Do You Remember Anything Unique About Your Parents Car When You Were a Kid?

55' Buick had hydraulic windows and hydraulic convertable top... the 53' Buick Roadmaster had cashmere interior and headliner...the 57' Bel-Air had a gas cap under the tail light...the 60' Cadillac had AIR CONDITIONING !!!!i and my 66' t-bird has pneumatic windows

1. Energy efficient vehicles, like the Flybus?

You can eliminate use of extra energy for air conditioning and other things using the waste energy released by the vehecle

2. Can my guinea pig still have orange?

It was not the orange. If you do not have air conditioning, you should have a fan on all of your animals, and replace their water often so it stays cool. Keep an eye on the girl, in case it was not the heat, but it was not the orange. Are you giving them vitamin c in their water?

3. Seniors: What inventions made during your lifetime has had an impact on your life?

Air conditioning! Ca not stand hot, humid weather

4. Why donald trump doesn't believe in global warming?

Air conditioning

5. How would someone escape from a Tesla Cybertruck submerged in water (lake, ocean, etc.) if the windows are nearly unbreakable?

How would someone escape from a Tesla Cybertruck submerged in water (lake, ocean, etc.) if the windows are nearly unbreakable?When your car goes into the water, the recommendation is to roll down the windows promptly to allow an easy escape. Further, modern car electrical systems usually work for a while underwater. However, if you wait until the water covers the exterior then both hand cranked windows and electric motors are incapable of rolling down windows against the pressure differential and you will need to wait until the car floods through seams, air conditioning, etc. You need to get the windows open sooner rather than later.So: roll down the windows while you are going off the bridge and still screaming. Do not wait until after you are done with the screams and pants-soiling.MythBusters Episode 72: Underwater Car

6. its 646 words. i need to shorten it to 500 words. how do i do that? i cut it down from 2000 words so i cant f?

Remove sentences that are totally obvious. Such as: "It's a fact that life without air conditioner would be extremely different from what it is now". Gee, no kidding. That's totally obvious that not having an air conditioner is different than having one. It's a lame thing to point out. Do not insult your reader's intelligence with stuff like that. Also you have some run-on sentences: "Out of all other American innovations, air conditioning might have had the greatest impact, changing American society, culture, as well as its economy." Just say, "air conditioning has changed American society." Then give examples. It is really silly to say: "Americans have obviously become too dependent on, as they miss it when its not there." First of all, it's unnecessary to tell me something if it is obvious. Since it is obvious I must already know it, so why are you wasting my time by telling me? Oh, by the way you are breathing. And the sun is bright. Also, it's PAINFULLY obvious that people miss air conditioning when it's not there. Duh. You do not need to keep saying, "People notice when the air conditioning is missing." You say this over and over. Cut out unnecessary words: "One of the most noticeable impacts air conditioning has had on America is its culture, or more specifically, its architecture." So be specific then. Shorten this to: "The use of air conditioning has changed American architectural styles." There, see? Short and sweet. Look up the word: Succinct. Make your writing succinct. Get to the point. Do not tell me things that are obvious, and do not do it in a round-about way.

7. Why do AC units go out quicker during the winter?

Actually, they do not . Most folks do not run their air conditioning equipment in the winter, with the possible exception of chemo patients, or those affected by hot flashes. It is not a recommended practice to run air conditioning below a 60 ambient

8. why is my furnace only heating the house to 10 degrees below the set temp?

If you have air conditioning installed, there is a "A-frame" coil within the warm air plenum above your up flow furnace (outlet, warm air duct) Should be an access panel. Remove it carefully, you might find it is plugged with dirt and debris.

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