Does High Air Pressure Throw Off Wheel Balance?

No. Balance is caused by even weight distributed around a tire.If there is more weight in one spot the tire will "wobble" when spun. Inflating a tire more may alter the diameter, but the weight of the tyre itself is still in the same relative place.

1. What can help throw off or pass an Fingernail drug test?

There is nothing you can do. Perhaps getting caught is the best thing for you. It will give you that added incentive to give up a life of drug use. jus sayin

2. What are some okay soaps to use "down there" that wont throw off you pH?

They make female body washes for just that purpose. They are in the same section of the store where all the other female hygiene products are not by the body washes

3. If a man is drunk or on drugs when he takes a DNA test can that throw off the results?

No. Your DNA does not change because a foreign substance is in your blood

4. will eating 1 piece of pizza throw off my whole diet?

Im going to tell one this once, i hope you will do more research to see for yourself. If you want to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you eat... Its very simple... Go jog two miles after that slice, and drink some water, and you will burn the calories that pizza contained

5. Does going off the pill throw off your period?

yes the pill does effect ur periods when u go off them nothing to worry about if it is late for another couple of days i would speak to a doctor but there shouldnt be anything to worry about :)

6. Date, marry, or throw off a cliff?

Date= Jamie Foxx (he seems fun!) Marry= Matthew McConaughey (he is soooo sexy!) Cliff= Pauly Shore!!! (He's a d!ck!)

7. Can an antibiotic throw off your period?

Sure, antibiotics mess up a lot of stuff

8. Whats the best way for us to throw off the yoke of this tyrannical Federal Government?

Give up all your worldly possessions and live off the land

9. what kind of things can throw off your period?

change in diet, stress, i have even heard that it can change with the seasons

10. What can throw off a pregnancy test?

No, only water or bleach can throw off a pregnancy test. Good luck

11. My parents put a lowjack in my car how can i throw it off?

Thank them. Lowjack is expensive

12. If you could what bands/singers would you throw off the face of the earth?

I would throw off Mariah Carey and Celine Dion

13. How to throw off suspicion for the big reveal in a way that it is not unfairly blindsiding them?

It happens all the time in TV, literature, movies and videogames - the reader/viewer/player catches on to the bad guys' plot before the protagonists do. Some works do this intentionally: it's called dramatic irony (read more on Wikipedia).There's no reason why this could not work in RPGs. If your players have figured out the big bad's plot, you basically have three rough options:I recommend the third approach, and here's why:Changing the plot might seem like an appealing solution, because it preserves the element of surprise and keeps player and PC knowledge aligned. However, this maneuver is likely to be very transparent, and of course writing a new plot just to cover up an old one is a lot of work! Retconning can also leave players sour, because it can be seen as an "unfair" way of GM'ing - forcing the players into incorrect conclusions.The second approach might also seem tantalizingly risk-free, but it also suffers from being transparent enough to spoil the surprise. With you trying to hide the plot, it's possible for your players to feel like they are walking into a trap with your intended plot. Players are likely to try metagaming to gain more information about the villain's intentions when you are not providing enough, and that's something you will probably want to avoid.Which takes us to the third option: tell the players their guess is correct and ask the players to enjoy the ride. Tell them it's more fun this way; no tricks and no gotchas.You've been honest with them and told them what you expect of them. They know they wo not be punished for following the plot where their characters do not recognize the villain's schemes. This cuts back on the metagaming: when they know the villain's intentions but that falling for them makes for a better game, they have no incentive to spend time second-guessing your true intentions regarding the party or the villain.As an added bonus, you can now throw in bits of narration from the villain's perspective to make the players more intrigued by their personality and motives

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