Different Types of Feed Bins/buckets for Horses?

personally i feed my horses pellets out of recycled feeders that sit on the floor. Some of my feeders are stainless steel bowls from the old automatic watering bowls. one plastic feeder is just a cut up container of some sort. The way they get beat around there is no sense in spending a lot of money on them if you do not have to. The hay is thrown on the floor for them to eat.

1. How do I get my dogs nose to stop cracking and peeling?

Are you feeding/watering your dog from a plastic dish? That could be the cause. Some dogs develop an allergy to the plastics used. Try stainless steel bowls and see if that helps. You said this began roughly a month ago, and you've stated no other symptoms than the cracked and peeling nose; otherwise the best thing you can do is ask a professional veterinarian

2. How to keep my dog from chewing her platic food bowls?

Had a german shepherd who ate all his plastic bowls - even the water buckets. Easy solution is to get stainless steel bowls, they wo not break if thrown and dogs can not chew them up. Well worth the price.

3. What are things you need to buy for your puppy when he first arrives?

- Dog basket/box, big enough to fit the pup when it's curled up comfortably (it will outgrow it fast, so do not spend a lot of money on this). - Blanket - Collar - Dog tag - Leash - Dog-waste bags - Toys - Treats - Food (the breeder should give you some as well). - Sturdy water and food bowls that are easy to clean (I prefer stainless steel bowls in holders). - Paper towels (to pick up accidents and mess) - Regular towels for wiping feet, pee tummies etc. - Cleaner that removes organic smell (for accidents and mess). - I do not crate train, but if you do, you will need a crate. - Baby-gates (if you need to section off parts of your home). - Brush and comb. - Dog nail cutter. - I've heard it's not good to bathe a Westie, but you could get a special dry dog shampoo. - Puppies tend to pick up fleas, so you might want to get a good puppy-flea treatment. To easy the puppy's transition to its new home: - If possible leave the pup's blanket at the breeders place for a while before taking it back when you go to pick up the pup. If that's not possible, then bring the pup's blanket when you go pick it up and make sure to rub it on mother and siblings. - Put an old T-shirt in your bed and sleep with it for a couple of nights, it will then be full of your scent and can be added to the puppy blanket in the pup's bed to surround it with secure smells. - I also like to buy a DAP-diffuser and have it turned on 24 hours prior to puppy's arrival (I am not sure if it's called the same where you are at, but it's a thing you plug into a switch and it then releases calming dog-feromones). My other pets also get a dose of calming scents to minimize stress.

4. Where can I buy an Oster Kitchen Center?

RE: Where can I buy an Oster Kitchen Center? I was told some company bought out Oster and/or they discontinued the Kitchen Center. It was a blender and mixer in one. My mom's is a dark yellow, with stainless steel bowls that sit on a turntable. You can take the top part off to put the blender on it. It came with dough hooks and some other...

5. I think my cat has feline acne on his chin, whats the best way to treat it?

There really is not anything to treat it. I mentioned it to my vet once too. They should always be using stainless steel bowls, NO plastic ones and to help open the pores you can gently rub it with a warm washcloth but it might not do anything. The vet stressed the importance of using the right bowls. As far as his coat is concerned perhaps looking into a diet change will help, it can work wonders for their coats.

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Can I Use Stainless Steel Bowls in Microwave Oven for Warming Up Food?
micro wave is a radio signal and passes through most objects. Causing the molecules to move out of the way and heat up as they bump into each other. Radio waves have a hard time passing through metals and most are reflected back off creating a static charge. It will sound like the micro wave oven is going to blow up and will look like it's lighting in there but there is little harm done to the unit it self... but your food wo not heat up very fast... the same thing with wrapping it in foil... so although there is many myths out there about microwaves that blow up with metal in them the truth is it just wo not heat your food very well, and will look scary.1. What should I do to take care of stainless steel posts and pans?I would not worry about them too much. Stainless steel pots and pans are pretty low maintenance. If the bottoms start to get rough feeling you should use some steel wool to clean them thouroughly. Other than that not much2. What kind of blade can you cut stainless steel with.?realy you can use any blade almost example: if you use a sawzall than any metal cutting blade will do i would sugest using a shear, a shear will make a nice clean cut. but more than likely you dont have one so either scratch that idea or see if a local steel shop could cut it for you you can also use a die grinder or a rotery tool the blades for both are usualy simmaler they are a carbide blade that gats smaller as you cut if you have a grinder you can use a cut off wheel if you got a tool that i did not mention then e-mail me and i will give you a good direction to go hope that helped3. Are stainless steel pots and pans hard to clean?No, they are not any harder to clean than any pot or pan. I always rise out and soak my dirty pots as I go, so they are easier to clean later. I use Cameo aluminium/stainless steel powder cleaner to make them look brand new in a flash of a pan. Many people do not use aluminum anymore as it has been prov-en to cause alzheimer's disease4. I am looking for a good set of stainless steel cookware. Can anyone reccomend a really great brand.?I really recommend the tupperware brand. You get lifetime guarantee at no extra charge and they last a very long time. Compared to other expensive brands the Chef brand by Tupperware is not that expensive5. What is the best brand of stainless steel cookware to buy?I have a whole set of Emeril stainless steel pans and they are great. I got them last year as a present to myself. The reason I chose Emeril brand was because they are made by All Clad, which is an extremely good brand, but the Emeril brand were much less in price, yet feel and look to be the same quality as All Clad. There could be a better brand out there, but I either have not heard about it, or was unwilling to consider it due to the price tag. Besides, I figured Emeril's reputation as a chef demanded that he only endorse a very good brand. I like my pans very much.6. Why does stainless steel get rusty?steel is a iron alloy with composites like carbon and with a minimum chromium percentage of 10.5 ...and the strength and other properties are closely related to the percentage of carbon and chromium used in it..! its the chromium that creates a thin oxide layer maintaining the lustre by preventing the alloy from forming the iron oxide which is often reffered as rust..so if you got your stainless steel rusted you are betryed by the manufactures and may be they have failed to anticipate the sorrounding environment so that they selected a compostion that best suits..!! cheers..!7. How can I keep food from sticking to my stainless steel frying pan?Do not turn the heat up too high on your pans. I use Pam cooking spray and nothing ever sticks to my brand new Cuisinart stainless steel cookware.
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