Exhausted Uber Driver Left Baby Girl to Die in Roasting Car After 24-hour Shift

An Uber driver left his five-month-old daughter to die in a roasting car after he finished a 24-hour shift.Michael Thigpen, 34, was sentenced to ten years in prison in Logan County, Kentucky on Thursday after he made, what the judge called, 'probably the saddest guilty plea I've ever taken.'Thigpen's infant daughter, Emma, died of hyperthermia on June 10, 2016 after she and her two young siblings were left in a van parked outside their father's house.Prosecutors said Thigpen had been awake for 24 hours while driving a shift for Uber in his van. Afterwards, he took his wife to work before driving home and falling asleep with his children still in the vehicle.Authorities responded to the trailer park where Thigpen lived and found the three children unresponsive in the trailer, the reported.Thigpen originally told police that his kids had been sleeping in a room in the trailer when the air conditioner lost power, causing the room's temperature to increase to a dangerous level, which prosecutors later found to be a lie.In a second interview, Thigpen confessed to leaving the children in the van.'The worst aspect of it is that Mr. Thigpen did not tell the truth immediately when he found he left the children in the car,' said Judge Tyler Gill during the sentencing hearing.'This is a perplexing situation and probably the saddest guilty plea I've ever taken.'A man who said he was Thigpen's father at the sentencing hearing said that it has been 'a few rough years' for the family, according to the Bowling Green Daily News.Thigpen pleaded guilty to a count of second-degree manslaughter and two counts of first-degree assault.'The nature of this offense call out for this sentence,' Gill said.We've got to protect our children, you can't live by accident....(Thigpen) shouldn't have been left with these kids after being up for 24 hours. This was just a tragedy waiting to happen.;

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