Genius Playlist Survey #8: Tom Sawyer (Rush) and Others?

1. Tom Sawyer- Rush (Great song but I prefer Rush's 2112 Overture - it's amazing. I also love The Spirit of the Radio). 2. Foreplay/Long Time- Boston (My favorite song by Boston. Their first album is amazing) 3. Juke Box Hero- Foreigner (Good song, but Feels Like the First Time, Hot Blooded, Cold as Ice, Long, Long Way from Home are much better) 4. Photograph- Def Leppard (Love De Leppard, love this song, my favorite by them Also like Foolin', and Hysteria). 5. Too Much Time On My Hands- Styx (Good song, but my favorite has to be Renegade, and Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man). 6. Pinball Wizard- The Who (Not bad, but not even close with Baba O'RIley, Wo not Get Fooled Again and Behind Blue Eyes, My Generation and I Ca not Explain). 7. The Song Remains The Same- Led Zeppelin (Good but, Stairway is a classic, Black Dog, Rock and Roll, Kashmir, Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love, Over the Hills and Far Away are better. I also love Thank You and The Rain Song. Love the Zep!). 8. Paranoid- Black Sabbath (My favorite by them. That whole album kicks ***! Sabbath was he first group I saw in concert - amazing band). 9. Brain Damage- Pink Floyd (Excellent song, but I love Wish You Were Here, and Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Us and Them, and The Great Gig in the Sky). 10. Would?- Alice In Chains (Favorite song by them!).

1. What does Anagram Genius turn your name into?

My name is Stephanie Jayne Swift. It turns it into "Jet as penny-wise faith". My future children's names would be (with my surname for now): Dean Charles Swift - "Ethical dwarfness". Casper John Swift - "Sphincters of jaw". Rose Kathleen Swift - "To the safe wrinkles". Hehe, Dean's made me giggle.

2. Who has some "Real Men of Genius" ideas?

Mr. Dumpster Diver Recycler Mr. Droopy Drawers Wearer

3. Could this man be the greatest genius of our time?

Hi Cowbell, Lol..That is the funniest Damn thing I have ever seen!!! I Like It.. Your right he is a Genius.. Your Friend, poppy1

4. Does it take a genius to undestand physics?

Most of the time, the concepts are not difficult. The difficultly is being able to convert those concepts to mathematical equations which can get you to some end result. Furthermore, real world problems do not just involve one concept, but many. Thus, you must be able to string those together in some logical order with math depending on what you are looking for. With that said, introductory physics classes, if they are taught/structured well, should be no problem for those that put in a little bit of effort on their own side. If you do not have time or money to take classes, I HIGHLY suggest creating a free account on Coursera. It is a site that hosts real time classes where you take quizzes, testes, and do assignments. You can enroll in as many as you like and unenroll at anytime. Because the professors know that people who actually follow their online lectures have an interest in learning the topic, its not like a regular college class. The work load is relatively little and convenient for people on the go since everything is online. These courses are actually free and are legitemate. UVA, Harvard, Princeton, other presitigeous universities around the country, Universities in France and China all have classes on there that you can take. They cover very interesting topics. Courses that are starting "soon" (like in a couple weeks): Exploring the Particle World: Shanghai Jiao Tong University Law and Society: Shanghai Jiao Tong University Useful Genestics Part 2: University of British Columbia Introduction to Genetics and Evolution: Duke University Drugs and the Brain: California Institute of Technology Cryptography I : Standford University Unpredicatable? Randomness, Chance and Free Will : National University of Singapore And many more you can learn physics, programming, anything. I've taken three courses. I do not believe you can get credit for any of them, but you can get a statement of accomplishment. Its really focused on the learning. You do assignments, peer review, etc. I love this site! In conjuction with a good book, you can really learn the material well. Anyways, if you want to learn physics, you should also understand calculus. You do not have too (at the introductory level), but it will lead to a much greater understanding of the topics. Cheers I love this site [geek mode on]

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Claude Shannon: How a Genius Solves Problems
Claude Shannon: How a Genius Solves Problems
It took Claude Shannon about a decade to fully formulate his seminal theory of information.He first flirted with the idea of establishing a common foundation for the many information technologies of his day (like the telephone, the radio, and the television) in graduate school.It wasnt until 1948, however, that he published A Mathematical Theory of Communication. This wasnt his only big contribution, though. As a student at MIT, at the humble age of 21, he published a thesis that many consider possibly the most important masters thesis of the century.To the average person, this may not mean much. Hes not exactly a household name. But if it wasnt for Shannons work, what we think of as the modern computer may not exist. His influence is enormous not just in computer science, but also in physics and engineering.The word genius is thrown around casually, but there are very few people who actually deserve the moniker like Claude Shannon. He thought differently, and he thought playfully.One of the subtle causes behind what manifested as such genius, however, was the way he attacked problems. He didnt just formulate a question and then look for answers, but he was methodological in developing a process to help him see beyond what was in sight. His problems were different from many of the problems we are likely to deal with, but the template and its reasoning can be generalized to some degree, and when it is, it may just help us think sharper, too.All problems have a shape and a form. To solve them, we have to first understand them.Build a Core Before Filling the DetailsThe importance of getting to an answer isnt lost on any of us, but many of us do neglect how important it is to ask a question in such a way that an answer is actually available to us. We are quick to jump around from one detail to another, hoping that they eventually connect, rather than focusing our energy on developing an intuition for what it is we are working with.This is where Shannon did the opposite. In fact, as his biographers note in A Mind at Play, he did this to the point that some contemporary mathematicians thought that he wasnt as rigorous as he could be in the steps he was taking to build a coherent picture. They, naturally, wanted the details.Shannons reasoning, however, was that it isnt until you eliminate the inessential from the problem you are working on that you can see the core that will guide you to an answer. In fact, often, when you get to such a core, you may not even recognize the problem anymore, which illustrates how important it is to get the bigger picture right before you go chasing after the details. Otherwise, you start by pointing yourself in the wrong direction.Details are important and useful. Many details are actually disproportionately important and useful relative to their representation. But there are equally as many details that are useless.If you dont find the core of a problem, you start off with all of the wrong details, which is then going to encourage you to add many more of the wrong kinds of details until youre stuck.Starting by pruning away at what is unimportant is how you discipline yourself to see behind the fog created by the inessential. Thats when youll find the foundation you are looking for.Finding the true form of the problem is almost as important as the answer that comes after.Harness Restructuring and ContrastIn a speech given at Bell Labs in 1952 to his contemporaries, Shannon dived into how he primes his mind to think creatively when addressing things that are keeping him occupied. Beyond simplifying and looking for the core, he suggests something else something that may not seem to make a difference on the surface but is crucial for thinking differently.Frequently, when we have spent a lot of time thinking about a problem, we create a tunnel vision that rigidly directs us along a singular path. Logical thinking starts at one point, makes reasoned connections, and if done well, it always leads to the same place every time. Creative thinking is a little different. It, too, makes connections, but these connections are less logical and more serendipitous, allowing for what we think of as new thinking patterns.One of Shannons go-to tricks was to restructure and contrast the problem in as many different ways as possible. This could mean exaggerating it, minimizing it, changing the words of how it is stated, reframing the angle from where it is looked at, and inverting it. The point of this exercise is simply to get a more holistic look at what is actually going on.Its easy for our brain to get stuck in mental loops, and the best way to break these mental loops is to change the reference point. We are not changing our intuitive understanding of the problem or the core we have identified, just how it is expressed. We could, for example, ask: What is the best way to solve this? But we could also ask: What is the worst way to solve this? Each contains knowledge, and we should dissect both.Just as a problem has forms, it also has many shapes. Different shapes hold different truths.Multiply the Essence of Every InputWhile its important to focus on the quality of ideas, its perhaps just as important to think about the quantity. Not just concerning total numbers but also how you get to those numbers.To solve a problem, you have to have a good idea. In turn, to have a good idea, its often the case that you have to first go through many bad ones. Even so, however, throwing anything and everything at the wall isnt the way to do that. There is more to it than that.During the Second World War, Shannon met Alan Turing, another computer science pioneer. While Turing was in the US, they had tea almost every day. Over the years, they continued to keep in touch, and both men respected the others thinking and enjoyed his company.When discussing what he thinks constitutes genius, Shannon used an analogy shared with him by Turing, from which he extrapolated a subtle observation. In his own words:There are some people if you shoot one idea into the brain, you will get a half an idea out. There are other people who are beyond this point at which they produce two ideas for each idea sent in.He humbly denied that he was in the latter category, instead putting people like Newton in there. But if we look beyond that, we can see what is at play. Its not just about quantity. Every input has a particular essence at its core that communicates a truth that lies behind the surface. This truth is the foundation for many different solutions to many different problems.What Shannon is getting at, I suspect, is that generating good ideas is about getting good at multiplying the essence of every input. Bad ideas may be produced if you get the essence wrong, but the better you identify it, the more effectively youll be able to uncover insights.Doubling the output of your ideas is the first step, but capturing the essence is the difference.All You Need to KnowMuch of life whether its in your work, or in your relationships, or as it relates to your well-being comes down to identifying and attacking a problem so that you can move past it. Claude Shannon may have been a singular genius with a unique mind, but the process he used isnt out of reach for any of us. His strength was in this process and its application.Good problem-solving is a product of both critical and creative thinking. The best way to combine them is to have some process in place that allows each to shine through.Thinking patterns shape our minds. The goal is to have the right thinking patterns doing so.Want more?I write about philosophy, science, art, and history for a private community of smart, curious people. Join 40,000 readers for exclusive access
Why Designers Hate Most Medicine Cabinets ( Some Genius Alternative Bathroom Storage Solutions)
Well, I will be honest and say that we do not need the storage at the mountain house like we do in LA because we have so much less stuff, PLUS our vanities have GREAT storage. In the master, we wanted a huge mirror to reflect light and trees from the opposite windows. In the powder, we did not see the need for more storage since it's a powder room. And the guest bathrooms, well, they are just for temporary guests and they have tons of vanity storage so we opted out. If you do not need storage (ha, who are you?), then do not suffer through the pain of figuring out how to integrate it in a stylish way. Full stop.• RELATED QUESTIONBathroom theme ideas for a 4 year old boys bathroom?How about cars that's not to childish. Does he have a favorite cartoon character? You can try thatBathroom stalls in Python 3 (Google Code Jam 2017)This:has a few problems:Do one better by calling setdefault:Do even better by using a defaultdict:The last two options you might not be able to meaningfully use if you really need the if left stuff to execute only on the addition of a new key. So this might work:This:should probably drop the brackets, so that you return an implicit 2-tuple:Probably better off to have the user input two numbers on separate lines than one line with space separation; and avoid map in this case because it's a little clunky:can becomeBathroom fixture ... fan runs but light doesn't work! Any ideas?Replace the ceiling fan, the wiring to one side is shotEco Friendly Bathroom & Shower Cleaner | Earth ChoiceFormulated with naturally powerful plant based cleaning agents to combat grime and soap scum, leaving your bathroom sparkling clean and fresh. This brilliantly effective product is ideal for tiles, shower screens, shower curtains, baths, basins, spas, bench tops, stainless steel, chrome, taps and acrylic surfaces. DO NOT USE on stone, porous, cracked, unsealed and/or acid sensitive surfaces. Do not use with or immediately after any other chemical or bleach. Spot test all surfaces before use. The duration of a spot test should reflect the same amount of time the product is intended to be used in order to get an accurate result.Bathroom Etiquette Question?Good question! You flush a second time and with more tissue in hand, as the water is flushed out, quickly wipe the edge of the bowl. You only have seconds to do this before water flows into the bowl again. Another solution that works well. Before passing a stool, lay a long strip of toilet paper down the inside of the toilet bowl. The stool will drop on the toilet paper and be swished away with the first flush.Bathroom stall writing?I almost always read what is in the bathroom stall writing. I find it really funny**Interior Decorators!!! Ideas for Decorating a Lavendar Bathroom**?How about a selection of small or one large print of the plant lavender, silver coloured frame would look nice with lavender, you should find these online easy enough Perhaps add a large plant pot with real lavender if there is some light or fake if not And maybe add something of a shell theme either a bowl filled with pebbles or pebbles piled on the floor somewhere Buy lavender hand wash gel as a finishing little touchTeenage Boy gives Counselling Sessions in the Bathroom [closed]This sounds like Charlie Bartlett.Let's look at the trailer... I do not what else it could be!Bedroom/Bathroom Rewiring DesignWith bathrooms, Code now gives you two forks in the road. Rewire time is a great time to address problems like, as Jim Stewart says, breakers tripping when Mom and daughter try to run hair dryers at once. Honestly, I would not even consider it excessive to supply two 20A receptacle circuits, so the occupant of that bathroom can run a curler and hair dryer at once. This could even be done with a single 12/3 cable using our old friend the MWBC. As far as extending the bedroom circuit outside, that is fine. However I learned not to leave expensive electronic things outdoors. That includes GFCIs. I would fit a cheaper indoor-rated GFCIreceptacle inside the bedroom at whichever location you tap for the outside extension. Hang the cable to the outdoor receptacle off the LOAD terminals of that GFCI. Then, fit a plain receptacle outdoors. It wo not deteriorate nearly as fast, and when it does, it's $2.Bathroom Period Kit for guests?You do not know what there flow is so you have to put a variety in this kit. I would recommend: -3 pads- 1 overnight- 1 regular- 1 heavy -10 tampons-2 lights-5 regular-3 heavy -15 liners 1 for each tampon then extrasBathroom outlet wont work?hey that plug in might be weak, it might need replaced. simple job. buy the plug at Menard's. it is cheapBathroom or Toilet? What's the "correct"?Hi, I am in the UK and over here we say "Where are the toilets?" or "Can I go to the toilet please?". It is incredibly posh to say bathroom!do you approve of this?Bathroom manners?I would walk straight out of that bathroom if that is what I saw. I would not "Hover" nor would I even walk into the stallNo Bathroom Help?LMAO why is not there a bathroom around where the hell are you? Sorry I know not funny.What Colors and/or Theme is your BathroomHelp I need new Ideas?My son's bathroom is spongebob, patrick squidward, and sandy squirrel. Pretty cool. Even better than my bathroom. It is colorful and funBathroom toilet has air bubbles when I showerSounds to me like a roof vent is plugged or restricted. Run water from a hose into each roof vent and see if you can clear them. Have someone inside while running water into the vents to insure that if this would cause a water leak inside that you stop before doing damage. Or run a snake down each roof vent. But do not drive the snake into the drain joint where the vent connects to the horizontal runs. You could damage the drain and turn a minor problem into a major oneThis is about Painting my Bathroom and fixing the sheetrock that I ripped while I was taken some Tile off.?Hmm..I bet you could fill it with sheet-rock mud (wall plaster)(spackle)..smooth it down and sand it ..paint it and you are good to go... You can buy those little tubs of it in about a pint size..just for patchesHow To Make Your Own Natural Bathroom CleanersThere are tons of "green" bathroom cleaners on the market, but most of the time it's cheaper and just as effective to make your own. Armed with a few simple non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients, you can keep your bathroom fresh and sparkling. If you've got a little extra time today, grab this shopping list, head to the store and make a few batches of healthy cleaners to keep your bathroom (or any room) healthy!Famous People Who Died In The Bathroom?i died in the bathroom. that's where Spike & Angel got me. oh and i am nearly famous.Remodeling Bathroom...?you ought to use a carbide hollow cutter in an electric drill. Carbide hollow cutters are like elementary hollow saws different than the rim is carbide grit incredibly of enamel. you may get those an countless diverse sizes so which you may desire to have the skill to locate one the the right option length on your purpose. to start the drill, take a nail and hammer a small chip out of the glaze the place you p.c. the middle of the hollow to be, a mild faucet might desire to do it, this might keep the bit from wandering over the exterior and initiate the hollow much less difficult. no remember if that's a wall tile that's in all probability particularly comfortable ceramic, not porcelain (this is many times used for floor tile), and it wo not be too difficult to drill the hollow as quickly as you get during the glaze.Moving.. Need Bedroom/Bathroom ideas?!?go to they have some great bedding choices!Bathroom over sink lighting barThis is a common problem with threaded socket bases. The retention rings and the bases are sometimes out of spec and will stay loose or even slip the threads when tightened. A trick I learned while apprenticing was to use a high temperature(some work up to 650 F) thread locker. You can get it from just about any auto parts store. Remove the light, disassemble the retaining ring and shade, apply the thread lock(follow the directions for install and cure times). Then reassemble and reinstall the light. This should solve the problemDo you read Books in the Bathroom?I do not read books in the bathroom. I think this is a silly thing. I do however leave magazines and books that may interest those using my bathroom in a magazine rack for them. Just because I do not do it, does not give me the right to judge others. There are a lot of idiots writing today, but you can stick to the best sellers list to be safe.Red Fern Type Growth in Bathroom.?sounds like prelude to invasion of the body snachers,check under bathroom for wet spot, if possible. you may need to lower humidity in house if its a type of mold growth. mold needs 70% humidity to grow and a bathroom has it, you may need to install an exhaust fan in there. as for killing growth, try brush-be -gone or round-up herbicide.mold is lethel if enough of it is around. if you have crawl space under house, go look and see.if not sure what to look for, call exterminater ( bug killer) or plumber.Bathroom light/exhaust fan fixture wiringThere is a flapper (back draft damper) in the outlet of the exhaust fan. Make sure that it opens when the fan runs and is not stuck closed by anything including a mounting screw or discharge pipe item. Make sure that all the packing material has been removed from the fan housing. You can remove the fan and motor so you can inspect the vent damper. On the roof, make sure that the discharge damper assembly will open with any air movement. Hope this helpsBasement Bathroom Drywall Behind ToiletYou can slow down condensation on cold water pipes by insulating them. What? Insulate cold pipes???Sure, why not. The insulation does not care. The insulation will act as a vapor barrier to keep humid air away from the pipe, and will greatly slow the warm-up of the pipe. Remember, in condensing conditions, what is warming the pipe is the enthalpy of vaporization as water vapor condenses. The water vapor gives up 2257 joules/gram or 970 BTU/lb. when it transitions from vapor to liquid, and this is what warms the pipe until it equalizes to ambient. The insulation greatly slows this process, reducing condensation greatlyGirls Would You Hold Your Boyfriends... Man-bag While He Goes To The Bathroom:P?he wears a man bag?! D: hell, if he wore a man bag i would be totally honest and tell him straight up if he looked stupid.Bathtub Drain Completely Clogged, Water Will Not Drain Bathroom Sink Slow Draining?I am going to kind of go against the flow and suggest you NOT use Drano or Liquid Plumber or any of those do it yourself chemicals. Plumbers HATE that stuff because it gels in the pipes and makes the plug worse. Also, your bathtub is not draining at all. You do not want a very caustic substance like that sitting in the water that may be trapped in your bathtub. I would suggest trying to clean out your main line in the basement like dragon suggested. If that does not work call a plumber.Weed Smell in Bathroom?Mummy will be pleased. The vent should go outside, however I am sure the bathroom will stink for quite a while after. I would suggest buying a cheap bottle of cider and having a few spliffs on the street, then you really can be one of the boys. Assuming of course that you are allowed out this time of night ;-)
A Very Stable Genius
A Very Stable GeniusA Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump's Testing of America is a 2020 book by Washington Post reporters Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig. The book presents an account of the first three years of the presidency of Donald Trump. It focuses on specific incidents of conflict with senior advisors, including former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. A Very Stable Genius ranked first on bestseller lists from The New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly, and received generally positive reviews in international media— — — — — —Brian Wilson is a genius"Brian Wilson is a genius" is a tagline referencing the Beach Boys' leader Brian Wilson. It was created by the Beatles' former press officer Derek Taylor in 1966, who was then employed as the Beach Boys' publicist, although there are earlier documented expressions of the statement. Taylor frequently called Wilson "genius" as part of a campaign he initiated to rebrand the group and legitimize Wilson as a serious artist on par with the Beatles and Bob Dylan. The resultant hype bore a number of unintended consequences for the band's reputation and internal dynamic, and has been credited as a contributing factor to Wilson's professional and psychological decline. Taylor's promotion coincided with the Pet Sounds album (May 1966), the "Good Vibrations" single (October 1966), and the Smile album (an unfinished project that was abandoned in 1967). During this period, Wilson sought the approval of the 1960s counterculture. To this end, Taylor wrote columns for various American and British publications, where he compared Wilson to classical figures such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. By the end of 1966, an NME reader's poll placed Wilson as the fourth-ranked "World Music Personality"-about 1,000 votes ahead of Bob Dylan and 500 behind John Lennon. Wilson commented that the "genius" branding intensified the pressures of his career and led him to become "a victim of the recording industry". As he shied away from the music industry in the years afterward, his ensuing legend originated the trope of the "reclusive genius" among studio-oriented musical artists and later inspired comparisons between other musicians such as Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett and My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields. .— — — — — —Genius Inter College, BistupurGenius Inter College, Bistupur is an intermediate college in Jharkhand, India, with courses in arts, sciences, and commerce— — — — — —Bart the Genius"Bart the Genius" is the second episode of The Simpsons' first season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 14, 1990. It was the first episode written by Jon Vitti. It is the show's first episode, hence the iconic opening sequence, though this version is much different from the one used from the second season to the twentieth season. In the episode, Bart cheats on an intelligence test and is declared a genius, so he is sent to a school for gifted children. Though he initially enjoys being treated as a genius, he begins to see the downside of his new life. It marks the first use of Bart's catchphrase "Eat my shorts". As the second episode produced, directly after James L. Brooks' personal displeasure at the animation of "Some Enchanted Evening", the future of the series depended on how the animation turned out on this episode. The animation proved to be more to his liking and production continued.— — — — — —Nature of the geniusEach individual place had a genius (genius loci) and so did powerful objects, such as volcanoes. The concept extended to some specifics: the genius of the theatre, of vineyards, and of festivals, which made performances successful, grapes grow, and celebrations succeed, respectively. It was extremely important in the Roman mind to propitiate the appropriate genii for the major undertakings and events of their lives. The Christian theologian Augustine equated the Christian "soul" with the Roman genius, citing Varro as attributing the rational powers and abilities of every human being to their genius.— — — — — —Beau GeniusBeau Genius (foaled May 20, 1985 - July 25, 2014) was a Canadian Thoroughbred racehorse— — — — — —Captain Nemo: The Fantastic History of a Dark GeniusCaptain Nemo: The Fantastic History of a Dark Genius is a novel by Kevin J. Anderson, published in 2002 by Pocket Books. It is a secret history and crossover work, the central premise being that many of the things Jules Verne wrote about existed in real life as told to him by the real Captain Nemo.
Who Is the Name of That Guy in a Wheel Chair and Talks Like a Robot I Heard He's Some Kind of Genius
His name is Stephen Hawking. People make fun of him because he is paralyzed, even though he has done more important things than 99% of us. He cant walk, talk, do regular stuff, but his brain is i would say is the most important1. should a child be aloud to code an pass away if they are wheel chair bound because of a genetic problem?that is to be determined by the parents...any patient can be a DNR (do not recusitate). If you are over 18 it is your decision...if you do not have a living will or are unable to speak for yourself (ie minors, those with mental disorders or those with no living wills who are in comas or incapacitated)..the decision falls to your family or someone that you've appointed to make those decisions for you. A DNR basically means that you do not want any heroic measures to bring you back if you were to stop breathing and your heart stopped beating. I am a nurse who works with disabled children and several of my patients have been DNR's. It's not because they are not loved, usually the opposite. These kids have been through so much pain, prodding, surgery...sometimes the parents feel that if for some reason their heart was to stop beating, they did not want to go to 'heroic' measure to bring them back. Quality of life is a huge issue...and many of these kids do not have it. would you want to be subjected to surgery after surgery for the rest of your life when it only buys you enough time until your next surgery? I guarentee it's a hard decision for these families..but it is their decision to make.2. How will a Great Dane be with a person using a walker and wheel chair?Your aunt is right, this is a bad idea. As was said before, Dane's do not understand how big they are. My friend has 4, and they all think they are mini-poodles and want to be cuddled on your lap. Even when walking around, they are "velcro dogs" and come out of nowhere and rest all their weight on your legs if you stop moving. This would be way too much for someone in a walker to handle. Is the dog for you, or for her? Either way, if you live with her, you should look for a much smaller dog. Even a lab can knock you off your feet without trying. How about a cocker spaniel, or shitzu? Both are nice dogs and sound more her speed. Wait on the dane until you get your own house.....3. Leaving Terminal 4, Heathrow Airport; can I order a wheel chair if needed on the day?You are best advised to book it in advance through the airline you are travelling on4. If your wheel chair bound 80 year old relative was instantaneously healed during a church service and?that is much less complicated than asking somebody donning a protracted piece of fabrics wound around their heads to place as much as seek. 95 3 hundred and sixty 5 days olds and childrens wo not be able to argue their case and it provides those subjecting them to the "regulations" a splash surge of power5. What's the rudest thing you've ever seen in public?Kids standing in front of those who are going along in wheel chair's as they are trying to get to their destination. And the parents did not do anything about it. we told the kid to move ourself6. Is the person on the handicap sign in the wheel chair a male or female?I always thought it was a guy... unless it's a girl without much in the chest area :D I s'pose it's neither really... but that's so boring. Let's pretend it's a gnome... I like gnomes. And it's in a relationship with the "caution: wet floor" guy/girl/gnome... hehehe :D7. How could the Republicans trust Santorum's abortion propaganda over Bob Dole's wheel-chair plea?If I were a GOP senator I would NOT vote in favor of a plan as devious as this one. This UN plan is not about people with disabilities. It IS about exerting UN control over the American People.
15 Genius Ways to Save Space in Your Suitcase - Hostelbookers
Jeans, hats, hiking boots and puffy parkas should never be stuffed in a suitcase when they can be worn on the plane. Worried about fashion? Consider this: By dressing like an Alaskan hiker on the plane, you leave more space in your suitcase for additional chic ensembles to be worn in your destination.How long do eggs last in the refrigerator out of the shell?Easy, pour them into a container so it fills to the top, put the lid on tightly and freeze. When ready to use them, place them in the fridge and once defrosted use them. This way they do not get all funky looking. Can also take them out of the freezer, wrap them up in clothing and take them to use hiking. Less mess this way. Yum, yum, eat em upTwo blondes on a hike?lmfao! thats a good one! :DAs a young man, would you buy a minivan?I bought a brand new $20,000.00 4 cyc dodge in 1998 kept it for 15 yrs, found so many new interesting thing to do my kayak fit in it , Dirt bike fit , Great for hiking , camping, even slept in it on trips, then the kids came ! and it all started over again:) would have bought a new one again but the market changed to suv's and I also got older , plus they are very easy to drive and stable But I also dated a lady who when i pulled up said you gotta be kidding me your drive a mini van ? she did not last long, But the mini van had over 200,000 miles on her when I sold it ,As a young man, would you buy a minivan?What are the best hiking boot for Wyoming for a long backpacking hike up the mountains ???Lowa hiking boots are rated very high. They are German and very secure fitting. Vasque are also very good and are often testing by professional athlete. Hope this helpsI want to hike alone?Mountain climbing on my own is hazardous for any individual. Many men have been murdered mountaineering with the aid of themselves as good, on the whole more than females realizing how the homicide expense for each intercourse is. Then, you need to fear about how you will be able to get support if you get injured, particularly if the path is not a trendy one. Your pal is half of-proper. Nobody will have to be climbing by themselves. Although, saying they are "most commonly" raped or murdered goes approach overboard. Possibilities are nothing will occur, however you do enormously broaden your possibilities hiking through your self.What are the pros and cons of retiring in New Mexico?Pros: Depending on Where you retire, New Mexico has some great educational opportunities for retired adults, The University of New Mexico has the Osher Institute, which you can join for $10 a year, it's offered through UNM's Continuing Ed program.The winters are mildThe cost of living is lowThe people here are really niceLots of easily accessible outdoor activities (hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, fishing, senior activities, good libraries and museums, many volunteer opportunities)It is a beautiful place to live.Cons:There is a lot of crime in the stateThere are a lot of DWI accidentsThe state has a lot of poverty, we are 59th in per capita income. The summers can be quite hot.Food to take on an overnight hike?The main question is do you want to take a small cooler, or ask what everyone else is bringing than you can compliment your choices. I would say definitely bring some breakfast bars like special K has, you can also make sandwiches like peanut butter and jelly but with those you have to be-careful as to what regions you are going and if there will be any black bears.Take lots of water. Things that do not need to be kept in the cold. Caned fish or canned deli meats are also a good idea. Butter does not spoil so fast so you can bring that but make sure you have a plastic container because it gets soft. There are also a couple of things you should bring with you. Toilet paper,car charger for cell phones, flash light, bug spray and a pocket knife. Have fun!!!
Bamboo Wacom Tablet Vs Genius Tablet. Which One Should I Buy?
I have not tried a Genius tablet, but I have a Bamboo one and I really like it. It works really well, I have not had any problems. I use it mostly for photo editing and internet. I bought it at Best Buy for $100, came with a couple of programs (photoshop elements is one of them, can not remember the others at the moment!) and a mouse that works with it as well as the pen1. What Wacom Tablet is the best?Well, I am nor really sure but I would as Williams Shamir if I were you. He's super nice and responsive...2. Setting Pressure Sensitivity on PS7 for a Wacom Tablet?You will need to go under Edit, then look at your Preferences. I used to use PS4, and it had a dialogue just for setting pressure for the tablet. It will ask you to scribble some, going from light to heavy pressure and slow to fast speeds. It will then adjust your pen to your particular drawing habits3. cant find wacom tablet on computer?Wacom Ptz-431w Driver4. Which is the best Wacom tablet for graphic designers?I primarily use my Wacom tablet for photo editing or simple illustrations. Keeping this in mind I really like the Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet. The trackpad is small and works for my needs (less than $100). It is my understanding that this product may not be available in Canada. The Intuos line is available and is very similar to the Bamboo tablet. The Bamboo line is no frills, robust, and has no (or no noticeable) lag between your computer screen and the tablet. This is the tablet I have: Wacom CTL460 Bamboo Pen Tablet (Wacom CTL460 Bamboo Pen Tablet)If you are new to the world of tablets this is a great place to start.Which is the best Wacom tablet for graphic designers?5. Is it worth buying a wacom tablet?Yes, if you are gonna use it alot then buy it. It will be worth it6. Which Wacom tablet is the best choice ?the medium is high-quality, i take advantage of the comparable one (intous4) with cs4 and this is the final wacom ive ever used, and ive been employing them for years!!! to be common the bigger ones are almost to important and a discomfort to apply!!! one element i am going to propose is take a while to establish the realm buttons with your chosen photoshop shortcuts, cos it makes existence that little bit greater common! wish this facilitates7. Wacom Tablet Mouse circle thing?Try reinstalling the tablet software and the drivers8. Can you use a wacom tablet at more than one computer?You guys just saved my life9. Which is the best tool for beginners to start with the Wacom tablet?My first wacom tablet is a5 size bamboo fun. It's small but enough to support my work. I working with adobe photoshop for digital painting, illustrator for vector drawing and after effect for animation. Support with macbook pro trackpad, wacom can be use to replace my mouse.Actually size does not matter. But there a limit on pressure. If you have enough money, and love digital painting, it's better to get wacom intuos pro.If you want to get more better experience in drawing, wacom cintiq is great. But i choose to bought ipad pro and apple pencil for that price.So, i started with Wacom Bamboo small and replace it with Wacom intuos draw for drawing on computer. It's about $100. For more details drawing i am using iPad pro and Apple pencil. Which is the best tool for beginners to start with the Wacom tablet?10. BEST Wacom Tablet for a beginner?The Bamboo is a good tablet for a beginner. The Bamboo Pen is pretty cheap, but I think Bamboo Fun is more worth your money. It's a good size and has some pressure sensitivity. It works very well too with Photoshop.11. Why does Wacom Tablet Pen not work with certain Apps?Hi there! 1. use Spybot for a fully check up for viruses 2. if still does not work, i am afraid an re-image is necessary. Answered by sam, Hope it helped. Have a nice day:)12. Wacom tablet, stylus and eraser dont show up in xinput -list(thinkpadI useto list my Wacom tablet devices, it works for me. (Cfr. also this blog post of mine about how I set up my Wacom tablet in Ubuntu)
Thirty Feet From Genius
The queue in the back of the court gets big. Across the net, Bob and Mike Bryan hit balls with some thirty amateurs — all guests of the Gillette Federer Tour in São Paulo. Some hopeful ones even try to beat the twins playing points. Other just want to hit the most number os balls they can. The tennis clinic in the Ibirapuera indoor court is well under way when I get there and move to the back of the line.I do not get to hit a single ball with the Bryans. As I was getting close to the baseline, we hear the buzz courtside. One of the most famous figures in sporting history is coming out of the dressing room. The blue sponsor-colored shirt and the yellow bandana leave little room for doubt. It's Roger Federer stepping into the court. The queue breaks. Everyone runs towards the Swiss. In a matter of seconds, the winningest doubles team in history is all but forgotten.A different, bigger queue quickly takes shape. With no warm up or even a single ball hit, my first task is to return a serve from Roger. The man, the myth, the legend is across the net, some 75 feet from me. The ball leaves his racquet at half speed. The Swiss knows how to play amateurs. It's not his first time around wannabes. My legs are not quite there. I have not felt this tense in a tennis court since probably my first beginner-level tournament. Luckily, I manage to return the ball deep enough. My "opponent" jokes and lets out a Rafa-like grunt. I laugh on the inside. I grunt back, hit another ball safely into the court.As the little yellow ball travels, I get ready for another "Federer forehand", the most feared shot in history. Mastered to perfection, taught by tennis tennis instructors everywhere. The one stroke that defines "by the book". I would seen it happen a few minutes earlier. After hitting about four with one of the guests, Roger ripped one true Federer Forehand. The ball traveled like a bullet train, leaving the crowd and the "opponent" in awe. Jaws dropped.So that's what it feels like for opponents. That's how it is for the pros. That's when it hits me. I am trading forehands with Roger Federer! The man who spent more weeks at the top of the ranking then anyone else. My legs freeze, I take the first step towards the ball a second slow and get there late. The ball stops at the net. I am still smiling. Ca not help it.After a few minutes, the queue is a mess. Guys hand their mobile phones to whoever is closest. Everyone wants a video, a photo, a token of those few seconds spent in the same court as Roger. Playing him — or with him — is a privilege, the memory of a lifetime, a story to tell the wife. Or a mother who happens to be a crazy fan of the Swiss. Later, she would cry hearing the news.Mike Bryan and Roger decide to change things and ask for two lines. The few on the right would hit with the American. The many on the left, like me, would play 30 feet from the 17-time Grand Slam champion. I hit a forehand and a backhand before going back to the end of the line. Other guests are still having trouble keeping their jaws locked. Excited, nervous, happy, ecstatic. There's a little bit of everything in that baseline queue.I am again 30 feet away from Roger. I notice how effortlessly he hits back every (good and bad) ball pushed at him. I would seen the former number one in the world up-close in practices and Grand Slam matches. Also in interview rooms. Nothing quite compared to holding a racquet and sharing a court with the biggest name in the sport I covered professionally.At the end, I am no longer tense. I hit around 15 balls from Roger, I think. Given all that's reported in the previous paragraphs, my count might lack precision. I do remember well the last one though. I take two steps to the right and let out a great (for my standards) forehand. The Swiss looks at me and says "good movement. " Magic words for an overweight amateur. Even then Roger'a a genius.How can you defeat a genius?Plant a doubt in his/her mind. Your work is done. Sit back and enjoy the destruction that follows.
Is Rap Poetry? the Genius of East Coast Rap in the 90's
A Literary Analysis of Notorious BIG's Hit Song "Juicy"In the late 1980's, an innovative genre of rap music dubbed East Coast Hip-Hop, or New York Rap, emerged in America's pop landscape. This new style, characterized by "lyrical dexterity," was further "revolutionized" in the early 1990's (Adaso, "East Coast Hip Hop"). Although artists such as Dr. Dre, the Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z, and Nas heralded in the era through their acclaimed albums, Christopher Wallace, known as The Notorious B. I. G. , truly "reinvented East Coast rap… for the [new] age" ("The Notorious B.I.G Biography"). After releasing his first album, Ready to Die, in 1994, The Notorious B.I.G, or Biggie Smalls, launched a furor in the hip hop community. The album's debut single, "Juicy," propelled Wallace's career into stardom and since then has been named the eighth best rap song in the genre's history (Bernard, "50 Greatest Hip Hop Songs of All Time"). The reason behind Notorious' song's prestige has not been due to entrancing instrumentals, but rather its ability to linguistically convey an inspirational message to over a decade of American youth. Through a narrative format, a lucid refrain, and various poetic techniques, "Juicy" manifests the truth in the American Dream and prompts youth to pursue their aspirations. By chronicling his rise out of the Brooklyn, New York poverty and into a new positive lifestyle, Biggie sets a template to the audience for how to obtain one's dream. Growing up in a neighborhood permeated by drugs and crime, he had a rough childhood marred by arrest. In the first verse of "Juicy," Notorious recounts, "Born sinner, the opposite of a winner…Remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner. " Through these words, Biggie rhythmically illustrates how he had been born into a gripping cycle of poverty with only the cheapest meals available to eat. As his lyrics elucidate, the only viable escape young Wallace saw was a career as a hip hop artist. In the opening lines of "Juicy," Notorious states, "It was all a dream/ I used to read Word Up magazine… hangin' pictures on my wall. " In these words, he briefly sums up his sheer idolization of rap artists and his desire to become famous like those in hip hop media. As his lyrics progress, Biggie continuously emphasizes the pinnacle of life that he has reached. From declaring "Now I am in the limelight," "Now honies play me close," and "I went from negative to positive," Notorious explicitly describes the immense change that he has undergone; from shadow to light, sexually unattractive to magnetic, in debt to financially stable. Additionally, "Juicy" includes more abstract juxtapositions of his "negative" and new "positive" life such as, "I made the change from a common thief/ To up close and personal with Robin Leach," and "Thinkin' back on my one-room shack/ Now my mom pimps a Ac' with minks on her back." Through both lines, Notorious paints his old life, then contrasts it to his modern life by mentioning celebrities, television series, and products equated with luxury.In addition to the three verse structure in which Biggy recounts his comic rise, "Juicy" is comprised [1] of a refrain. This chorus, sung by female rap group Total, successfully functions to disrupt the specificity of Notorious' narration, create an intimate bond with the listener, and ultimately deliver the songs [2] desired message. One opinion stands that Total's voice in the song detracts from the message's delivery as it disrupts the one on one relationship with Notorious' voice.[3] However, when analyzed critically, it is evident that the female rap group's presence does not disrupt the delivery of "Juicy"'s message, but rather ensures its success. [4] Total successfully emphasizes Biggy's message through their different voice. The group's melodic alto voice is a shift in sound from Wallace's low, bass voice. In this context, Total's voice serves the purpose to avoid monotone, and actively hooks the listener's attention to the chorus. In conjunction with their literal change in voice, Total's shifts the voice of "Juicy" from Wallace's specific narrative standpoint, to a zoomed out view of the larger picture. [5] This shift in scope perfectly transitions the listener's focus from Biggy's detailed story, to his song's intended message about the attainability of the American Dream.In conjunction with Total's vocalization, the refrain's success in serving its function is a result of its lyrical structure and repetition. The first structural element that elevates the chorus' influence is that the lyrics single out and create a bond with the listener. Through first singing, "You know very well who you are," Total targets the listener, "you," and prepares him or her to personally receive the rest of the refrain. Then, as they continue two lines late, "You had a goal, but not that many/ 'cause you are the only one I will give you good and plenty," the female voices mention two pronouns, "you" and "I. " Although not directly spoken by Biggie, this connection of pronouns constructs a bridge between the listener and the artist. In doing so, the message becomes more relevant to them on a personal level rather than a member of a crowd. The second vital structural element of the refrain is that it includes an imperative. As Total sings, "Do not let em hold you down, reach for the stars," they directly instruct, on Notorious' behalf, the listener to complete a course of action. This imperative is the vehicle which delivers Wallace's message about pursuing dreams directly into the listener's mindset. In addition, once the initial message has influenced the audience's thoughts, this imperative obliges them to actively shake off all hindrances that obstruct them from reaching their goals. The final element that renders the refrain successful is that it is repeated four times; once after the first and second verse, then twice after the final verse. Not only is Notorious' message directly spoken to the listener, but is cumulatively driven into his or her mind.Although "Juicy"'s message is clear and inspiring, the song would not have achieved such acclaim without Notorious' artful employment of literary devices. Through various forms of rhyme, the lyrics of "Juicy" create a unique and free flowing sound which allows the message to be embraced by the audience. In nearly every line, Notorious B.I.G transforms potentially dull information into brilliant phrases by means of end rhyme. In couplets, "Livin' life without fear/ puttin' 5 karats in my baby girl's ear" and "Phone bill about two G's flat/ no need to worry my accountant handles that," Biggie could have achieved the same message by stating "I am very rich. " However, by intricately end rhyming "fear," with "ear," and "flat," with "that," he achieves a far more attractive and interesting sound. In addition to its end rhymes, "Juicy" truly slingshotted Notorious to the top of the charts through its complex blend of allusion, assonance, internal rhyme, and alliteration. This characteristic is perfectly exemplified at the close of verse one:"Born sinner, the opposite of a winnerRemember when I used to eat sardines for dinnerPeace to Ron G, Brucey B, Kid CapriFunkmaster Flex, Lovebug Starsky" (Italics, underline, and bold added). Here, Biggie Smalls' integration of internal rhyme (italicized), assonance (underlined), alliteration (bolded), and allusion (last two lines), creates a linguistic lacework which flows astoundingly well. Furthermore, by alluding to the fathers of hip hop, the lyrics hook the listener's ear with familiar sounds and increases his or her attention to a more meticulous level. Throughout "Juicy," Notorious B.I.G peppers the audience with his technical prowess, and, in doing so, achieves literary originality. This, in turn, increases his intended message's effect because the listener is compelled to appreciate its idiosyncrasy.Throughout Biggie Smalls' rhythmic autobiography, "Juicy," he implements a number of literary elements and devices in order to leave the audience with the desire to exceed its potential. By recounting his success, Notorious not only inspires others to follow his lead into the "life without fear," but establishes credibility for rap itself. "Juicy"'s lyrics illustrate the metamorphosis of a troubled, criminal boy named Christopher Wallace into superstar Notorious B.I.G. The guide and pathway of Wallace's ascent was the musical genre, rap. Along the course of Biggy's lyrics, hip-hop and rap are portrayed as a means to break the cycle of poverty. In addition, he describes rap's sublime effect on his life in attempt to discredit its negative connotation with violence and gangs. Arm in arm with this, "Juicy" describes how, although having an exceptionally lucrative career, Notorious B.I.G did not forget his roots as Christopher Wallace. Evident in the line, "Call the crib, same number same hood," Biggy reached the pinnacle of his career while remaining in his childhood, poverty stricken neighborhood. This notion, combined with the fact that "Juicy"'s purpose is to inspire youth to pursue their dreams, manifests the strong moral dimension of his work. Although he could easily have afforded a mansion across the country and become self-absorbed, Notorious did not simply dwell in luxury. Furthermore, this understanding displays that Biggy's rise from rags to riches transcended material goods, and, as a result, promotes his own ethos. It is this gesture, coupled with "Juicy"'s complex lyrical construction that produced a genius masterpiece worthy of declaring Christopher Wallace "the greatest rapper that ever lived" (Bernard, "50 Greatest Hip Hop Songs of All Time").Work CitedAdaso, Henry. "East Coast Hip-Hop." About. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Oct. 2014."The Notorious B.I.G. Biography." AllMusic. All Media Network Llc, n.d. Web. 07 Oct. 2014.50 Greatest Hip Hop Songs of All Time." Rolling Stone. N.p., 5 Dec. 2012. Web. 07 Oct. 2014A QUESTION FOR A GENIUS LIKE YOU.........?THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I AM LOOKING THIS QUESTIONBUT I FORGOT THE ANSWER
Garage Fan Selection and Placement
However, I have no idea how to select a placement. Why would I choose ceiling mount vs wall mount? Like is there an "ideal" place to mount the fan? If wall mounted - high or low on the wall? Near a corner or in the middle of the wall? If ceiling mounted, near the center of the room? Corners? Wall centers?The fans you've referenced are fundamentally the same. I.e. the "ceiling" version still is designed to move air horizontally (as opposed to what we usually think of as a "ceiling" fan).I would say that the choice of ceiling vs. wall mount is primarily going to be driven by the exact location you think the fan will be most useful, and the convenience of installation (e.g. where you already have existing wiring). It will have more to do with what's the best location to mount the fan, rather than any particular aspect of operation.Also, I assume oscillating is "better" than fixed (again, the price is only marginally more)? Is just "better airflow"? Are there any downsides?Oscillation is a question of how you want to use the fan. An oscillating fan does a couple of things that a stationary fan does not:Bottom line on those two points: there's a reason the fans are offered in different configurations, and the reason is mainly because different users have different needs. You'll have to think about how the space is to be used, how you expect to use the fan, and what would be involved in installing the fan, and use that information to drive your decision. Within the four-option matrix (i.e. the four combinations of oscillating or not and wall or ceiling mount), there is no best option overall. It just depends.As far as locating the fan, again that will depend on your specific need. If you want a stationary fan to blow on a particular spot, then a location at the right distance from that spot where the fan can be properly positioned would be best. If you just want to mix the air in the room, an oscillating fan positioned near a wall, or maybe up to 1/3rd of the width of the room (depending on how large the space actually is), might be better.At the end of the day, you might find that practical considerations related to where you have power and structure available for mounting are the primary factor.I note that in one comment, you mention that there is living space above. That could also be a consideration. It might be easier to control noise infiltrating the living space if you mount the fan on the wall rather than the ceiling. Assuming that's a concern, of course.Last gotcha - I have a door to an air conditioned house. Would keeping that door open while working (in a further attempt to cool the garage) be useful? If so, would it change the placement choice?Unless you plan to hang the fan directly in the doorway, and preferably on the cold side of the doorway, it's unlikely that the fan would help much with mixing the air conditioned air with the warm garage air.On a broader note: it's important keep in mind what a fan can and cannot do. The fan is not going to change the temperature of the room. In fact, running the electric motor is going to increase the average temperature a hair.What the fan can do is even out the hot spots in the room, if any (e.g. you are using welding equipment, or doing something else that generates heat, or maybe there's a spot in the room that gets a lot more sunlight), and can provide a breeze to aid in cooling a person's body, taking advantage of the body's own mechanisms for dealing with heat (i.e. sweating and dilating blood vessels).Even with a fan, if you're working and the room is hot, you're going to feel hot. Staying hydrated will be at least as important as any other consideration. If you really want to cool the room, you need something else that will actually change the temperature, rather than just your perception of it.For somewhere between the same price as the fan you're looking at and less than double that price, you could get a window-mount or portable A/C unit. At the higher end of that range, you could even get a dual-mode (i.e. heat pump) model that will heat the space in the winter if needed.At the lower of the scale, you also have the option of exhaust fans. Depending on the climate in your area and why the garage gets hot in the first place and whether you can provide an effective source of make-up air for one, an exhaust fan could be used to keep the space cool enough that a fan to actually move air in the space isn't needed, or at least would be a lot more effective.Don't get me wrong: fans that just move air around have their use. I find them especially useful for spaces where conditioning isn't even possible (e.g. the space isn't even fully enclosed), as well as an accessory to be used in combination with conditioning methods (because it's always still helpful to mix the air in the room, conditioned or not). But if your primary complaint is just that the space is hot, a fan might not be the most cost-effective solution from a price/performance perspective, even taking into account the significantly reduced operating costs as compared to A/CI would like to put a fan in a 2 car garage woodshop (it's getting awfully hot to work in in the summer). I was thinking something like this: The prices seem marginally more expensive for the bigger motor and the bigger blades, so perhaps a 1/3 HP 30" variety.However, I have no idea how to select a placement. Why would I choose ceiling mount vs wall mount? Like is there an "ideal" place to mount the fan? If wall mounted - high or low on the wall? Near a corner or in the middle of the wall? If ceiling mounted, near the center of the room? Corners? Wall centers?Also, I assume oscillating is "better" than fixed (again, the price is only marginally more)? Is just "better airflow"? Are there any downsides?Last gotcha - I have a door to an air conditioned house. Would keeping that door open while working (in a further attempt to cool the garage) be useful? If so, would it change the placement choice?Any tips would be appreciated!·OTHER ANSWER:I would like to put a fan in a 2 car garage woodshop (it's getting awfully hot to work in in the summer). I was thinking something like this: The prices seem marginally more expensive for the bigger motor and the bigger blades, so perhaps a 1/3 HP 30" variety.However, I have no idea how to select a placement. Why would I choose ceiling mount vs wall mount? Like is there an "ideal" place to mount the fan? If wall mounted - high or low on the wall? Near a corner or in the middle of the wall? If ceiling mounted, near the center of the room? Corners? Wall centers?Also, I assume oscillating is "better" than fixed (again, the price is only marginally more)? Is just "better airflow"? Are there any downsides?Last gotcha - I have a door to an air conditioned house. Would keeping that door open while working (in a further attempt to cool the garage) be useful? If so, would it change the placement choice?Any tips would be appreciated!
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