery was probably being protected by an internal overcharge protection circuit. I have just rechecked the battery data sheet and see that they say "with PCM" - ie protection module. This is what has saved your battery. Some Asian sourced batteries which claim to have a PCM fitted do not have one. It seems that yours does ! :-).The -3 version of the IC has min/typical/max Vterminate voltages of 4.317 / 4.35 / 4.383. These voltages are too high for most LiPo batteries and will in many cases cause low cycle lifetimes and in some cases may cause spectacular flaming destruction. The PCM protects against this but should not be relied on. Battery data sheet here Note stated end point voltage of 4.2V. This is standard and should not be exceeded.

Powering LED via AC Signal

Decades ago I implemented an anti-skid brake system for a student car project. I used 74LS123, or 74LS121, monostables as pulse-period (cycle-duration) window detectors.This approach will be much more accurate a detector than bandpass filters. And the logic levels will easily drive LEDs.

I need the ciruit to interface an ADC with a 7 segment LED display for an Analog signal in the range of 0-14V.

u still need to refine your requirements. how many 7 segment LED display do u want? r u going to display the voltage directly i.e 0 to 14 or do u want it to be calibrated and display the pH value directly? you better consider using a PIC16F877A. it has got inbuilt ADC and it can store the values internally and also can drive 7segment displays directly.

what raw material are needed to make LED rope?

Things You will Need: ¼-inch transparent vinyl tubing 3 mm ultra-bright 4-volt LED lights, any color Straight wire Speaker wire Outside cutters Tape measure Black marker Knife Glue gun with glue sticks Small flashlight Click on the source link for full details.

Should I change the incandescent light bulbs throughout my house to LED bulbs?

depends on what you are paying for the LED bulbs - they used to be a lot more expensive than CFL's - would take 15 yrs to break even. prices have come down

can you grow weed under a normal LED lamp?

To use an LED lamp, you would need one specifically designed for plant growth, i.e. one with sufficient intensity in the red (400-500nm) range and the blue (600-700nm) range. These lamps are currently available, and use electricity efficiently, but they are still a newer technology and are quite expensive, with some brands costing as much as $500 per lamp.

LED flashlight different color selections?

The truth is it is just one of the LED colors, so they built it in hardly with vision in mind. That having been said; it provides a sub-dued form of white light, not quite so shocking to your eyes, often used to say; make notes on a clipboard.

I have a Sony LED TV but yesterday, the voltage went high and low, so the TV did not work. What will happen?

Possibly burned out mother board. That's the precise reason surge protectors are recommended for all electronic equipment. They're not protected against power surges that can burn out sensitive electronic components. Try unplugging it and leaving it off for a couple minutes, this will reset the circuits, if it's still operational. There may be a circuit breaker on the equipment itself that you can reset or factory reset procedure that you can do, if possible. Of course, make sure you actually have power at the outlet. Other than that, time to call the repairman. If it's not too old, you may be able to get repair parts. One good thing, they're probably cheaper now than when you bought it . . . Good Luck.I have a Sony LED TV but yesterday, the voltage went high and low, so the TV did not work. What will happen?.

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