Decomposing Rats, Lizards and Thick Black Gunk: the Disgusting Things Found Inside Faulty Air Condit

Thousands of homeowners across the country are unaware rotting animals could be hidden inside their air conditioning units and causing them serious health problems.

Owner of Gold Coast company Local Aircon Cleaning and Maintenance, Lee Castle, cleans hundreds of air conditioning units each month and often finds them in undesirable conditions.

According to the Gold Coast Bulletin , most days Mr Castle is met with thick black gunk made of dust, mould and bacteria, along with rat droppings and dead lizards.

Scroll down for video.

Mr Castle sometimes still gets surprised by what he finds behind the cover of an air conditioner.

The worst thing he'd ever found was a dead rat squished between some wires, but many people don't realise how bad it gets as the outside looks clean.

'It had a really bad odour. I showed the resident after and she was horrified,' Mr Castle said.

Small animals, such as rats and lizards, become easily trapped in the vents as they crawl through drain lines.

'Once they're in, they struggle to get out again,' Mr Castle said.

Mr Castle only began his business in 2018 after his wife started having serious breathing problems.

It turns out she was suffering from asthma, but after they got their air conditioner cleaned, her health issues went away.

'It was hard to get someone around as they were all booked out. So I saw that were was a hole in the market and then it (the business) took about 18 months to start up,' Mr Castle said.

After just six months in the business, Mr Castle services more than 30 units in both homes and business each week.

He recommends those who spend a lot of their time around air conditioners get them cleaned at least every six months.

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