Does a Dish Washer Use Hot Water From the Hot Water Tank Or Does It Make Hot Water to Wash Dishes.?

Hi T, this is Mike, with The Home Depot. Most household dishwashers use hot water from the water heater, or hot water tank. Some models have a Sanitize cycle and use an internal heater to heat the rinse water to a higher temperature than normal to sanitize the dishes. However even these models depend on the water heater or hot water tank for their hot water. I hope this answers your question Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

1. Can I change my fish water tank daily if I am too lazy to buy a filter?

In a year you are planning to do 365 water changes, but you are too lazy to go to the shop and buy a cheap filter? I put filters in my tank because I am too lazy to change the water every day.... BTW, a cheap air pump and sponge powered filter wont cost much and is ideal for a small betta tank. Does not make too much current. Ian

2. Gas in the fresh water tank of RV?

Just drain the tank. Refill with water. Drain. Repeat until you can not smell gas in the water anymore. Pretty much the same thing you would do in the spring to get rid of the antifreeze. It will be fine

3. how do you remove nitrate from a fresh water tank?

water changes are really the only way

4. Is there any aquarium filter that has a different switch to control the suction power of the intake and another different switch to control the outflow power of the water into the tank?

Switches control electricity, which runs your pump motor. Valves control flow of your water. You want valves if you want to control flow. You can put a valve on the suction side of your pump, but it's hard on the motor. If you want a more gentle suction, just make the hole and plumbing on the suction side bigger. If you want higher pressure flow back into the tank from the filter, you can increase that by in increasing the overall flow (bigger pump) or by jamming the same flow through a smaller tube on the water returning from the filter. But the volume of water going out will always equal the volume coming back, unless you have a leak!If you describe the problem you are trying to fix I could probably help you solve it better than trying to guess at your goals from your question. Is there any aquarium filter that has a different switch to control the suction power of the intake and another different switch to control the outflow power of the water into the tank?

5. How do we stop our toilet from leaking water as the tank is filling?

At the bottom of the inside of the tank, there a part called a, "flapper valve". That flapper valve is supposed to seat (properly) over the big hole in the bottom of the tank while it is filling after flushing it. Apparently, it's not seating properly, to keep all the water coming in to fill the tank. That part, the flapper valve needs to be replaced. Good luck

6. what is the difference between a brackish tank and a freshh water tank?

brackish tanks require some salt in the water for the fish to live. and freshwater is no salt

7. Starting a salt water tank?

First i agree with Bri, research must be done. It depends if you want a reef tank or a fish only with live rock tank(FOWLR). If you plan on getting corals in the future spend the money first and buy yourself a proper light. I would go with the 55 gallon tank since you are a beginner. Its more expensive but if you get an imbalance it wont effect the tank as much. I will post a link at the bottom to show you what every tank should have. And you can check out They have everything that you are going to need as far as supplies. Salt is added based on the instruction for that brand of salt.

8. What is the mode of transfer of heat by which the water in the water tank placed on the roof of the house heats up?

Solar insolation which primarily radiation

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