Effect of Sea Water on CAR?

Chassis Lube - There are some grease fittings in the suspension and drive shafts where the salt water may have washed the grease out, get all that stuff checked and greased up if needed. Also specifically check front and rear differentials and transfer case, these are expensive items to fail, and if water got in the gear oil they may not last too long unless you replace the oil.

1. More people, less water?

Technically, no. The amount of water is the same, just the location may be different. (In your body, in an ocean, etc)

2. Where does the tap water come from? ?

Tap water comes from a tap. Oh, you mean you want a more detailed explanation than that? :P Municipal water comes from several sources. Most municipalities get their water from a body of water (lakes and reservoirs) or underground (aquifers). This water is pumped into a treatment plant where it undergoes several purification processes. First it is filtered through screens to remove large debris like sticks and rocks. At this point the water is often treated with a chemical to cause minerals to precipitate out of the water; the water is 'softened' before going further, because the minerals would damage the equipment in the later processes. Depending on the exact source of the water it may also have acids or bases put into it to bring its pH level to as close to 7 as possible. After this chemicals are added to the water to make the very small, fine bits of gunk in it coagulate and float. A lot like soap, actually: the dirt and other particles stick to the chemical, not the water, and then it's easily skimmed off the top. Then the water is put into tanks to allow any stuff that would not float to the top in the previous process settle to the bottom. These processes make the water clear. The water is then filtered through sand to remove any leftover contaminating particles. Finally the water is disinfected, to kill bacteria and other micro-organisms. The most common disinfection method is to use a chlorine-based chemical (in much the same way as a pool's water is chlorinated). Some municipalities are using newer technology such as UV irradiation (in simple terms, using very strong lights) to accomplish the same thing. From there it's pumped into the distribution system, and it eventually ends up at your tap. The water that goes IN your toilet is the same water that comes out of your faucets. If you have a tank-type toilet you could hypothetically drink the water in the tank, because it comes from the same piping system as the water in your tub or sink. The water that LEAVES the toilet when you flush goes into the sanitary sewer system, which ends up at a sewage treatment plant. Sewage treatment plants are similar to water treatment plants, in that they clean and filter the water before releasing it back into a body of water (usually a river).

3. Baths or showers for saving water?

Taking a shower wastes a huge amount of water, so bathing with bucket is preferable

4. Does distilled water taste like anything?

it tastes like water

5. The water coming out of my tap?

E) is right and maybe the water that you brushed your teeth with will come to me one day as my life saving drinking water. Water like many molecules and atoms is a fluid that goes on and on.

6. Why is better to float( cold or warm) water?

The more dense something is, the easier it will be to float on it. That is, an object would float higher. Temperature certainly affects density (cooler water being more dense)...but the problem is that water has sort of a lower limit in this regard....at 32 F (under standard conditions) the liquid turns to ice. Then, floating is not an issue...assuming the ice is thick enough. Dissolving something in the water (like salt) will significantly increase density more than a decrease in temperature. This is why it is easier to float in the ocean and really easy to float in the Great Salt Lake and the Dead Sea.

7. What explodes when it touches water?

"What explodes when it touches water?

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