Everything You Missed About Aquaventure WaterPark

Step into the world of fun and excitement at Middle East's and Europe's No.1 water park- Aquaventure waterpark. It's right in this aquaworld that adventure like no other awaits you. In this post, we take a deeper look into the popular waterpark.

Why Experience the WaterPark Simply the Best Dubai is known for everything ultra level. If you want to visit any water park in the world, well, Aquaventure water park without a doubt delivers the absolute best.

Amazing Race If you've dreamt of joining amazing race, well, going to Aquaventure waterpark may give you the same thrill that you've witnessed on big screen. This is putting into consideration that one of the episodes of Amazing race season 15 was shot at the popular waterpark. Fun to know is that one of the teams lost because a team member wasn't brave enough to go down the tower of neptune-keep reading to find out what awaits on this particular slide.

What Better Way to Cool Off?

The temperatures in Dubai can be extreme. I don't see a perfect way to just cool off the heat than splashing your day at the water park.

Visiting Aquaventure Waterpark Aquaventure tickets on itickets.ae come in three different options to allow for flexibility in interests and budget. They include:

Aquaventure: Adult ticket in this category costs AED 275 and AED 215 for children AquaventureLost Chambers: An adult ticket goes for AED 310 and AED 250 for children Lost Chambers: An adult ticket to the mythical world of Atlantis goes for AED 100 and a AED 75 for children.

Attractions Aquaventure Waterpark Below are some must not miss attractions at the waterpark:

Atlantis the Palm Aquaventure waterpark is located within the striking Atlantis the Palm Resort this marks the top attraction, but only after you've fully explored the waterpark.

The Lost Chambers The state of the art aquarium perfectly recreates the mythical world of Atlantis with Atlantis themed Lagoons & chambers. The dramatic effect is even heightened with the more than 65,000 creatures in the Atlantis resort.

Dolphin Bay How about savoring up close interactions with the friendly creatures right in the Atlantis, Dolphin Bay? It's here that you get to watch their unique behaviour in their natural habitat. Don't be afraid to experience their world and just enjoy playing with them.

Shark Safari Let's get it clear that you don't have to be a scuba diver to taste the experience of swimming with the sharks. This one is exclusively for thrill seekers though-we don't want anyone screaming with terror lol :) Grab your special helmet and dive into the shark Lagoon for one of the most epic experiences at Aquaventure waterpark.

Cownose Ray Feeding The shallow shark Lagoon gives you a cute experience hand feeding the adorable, Cownose rays.

Splashers Kids Playground Designed with the young ones in mind, the splashers play area is dedicated to children. It features both open and closed slides, climbing frames, suspending bridges and uniquely crafted water cannons.

Aquaventure Beach Note, this is the only waterpark in Dubai with a private beach. If you'd just like to chill and unwind, the 700m pristine beach is a perfect place for everyone.

Rides-Aquaventure WaterPark The rides include:

The Tower of Poseidon The thrilling collection of thrilling rides & slides include:

Aquaconda Did you know this is world's largest waterslide? Sure you can guess what awaits. Get to slide through the serpentine tunnel with excitement before dropping into yet another record breaking attraction-world's largest fiberglass.

Zoomerango What does gravity feel like you ask? Well, this ride will have you experience gravity like you've never before. Experience a mix of sensation as you slide up and down the gigantic ride.

Poseidon's Revenge This has been marked the most thrilling ride at the water park. Wait in a chute and await to experience the most dramatic thrill of suddenly plummeting at 60km/hr right in the heart of the Poseidon's tower.

Slitherine Excitement is racing against your friends right? Get on the dual water slide and go into a wild frenzy on the twists and turns.

The Tower of Neptune Welcome to another world of thrilling slides and requires guests to at least meet 1.2 metres in height. The slides are as follows:

The Leap of Faith It's all written in the name. The leap of faith slide will have your heart pounding as you drop down the 9 storeys in just a second ;) Shark Attack Take an exciting journey to the core of the tower of Neptune. You could ride solo or in a two person tube which takes you right into the shark Lagoon. Scary right? Not at all! The unique experience brings you close to these creatures, but trust you'll be totally safe.

Water Coasters The slides utilize a high-end technology to help push you up and down twisting tunnels on jets of water. Having successfully navigated through the tunnels get to finally emerge in the lazy river for a chilled sail down the stream.

River Rides Aquaventure waterways elegantly snake throughout the park providing unique ways to discover different sections of the park. Grab your floating tube and float away. The waterways to try out include:

The Rapids The 1.6km long river offers excitement you've not experienced before on its white waters throughout its length.

The Torrents The wave generator produces sheet waves that swells up to a meter high adding to the excitement and fun!

Zero Entry Pools The pools spot the park allowing you to enjoy leisurely dips as you cruise down the waterpark waterways.

Need we say more? Splash your way into the exciting, fun filled world of rides & slides use the link below to reserve your spot on a click of a button!

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