Do I Have to Use Water Treatment If I Have Well Water?

Unless you have added chlorine to your well, then there is no need to treat it. I have used well water fresh from the tap for years without problems. You still need to cycle the tank first. And betta do best with a heater and a small filter. Good luck. :).

1. What is the purpose of adding alum to water in a water treatment plant?

Alum is used in the sedimentation tank of a water treatment plant. Its accelerates the process of sedimentation. With the presence of alum the sedimentation of undissolved particles takes place faster.

2. do you think they should give a tax break to Laundromats and car washes if they build next to water treatment?

Many car washes do their own water treatment and recycling already, and have for many years. I do not know, however, if laundromats do

3. Do toothepaste's without fluoride protect the teeth from cavities, enamel erosion...etc?

Fluoride/Fluorine prevents tooth decay and somewhat helps whiten teeth. This is why during water treatment, the water usually undergoes "fluorination"

4. What I Need To Know Everything About Water Treatment Center?

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5. what chemical is most often used in water treatment plants?

There are a number: flocculating agents, pH control, disinfectants, etc. I suspect you are asking about the latter group. In the US and much of the world, gaseous chlorine is commonly used, on a smaller scale is sodium hypochorite or calcium hypochlorite, very small plants sometime use iodine-containing materials due to the problem of formation of trihalomethanes when using chlorine (which is more chemically active). In parts of Europe, they are moving away from chemical disinfection to UV irradiation, but this does nothing to prevent later contamination as does a chlorine residual. Hope this helps

6. Can a mechanical engineer work in a company involved in water treatment, distribution and hydraulic modelling? Will the experience count when switching to Core Company?

If you can relate and explain them how your experience in the distribution work relates to the core job you apply for, it will of course help. When companies shortlist candidates, they are more concerned about how you handle situations rather than your technical understanding etc. They are not hiring you to work as a robot equipped with all the know how etc. Hence, although experience in core company might have helped, you would not hire one who does not seem fit for your organization would you?So, research the company's organizational behavior, ask questions about the problems they face and A2A the people who work there (not necessary on Quora. Linked in is an extremely helpful way.), think about how you can perform in the organization's structure and solve those problems. This way, you would be more relevant to them. Can a mechanical engineer work in a company involved in water treatment, distribution and hydraulic modelling? Will the experience count when switching to Core Company?Can a mechanical engineer work in company involved in water treatment, distribution and hydraulic modelling and will the experience count when switching to core company?

7. How I can design simple water treatment unit in home ?

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