From What Company Should I Order a Desktop PC?

among the top are Dell and HP. among these i have found Dell to be better both in service and support. especially in india dell has the best service. plus they give all driver updates on their website, they have a chat feature to troubleshoot problems. verdict: i would say go for dell. among those u want to avoid are Sony. they have horrible driver support.

1. Best Setup for Database Cluster

Failover is easy to do. That just requires shared storage, and a couple of servers.SQL Server does not support scale out to multiple nodes. However a properly designed database with only a couple of thousand users should be able to run on a dual chip server pretty easily. My companies systems support about 35k transactions per second on a quad chip server (with 6 cores per chip).Like any database server you will want to use multiple LUNs for each part of the system. 1 for data, 1 for indexes, 1 for transaction logs, one for tempdb. If you can not afford a SAN (you will be looking at a six figure purchase for the SAN alone) then you should look at database mirroring instead. This when used with a witness server can give you automatic failover in the event of a failure, and does not require shared storage. The different volumes for storage should still be used. Before you can design your high availability solution (clustering, mirroring, log shipping, etc) you need to figure out what you are trying to protect against. How much data are you willing to loose? How long can you afford to be down during failover?

2. Platform Bed vs. Box Springs: How to Choose

Have you recently purchased a new mattress? Or, are you in the market for a new bed? You might be wondering if you need box springs for support or if a platform-style bed can make itself at home in your bedroom. In the platform bed vs. box spring debate, both come out as clear winners - but the one that works for you depends on a few key considerations. First things first. A platform bed is a bed frame with a raised platform on legs or with storage drawers underneath. Your mattress sits directly on this platform. Think of the platform as a built-in foundation for the mattress. It provides support and air circulation thanks to numerous slats that run across the width of the bed. A box spring, on the other hand, is a separate platform that looks a little like a hard mattress. It's covered in fabric. Inside, there's a wood frame with heavy springs. These elevate your bed, provide support, and make the mattress more shock-absorbent. Box springs usually sit atop low metal box spring frames with casters. These do not pair with large bed frames; instead, you typically use them with separate headboards and footboards.

3. The Montessori Toddler - Getting Dressed at 18 months

Otto is almost 18 months old and it feels like a good time to revisit some of our Montessori home spaces. I will explain how they work and how we troubleshoot. Our spaces are fluid, always changing. I hope these posts will give you a few ideas for your home environment. At almost eighteen months Otto can: Put on/take off socks independently - only loose socks, not socks that are tight. Wool socks are great. Put on/take off boots independently - only his rain boots and not always on the right feet. He can also take them off. Put on/take off hat independently - but will wear it covering his eyes/all crooked until I fit it. Pull tops/tshirts/jumpers over his head - then I will hold the shirt arms out while he puts his arms through, and he likes to pull them down. When undressing I will help with the arms and he will take it off over his head. Pull up his pants - once I have helped him to step in or put his feet through the opening. Most of his pants he can take off himself. Take clothes off the hangers and he can take the hangers off the wardrobe - but he cannot put them back on. We are constantly troubleshooting and adapting his environment. This is why observation is important, we can reduce barriers when they arise. His training pants are getting a little tight and he needs some help pulling these up/taking them off. It's time to size up training pants. Otto will pull all of his shirts off their hangers and throw them on the floor. A reminder to only put out limited options, 2-3 shirts only. Otto had difficulty putting on socks and shoes without falling over, so we put in place a lower chair to sit on for support. The previous cube chair we had in this spot was too high. If you are just getting started here are my tips! Ensure clothes are easily accessible. Use low shelves and low hangers. Baskets and low drawers can be useful. Allow access to a reasonable amount of clothing, not too many. It's unreasonable to expect a child to maintain order when there are excess clothes. Leave the child plenty of time to get dressed, do not rush. The child will lose confidence if rushed or if you take over the dressing while they are in progress. I leave at least 10 minutes for Otto to get ready and he might use most of this time putting on his socks. Encourage independence. I try to help Otto only as much as he needs. I allow him to do as much himself as he is able. Give child-friendly options and set the child up for success. Buttons and zippers are often too difficult for a toddler, elastic waists are excellent. Only present reasonable options (do not put out clothes you do not want them to wear) and increase the options as the child gets older. If the child dresses unreasonably suggest a jumper/warmer clothing, take them outside and if necessary pack a jumper/warmer clothing if going out. Otto is a little too young to understand natural consequences so I always ensure we take warmer clothing with us. Have the child put their dirty laundry in the laundry hamper when they take their clothes off. Ask the child to put away their clean clothing. Toddlers seem to love this and it helps them to know where their clothes go and have authority and ownership over their own space/room. As the child gets older have them put out their laundry on wash day and allow them to assist in washing/hanging/pegging and putting away their own clothes. Hang a mirror at the child's level. We have a mirror on the back of Otto's bedroom door, it allows the child to observe themselves and their clothing.

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