Dance Shoes - High Heels?

what style of dancing? the swifter the dance, the fewer heel you will want by the tip of the nighttime. Assuming you are speaking a pair of dance club, i might elect decrease than 3". jogging around is a good purchase distinctive than the fast flow you do whilst dancing. a technique or the different i do no longer think of you want to end the nighttime early with a broken heel on your footwear or a twisted ankle. i understand that they are appealing, and maximum women persons (alongside with me) love them, yet spending 4 hours promptly on a challenging dance floor is looking too lots of your ft. in case you do no longer care approximately convenience, then decide for the appealing look. I did a pair of cases, then i found out my ft have been in all probability going to sue for divorce if I saved it up. Blisters are no longer relaxing and appealing! The sweat and flow of dancing are a breeding floor for them, you recognize

1. short grey dress, black tights and black shoes? (high heels or flats)?

dont care about the height of your friends. Try high heels with it, if you like your look with them, wear them

2. I want to get more cute shoes for high school..? definitely has some cute shoes(: too! payless is also stepping up their game when it comes to shoes, as well as target. for higher end shoes try or even better good luck! i guess we will both be shoe shopping this weekend(:

3. Ok, cute shoes, high heels, do they always give you blisters? all of them?

Its the quality of the shoe. If you buy cheap shoes, then they dont fit well and that results in blisters. Invest in some good quality heels, and I guarantee you wont get blisters. Also, make sure you are wearing the correct size! That makes a huge difference also. :).

4. I've seen chocolate (edible) shoes with high heels, but I want to make chocolate converse...?

Mold are made from a plastic acetate material, you make a mold with 2 sides, clamp them together with the melted chocolate in them rotate to cover all areas then let it cool, releasing the chocolate from the mold you can decorate it with pieces of white chocolate for the toe cap and sole base, laces can be make with molding chocolate or licorice strings, as for any mold like that a cake decorating store or a Micheal's Crafts store may have something, like these cake show on TV sometime you have to make the mold or build it from and alternative material cake or other, for something like a running shoe a high top you could make one, but it my be expensive for one time usage

5. Are these shoes to high of a heal to wear with back problems?

Yes they are ok to wear if you have a bad back my mam wears a bit higher and she has back problems aslong as they are comfortable and you can wear them for along time then yes they will be fine on you. : )

6. Do running shoes/high grip shoes tear up a synthetic badminton court?

Yes they do damage courts. The grip in such shoes are prominent and as such if you play with such shoes it may cause wear and tear of courts (synthetic/wooden).I would always recommend you to use non-marking grip shoes while playing badminton. That would keep the courts damage free. And more importantly, it would keep you from getting injured. Do running shoes/high grip shoes tear up a synthetic badminton court?Do running shoes/ high grip shoes tear up synthetic badminton court?

7. Any good comfy shoes for high school?


8. What shoes for high school guy?

For any guy that's getting older, I think the best shoe is a simple casual sneaker/boat shoe. Not like those crappy, over-priced Air Jordans and stuff. Something from like Ralph Lauren or Aldo. It's not so much the bright colors/stylish designs but something simple, casual, and refined. That makes any outfit on a guy more put together

9. are these shoes high tops ?

High tops are tighter on you ankles and higher

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