FMCG Brand Using Representativeness Heuristic to Increase Revenue by 30%

I will tell you about Kettle Chips and how they achieve selling chips 30% more expensive than other brands.But first;As an expert, am I biased or not?When I speak at conferences or teach at the universities one of the most often questions I get is whether I am manipulated by my biases or not. The answer is, I am. Thinking about these theories and rules in daily life would be a nightmare but I try to be more analytical and more rational, that's all. My supermarket shopping experience todayToday I went to a supermarket to buy some snacks and during my visit I decided that I deserve chips because I did not have one for several months. I was checking the chips section and I saw the white package of Kettle Chips. The rest of the packages were colorful, red, green, yellow… The same moment I realized that it was just a trick of the brand to make it seem healthier and of course more expensive. I checked the package and they had this note on it;We do not add anything artificialWe use sunflower oilKettle Chips are sliced thicker for that Kettle CrunchAs an expert on biases I did a genius thing and started to check other brands packages and see their ingredients. They use sunflower oil too and they do not use anything artificial either. Of course they do not claim to have this Kettle Crunch, but what the hell does Kettle Crunch mean anyway? It is just a marketing trick similar to the sounds Coca Cola uses for the TV or Radio commercials. The package also includes some words to directly bias our subconscious like; "lightly, luxury, prize".Decision pointAnd came the decision point. I had two options; a brand using representativeness heuristic to show the product as a healthy and luxury product but selling it for 80p, the other brands with no such aim but selling it for 60p. I bought the expensive one saying "it is just 20p, whatever"The reasonEverybody love eating chips and everybody feels regretful afterwards. It sound similar to when people drink a lot at night and feel regretful the next day. May be some alcoholic beverages should target this healthy thing too. What this brand achieved was to place this product as a healthy product by signaling our subconscious and the subconscious makes the decision in a second. And in the rest of the 10 seconds, the rational mind approves it by saying "it is just 20p, whatever". So do you still think your rational mind is really rational?.

How can I get a 6 year old to eat healthier? HELP!!?

If you guys generally eat healthy then do not have anything else available to her. If she's hungry she will eat it, if not then she will have to starve. Just try to be creative. Make things that kids like such as -mashed potatoes -cinnamon and maple syrup oatmeal -even some cereals and pancakes if you look at the label are quite healthy -pasta with butter - that healthy pasta they make now or the tricolor pasta -flavored rice with finely chopped tomatoes and some beans and shredded chicken in it -homemade milkshakes using healthy items -homemade banana bread with finely chopped nuts and raisins and shredded carrot hidden in there, (even if you have throw a few chocolate chips in it's ok) -Always present salad at dinner time -pb & j sandwiches -grilled cheese with Kraft or Borden American cheese -those colorful yogurts for kids Only give her snacks like American cheese, pollyo string cheese, nuts, bananas, raisins or even chips or snacks that are baked, my son loves chips so I just give him Pringles. My suggestions may not seem extremely healthy but it's a start and if she eats all that I've mentioned it's better than chicken and fries.

Weight loss/Training help professionals? pleaseeeeee ?

When out with a restaurant, ask the server to hold the bread, snack mix or chips and salsa that could come before the meal. If you are hungry, you will be tempted

What do you eat when your too lazy to cook?

chips, if we have some

A good diet for weight loss?

When out for a restaurant, ask the server to hold the bread, snack mix or chips and salsa that could come before the meal. If you are hungry, you will be tempted

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