Cute Yoga Pants?

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1. What exactly does yoga do?

It's a faster yoga that increases your heart rate, but still includes the stretches that makes yoga great. If I were you, I would start with a beginner yoga class, where you can learn the basics from an instructor. Knowing the positions well really helps when you move onto power yoga because you need to keep the pace. It's also good to learn some basics from an instructor, so you learn the moves in a way to avoid injury

2. When was the International Day of Yoga celebrated?

Check out the below article from Sadhguru:International Yoga Day - Message by Sadhguru

3. how to do Head to Knee Yoga Pose easily?

I have been practicing yoga for many years and I can tell you that everyone is different and finds different poses challenging. Everyone's body is different, some have strength and some have flexibility. Sounds like you are like me in that you are not very flexible. Since I have very tight hamstrings, I can only do head to knee with my knee bent. But there are other poses that I can do well because of my strength. I am sure this is true for you too. The importance thing about yoga is not whether you can "do" the pose, but to establish a regular practice to build strength and mental calmness. It's not about the end result, it's about the practice itself. If you keep at it you will find over time you will be able to achieve poses that you did not think you ever could do. Accept your body where it is today and keep practicing. Since the style of yoga I practice (Bikram) teaches that head to knee is a compression pose, it is more important to touch your head to your knee than to keep your leg straight. Straightening your leg will come over time.

4. how do you get rid of back pains?

Actually, I am experiencing the same problem as your but my problem is due to back straining. I tried a heating pad on my back and it helped. If it does not help maybe you should go to the chiropractic instead of doctor. I have problems with my back a lot so I do yoga. Yoga helps with stretching on my back too. When you lifting try to be in a good position. Do not pick or lift anything with your back but use your legs. Good luck

5. What are your favorite yoga routines?

I have many favorite yoga poses but who does not love savasana (corpse pose)? Savasana is also one of my favorite poses to provide an assist to help others deepen into this relaxation pose. I personally like to practice lunging and/or hip-opening yoga poses like bound side angle or revolved crescent shown below.These are some of my favorites but it's important to practice poses that you find challenging too. The ones that seem difficult to stay in are telling you have work to do and need to address the issues of imbalance, strength, flexibility and/or fear that you feel in a pose. Practice, practice, practice.My favorite yoga sequences begin with a few simple poses to ease into the practice (i.e. child's pose, mountain pose), sun salutations to warm up, work poses (i. e. crescent series, triangle series), stretching and, finally, corpse pose

6. Should I wear yoga shorts to yoga?

I wear yoga shorts, it gets very hot once you start moving if you have anything else on. I do it out of bare necessity

7. What is your favorite yoga app?

i teach yoga and meditation and love one app out of all the othersYogatailor - Personal Yoga Training

8. How to focus when I already have trouble focusing and on medicine that makes it even worse?

Sounds really tough! I have trouble focusing too and can't take medication. My doctor suggested I try taking vitamins/supplements. She also suggested I exercise daily, try yoga, and drink tons of water all day. And guess what!!!! It helps so much. The supplements I take daily are: omega 3, amino acids, probiotics, and Acetyl L-Carnitine The exercise and drinking water suggestions seems like an obvious one, but it really does help with focus.

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