Do I Look Bad in Bikini? *pics*?

the one piece looks fantastic on you. the bikini does not look bad, but it does not do you justice. the cut of the one piece is totally flattering on you. (also, i think the angle of the camera for the two piece shot makes you look shaped a little strangely...)

1. Poll: Do you own a bikini?

i have several an pics too. no cause i dont know you

2. Which Bikini should I get ?

2nd one bikini dress looks beautiful on you

3. Am I too FAT for a BIKINI? [Pictures]?

the white looks better also remember there are soo many different styles of swimsuits that u can look ah-mazing in!! trying on one of those sexy one piece suits is a possibility too!! try something new on, and u may be amazed at how good u look in it! :)

4. What is "dazzling" about this little girl in a bikini?

I think it's gross u can see her ribs

5. Is 19 too young to start bikini waxing?

no it cant hurt you at friends do it and its A LOT better then shaving,

6. Should i get these bikini's?

I really like the peach one though, and the last one looks WAY cuter in green. All of them are cute, I just think you can find way better, but it's kind of hard, because all the bathing suits at VS are so cute. I would just try to get different patterns, you have a lotta rings ones, or leopard print. Get one leopard print, one ring one, then get a plain one, then get a different pattern, like the VS stamp, or something with ruffles, etc. Also pick different colors, I would definitely get a black one, then get the peach, then get the green like i suggested, and maybe a blue/purple/pink, also get a string, halter, bandeau, but.. it's your choice

7. Do people fish in Bikini Bottom ?

well they go to the beach and light fires there so probably yes

8. What bikini should I order? (pictures)?

1 or 2 for sure

9. were do they sell push up bikini?

do no longer purchase any abercrombie/holster those shops are quite undesirable high quality and doubtless gained't very last 2 months. attempt Victorias secret the primary is giant and their bathing matches are somewhat eye-catching!

10. HELP!!! Which bikini should i get?

I do not like the color of it on you but the first one is better.The second one you look uncomfortable in,those bandeau style tops are hard to wear.I think you would look great in one the same style as the first one,but in a brighter color (like hot pink,bright purple,teal blue or a fresh green) to flatter your skin tone better.

11. for girls only. shaving the bikini area!?

Yes, you can use an electric razor, but you wo not get a close shave. Forget shaving that area -- ouchies! Instead, wax. It will leave the area smooth and without those nasty bumps.

12. Which bikini is cuter? EASY 10 points!!?

2 & 3. I think the 2nd one looks better in pink though. But my favorite color is pink so thats probably why. Haha(:

13. Am I too fat for a bikini (with picture)?

Yes, I suggest an oversized wetsuit

14. Which style bikini is best for a chubby girl?

High waisted bikinis are absolutely gorgeous! There are also lots of stunning one-pieces out there, do not be afraid of them

15. which bikini looks better on an asian girl?

I do not think race would have anything to do with it, but I think the second one is cuter. Have a wonderful day.

16. Bikini my boyfriend dislikes me wearing them?

You are his girlfriend, not his property. He needs to deal with the fact you are beautiful and guys will always look at you. As long as there is nothing else going on, then this should not be an issue.

17. Bikini line hair removal options, please help?

What do guys like you asked, that varies so much but my choice is smooth and shaved, it is so clean and so fresh and basically very nice to look at. It lets you appreciate the actual physical beauty of the body part.Not to mention it can be quite a turn on if you keep it shaved with an electric razor but you have to do it often so it does not pull and hurt. It really makes for an extremely sexy sight and the oral benefits are unbelievable

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