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1. HVAC: attic blower only works on the delay cycle?

It sounds like a control issue and considering the age of the equipment and that it is intermittently operating I would lean towards the logic board having an issue. If you can locate the fan signal from the thermostat to the logic board and verify that it is recieving a consistent voltage. Then locate the outgoing signal that would likely energize a fan relay or contact and verify that it is loosing signal intermittently then you can prove that it is indeed the logic board that is causing the issue. Beyond that if the control signal is consistent for the fan to run then it is possible that due to the age of the equipment the fan may have failing thermal overloads that are opening and closing depending on operation temperatures of the motor. I'm not one for throwing money and parts at something to fix it so I would suggest watching the control voltage fan signal to start eliminating the possible causes


2. the .bbl file generated by latexdiff causes errors

I solved my question based on the comment from @frederik .Consideration: latexdiff checks two files sequentially, errors occur if the reference block changed its position. For example, we have an old.bbl file with contents:For the revised version, if the content of block 2 has been modified and denoted as block* 2, we have a new1.

bbl with contents:Now we run latexdiff old.bbl new1.bbl > diff1.bbl, and run diff.tex (uses diff1.bbl) with no error.If the block* 2 is moved to a different position (lets say the new file becomes new2.bbl), e.g.,Then we run latexdiff old.bbl new2.bbl > diff2.bbl, and run diff2.tex (uses diff2.bbl) with errors.Solution:I changed the reference block positions of the new.

bbl file, so that the new.

bbl and old.

bbl have the same sequence of reference blocks. Then run latexdiff old.bbl new.bbl > diff.bbl, and run diff.tex. I think one can also change the old.bbl file as long as they have the same sequence of reference blocks


3. Why is the air conditioner in the back of a tahoe blowing hot air and how do I fix it?

You failed to provide what year tahoe and if it has dual zone front HVAC but i will try to help you! It has nothing to do with the controls being set independently but is a common problem in the Tahoe,suburban,escalade. What happens is the blend air door actuator "hunts" for the correct position and results in an over travel condition and is usually accompanied by a clicking sound from the rear HVAC unit when this happens it sets a DTC (diagnostic trouble code) and the actuator goes to a default position usually cold air! What you need to do is called a relearn procedure and this is carried out by disconnecting the battery cables and touching the cables together for 15 seconds and reconnecting to the battery now start the vehicle and set the controls in the mid temperature position and wait for about 5 minutes for the system to relearn the correct actuator position. (if this does not cure the problem you will have to replace the rear HVAC control module unit.


4. What are some smart ways to apply the "Internet of Things" in the workplace?

IoT applications in the workplace are about as varied as workplaces themselves. There are a few that spring to mind:Employee Management:Smart badges for building access, etc. is one area.I worked briefly on a concept of a smart chair that can help employees with posture, remind employees to get up/move, etc. Asset Management:Track assets like computers, and other capital assets in the workplace to prevent theft, misuse.Environmental Management:HVAC controls via IoT can increase the granularity of environmental controls to save costs a virtual thermostat in every room based on ambient temperature, lighting, etc.Lighting controlsDepending on the workplace environment air quality monitoring and controlThere are as many applications of IoT in the workplace as you have time to sit down and imagine them. The above are just a few of the ones I have worked on in the past but you can imagine an almost unlimited number of applications for IoT in the workplace. Especially if you can stop thinking about IoT as simply wearable tech. IoT is embedded sensing, monitoring and control. Either of equipment, people, or the environment


5. How to use a solid state relay in a dip package to drive a 24 vac relay

What you want to look at is the forward voltage of the LED, not the reverse breakdown voltage; The latter is useful if you have the diode in an application where it may encounter sufficient negative voltage with respect to its cathode terminal. If this happens the diode will begin conducting in the reverse direction.Also note that the parameters you have posted in your question are the maximum suggested operating conditions, not the nominal that you should be using under normal conditions. Since your supply is 5V as you mentioned, the LED will drop 1.5V, so 5-1.53.5V will drop across your resistor. The screen capture above shows 5mA typical forward current, so a few simple calculations and:$$R_series frac5-1.55mA 700 Omega$$Your resistance of 560 will give you 6.

25mA of forward current which is within the operating specifications of this device. As for the orientation question you asked, yes. Pin 1 hereIs the same as the pin nearest the indention shown here.


6. What is more efficient?

Programmable Thermostat The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that programmable thermostats save one percent on energy bills per degree set-back (for eight hours). So, if you set your thermostat back by 10 each night (or up by 10 for eight hours each day during the cooling season), a 10 percent annual energy savings should be expected. Higher savings will occur in more extreme climates. Programmable thermostats can improve comfort and save money by automatically setting the thermostat at different levels for different times of the day and week. They take the homeowner out of the equation by automatically setting the thermostat down when the house in unoccupied and turning it back up so the house is cozy for the homeowners return. The thermostats can even learn how long it takes for the house to warm up, and adjust when the heating system (or cooling system) comes on based on the interior conditions. Humidistats are now available to control HVAC systems based on temperature and humidity, keeping occupants more comfortable and systems operating most efficiently.


7. Is the contactor bad on my ac unit?

Since it cycles on and off every so often, it would seem to be a safety device opening during operation and resetting some time later. That could be the low pressure cut out on the suction side. The compressor starts with pressures equalized on the suction and discharge sides. It sucks the vapor from the big copper pipe and pushes it into the outdoor coil at a much higher pressure. Heat is removed from the vapor and it condenses into warm liquid under pressure. The liquid is metered into the indoor unit with a drop in pressure and the liquid boils at a low temperature. It rapidly absorbs heat from the indoor air and becomes a cool vapor again. The cool vapor is sucked to the compressor again, cooling the compressor and so on. Anything interfering with the flow of refrigerant can cause pressure devices to trip. As you can see, there are a number of issues to consider


8. Heater not working in car?

comparable ingredient got here approximately to me on my Altima. It merely began occurring. each and every thing became effective final year. What I did quickly became to enable the air pass interior the automobile (press the button with the little automobile photograph) This helped somewhat besides the shown fact that this is going to fog the automobile quickly in case you maintain using quite a few miles so swap for a couple of minutes to commonly used mode. Then after couple of minutes back to circulating the air. besides the shown fact that, i myself found out what the priority became. It became extremely uncomplicated. MY COOLANT became VERY LOW!! And the middle became crammed up with air as a replace of the nice and comfortable coolant. subsequently the warmth became getting generated from air-crammed center quite than coolant-crammed heater center. upload coolant (to the radiator or overflow bottle). warning! do no longer OPEN RADIATOR CAP while THE ENGINE IS warm!!.


9. What's the funniest word in the English language?

Remember the boom that took the States by storm back in 2000?I was part of that.A group of buddies & I started an online procurement sight for HVAC controls & equipment called of course, after successfully pitching the idea to angel investors & securing funds, we hit the streets to promote traction of our new site. Traveling the country in teams of 2, we made PowerPoint presentations to HVAC contractors.It was a blast!Until it wasnt.Making the same presentation over and over was monotonous as hell.So my partner, Danny, and I decided to switch things up. Since we took turns presentating, the other would come up with the most outrageous word possible that had to be seamlessly woven into the presentation with absolutely no display of emotion. Failure to comply meant you had to present again the following day with a new word.Some of the words I can remember using include:SpankPussyMonkeyKiwiWeenyDildoAny one of which, in my opinion, qualifies as the funniest word in the English language.


10. Anyone know about S.C.A.D.A?

Per referenced source; SCADA seems to have widespread application potential and a long future. On the other hand, new apps are developed every day. SCADA seems a good place to start. But, if you go in this direction, you must continue your education vigorously to stay on thp of upgrades and to be able to jump on the bandwagon of future game changers. SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition. It generally refers to industrial control systems: computer systems that monitor and control industrial, infrastructure, or facility-based processes, as described below: * Industrial processes include those of manufacturing, production, power generation, fabrication, and refining, and may run in continuous, batch, repetitive, or discrete modes. * Infrastructure processes may be public or private, and include water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, oil and gas pipelines, electrical power transmission and distribution, Wind farms, civil defense siren systems, and large communication systems. * Facility processes occur both in public facilities and private ones, including buildings, airports, ships, and space stations. They monitor and control HVAC, access, and energy consumption.


11. nest 3rd generation compatibility with honeywell

Your existing thermostat uses a data-link interface 24VAC to minimize wires; as a result of this, you have the interface module you see to convert from the data-link to standard HVAC control I/Os. Since your existing cable only has the four wires, which is insufficient for your current system (and probably has something to do with why you have the thermostat you do), you will need to replace it with a fatter thermostat cable (18/8 minimum, 18/10 or even 18/12 recommended) in order to install a Nest. When you install the Nest, by the way, the interface module will simply get replaced with wire nuts -- your system beyond the interface module is conventional, with 1 cooling stage (Y), two heating stages (W1 and W2), and a single fan stage (G), as well as a humidifier connection (HUM). The other side of the humidifer should be connected to the C wire at the "grand junction", while O/B should be left disconnected entirely -- it's only used on heat pumps

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