Dealing with a Toddler in a Full Length Leg!?

i could call that scientific assistant up and ask her the right thank you to bathe a 27 month previous with an entire leg forged. j/ok :) positioned a rubbish bag over it (you ought to tape the rubbish bag around the suitable to shield it or use an ace bandage around the suitable) and sponge bathe her, basically use a washcloth and a few cleansing soap (you ought to easily sit down her in a dry tub bath, fill a bucket with some heat water and cleansing soap and do an preliminary cleansing - squeeze out the washcloth properly so better water does not drip down, then basically use undeniable water in the bucket to sort of rinse her off). you ought to positioned a sprint stool in the tub bath that she ought to boost and relax her leg on jointly as you do it. I fantastically doubt she would be ready to sit down down nonetheless adequate in the tub bath to purpose a actual tub with leg better and you do no longer % to get water below that forged so i could pass with the sponge baths. GL and desire she feels extra suitable

1. No hot water pressure in my entire house!?

If you find it is not a freezing problem it could be an issue with your hot water heater--sediment at the bottom could cause a blockage. At the bottom of most HWHs, there is a faucet. Get a drain pan to catch water, and try to open the faucet. If you get hot water coming out, you have a problem in your lines, either frozen or the blockage has moved into the pipes. Try to determine if it is you HWH first. Then try the cabinets open or a small heater on the floor just out side the cabinets. But, since this is happening in multiple locations, it must be closer to your outgoing hot feed from the HWH. If you get no hot water from faucet, you may need to replace the heater or an element or burner.

2. How do you add water to a toilet trap.?

There are really small "Toilet Elves" in the toilet, just lounging around on the other side of the water trap. When you pour water in the bowl, they just drink it really fast. This is why you will see the water rise for a moment and then go back to the same level. Only the best and fastest drinkers in the land of Toilet Elves get this job. Sometimes, if you put the water in really fast, instead of being able to drink the extra water quickly, the elves get flushed down the pipe, and as they are being whisked away by the water flow, they grab at whatever they can, and sometimes all they can grab is the flush handle. So the toilet will then flush! Of course you can not see them grabbing the handle on the inside of the toilet, why, they ARE elves, after all! Well, it's either that or the whole trap thing other people mentioned.

3. rat knocks water bottle off cage?

Have you tried putting the water bottle from the out side of the cage? What type of water bottle do you have? A plain water bottle wire holder is not good to use as they will fall off so the water bottle I use is a glass bottle with a silver drinking head it comes with 2 wire holders 1 holder stays on the cage at all times and the othe wire hook also holds it on for extra security the bottle only cost $8 it's well worth it I have had mine for more then a year

4. How do greenhouses affect pesticide use?

To a general question this general answer: I do not know, but in general I do not think so ;-) but then again, ...First: a greenhouse is not a closed environment. It is aerated (insects can come in and go out) and (unless the water is drained in an isolated way) water escapes via the soil (residue pesticide escapes also). Second: pesticides can be a lot of things: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, bactericides etc. depending on what is bugging you.A greenhouse does not keep any pests out (unless you mean rabbits maybe?) and can create its own kind of problems (it is a hot and moisty environment that is ideal for some insects and fungi).The only thing is: when you have to spray pesticides of any kind, there is some direct protection for neighboring parcels (that do not get acutely polluted). Also, if you have to use biological biocides (like wasps) they are more likely to stay in the greenhouse (not sure)

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