Do You Like High Heel Boots?

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1. Are my Heel boots a good fit for me?

spray a little rubbing alcohol in the toes and wear them they will stretch to fit

2. heel pain...?

Try resting it,(elevated) ice ,and tape up your heel to support it- a trainer or massage therapist in sports medicine will know how ( white thick canvas tape)

3. Sevre pain in heel? help?

A good chiropractor can takecare of your foot problem

4. Where can I find some really stylish shoes with a really low heel?

Nordstroms Rack, also TJ Max and even Ross, but you have to go there very often because all cute and new stuff sells fast. good luck

5. What are the best shoes for heel pain?

The shocks are super comfortable I would recommend them!!

6. Are all clear heel shoes considered as "hookerish"?

I think they look a bit hookerish myself. I also think that they look cheap, but that is just my oppinion. If you like them you should wear them. That is why it is called style. You have your own

7. flat feet high heel problem?

I could help you correct your flat feet. It's painless and free; would just involve you performing various exercises for a short period of time. If interested, email me ()

8. are heel shoes harful to wear at age of 14? does it affect the height?

hey my sister is 14 and my sister was getting married and she wanted all of us to wear high heels. its very painful if your this age to wear high heels but it doesnt affect your hieght. x

9. What is the average price of high heel shoes?

Every pair of my high heels...from pumps to boots cost an average of $200 (some as low as $60..some as high as $450). But with that price comes the fact they will be around for a LONG time...I always buy leather or suede boots and shoes...and then polish them always...some of my boots are 20 years old.

10. Is plantar fascitis the same as heel spurs? If no what is heel spurs?

While these two diagnoses are related, they are not the same. Plantar fasciitis refers to the inflammation of the plantar fascia--the tissue that forms the arch of the foot. A heel spur is a hook of bone that can form on the heel bone (calcaneus) and is associated with plantar fasciitis.

11. Should John Cena get a new gimmick? And should he turn Heel?

I think John Cena should keep his gimmick and should stay face

12. wo should turn heel?HWE MAN UP PART ONE!!!?

One step closer to victory !!!

13. What is the BEST BRAND for heel grips??

How about Gel grips for a start. Good brands are like Scholl Party Feet Gel Cushions which really keeps me from slipping forward. And the best it is reusable for all my heels. But make sure you get the right ones as they are many kind but different purposes.

14. My heel hangs over the side of my high heels?

make a second strap

15. High heel shoe help please?

i just would wear them around the house when im not doing anything. practice make perfect(:

16. What is the correct style of running? Heel up or heel as close to the ground as possible?

first guy is right but if you feel better with it try landing on the little balls on your feet where the toes start. also have someone time you four times(two on toes and two on balls) and see which one works better

17. How high a heel are you actually able to wear?

platforms-if its cork or espadrille i can go from 2-4 inches if its wooden(kinda hard and lands flat on the soles) 1-3 inches stillettos-1-3 inches regular stacked or thick heels i can go 4 this all depends on how long im gonna wear them and if my feet are bloated that day. if its for work i dont wear any type of heel because i will be walking around all the time. i do not want my shoes to stop me from checking on things. if its for a social gathering that i go to after work then i would wear a lower heel because i am sure i would be tired by then. if its on a day that i did nothing then i might probably do a higher heel but bring extra flip flops.

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