Does a Split System Air Conditioner Re-cycle Inside Air Or Pump in Fresh Air From Outside?

It can be designed to do either, but in residential applications it generally just recirculates the same air

1. What type/Brand of air conditioner should i buy?

If it's only for 4-5 hours a day, then going portable might be a good option. You can set a timer for that duration and not have to worry as much about wasting power/energy. Your room is also small(15x10=150sq ft.), so getting a portable air conditioner that runs at 8,000 BTU would be the maximum you should be looking for. Some quality brands to look at are: Haier, Koldfront, Whynter, LG & Frigidaire See my website for some more info.

2. which causes more energy consumption: if you leave the air conditioner on or turn it off from time to time?

your co-worker is right. The longer it takes for your ac to get the room cool the more energy it uses. Lets say your ac temperature is set at 70 degrees when you cut it off and the room heats up to 90 when you turn the ac back on it's going to work harder and longer to to cool the room down 20 degrees to the preset temp. of 70

3. How do recharge the air-conditioner on my car?

Ok , I guess you didnt read all your answers the first time. I gave you the simplest way to do it if you had all the gear ( which you seem to ) . Now do you also need reading skills? I am not going to rewrite this again, and the person below me also gave you the basic idea of what to do. Read some of your answers. What are you doing with all this r12? And how the heck can you have a license and not have any idea what you are doing? I did not know Wall Mart was still selling ac licences to anyone . Where can I get one? Do they also sell gas fitters and electricians licences?

4. My air conditioner sounds like water running through it. What could be the problem?

the back should lean a little downward to drain all that water, which is the humidity that has been take out from the inside air. If its an old ac unit a clog may have formed from dust and dirt so the water does not drain the right way. Water running sound is actually freon going through refrigeration cycle inside the condenser, but it should not really sound that way all the time. Sorry, but u may need to get a new ac.

5. What size air conditioner should I get?

i would go no less than a 4 ton unless you entertain many guests, then you will probably be happier with a 5 ton. a residential load calculation might say a 2 1/2 ton will work but beware, bodies make a big difference, and Rocky has some great advice about attic ventilators

6. When I turn on the air conditioner for air, water leaks out of the filter. What do I need to do?

If water is leaking through the ceiling,then part of the a/c, the airhandler is located there.This would include the drain pan/line to the outside.Probably a tube/tubes running down the wall one of these is the drain line. Usually a technician will go up to the ceiling and clean out the water pan and blow air from inside the pan line outward to clean out the slime/blockage you may just need to change the filter if your lucky,that will work .If you have to f*** up something yourself,just squirt a hose from the outside drain tube.After the flood ruins the ceiling,it wo not drip anymore.

7. Why isn't my air conditioner blowing cold air?

Check air flow clearly and also check is its pitting ok

8. HoW much cash should i expect to receive from selling my air conditioner for scrap to recycling center?

exchange your promoting approaches. start up by itemizing all his good traits and shop it unfastened. you may additionally choose to function an advantage for taking him like his deer head trophy on the wall, television or per probability the settee

9. How to get rid off mosquito in air conditioner room?

March the Royal Marines through room until your last mosquito rides out on them

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