Cycling Shoes? What to Wear?

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1. Cycling through the Mojave...?

I rode around Tucson when I lived there. Some desert riding and YES it can be extreme. Bring water, water, and more water...also be sure to have PLENTY of material to patch a tire. The last thing you want is to get a flat and thus be unable to find shelter and water to survive. Be sure to be able to know how to do minor repairs and tire changes and flat repair without difficulty. One thing I learned very quickly is that everything in the desert either has a fang, stinger, or a torn. All of which can puncture tires. You WILL also want something to make shade to help cool off, a hat but something to bivouac against your bike. I would think of this as backpacking on a bike so bring what you need. Sounds like an awesome adventure!

2. Are cycling shoes comfortable as everyday wear?

Unless you are using clipless pedals, you really do not need much in terms of special shoes for cycling. However, there are plenty of advantages to using clipless pedals, so many people choose to use them. The big categories of clipless shoes are:.

3. What is the ideal body size for professional cycling?

Hey brother, have you tried downhilling? If you are getting into the sport and you've got ski mountains around you are area, check it out. Look up Sam Hill on youtube and I am sure you will be amazed. BTW I am 6'4 and I can sprint and endure very well, whether it be DH, XC, or road.

4. What is the best way to start your first salt water aquarium?

Start with a tank that is as large as possible, because its easier to maintain as well as large enough to have more fish which will inevitably happen. I would definitely start with damsels, green chromis are by far the best fish to start with in my opinion because of their hardiness, cheap price, and their docile nature, but you pay at least twice for almost every other fish not considered a damsel at petco so I would just start with those. The waiting for 3 weeks you are talking about is cycling, look up some information about it, basically it makes the water livable for fish. Some advice I would offer is do tons of research and plan what you fish you want and make sure you have the tank size to accommodate all of them. Buy cheap/used in almost all cases, check craigslist you could end up saving yourself thousands of dollars, live rock and fish are 2 things I think are better to buy on craigslist than at a store. I hope that was helpful and good luck with your tank.

5. Help with work out? Cycling?

If you feel like dieing after you bike you are pushing yourself to hard. You will burn out after a month of it. Work for goals that you set starting with easy obtained ones working into harder ones. Your not going to lose 100 pounds in a few months. Personally I would sign up for a water aerobics class. Great for your joints and not over working them because thats whats going to wheel chair bond you. Work on your flexibility and if you have a decent cable provider use the free on demand programs. Get some hand weights and get on it.

6. what is the best cycling computer?...?

don;t get wireless too much trouble unreliable get a $25 cateye even walmart has a decent schwinn brand computer it;s like $12 the "Best" computer can cost $400 - i doubt you want that wle.

7. 3 cories, 2 guppies, 1 otocinclus in an uncycled, semi-bad filtration, 10 gallon?

i would say yea that's a good way to do it but instead of worrying about cycling and using the water from your 50g tank since it is a temporary housing for those fish i would use the filter and replace the water and clean out the tank every day and use RO (reverse osmosis) water or distilled water and not fill the tank fully so the filter water dumping back from a higher altitude will force more oxygen into the water doing it this way it is crucial to keep the water clean... if you replace the water every day and clean the tank pretty good they will be fine for a few days in there... be sure not to use cleaning products just elbow work and clean paper towels and NO tap water

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