Do You Have Any Hobby, If You Are a Girl, Please Tell Me About Your Hobbies?

I have a lot of hobbies. Some are more traditionally feminine (I knit, crochet, sew, do other needlework, and cook) while others are more traditionally masculine (I play video, computer, and pen and paper roleplaying games, I do woodworking, I do other handicrafts). I read. I do a lot of online activity. Do not worry about whether a hobby is for girls or boys. You should find something that interests YOU. Incidentally, when I was taking wood shop in high school, most of the other students were boys...and they paid a lot of attention to me. Most of them thought it was pretty cool that a girl would be interested in woodworking. Now that I play roleplaying games like Dungeons&Dragons and Final Fantasy, the guys STILL think that it's cool that a woman is interested in male activities. There's the occasional guy who thinks that I should be in the kitchen, but most guys enjoy knowing a woman who likes their hobbies, and can talk about the hobby, and participate in it.

1. What are some of your hobbies?

I like to go to the movies every week. Occasionally I like to go to places like theme parks or to a nice stage show. I like to answer questions on Y Answers and All Experts What makes me the person I am is exercise. I do stretching, light weightlifting, and aerobics, 1-5 times a day. Once a week, I lift heavy. By weightlifting, I went from a medium shirt and 190 lbs. to my present XXL shirt and 273 pounds.

2. Original hobbies to do at home?

Look up really weird artist and try to recreate their work. Make sure it's an artist that you actually like do not do like van gogh if you do not like his art do someone or something that you like like a skateboard or something

3. What are some good hobbies to get into?

a good hobby to get into is the learning how to play the chair by george strait on you accoustic g-tar. it has taken me 5 years to learn the first bass riff of the song. it is just so nasty. 11x harder than the solo in crazy train!!!! it is a very rewarding hobby because the song is just so nasty and filled with bass solos.

4. What are some interesting and rewarding hobbies one could pursue in early twenties?

One of the best things I can say, I did; was getting clean! I could not have done it without exploring the bible, learning guitar and getting myself back to school. I have 42 college credits now! I'm also playing the violin fairly well, at the close of my first year! I can almost play Hallelujah by Lindsy Sterling; which has been difficult for these past six months of practicing. I'm also thinking of , starting back in real-estate; which I was quite good at, but let drugs and alcohol took it away from me. You don't have to make the mistakes I've made, so lighten up if your heading in the wrong direction, it's very costly! You can easily screw up 10yrs. of your life, maybe longer. I really don't tell anyone what to do. I just share my mistakes.What are some interesting and rewarding hobbies one could pursue in early twenties?.

5. What are some hobbies or activities aside from chores, watching tv, and video games you can do as a teenager?

What about: sports community service crafts reading board games gardening work dog walking programming photography Lots of things! Wish I had more time.

6. What are ur 5 fav hobbies ?

a million. cruel Intentions is one in each and every of them. I even have tons. 2. Andy Warhol 3. lady gaga on the 2nd. (i do not be attentive to what the deal is i am completely infatuated it rather is strange. i am no longer even into music rather) 4. crimson, gold and silver. 5. a woman named Katie. 6. Legs up interior the air V, screw the generic public transportation. i've got under no circumstances been on a metro in my existence. 7. Bottled, HATE: Dasani Love: Ice mountain 8. intensity by employing: Dean Koontz 9. Keyboard guitar 10. Writing 11. exhilaration, Anticipation 12. Whoever makes Dolce and Gabana. I even have something that i admire love love yet my acquaintances save on tellin me there is something incorrect that I met somebody and eh, there is not any longer the rest i can assert, eh eh. I desire you under no circumstances appeared at me that way

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