Does Air Conditioning Work Better When It's Humidity Is Higher?

The height and the width of the area has something to do with the cooling of the air The space variance has something to do with the saturation and the distribution of the air- for instance, your room is probably 15 by 12 feet and the height of the ceiling is 15 feet where you car is only 5 feet across and 8 feet in length and 4 and a half feet tall.

1. Heating and Air conditioning units, where do we change the filter..?

the filter rack should be located between the return duct and the unit. if you dont know which side is what, basicly locate where the duct ends and the unit begins. it should be there. filters should be changed every 30 days

2. My American Bulldog has chewed up everything in our backyard. Air conditioning,pool,screen doors.?

here's the thing: Dogs have a much different sense of what is "valuable" than you do. They have not yet been able to grasp the concept of "dollar". To compound matters, everything in their world can be put into one of two categories: "things that fit in my mouth" and "things that do not fit in my mouth". The latter category further breaks down into "things that are fun to chew" and "things that are not fun to chew." So, unless you have taught what to chew and what not to chew, punishment is useless. It's just like if somebody were to swoop in and give you a good thrashing because you mowed the lawn. You would think, "what the heck is his problem" and go on mowing the lawn. They end up more confused, and afraid of you too. They need something to occupy their minds, and some kind of structure and purpose in life (try obedience training), and plenty exercise and variety, else they will be at bored, anxious, confused, and look for constructive ways to occupy their time. Sadly, their idea of "constructive" rarely coincides with yours. So teach 'em.

3. Air Conditioning, Cable TV, and an Xbox: What is Poverty in the United States Today?

Poverty today is having all the things I dreamed of when I was a kid. America's poor do not have any concept of what being in poverty really is in my opinion. Aha the poor for 0bama so loved the poor that he created millions of them!.

4. How to re-charge air conditioning system on a 2002 chevy trailblazer?

Take it to a professional. I recommend this on all automotive air conditioning work. The reason for this is that the cost of adding refrigerant to your system would be about as much as the cost of your kit. Secondly, in answer to your question the low side port can be in several places. Chances are that it is located on top of your compressor where the hoses are attached and it will be the smaller of the two ports. Other places to look are on the silver canister, or on the hose line going to your compressor. This will be your return hose or the large hose. If you do intend on doing it yourself my suggestion is this. watch your compressor when you have it turned on it should run for a few seconds then stop. this indicates that it is low on refrigerant. pick a time when the outside temperature is 80 to 90 degrees. when adding the refrigeratant add it until the compressor runs steadly then stop. your low side pressure should be between 25 to 38 psi. good luck.

5. Can you really install central air conditioning in the middle of winter, with snow on the ground?!?

no problem its done all the time

6. When my central air conditioning system turns on, it makes a loud buzzing noise at initial start-up.?

It might be that there is a leaf in the fan outside. I had a problem like this and that was what it was. Also may be a stick or something in the fan.

7. How do I adjust the dampers in my condo unit so that more air conditioning is pumped to the second floor and less to the first floor?

Use a temperature gauge. In each room set the temperature you want by closing and opening the A/C vents. There is no adjustments on the return vents. Good Luck. You can buy magnetic vent covers to block off vents by 100%.

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