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I need some advices on how I can dress up myself to look cool...?


u could wear straight jeans

and a casual dress shirt

( lol i luv that on guys!! i think its hawt!! ^^^)

and some good shoes that are comfy and are in style right now are either Chuck Taylors or Vans Usually girls like when guys dont put gel in their hair bcuz then it looks really greasy P

but you cud style it into a faux mohawk (w/ a little gell thou!!) or better yet do nothing to ur hair



What should I wear to impress a boy?

I would say wear something that makes you feel good and honestly if you doesn't like you for your clothes or what you like to wear, and he's not the boyfriend you! So remember always be confident in what you wear and where the things that you want to wear not what someone else is doing, if he doesn't like you for you and he's not a good person or a good boyfriend at all!


What type of shoes are these?

Looks like high top sneakers. Nike, Ed Hardy, Scotty, Converse, Vans, and Maison Martin Margiela all make high top sneakers that are pretty cool. High tops often almost look like boots, but they are made up of the materials regular sneakers are made of, so they are usually very comfortable.

I hope that helps!

The first site is a variety of similar shoes, the second site has a pair that looks really similar to the one in your picture.


Toms help? I have a wide foot and I was wondering if I should order a man's shoe?

Hi there,

When ordering a men's style, we suggest ordering down 1.5 sizes. For example, a women's 8.5 is a men's 7. However, a women's 7 would be a men's 5.5 which is a size we don't carry. You may want to try youth sizes, as those run wider than women's as well. When ordering a youth style, we suggest ordering down 2 sizes. For example, a women's 7 is a youth 5.

Hope this helps!

Amy at TOMS


Disciplining a four year old boy please help?!?

You have to set boundaries. His behavior is not acceptable and he needs to associate bad behavior with punishment. When he's starting to act up, tell him if he continues he'll go to 'time out'. If he continues, put him in time out for 5 minutes and insist that the clock doesn't start until he's quite. When his 5 minutes are up, reinforce why he want into time out and how behaving in the future will avoid the punishment


todays style for boys, can any teens in middle school help me?

Well do not surprise him with shoes because that's like a guys prized possession is picking out Jordan's lol but buy him things from Hollister or Abercrombie. Those are the 'cool' stores trust me. All popular kids generally wear clothes from there. It will give him a good start. It doesn't really matter about the backpack. And get skinny or slim straight jeans, not boot cut. and don't get him loose shirts. Tight ones are better,


An Immature Boy In My Class...?

You need to speak directly to him. Tell him that what he's doing is stupid and childish and also constitutes bullying, so he has a choice: behave or you report him to the school authorities. Make sure that he understands that it's his choice - he makes the call. Don't bother involving your BF since that'll just make it seem like you're unable to look after yourself, and in this case that's not necessary.


ok i just want to know, what type of dog do you have?

I have a purebred Shetland Sheepdog.

Shes a girl and her name is Spice.

Yes she very nice!

And yea I do recommend this dog if u want a lively, loud, playful dog. Practically a dog that is forever a puppy. But it comes with the puppy traits too, meaning barking at EVERYTHING and very LOUDLY too.

But so CUTE and PLAYFUL too! They are always happy to see you and are just so ADORABLE!!! D

Anyway yeah. Lol. P


what to wear to a party?

Skinny jeans, boots, a short sleeved fancy-ish top, and straighten your hair and put the front part in a small poof! You can secure this with a couple of bobby pins and some hairspray. For makeup, do something a little different and more dramatic. Put on some dark brown or grayish shimmery eyeshadow on your outer corner/crease and a little lighter shade on your lid. Add some mascara, and a neutral lip gloss and you're good to go!


What are some creative ways of telling my husband the gender?

my husband had to work the day of our ultrasound, so I baked a cake & put blue icing on it then bought a little football & stuck in the middle of it. I also bought an outfit & set it next to the cake.

Though, if I could have been patient enough, I would have bought little boy shoes & set them next to his boots, so in the morning he'd see them while getting ready for work.


What's the best type of boys cowboy boots for riding?

I would honestly start out with tennis-shoes, because boots can be VERY expensive. Besides, they can sometimes make things harder for beginners because they slip on the stirrups where as tennis shoes are much more flexible, and have better traction. But if he must have a pair of boots, I would go with Justins or Ariats. Wonderful, wonderful boots, I own a pair of each, they last a loong time. Buy them a size big, with boots, it won't kill him


What alternative do I have to buying snowsuits every year for the kids?

Id go 2nd hand or sales too, get in now for next year, get a size or two ahead, being 2 boys, the smaller one should hopefully fit the one his older brother outgrows so you may find you only have to start buying one for the older boy and then hand them down as he grows, so that will help with money

do you have any friends who have boys older than your kids you can borrow off or buy off?



Best country boots, cowboy boy boots, southern boots?

I think guys look great in cowboy boots. Try Sheplers - they have a large selection of boots in tons of styles and colors to fit the price range you're looking for. Personally, you can never go wrong with a basic black or brown boot - you can wear them casually with jeans, or as a dress boot with slacks. Hope this helps and you find some boots that work for you.



Now that im a little bit older(18) i see why older people freak out when

younger girls dress a little risky but my younger side says go for it !

its not to slutty its actually cute with the wedges.

Slutty would be tying the shirt from the top in a knot and putting on

platform heels this looks innocent enough to me go for it . I know i

didnt care when i was 13 and wore a sexy berry girl costume haha


Should you remove a boot or shoe if you have possibly broken your foot or ankle? It is a debate at work.?

Boy Scout first aid says NO, leave the shoe on for breaks and sprains. It becomes part of the support structure for splinting. The shoe contains swelling and protects the foot. Once the shoe has been removed, the foot/ankle will swell and make it impossible to get the shoe back on if needed. This may complicate transporting the injured person.

Let emergency/hospital personnel decide whether and when to remove a shoe from a broken or sprained ankle/foot.


What shoes to wear with straight fit jeans?

Depends on the look you're wearing them with. But a good pair of Converse Jack Purcells (not All Stars, Jacks are much more stylish and comfortable) will carry you through the seasons, through many different looks, and will last for at least a year. They're great. If those don't fit your fancy, maybe go for a pair of Clark's Desert Boots; they're as classic as Jacks, and have a rugged, yet stylish, look about them.


Whts a good back-2-school outfit?

This is cute:


how do i look goth without my mom screaming?

First of all, you can't "try" to be goth, it just happens. I fi were you, just buy black clothing, wear it, and get to school early, put your make-up and fake earings on, and take it off before you get picked up. By the way, make-up is for girls, so you shouldn't wear it, and if you don't want your mom to know, then you only want to impress your friends, and thats it.


What would you do with two completely out of control teenage boys like these!?!?

you need the autorities for help they have anger issues it will get worst someone has to step in,before its too late I know what i would have done years ago give them a black and blue ***.When they are hitting an adult thats assult he needs to be arrested,and beating a young child call cps or dcf of your state and tell them what is going on in your home,they will know what to do


im going camping and idk what to take?

Bring stuff to keep warm at night-low temp rated sleeping bag, long johns, sweatshirt, gloves, and a blanket.

For entertainment you can go hiking around the camp area. You can bring your bike along and ride it around. Bring cards and board games. Find outdoor games like ladder ball, croquet, volleyball, boccie ball, and horseshoes.

There are many games you can find at outdoor and sporting goods shops specifically designed to take with you for outdoor use.

Good luck and enjoy.


what are the coolest, nicest, flyest shoes or shoe brand out now that hip hop artists would wear?

Theres many categories going into the Hip hop custom. There are the skaters with dunks and gown like lupe fiasco and the %.. you acquire the people from the bay who gown a definite way. Then theres those toddlers who say theyre hella ghetto, yet they arrive in with over a hundred dollar outfits. Me i attempt to combine it up between categories. skater, rock, hip hop. Sorry i easily couldnt make sparkling the type cuz theres this way of great form of.


Procreation Poll: Would you say that the old lady who lived in a shoe was an over-bearing parent?

I take my own. Very, very seldom, as I in many situations do no longer positioned on shoes. If i flow exterior I positioned on turn flops or sandals or tennis shoes. i do no longer artwork, so i do no longer would desire to positioned on workplace type shoes, despite the fact that I also have a closet crammed with them from when I did used to artwork. they only take a seat in there accumulating airborne dirt and dirt now


why is my ferret OBSESSED with shoes and feet?

my ferret is the same way. She had a "gellin" insole that she loooved she would carry it around and protect it like it was her kit. its just a ferret thing. if you dont like him biting your feet just scruff him and let him know its not welcome. It should help it may take a while but it will. Just be patient. dont let him get away with it if you dont like it. GOOD LUCK


I need some great present suggestions for my kids?

little board books, crayons and coloring book (big paper coloring book are extra fun), playdoh, big balls they can play with and kick... maybe a childrens cd with songs, you canbuy books that you can read to them, like a big story book with lots of pictures.

don't bother buying crappy toys (they make a mess, and kids dont play with them too long), buy them something that will develop their senses and that can be quiet and constructive.

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