Do You Always Need to Lower a Patio Umbrella When You're Not Using It, Or Can It Stay Up All Season?

You really should lower it when not in use. Gusts of wind can ruin them. It is not a good feeling when a sudden storm comes up and you have to run outside to lower it in a downpour. Even worse feeling when you see it blowing across the yard or hear it hit the house.

1. SURVEY:: May I stand under your umbrella?

eh eh eh eh under my umbrella eh eh eh eh eh

2. If 'Paganism' is such a wide umbrella term, then what does it mean to be Pagan?

You would simply be a eclectic Pagan

3. Should the United States extend its nuclear umbrella to the Latin American nations since they do not possess nuclear weapons?

I believe there are defense treaties already. They are not emphasized because there has not been any Eastern Hemisphere nuclear threat to Latin America. You practically have to go by North America anyway to go from Eurasia to most of Latin America. Latin America was a world leader in creating a regional Nuclear-weapon-free zone treaty to prevent expensive nuclear arms races within the region

4. Umbrella or Ezybox? AND Nikon SB-800 or SB-900?

After using umbrellas and soft boxes for twenty-five years, after I went digital I stopped using them. Bounce flash digital is a great combination. I use the SB-800, I do not want the bulkier SB-900, and I never use flash direct. When bouncing flash off the wall: you can quickly change quality and direction of light by moving/turning the flash. Adjust for paint & decor color by doing custom WB. If you have the flash on camera, never (in my opinion) let any direct flash hit the subject, so always have the flash aimed at least 90 degrees away from subject (sideways or diagonally up. Straight up? seldom, please.) Or, for more control over highlights and shadows, switch to one, two or three off-camera flashes (start with one, please). Get the least expensive pocket wizards (used model is fine): one for each body, one for each flash. Learn to shoot manual: shooting flash with P, S, or A totally blocks you from fine tuning a lighting setup. I use D300 3 sb-800s.

5. Why is my umbrella plant's leaves turning brown and falling off at an alarming rate?

Sounds like it has been shocked due to cold and travel dessication. If you pick up the pot and it is heavy, it has water. If light its dry. If the stems stay green and supple it will probably revive.

6. Can this patio Umbrella be steady in patio table?? Anything else do I need to buy?

Yes a Umbrella Base is a must. There is a array of different styles, colors along with prices with the least being a base manufactured from plastic and filled with water when in use. The weight from the water is supposed to be an efficient weight to keep the umbrella where you want it........or so they say (not) . Some are made from concrete that holds the umbrella in place using a Thumb Screw. The better styles and most efficient can cost a hefty price starting from $100 - up. I had some ornate ones that were both stylish and extreamly, extreamly heavy but passed them onto a neighbor as I did not use them that much. Boy did she get a great deal! So, you really ought to figure out how much you want to spend on one or whether you prefer style over price then go out to see what is available in your area.

7. What should I absolutely MUST see when I go to Paris?

Paris is a big city with lots of things to do and see, and you will always miss things. Look at some brochures or websites for travel to/in Paris and decide for yourself. If it is your first visit I think you can best take a bus tour through the city, that will show you all the famous highlights. If you take a hop-on hop-off tour it will even stop at those highlights, so you can get off and walk around. For the rest, only visit those things you want to visit, as those are already more than you need to fill your time in Paris with. What to wear? Clothing you are comfortable in, shoes you can walk in all day, every day. Unless you go in the height of summer, jeans is the most seen kind of trousers, but you will see any kind of clothing. In June to September it can be hot, so if you travel then, bring a skirt or shorts if you like them, and open tops or T-shirts. In any case, bring layers, and make sure you also bring a rain jacket or umbrella, as rain can be expected round the year, if not too often.

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