Does Anyone Know Where I Can Sell a Pair of Skis and Boots in Southeastern Mass?

Do you have a local consignment shop? Might take a little more time than you want. Ebay is good but packing and shipping can be a hassle

1. What size skis for a intermediate?

179 is to long but 160 is a little short. Try a 165

2. How can I find the original store price of my skis/bindings, and boots?

I think your best bet would be to find an on-line sports store and see if they carry those products and what they cost. The skis and bindings sound like a good deal although I personally do not like the Marker brand of binding. As for the boots, it looks like a good price but I have been off the slopes for too long to know the retail price. Look up National Sports or Sports Chek.

3. Can you fix bent skis?

If they lived a long and happy life, then keep them around by sending them to the guy (somewhere in Vermont, I think) that makes chairs out of old skis. In other words, they are done. You can fix a blown edge, a shredded base, or a delaminating tip, but once the ski is bent away from factory shape, it's had it. Start looking for a new pair of skis now (most shops have their best deals on last year's gear around Labor Day weekend).

4. I was skiing today, and i noticed there are different skis, alot smaller.?

they are called pro. skis. and you can buy it at a store

5. how to load skis into The North Face Off Chute 22 ski backpack?

A-Frame the skis along the side of the pack. One ski on the right, one on the left and tie the tips together. I looked at the picture for the pack. Best I can see, there is a shovel or ice axe holder on one side and some sort of other leash near the top that detaches. In my opinion, based on the pix of the pack, I would say this pack is much better for snowboarding than it is for skiing. I think the Patrol 35 is a little better for loading skis...the harness point is obvious. On your pack you will see a lower side strap and an upper side strap. My guess is that's what they intend you to strap the skis to...base of the ski against the pack. TNF has never been good with directions on how to use their packs and what everything is for. We used to sit around at our gear shop and try to figure most of it out...then when the TNF reps would visit we would have to ask them....half of them did not know either.

6. how do i know which skis to get if I buy online? What do you look for? I've only rented before..?

Purchasing skis or a snowboard on line can be difficult if you do not know what your looking at. What is your skill level and where will you be skiing the most? A beginnger skiier should get a board or skis that is shorter and stofter flexing than one that is a bit longer and stiffer. If you plan to ski in the real moutains out west, I suggest you get an all mountain ski that is not really strickly a beginner ski as you will progress faster in the mountains and will (hopefully) ski more. Once you find a ski look uo the manufactors web sight to see what type of skier the board or ski was made for. All new shaped skis are skied very much shorter than 10 years ago. For instance I skied a 203cm in the 1990's and now ski a 173 or 176 cm and can ski longer and faster than before with less effort.

7. How much would it cost to wax and fix gouges on older skis?

You could probably wax the skis yourself if you want to. Getting skis waxed is really not that expensive though, I would just have it done, personally. And you should definitely have the gouges fixed at a shop. The price just depends on where you have it done. I would go to a big ski/sports store, do not go to a place on the slopes, it will be more expensive in the resort towns.

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