Do You Have Socks Or Slippers On?

nope, bare feet

1. anybody want to help me with some gift ideas?

I think we may have the same boyfriend! Haha I've bought my boyfriend the walking dead box set for christmas! Just 12, I've bought him some shirts a jumper, I was debating on a Xbox game but i bought a wallet and shoes and chocolates instead. You could buy a watch or aftershave, I've also made him a stocking with little things like shower gels, keyring, sweets and things like that. Depending on your budget they do a day for 2 people maybe for driving about in racing cars an things For your mam you could buy candles/candle burner. My mother loves Yankee candles and so do I! You could get her a dressing gown, slippers or pjs, chocolates, jewellery, perfume. My mum has turned stylish all of a sudden! So ill probably buy her some makeup items, straighteners and maybe a scarf or something. Wine and alcohol is always a good option! It depends what she likes. A spa day if you can afford it? its usually 2 people so ask her to take a friend or go with her. You can do this for anyone... Making it personal with a hamper is always good, use a basket and cellophane from your local florist, its cheap! you can put in any you want, gardening hamper with tools and seeds, spa hamper with bath bombs and soaps and slippers, chocolate hamper explains itself, a movie hamper! I like to make these sometimes since my bf works a lot. Put in some popcorn, hot chocolate, a movie etc...

2. Do you walk in a house with shoes or slippers?

I go barefoot around my apartment, and I ask guests to remove their shoes if they are going to enter past the front hallway. But I am not strict about it; if someone is wearing hard to remove footwear I do not force the issue. I picked up this custom when I lived in Hawaii in the late '90s. In most homes in Hawaii, you are expected to remove your shoes and leave them on the front porch (lanai) or just inside the front door. It's a very hygienic practice and also cuts down on carpet cleaning bills. So people also tend to wear shoes that are easily removed and put back on. Probably the Hawaii custom comes from Japanese immigrants. In Japan I think you do not wear shoes in the house. This is because the house floor is considered to be an extension of the bed (you sleep on tatami mats on the floor), and you do not wear your shoes to bed, do you? Whereas, in European custom, the house floor is considered to be more an extension of the front garden or porch, and your bed is a separate piece of furniture raised up off the floor. So it's not such a big deal wearing shoes (which have been stepping in who knows what in the street) into the house. And of course there are clever devices to help you clean your shoes before you enter the house (e.g. boot scrapers and welcome mats).

3. do you have shoes on? slippers? socks? bare feet?

I have on a pair of Italian loafers. No socks . . . . . . no slacks, no shirt. So, I get a kick outa playin' on here this way, OK?

4. Looking all over for slippers for my daughter - any idea where I can get them this time of year?

maybe limited too or old navy

5. cute ballet flats? ballerina slippers?

they have cute flats at forever 21, and charlotte russe. :

6. Do you know how to make slippers?

Now that is funny! Do you Know how to make a rubber glove out of condoms? You need 6. Five imported from france and one American version. Unroll the five french ones onto your fingers ---Polk five holes in the end of the American condom and slip it over your hand and wrist. Wallah--- rubber glove.

7. Bedroom slippers in a dorm?

No that's not weird at all. Think of your dorm room as exactly like your room at home, just with a roommate. Usually colleges will send out a questionairre to make sure that you are paired up with someone of a similar nature (early riser, neat freak, etc), and oftentimes they will let you know who your dorm mate is before you move in. Bring the essentials like you mentioned, as well as anything else that will help you make it feel like home. My dorm had loft beds, so I brought a small beanbag, and used it in a study nook that I created in the corner of the room. I brought a couple of posters, and a collage of my family so that I had pictures of them to help keep me from getting homesick. My roommate and I went out the week we moved into the dorm and bought string lights and other stuff to hang up to make the place seem more personable; we also pooled our money and rented a small refrigerator from the housing office. I even got a houseplant (and my roomie bought a venus flytrap as a joke). :-) Pretty much anything you used at home is fine to bring, as long as it does not take up too much space. If you want a favorite stuffed animal, go for it. Plenty of people bring them. Throw blanket that you just can not live without? By all means, bring that along too. 47 pairs of heels that you desperately need to have with you at all times? Pack 'em up and bring 'em along - just make sure they stay with YOUR stuff, and do not start infiltrating your roomies space. Dorms are pretty tight quarters usually, so you will need to be very aware of making sure not to crowd each other. Have fun with the packing! :D

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