Does Cold Water Increase My Belly Fat?

Water carries no calories, sugar, carbs, sodium, salts, or Saturated fats. You will never gain weight drinking water all though you may become bloated and heavier due to the water weight but that will pass through your system in a matter of hours

1. when water boils what is the bubbles that rise up ?

It is water in the gaseous state. When water boils, steam is produced. Steam --> Gaseous water They appear in bubbles because it is only through bubbles can it escape the liquid. This only happens in boiling because boiling happens throughout the liquid. You do not observe effervescence on a normal still puddle of water off the street because that only involves evaporation of water at the surface of the liquid exposed to air

2. Is it true drinking lots of water can help weight loss?

I do not see how drinking water contributes to weight loss. But you should drink water. It helps flush your system and kidneys

3. What causes sores on your tongue?

dehydration. drink 12 glasses of WATER (not cokes) every day.

4. Are Read Ear Sliders Water or Land Turtles???

water because it would be less expensive

5. Why no water coming out of my taps?

Might be frozen somewhere, in a line to your apartment. Usually water is not shut-off, just pro-rated. Get on this right away.. you have a problem somewhere and the sooner you resolve, less likely there will be a water line burst and water damage. Do you flush toilet...does water fill the tank? Is it hot and cold? Tub? Kitchen faucet?

6. What on my engine block is leaking water?

if it is comming through a freeze plug then that is where it is leaking

7. Iu2019m just about to take this risk of moving in to a camper van. Does anyone know if self isolation in a Campervan is allowed in the UK?

It's not banned, therefore it's allowed. But how isolated will you be? Where will you be showering and emptying the toilet? Where will you be getting water? Otherwise, you are less isolated than at home

8. Which of the following is a mixture, salt, air, water, alum, or sugar?

salt in its natural state is a mixture of impurities but in its refined state its almost 100%pure but it does contains extremely small amounts of impurities then also.air as we know is a mixture of various atmospheric gases such as noble gases,carbon dioxide ,oxygen and nitrogen,but the main constituent is nitrogen 75% approx , oxygen more than 20% and carbon dioxide about 3-4%water is a mixture also. Salt water contains salts dissolved in it , the tap water i. e hard and soft water contains various ions in it such as magnesium , chloride and calcium ions dissolved in it , the ions are dissolved to make water fit for drinking.Then there is mineral water , i.e the underground water rich in minerals all forms of water mostly contains impurities and that is the reason why it conducts electricity . Only pure water can be obtained by electrolysis. Alum is a potassium crystals that are mostly pure and concentrated so we cannot classify them as mixtures.Sugar is a crystalline structure which does not contains impurities to a large extent so we can accept the fact that it is not a mixture.Which of the following is a mixture, salt, air, water, alum, or sugar?.

9. Amount of Energy Needed for Boiling a Litre of Water [closed]

It is simple. Density of water is $1;fractextgtextml$ as we have 1 kg water.Now according to the laws of calorimetry the amount of heat requiredHere So you will get the amount of energy needed (in cal) to boil a litre of waterTo get answer in Joule multiply the answer in cal by 4.184 J/cal. And be careful with units!

10. do you shut off an electric hot water heater if water has been cut off?

anytime you loose water from pipes ,there is a chance a siphon condition will drain the tank ,if that heating element is exposed to air and heats up it will overheat out of water,and burn out. so if you have to work on the plumbing turn off the tank

11. what is an organic compound that is not soluble in water?

Hexane is an example. Many organic compounds are not very soluble in water, however, solubility is really a continuous property of chemicals, including organic chemicals. There is no real cut off point that means one chemical is soluble and another is not soluble. Generally, if less than 1 gram disolves in a litter of water, it is not very soluble, but if 1.1 g/L disolves that does not mean that it is readily soluble.

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