Do YOU Wear a BIKINI!?!?

My guess probably 65 to 75%. I do not personally because well do you remember that scene in Norbit when they ask her if shes wearing a bikini bottom need I say more

1. too FAT for a bikini?!?!?

u will look so sexy !

2. Should I wear a bikini?

I know what you mean. I am heavier than most of my friends, and I have a flat stomach and just a little bit of fat on my stomach and I am constantly thinking I look fat, even though I do not . Remember, people do not really care about how skinny or thin your are, and you are perfect the way you are. You should be proud of your body and the way you look. The swimsuit that you were thinking of is fine. Also, keep in mind that most people at those water parks are self conscious about their bodies, too. I mean, most people do not like wearing swimsuits in public, so you are not alone. Wear whatever you want to wear and do not worry about weight, size or shape, you are you and that's something to be proud of (:

3. bikini????

If you are a little chubby a bikini is good because in a one piece you can see the fat sort of bulging out and if you are skinny bikini or a one piece

4. Is this a flattering bikini?

gorgeous ! but have u ever tried like a 1 piece they make lots of cute oness !

5. Bikini issue with overprotective mom?

try her going shopping wtih you so she an see for herself to see if its nice. i got my 1st one by my best friends mom buying me one. and mama just gave in lol

6. will this bikini look right on me?

Bandeau tops are usually for people who have smaller busts, you would fine but if you want more support and a better look you should really opt for halter tops

7. Is $40 too expensive for a bikini?

not at all.. twenty each is pretty cheap. besides if you like it whats the differnce. and if you can afford it go for it

8. Is it wrong for a Christian to be in a bikini?

no i am a realy hard core christian and i wear a not worry. it's ok to be intersted in guys "liking:" you

9. Should she wear a bikini?

For the love of God, no

10. which bikini is nicer?

well, i would have to say the lasenza second one. The poka dot one. The second one is to bland. It is just all black. The first one at least has color and a design!

11. how to be confident in a bikini?

You wo not be the first girl to wear a bikini. Ignore their comments

12. What is a bikini like this called?

Hmmnnn... Most string bikinis have that... If you could be more accurate on your description maybe we can help you better. But are you referring to a "teardrop bikini"?

13. bikini hair!!?

use Nair hair removal cream then. It may sting, but it works. better than waxing! ow =(

14. hollister bikini question?

get a biger bikiny

15. Is a tankini better than a bikini?

sure tankinis are great especially if you are looking for a little extra coverage without wearing a one piece.. i've used it a lot as well as bikinis, but i definetly reccomend tankinis!!

16. What to do about this bikini?

Do not sweat it. They are not going to send you something you did not pay for

17. Which matches this bikini top?


18. Swimsuit Advice – Bikini or not?

wear a bikini not the shorts

19. bikini question?

as long as your gut doesnt hang out.. or your fat is flapping all over the place, you should be okay. there's no specific weight you have to be, it depends on your height and age. but as long as you dont jiggle anywhere, then you can wear one. if you are worried about it, please do not wear one. most people who wear bikinis really should not be wearing them!!

20. is this bikini cute ?!?

its okayy. try matching it with a darker color. too much not matchy looks kinda tacky as if u lost both halves of the suit. if u wanna go like that try finding a top in the same color scheme. go with a plain black bottom, & the red top.

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Laser Hair Removal on Bikini Line?
The answers to this are ridiculous. I wish I could genuinely answer your question, but actually I have no clue, I just want to say that PLEASE do not listen to aida saying that "it affects your ovaries". It has no way of affecting your ovaries. It is not unhealthy to shave or remove hair. It's purely cosmetic and wo not cause ANY health problems. Rest assured, whatever you choose, you can choose freely based on your preference. Oh, and please get your terminology right aida. You can not shave your vagina. It's the vulva that's on the outside and has hair.1. what science fair project can i do...Im using a laser..i want something to do with dirt...?Show a stratigraphic column in a transparent cylinder. Then you could use to the laser to teach about the stratigraphic column2. Is a sword that deflects bullets feasible?The Jedi may have fast reflexes, but their ability to block lasers is because they have an intuitive feeling of what will happen in the future a few seconds, so they actually predict where the laser will be. It would be totally impossible to are act' to a laser shot. The laser travels at the speed of light, therefore by the time you have seen the laser it has already reached you. If you could see the person firing, you could see them point the weapon and start tightening their finger on the trigger, but once the laser has fired it's too late. For anything slower than a laser, you would still basically need to be a robot (electrical signals to control) to react in time. It takes time for signals to travel from a human brain to their muscles. Or from eyes to brain. I guess if you were hitting bullets to the side that should work fine- striking them directly and bouncing them back would, as mentioned, transfer force to the defender, but just pushing them off-course would not transfer much of their energy.3. Does the velocity of a light source influence the lightWhen you fire a laser, you do not see anything unless you fire it at yourself.However, from your point of view in the fast-traveling spacecraft, your laser beam is straight. To you, you are stationary and everything else is moving. If you point the laser at a fast-moving object (from your point of view), then the laser could miss the object. That is because you are seeing the object where it was a little time earlier, so you are aiming the laser in the wrong direction. In addition, the object will move some more after you fire the laser and before the beam can reach it, making the error even bigger.4. THINKING ABOUT GETTING LASER HAIR REMOVAL?I worked in laser clinic for 1 year & i can tell you the following # 1 laser hair removal is pretty effective, # 2 you will need at least 5-7 sessions. # 3 its kinda painful too # 4 each session will cost about $ 300 & is NOT paid by insurance but you can pay ever time you come for treatment # 5 having a light skin is a plus as the laser will NOT burn the skin then.(dark skinned people MAY have minor redness & burn of the skin, but for white people it doesnt happen). # 6 Results last for long time (laser is used for many conditions like hair removal, treatment of acne, treatment of superficial dilated veins..etc but it saw it was most effective in hair removal) If you are close to NJ, i may direct to where I used to work but I dont really know any website. Good luck with the treatment5. What determines a laser's strength?The best laser for cutting depends on three factors:Wavelength. This will impact the absorption into the target,6 um) Power. The gas Lasers are easy to excite and produce large powers (up to kW range), though Fiber Lasers (very small initial beam diameter) are catching on quickly in the 100 W range. Lensing. To cut you want very small Laser diameter with minimal kerf and it's difficult to make lenses that will focus very large powers due to any attenuation causing lens heat damage. Great info on Co2 lenses here.There is a great graphic here that shows the wavelengths and achievable powers
Pic Poll: Which Bikini Would You Wear, Girls, and Boys, Which Bikini Would You Rather See Your Gf We
2nd 1 i guess.theyre both pretty simple1. How To Tell If Your Pregnant Dog Is Having Girls Or Boys?It's impossible to tell until they are born2. What theme should i choose for the girls? and the boys?you reek of troll!! how delusional in one of your answers, you say you love the name Kennedy and are contemplating it for one of your quads. In the next one, you already have a daughter named Kennedy, and you and your husband are doctors. Obsessed with hideous baby names like "Journey" = troll3. What are some young adult book series that both girls and boys can read?House of Night Series ...although I think that's more for girls..but anyone can read any book!4. help please girls or boys?ok this is a hard question but if you really know her youll know what she likes and well get her that you can also like give her i dont know a ring, roses, write her a letter, chocolate, ill be cool if you take her out somewhere nice, um but i think it dosent matter what you get her its the thought that counts (as long as you dont forget her birth day) and try to apologise before her birthday so things will go better!5. why are girls and boys rules different for hockey?Did you ever get the birds and the bees speech?6. Your top 10 favorite girls and boys names? BQ?Girls: 1. Kaitlyn Rachel "Katie" 2. Alyssa Mary "Allie" 3. Madison Camille "Maddie" 4. Rachel Grace 5. Cara Hermione 6. Jessica Marie "Jessie" 7. Nicole Clare 8. Sofia Raelyn "Sofie" 9. Hailey Leah 10. Lily Kiera Boys: 1. Lukas Anthony "Luke" 2. Zachary James "Zach" 3. Maxwell Liam "Max" 4. Justin Michael 5. Dylan Noah 6. Nathan Ross "Nate" 7. Andrew Patrick "Drew" 8. Logan Roy 9. Evan Ryan 10. Owen Chase My favorites on your's are Danielle Marie, Samantha Kendall, Blake Michael, and Samuel Cooper.7. What are some names in the bible for [girls & boys] and what do they mean?GIRLS: Hannah-- Grace Rebekah-- Snare Esther-- Star Ruth-- Friendship Eve-- Life BOYS: Matthew-- Gift of God Mark-- Warlike Paul-- Small Simon-- To be heard Peter-- Rock8. Need names for girls and boys?im having my first baby boy in july and i am also going with Owen :) i Love it! its my favorite name! his full name will be Owen Matthew Richard Law :D and i love the name Sophie!9. Girls & boys what do all the cool popular kids wear?What Do Cool Kids Wear10. What are your top five names for girls and boys?I am guessing you like A names for girls? ;-) I like your favorites list, it's very cute! Girls: Sophia Eloise Lydia Charlotte Mia Claire Adalyn Ruby Charlotte Alexandra Boys: Cameron Wyatt Julian Chase Rowan Jasper Greyson Reid Jude Alexander :-)11. which names do you like best? for girls and boys?girls: rebecca nicole boys: kyle austin i think you should add riley to the list of guys12. good books for teens[for girls and boys]?I have always liked fantasy books and I read them when I was a teen so you can always try The Neverending Story, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and then there are always RL Stine's books in his Fear Street collection which are good and an easy read too. Hope those help!13. Irish names for girls and boys please?caitriona eileen sean aedan enya aoibhe eibhir14. What is a unique girls or boys name starting with K?My name is apparently unique,especially for a girl,that is kobe,can be a boys name or a girls name,others may include,Kian,Kyler, Ken,Kira,Kya,Kirsten,kristen,kristy,kraul,kirk15. Poll: Quiz About Makeup! Girls and Boys?Male, 18. A) 5. I wear makeup because it's artistic. B) I use different makeup everyday so keep in mind that this is not what I use all the time it's just things I do use Primer, Foundation, Tinted moisturizer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip liner, gloss, blush, bronzer. C) I can live with out makeup and If I lost it how can I hang on to two items? That does not make any sense. I guess I would keep my lip treatment and eyeshadow.
What Color Is Your Bikini?
oh come on polka dot1. Should i wear a bikini?just donig some ab exercises from till then will show results mattering on how hard you work you could lose 11inches2. too FAT for a bikini?!?!?you know you are hot.. Why are you wasting your time asking this... Do you want some one to tell you you are hot..Ok here it goes..Of course, wear that bikini...hope this helps3. bikini waxing help please!?i wish i had your courage! Waxing really hurts. Especially if its your first time. But like you said shaving is really annoying and you have to do it like every 3 days! (for me anyways) so i guess before you schedule your appointment go make sure the place is clean and ask other customers what their opinion is. Take an aspirin or whatever pain medication you use before you go. It helps numb a little. And maybe something to bite on while you scream? Lol jk4. African American & Rebel Bikini?I would think it appears a little inconsistent. Like if I would wear a swastika t-shirt.. That being said, I believe you should wear whatever you are comfortable wearing.5. WHAT IS THE BEST BIKINI FOR ME?anyone thats brown with pink dots6. Best Bikini Hair Removal Product?Id like to know too7. which bikini should i wear for this bikini contest?I like Bikini 1 by itself better, but 2 looks better on you. Also you have larger boobs, so number 2 will help avoid any slip outs for the dance part :) Good luck!8. need opinions on bikini....... ??I do not think any of those bikini tops are ok for a 13 year old. Bikinis, especially really revealing ones/pushups like the ones you listed give an impression I do not think you want to portray. IF you really have your heart set on a bikini, go with something not quite so..... revealing. And I think a normal bottom would be best instead of a skirted bottom.9. I have a BIKINI question?If you have not already picked out a color, what color do you like best? There's always a color that looks best with your skin tone, so i would say go with that one. I personally like the Red because red stands out and it goes well with my skin color. I know that the orangey/coral, pink, turquoise this past weekend was a really big seller at my hollister in the triangle bikini. And i know it's not the same, but I do not know if it's more of an incentive or not to buy those colors but it gives you something to think about. good luck :]10. What is your bikini area?Your bikini area is the patches of pubic hair before your genital area. So if your wearing a low cut bikini or whatever you dont see it. just wax a little above and a little on the sides.11. What colour bikini bottoms would match a sutton purple bikini top?Black would go best. Another color would fight with the solid purple12. How to look skinnier in a bikini?No, I do not think so. As a guy, I think most girls look a lot better in bikinis than they give themselves credit for. But really it's more about whether you like the way you look. I would say if you have any doubts, take a friend with you and try on some bikinis. Then ask your friend what he/she thinks. Good luck - I hope you decide to go for a bikini13. large bumps on bikini line?Sounds like an ingrown hair that got infected. If I find myself with an ingrown hair I tweeze it out and the bump will go down in several days. You should do that, then start waxing14. Will I be able to wear a bikini?First off, everyone has different bodys.. I am about 10 pounds lighter than my friend and she looks way thinner than me.. it depends of muscle and bone mass. Plus boobs and curves and all that ha.. but for real... listen to me... no matter what.. guys out there are going to like your body... if your thin, thick, tall, short... every guy has different opinions and tastes when it comes to girls. .. so yes. . wear a bakini. . eff the media and what they make you think
Do I Look Bad in Bikini? *pics*?
the one piece looks fantastic on you. the bikini does not look bad, but it does not do you justice. the cut of the one piece is totally flattering on you. (also, i think the angle of the camera for the two piece shot makes you look shaped a little strangely...)1. Poll: Do you own a bikini?i have several an pics too. no cause i dont know you2. Which Bikini should I get ?2nd one bikini dress looks beautiful on you3. Am I too FAT for a BIKINI? [Pictures]?the white looks better also remember there are soo many different styles of swimsuits that u can look ah-mazing in!! trying on one of those sexy one piece suits is a possibility too!! try something new on, and u may be amazed at how good u look in it! :)4. What is "dazzling" about this little girl in a bikini?I think it's gross u can see her ribs5. Is 19 too young to start bikini waxing?no it cant hurt you at friends do it and its A LOT better then shaving,6. Should i get these bikini's?I really like the peach one though, and the last one looks WAY cuter in green. All of them are cute, I just think you can find way better, but it's kind of hard, because all the bathing suits at VS are so cute. I would just try to get different patterns, you have a lotta rings ones, or leopard print. Get one leopard print, one ring one, then get a plain one, then get a different pattern, like the VS stamp, or something with ruffles, etc. Also pick different colors, I would definitely get a black one, then get the peach, then get the green like i suggested, and maybe a blue/purple/pink, also get a string, halter, bandeau, but.. it's your choice7. Do people fish in Bikini Bottom ?well they go to the beach and light fires there so probably yes8. What bikini should I order? (pictures)?1 or 2 for sure9. were do they sell push up bikini?do no longer purchase any abercrombie/holster those shops are quite undesirable high quality and doubtless gained't very last 2 months. attempt Victorias secret the primary is giant and their bathing matches are somewhat eye-catching!10. HELP!!! Which bikini should i get?I do not like the color of it on you but the first one is better.The second one you look uncomfortable in,those bandeau style tops are hard to wear.I think you would look great in one the same style as the first one,but in a brighter color (like hot pink,bright purple,teal blue or a fresh green) to flatter your skin tone better.11. for girls only. shaving the bikini area!?Yes, you can use an electric razor, but you wo not get a close shave. Forget shaving that area -- ouchies! Instead, wax. It will leave the area smooth and without those nasty bumps.12. Which bikini is cuter? EASY 10 points!!?2 & 3. I think the 2nd one looks better in pink though. But my favorite color is pink so thats probably why. Haha(:13. Am I too fat for a bikini (with picture)?Yes, I suggest an oversized wetsuit14. Which style bikini is best for a chubby girl?High waisted bikinis are absolutely gorgeous! There are also lots of stunning one-pieces out there, do not be afraid of them15. which bikini looks better on an asian girl?I do not think race would have anything to do with it, but I think the second one is cuter. Have a wonderful day. 16. Bikini my boyfriend dislikes me wearing them?You are his girlfriend, not his property. He needs to deal with the fact you are beautiful and guys will always look at you. As long as there is nothing else going on, then this should not be an issue.17. Bikini line hair removal options, please help?What do guys like you asked, that varies so much but my choice is smooth and shaved, it is so clean and so fresh and basically very nice to look at. It lets you appreciate the actual physical beauty of the body part.Not to mention it can be quite a turn on if you keep it shaved with an electric razor but you have to do it often so it does not pull and hurt. It really makes for an extremely sexy sight and the oral benefits are unbelievable
Is This Kind of Bikini Good for Small Breast?
Probably but it would not do my tan one bit of good1. Hairy Vagina Bush inside Bikini?WAX. NOW.2. What bikini should I wear?maybe you can put some links to photos of you modelling what you got and everyone can give their opinion?3. Which big girl looks better in a bikini?Top heavy looks better than bottom heavy4. Toning up? (pics included) bikini body!?It looks like you need to gain some weight. Gain weight, then tone up5. Thong bikini at pool party in Italy?With Italians, you will be out of place if you DON'T wear one. lol6. Who looks better in a bikini, Gomez or Cyrus?They both look great, but I have to go with Cyrus7. Please help: What are your tips for waxing the bikini area?Hello. find bikini.8. Which bikini should I get?I think the peach bikini is better. The black bikini makes you look more fair skinned9. What type of bikini should I wear?Well that is pretty skimpy...I prefer tankinis and some are even cuter than bikinis and of course their more modest... (: x10. Do I have a bikini body?yeah, your bikini is so nice!11. what bikini would i look better in?I like the black one12. Using Smooth Away for bikini line?Eh, I am not sure. But it sure has hell takes a long time to even get hair off from even my legs13. Who would win in a Bikini Contest?Tila Tequila or Mickie any of those 2 will b good14. Which color is your favorite in this bikini?i offered an strategies-blowing neon orange sequined one from Asda at a sturdy deal fee of 6 pounds! the appropriate undertaking approximately that's i glance thoroughly bronzed in it considering it fairly is a bronzing colour. located on white on the top of your holiday it will make your skin look lots darker and hence miles better beautiful!15. is it considered slutty to put a picture of you in a bikini on myspace?There's no reason to do so on a public website. You will attract all sorts of perverts. Do not16. Is thirteen too young to get a bikini wax?wait till u r 15-1617. How fat is too fat for a bikini?Obese is maybe too fat for a bikini, and even then some obese girls can pull it off. But you are the perfect weight for your height. 110 lbs is really underweight and looks disgusting for someone your height. If you were 110 lbs I would tell you not to wear a bikini because you would be so skinny. You ideally should not weigh less than 125 lbs or more than 155 lbs at your height, so 130-135 is in the ideal range18. Help with music video with a girl in a red bikini?Maybe you are referring to Stacy's Mom by Fountains Of Wayne.19. How to shave well for bikini season?Same problem i heard cream works but not to get in inside your (area) and also theres a (area) shaving cream i think its called like coochu or coocho something like that20. Would I look good in this bikini?If you have a bikini body then of course you will look good in a bikini21. bikini for flat chest and wide shoulders...?I have wide shoulders and I like halter style tops...they give the illusion of smaller shoulders. Halter tops can also gather the bust together and make it look larger than it is--sometimes creating cleavage. The padded bikini tops work best for a small chest22. is it ok to have a picture of yourself in a bikini on facebook?NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... YES A BIG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dont put such pics... I have a reason... many people who r running porn sites... they just go thru facebook profile users and misusing their profile pictures by capturing... well last nite I downloaded such collection full of facebook girls pictures collection... it was about 2000 pictures almost 69 mb23. Am I too fat to wear a Bikini? (Pictures!)?No, you are not too fat to wear one. I would get one better suited to you, though. The bottom piece to the one you are wearing is not flattering on you, it looks too small.
Should I Dare to Wear a Bikini?
pooch? lolllllllza Just wear a kind of see through tanktop or sumsht immm on diet Shakes and they work like a champppp U could do crouches or something1. How much are you willing to spend on a bikini?well personally id say like 20 dollars for each piece like no way am i spend over ******* like 70 dollars you should see the ones at like boat house super cute but so expensive id say that if you live in like a hot place like florida or something you might use it more so maybe its ok then2. what bikini is best for someone with small breasts?No Bikini! =c)3. Bikini I thought guys liked them?He probably gets jealous because of the looks you get. You should get the one pieces that have the sides cut out look at victoria's secret they have really cute ones!4. who has better bikini and topless bodies?You look hot. but i would prefer if you show us the real topless so I can tell you who is the hottest upon you all5. I feel so insecure in a bikini!?aww you are soo cute .. when you posted this i thought it was gonna be some huge girl lol you are not even fat if you are really worried about it start running and working out it helps a lot and you are young the lbs will melt off of you... go have fun6. Am I on the right track to looking good in a bikini?Do some moderate exercise and toning besides Wii. Burn just a few more calories7. Bikini problem can you help?we will need a nude photo to decide8. Can a chubby girl wear a bikini?If you can not find one listed your size in womens cloths i think you should play it safe and go with another style9. If a girl wears a bikini is she considerd trash?Nothing bad but why troll10. Am I too fat for a BIKINI?doubt it. your weight is good. who likes skinny girls? only other pre teen girls11. Do I look good in a bikini?I think you look fine. Wish I could still squeeze into a bikini that size!12. Should guys wear bikini briefs?boxer briefs would be a better choice13. what type of bikini should i go with?go with the micro bikini thong, the sling shot bikini might hurt u by pulling up to much on your crotch area seeing as how the thong part eventually goes over your shoulders14. How to push your boobs up in a bikini?You buy a push up bikini top or buy a smaller one15. Seniors, should you take a bikini to Antartica?Nah. I would take my speedo16. EXERCISES AT HOME TO LOOK GOOD IN A BIKINI?ok girl just go to a gym and workout a good gym is the wmca just look it up on line just type it in and put a froward slas like this wmca/ then after the slass/ put ur cits's name and get the address and call them then ask all about thier programams ull find thier cheaper and free to join or very little fee i mean CHEAP, so u can box or kickboxing or any nomber of workouts hea mabie a new boyfriend too who knows go for it. thats ur best bet. they have all kinds of stuff17. Bikini which would be the better/more effective punishment?Since she pays you no mind.........cut it up. Who is the parent here?18. Which girl looks better in a bikini? (see pics)?obviously the 1st, because of her breasts19. Should i chose the bikini or tankini?well it all depends on your body type if your bigger then you should wear a tankini two pieces are ment to like show off your tummy so it all depends on your body type20. would this bikini look okay on me? (pictures)?The way you look, definitely!!! You are gorgeous and have a great shape21. Why wear bikini's? Why are they so great?Less material than the alternative. This allows you to show more skin and get a decent sun tan. This also allows the guys to see just how thin you are. When you are swimming in warm water, there is less drag on the material than swimsuits. Let's face it: Men can wear their small trunks or boxers when sun bathing or swimming. For us women, Bikinis offer a chance to wear as little as possible in similar circumstances. so in a way it is a form of equality. Do look at the comparison between what was around when the Bikinis came in. Take a look at swimming and bathing in public before the Bikini and the materials used back then. Do not under estimate the power of testosterone either. If a guy looks at you and says that you look great in a Bikini, then that is going to really help.
How Do You Deal with Bikini Hair?
Maybe a simple answer is to wax what you can, then cream bleach the rest a couple of times to make it very light and less noticeable. But whatever you do wear your bikinis. Good day.1. Can I wear a bikini yet? (pictures)?Man, youre so ******* skinny2. bikini car wash in san antonio?lol i live in san antonio and my big sisters working with it look for her. her names Stacy she the tall brunett3. problem with wearing a bikini :( :( help please?i think u should be confident of urdelf and go for it! dont let others keep u away of wut u wanna wear:)4. Best bikini for tall flat chested girls?Ones that have Wonderbras built in5. What means "padded" about a bikini?its means it has pads in the bikini top to make your boobs look bigger6. What bikini style is suitable for me?A one piece suit7. What do you think of this bikini?Cute bikini but I hope you do not mind me flicking though your other photos. xoxo8. How old is too old for a bikini?yeah 53 is too old for one9. Bikini 4 HUGE SCHOOL PARTY?Yeah I like the second one better10. which bikini do i look better in?first 1. and no u dont need to lose ne weight.11. Is something wrong with putting a bikini pic on facebook?It's different then the beach hun. Facebook is a worldwide website. If you have an iPhone you. An click on anyone's picture and save it without anyone knowing it? That's a creepy though. nyone can see it through a friend if you have it blocked. Your projecting yourself in a way and it certainly is not showing much respect for your own body puting yourself out there like that. When I go to the pool or beach I wear cite swim shorts that are really BOOTY SHORTS and a tank top. I always have out of respect for own self what I have underneath my clothes DOESN'T need to be flanted or put out there for the world to see.ike feeling hot n sexy because guys look at you and like your picture on Facebook? Your immature and thts why you dont see it. you like the attention.12. How much weight to lose to wear a bikini?I would say that you do not need to lose anything! :)13. Which bikini is cuter? EASY 10 points!!?they are all really cute, but i like the first one the best:)14. Poll : is selena gomez the hottest teen in bikini?I love selena gomez buti do not think that she is hot15. which bikini should i get?raunchiest bathing suits alive.. but if i hadd to choose. 2nd16. Am I too fat for a bikini? (pic)?Haha hey. Watch the firework music video (Katy Perry) If the girl in that video can wear one so can you. Hey but anyways your good looking and she isnt so of course u can :)17. Is it sIutty if I post a picture of me in my bikini?depends what your doing in the picture. if your with your friends no. if your alone. probably18. Should I dare to wear a bikini?yes you should wear one! i've seen really really overweight people wera bikinis and they didnt even care lol and do exercise like dance (SO MUCH fun:) or a game like basketball or tennis or something good luck oh and im trying to lose my pooch too ;)19. buy bikini without moms permission?Personally, i so would buy one and just wear it haha, i have a belly ring so it would be kind of pointless if i didnt wear one. i am the same age as you and my mom has some weird rules like that too... just hide it and bring it when you go out, in about a years time be like oh hey mom btw i have a bikini and by that time she probably wont think it is as big of a deal as it is now, at least thats what ive learned from experience but every parents different lol. also tell her that everyone has one and maybe get one thats less revealing and not like a corona one or anything, a cute roxy or billa bong or one from garage even. or try for just a tankini first and work your way up:)hope i helped!
Bikini Area Problems? Advice Please!?
No.... the final way is waxing yet whilst it hurts to undesirable then try utilising conditioner once you shave and use sturdy lotion dove is an incredible lotion and decrease priced so which you would be able to respond as usually as you like or sense you prefer too1. Should I wear a bikini?Your body is great, I would totally tap that ;)2. Is it ok for me to wear a bikini?The thing is with any bathing suit, no matter a person's weight, is that no one looks good unless they FEEL good. They could be the thinnest person in the world, in the tiniest bikini, but if they feel ugly, they will look uncomfortable. To really look great, you have to have confidence! So, yes, it's O.K. for you to wear a bikini. Mederma is a product you can buy at a pharmacy or online that works really well on stretch marks. As for cellulite, well, pretty much everyone has some form of it, so do not worry about that too much. Aerobic exercise can reduce the appearance of cellulite, and you can rub your legs vigorously with an anti-cellulite cream. If you are really self-conscious of your appearance, you can go for a one-piece bathing suit - they are both cute and fashionable. Whatever bathing suit you buy, make sure it looks good on your body type: it should cover something what do not like and show off what you do like. For example, if you do not like your legs, get board shorts, but if you like your chest and shoulders, get a flirty bandeau top. No matter what, be proud of who you are and flaunt whatever bathing suit you wear with a smile!3. Need help with bikini area?Ohhhh goodness. Itching is normal and it will go away once you start doing it more than once. Most likely. Try using a new razor and if that doesnt work then something you are doing is not right. Go up with it4. Boost cleavage in a bikini?I think that if you want to keep it really secure you should get another bikini, or just wear another one. If you want to attract boys, keep the cleavage and just be careful in the water5. can you wear a stripper bikini as a swimming bikini?It would be fine to wear it out in public, but do not wear it in a pool or the ocean. Chlorine and salt water could really damage it. There is a reason why most bikinis are made frome the same material, it hold up. Just wear it to look good and strut your stuff. Have Fun6. Hollister Bikini?? yes or no?I actually like the Manhattan Navy colored one. It think it looks more expensive than the ones with prints. can wear cover-ups over it and it would look really sexy! I think that if you are a size 0, then you should be fine to wear a bikini to the beach :) Do not be so hard on yourself. .. Enjoy your new bikini!.7. Which of these is the best bikini?I personally like the first one the best. I like pink and it looks good8. iwant to wear a bikini this summer?Doing a few exercises before bed will not help There are a couple of factors to consider; your weight, height and age. Nonetheless, here are a few tips; As for a weight loss program, start with a 5lb loss per month, then depending on your target, adjust it accordingly The first step is to weigh yourself, that way you have a starting point Let's say your goal is to lose 5lbs in the first month and you want to start taking a weight loss supplement, the most important step even before you take the first capsule is; 1.Drink more WATER. Most people fall way short of this, you should aim for at least 8-10 glasses a day because what happens when a person takes a weight loss product or any metabolism booster, a thermogenic effect reaction occurs inside your body; Your heart rate goes up - your blood pressure goes up - even your bodies' temperature goes up. Water is vital in making sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. The golden rule of weight loss is fluid pushes fluid! The more water you drink the more body fat you will lose. 2. Exercise. Even if it's a light 20 minute walk around the block every afternoon. You need to get your heart rate up. Heart beating, blood pumping equals you sweating and muscles working. Remember: You've got to move! 3. Avoid eating carb rich foods late at night. If you love bread or pasta for dinner, rather eat those meals for lunch, when your bodies metabolism is at it's fastest. Have a high protein meal for dinner (Steak, Chicken or Fish) with some veggies and/or salad (No mayo!) Eating too many carbs at night right before bed time will result in your body storing those calories as FAT rather than converting them into fuel or energy for the body to burn. 4. Do not take supplements after 5pm. Most weight loss products contain green tea extract or caffeine, this is what causes the boost or energy rush. Be careful taking them too late in the afternoon and definately not at night as it will affect your sleeping pattern. Rest is one of the most overlooked factors in weight loss, if you are not resting properly your body cannot repair itself the way it needs to with a solid 8 hour rest. Here's a little health tip that I give to my clients; Use mustard instead of mayo, mustard has ZERO calories. Also, if you must have flavor with your food, use tabasco sauce (zero calories) Stay away from Soda - I can not begin to tell you how bad it is for you!! Seriously, if you MUST have a soda, choose diet soda it's not great but it's way better than regular soda If you know your going to be eating out at a restaurant, drink a full glass of water the minute you arrive at the table, that way you've already eliminated a lot of the craving. Chances are, you will be taking half the food you order home for later! Good Luck and be patient, it does not happen overnight but once you start seeing results, it makes everything worthwhile!!
What Are Other Alternatives to Shaving Bikini Area?
The best option is to wax it. It will be irritated for a little bit, but it will prevent the ingrown hairs and it wo not grow back as fast. Liquid hair removers will irritate your skin even more and laser hair removal is very expensive!1. Fiance taking me to get bikini wax?I just do not understand why women are so willing to go through such pain just to be smooth longer. You are so vain lol.. Just shave!2. Is my body good enough to wear a bikini?go for it! everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. wear sunscreen, you have beautiful skin!3. Nervous about wearing a bikini... Advice?Yes you is one hot babe4. Bikini waxing... How bad is it?Yes it hurts a lot, and you will get like a red rash type thing for a while afterwards, and DONT do it yourself. :)5. Which girl in a bikini looks better for you?the second i think camron looks like a pug6. bikini area please help some advice?First trim it dry with an electric razor. Then, in the shower make sure your skin has been soaked in warm water. This makes it easier to shave the coarse hair. Use any type of disposable razor or whatever you prefer and start lower. Shave down with the direction of hair growth, or you will have razor bumps. Careful! After you dry off after your shower, use baby oil to make your skin soft.7. Which bikini do you like better?I guess the delia's one8. Bikini problem can you help?Department store bikinis normally are see through. Invest in a good brand though, and you should have no problem (like Speedo) or try a similar color like yellow9. Cute bikini top? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!?There's a website and phone app called wanelo and you just make an account(its free) and they have a thousand swimsuits you can look at and if you like them you can click on the buy it button. Trust me they have a billion on there and you can search it too. They also have other things if your interested( its really addicting) give it a try(:.10. Is it bad to have a bikini shot on facebook?if its your picture and you like it then have at it. does it really matter if there are perverts looking at it? its not like they look at your pic, beat off then send you the video of it. perverts are going to do what they are going to do. we cant change our lives because of what someone else may do11. Bikini briefs on the 7th date?I would think you should feel comfortable whenever you go out. Why wear something you are not going to even feel comfortable for the whole evening. I also dare say she is not going to even notice what kind of underwear you are wearing in the first place. Most of the time you will no doubt be sitting - another reason to feel comfortable!!! Do as you wish, but I would choose comfort over something that would bother me, especially if you will be sitting most of the to you...:)12. Suggestions for bikini area hair removal?if i were you, i would look into laser hair removal. some places are cheap and youd be suprised plus its permanent. i love it. best of luck to you =)13. What's the point of a string Bikini?that's for the ladies to answer, but to guys, it's definately better than one piece14. Am I too fat for a bikini?no i dont think u are if ur just going with the top15. where can i find a cute bikini?aeropostale, american eagle, pac sun, something like that!16. Which bikini should I get?The second one will look the best definitely!!!!!17. Would I look okay in a bikini???? (-PICTURES-)?WOW! thats amazing that your putting so much effort into this! Yes i would say in 6 weeks youll look absolutly fine! Ur not quite there but just the fact that your doing this amazes me! good job!18. Would I look thin in a bikini or fat?It's a little tough without pictures, but I think you would look ok in a bikini. It's a little tough asking for pictures and what to show based on your age. Try on the bikini, if there's too much "hanging over" or "hanging out", then best go with a one piece. Guys do not want to see fat wrinkles or cellulite. Sorry, just trying to be honest. What does your mom and/or dad say about the idea?
Isn't This Bikini Cute? [*pic]?
I think it's cute, it's not exactly my style, because I go for brighter colors, and more plain patterns, but If it's YOUR style, then I would suggest to go ahead and get it. I do not know if that really makes any sense, but I say that because if it fit's your style, you will probably make it look great when you wear it. The pattern looks cute though, and it seems fresh(:1. Should i get these bikini's?I like the first, third, and forth one!2. Poll: Do you own a bikini?i own one. i have a picture of myself in one. no, i will not give it to you :33. Bathing suit / bikini help.?You have to feel confident in what you are wearing. Its hard to tell because there are so many shapes and sizes out there. I am not sure unless I saw you. Regardless forever21 has very cheap bikinis. Go in and try em on. See how you feel when you put it on! Good luck4. How dare the girls wear bikini in public?????What girls?? Fat Girls?? I agree with that but if you mean all girls even the hot ones than you are crazy!!!5. buy bikini without moms permission?Yes, it would be a bad idea because you would get caught and it would be more trouble than it's worth. You would have to be really sneaky about getting to the store, getting back with the swimsuit, storing it somewhere mom does not look, sneaking it to and from friends' houses, making sure mom does not show up at friends' houses while you are in it, washing and drying it, and taking a one-piece back and forth and getting it wet so your mom does not get suspicious. Your friends do not care whether you are wearing a bikini or a flattering one-piece. Plenty of teenage girls do not wear bikinis because they are modest or self-conscious or fat. As for your mom's reasoning, I bet she thinks bikinis are immodest and that you are too young to be encouraging boys to look at you that way. Not saying I agree, just saying your mom probably finds that so obvious she does not think she needs to bother explaining. Just wait a couple years and wear a bikini on your college spring break trip6. Question about a type of Bikini.?I do not know the brand but the style you describe is called boy shorts7. Am I too fat for a bikini (picture)?You should do whatever you feel comfortable in!8. Females only please? Bikini waxing?I doubt they would wax you. But if you look older, just do not tell them that. I've never been ID would to be waxed. It all depends on how hairy you are. I am one of the lucky ones- very blonde, almost no body hair, so for me a good wax lasts a long time. And, each time you do it the hair gets lighter and sparser. It also comes out easier. You can get ingrown hairs and if you are prone to that sort of thing you will probably have problems, but there are products to help keep that to a minimum. It does not itch like razor stubble does. Regrowth to wax time varies depending on what kind of hair you have. You will never get all your hair at the same phase of growth so while it takes the individual hair that you wax out a month or two to start growing again, you will still have others growing in. I like the home waxing kits because I can keep it under control without spending a fortune at a spa. Take Advil at least 30 min before you get it done. It will still hurt but nowhere near like it would if you did not , plus the anti-inflammatory properties will keep the swelling down.9. The bikini vs one piece dilema...?Samesies If you've got a flatter stomach, definiteley go for a 2-piece, but you can also do a cute cutout one-piece!10. where can I get this bikini?idk... to but if u find out tell me asap!!!! that is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
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