Could an Incentive Be Given Out to Those Who Use the LED Bulb Light If They Change the Entire Househ

No. Why should tax payers have to pay people to do what they should be doing anyway? Overconsumption of resources is greed. It exploits other people and the environment. The best solution is to make energy cheaper on a cost per unit bought but only up to a certain level. After this level any electricity that is purchased is much more expensive. This would prevent fuel poverty, eliminate some of the need for a government heating allowances and grants and would not be a regressive charge. So if you wanted to use a lot of electricity you could but would be really paying for your non-environmentally friendly ways.

1. How do i make a simple LED bulb flash on and off ?

The basic concept is a power supply (battery), a switch, and a resistor. How complicated you want to get beyond that is up to you. Although I could understand it's not real fun to run the switch by hand for very long. Beyond that you get into more circuitry; anything from a 555 timer, all the way to playing with a pic-processor like the Arduino which is very popular. It should be easy to find example circuits and even videos.

2. Running a 6V DC LED Bulb from a 8V AC current source?

That seems about right. The capacitor is for smoothing the output. Even with a full wave rectifier bridge, the DC output will vary widely without a capacitor.The capacitor will remove the 30 or 60 hz flicker that is inherent in most AC signals. The circuit above is how you would wire it. The load is the led plus the appropriate resistor, which is the next closest standard value to 176 ohm, as you properly calculated

3. Why does my wind turbine not light my LED bulb?

Your wind turbine is either not putting out enough current(Amps) to light the bulb, or the bulb could also be bad, maybe try a smaller LED

4. Will this 20,000k LED bulb function as a grow light?

A 20,000K lamp will have peak output at 145 nanometers (Wien's Displacement Law). That's hard ultraviolet. It will hurt your plants. 10,000K still peaks at 290nm, UV. You want a lamp with a far redder color temperature. Here's a nice graph of the wavelengths plants like: See the page Light and Plants

5. chips to LED bulbs which is best? –

chips to LED bulbs which is best? Some time ago I wondered at what the bulb to replace your old 75-watt bulb. I really like the LED version. On the Internet there are many LED bulbs are thousands of different types and sizes. As I choose the right LED bulb? I have had experience of all kinds of LED bulbs and I consider that are beneficial for me. Chip Type in led bulb is for me on the first place! Worst chips are 3528 - poorly lit even if they are many. The only advantage is that the power consumption is small. Are one diod chips with 120 light scatter and good efficiency. Power per chip is 0.08w. SMD 3528 LED has about such luminous intensity as two highlightning conventional diodes. SMD 3528 compared with 5050 SMD chip has the same properties, only that it contains only one chip instead of three. Advantage over SMD 5050 chip is better cooling ambient air, the disadvantage need more space. 5050 chips are better have a decent luminous intensity 10W LED bulb with 60 chips parallels 50-60W incandescent bulbs The single chip are three illuminating points (small LED) LED chip 120 light scatter and high efficiency makes this chip fully pushed older conventional LEDs, compared to which it has up to 6 times higher luminous intensity. The best chips are 5630 bulbs with these chips are my favorite, and in 2013-2014, I searched only bulbs with this type of chips. 15W Watt LED bulb with 5630 chips parallels 75-85 watt incandescent bulbs! This new model LED chip has an even higher luminous intensity than SMD5050 and smaller size. 120 light scatter and very high efficiency.

6. Installed 3157 LED bulb on 2000 Altima DRL Fuse keep on blowing up

Because DRL leds do not like running on less than 12V check the power voltage at the day time running lamps use the LED lights for back up lights. Some DRL's run at only 9 volts

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Whats the Difference Between LED Lights and Regular Lights?
What’s the Difference Between LED Lights and Regular Lights?What is the Difference Between LED Lights and Regular Lights? If you are considering upgrading your lighting system to LED light fixtures, you are making a great choice. You will be making huge strides forward in your commercial business's energy usage, as well as doing the environment a favor. We here at LED Wholesale Supply, as vendors of commercial lighting, promise that you are making a decision you wo not regret. However, you still might be curious about what makes all LED brands different from other types of lighting-and, therefore, so great for your company. Maybe you even wonder, on a structural level, how LED lights work, as opposed to their counterparts. Learn all the details below from a supplier of wholesale LED lights. What Exactly Are LED Lights? To know how LED lights are different from other lighting types, it's necessary to know what LED lights even are. Even though this technology has been around for years (it's the same thing that lights up some digital clocks and newer traffic lights), not a lot of people know exactly how they work. LED is an acronym; the name stands for "light-emitting diode," which is a nod to how LEDs work on a structural level (diodes are specific types of electricity-transferring structures that are not exclusive to LEDs). An LED creates light by moving electrons-small, negatively-charged particles-through a tiny piece of matter called a semiconductor, which is a process that excites these particles and creates light. In contrast, other types of lighting do not rely on solid matter to create light, but rather gas in a chamber or a vacuum. It is due to the functionality of the diode that LEDs do not need mercury to work, as opposed to fluorescent lights, which rely on the elements' changing form from a liquid to a gas to produce light. Therefore, LEDs render themselves relatively environmentally sound, as their lack of mercury means that the toxic substance cannot leak into the environment. As a side note, this is also the reason why fluorescent lights should be recycled during retrofitting and similar procedures. Yes, the amount of mercury contained in a fluorescent light is small, but on a larger scale, careless disposal can have a severe environmental impact. In conclusion, LEDs create light by exciting electrons inside solid semiconductors. They differ from fluorescents in both their structure and the elemental substances they use to create light. What Does This Difference Mean For Your Business? The unique design of LEDs makes them an ideal choice for commercial businesses everywhere. They truly are the lighting choice of the future, and there's a reason you will find them being used in forward-thinking businesses across the globe. What things do LEDs bring to the table that other types of lighting (fluorescent included) can not ? What unique benefits can you expect from your LED installation that you would never expect from different types of lighting? ● Great savings. Yes, when compared to other types of lighting, the initial costs of LED fixtures can be slightly higher (though recent innovations have made the technology much more affordable than in previous years). However, you truly get what you pay for; LEDs can last for years-decades, even. This means that in the long run, you are less likely to invest in fixture replacement or new LED light bulbs, which puts more money in your pocket. Furthermore, LED lighting is strikingly more energy-efficient than many other types of lighting, meaning that your energy bills could also be significantly lower than they would otherwise when you use LEDs. As a bonus, because LEDs emit little heat, they could also mean a cut to your AC bills in the warmer months. ● Respect for the environment. As stated above, LEDs last for a very long time; you could reduce the number of light fixtures you will need to replace, which can reduce your firm's overall waste. Moreover, LEDs use energy more efficiently than incandescent lights, which means less stress on the environment, as your firm's energy demands could be smaller. Relatively small heat emissions from LEDs also contribute to a possible reduction in your business's carbon footprint. ● Respect for your facilities. Anything that consumes electricity also generates some degree of heat. However, due to LEDs' energy efficiency, they emit far less heat than many other traditional bulb types. This could mean less damage to your facility's walls and infrastructure. After all, many wallpaper and trim types are not designed to withstand being roasted under fluorescents or incandescents day in and day out. We are more than just a light bulb supplier and more than just a wholesaler. We pride ourselves in selling the very best in LED fixtures and lamps, and we would be happy to answer any of your lighting questions. Give our office a call today at 952-392-9117.
Rain Drop Lights, Aukora LED Meteor Shower Lights 11.8 Inch 8 Tubes 144leds, Icicle Snow Falling Lig
Rain Drop Lights, Aukora LED Meteor Shower Lights 11.8 inch 8 Tubes 144leds, Icicle Snow Falling Lights for Xmas Halloween Party Holiday Garden Tree Christmas Thanksgiving Decoration Outdoor (Blue)Enjoy Your Colorful Life, Just Start From Aukora! Specs: Plug types: US Plug LED bulbs of per tube: 18 Tube Qty : 8 Tubes Number of LED bulbs : 8 Tubes x 18LED (144LED Lights) Tube length: 30cm Tube Dia.: 1cm Total length :320cm Working Voltage: 110-220V Watt: 5W Features: 1.Meteor shower effect, romantic aesthetic 2.Linkable to multiple sets 3.The materials are environmental protection,energy saving and safe 4.Waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistant Noted: 1. Please note that the plug is NOT waterproof so that please keep the plug away from water 2. Please make sure the male/female connectors are connected correctly. If you can not turn on the whole light or 8 tubes, it is caused by the false connection for the connectors, please disconnect them and change another direction to connect them again— — — — — —UJALA LED bulbsEESL aggregated demand and distributed LED bulbs in bulk, thus reducing costs by more than 80% - from Rs.310 (February 2014) to Rs.65 (April 2017, without taxes). The cost reduction was passed to consumers, making LED and energy efficient appliances an affordable for all. Average prices of LED bulbs under UJALA vary between Rs.60-70 (subject to various state taxes) with a 1-year warranty. The UJALA scheme, which started with distribution of LED bulbs has now expanded to include variety of energy efficient products like fans, tube-light and air conditioners, etc. With a network across India, EESL distributed more than 36.26 crore energy efficient LED bulbs, saving over 47,000 mn KWh, 3.8 crore tonnes of CO2 emissions and Rs 18,800 Crore per year. This also reduced peak demand by 9,400 MW. EESL plans to replace 77 crore inefficient bulbs by LED bulbs by March 2019. This would reduce load in the country by 20,000 MW and save of 10,000 crore kWh per year. Consumers would save Rs. 40,000 crore every year, after an average tariff of Rs. 4 per kWh. EESL procurements conform to BIS specification IS 16102 Part 1 and Part 2: 2012 for self-ballast lamps. Further, these bulbs carry a 3-year free replacement warranty against technical defects. At the bidding stage, the prospective bidders are required to provide, along with their bid documents, the test reports from National Accreditation Board of Laboratories (NABL) accredited labs. At the distribution stage, EESL picks up samples of LED bulbs at each place where the distribution is taking place and from the manufacturing facility in a random manner and gets it tested— — — — — —Main fuse blows when light bulb blows?This is entirely normal behaviour for filament bulbs. When the filament breaks, one or other loose end can short against the other terminal. Neither CFL nor LED bulbs have this problem (the rectifier diodes in a CFL can theoretically fail short-circuit, but it's extremely rare in practice).— — — — — —How much electricity does a strand of 300I am assuming of course led lights.? If so, an led bulb uses approx. .05 watts and considering you using 2400 led bulbs, that would amount to 120 watts. With that you probably use more power out of your bathroom light fixture . You will be fine if you use led bulbs— — — — — —Are you proud to live in a country where we will be allowed to choose what lightbulbs we can use?This is a good question I am sure that you mean incandescent bulbs with filaments which you may prefer to use. Those experts can be tunnel visoned sometimes. They are focused on the illumination value of the bulb whiile ignoring the heat value of the incandescent bulb. . In wintertime, it is more benefical to use incandescent bulbs as they are hotter and keep your home warmer than CFL bulbs. I dont know about LED bulbs as they are still too expensive and not as widespread yet. But for summertime, incandescent bulbs makes your home too hot and force your air conditioner to kick up a notch . . Basically, I would ignore anybody who use incandescent bulbs during wintertime as it is really neutral as far as energy conservation goes. No matter what you feel or think about energy conservation, it is here to stay. We have to be more careful wtih the solutions . For example, I suspect that rooftop solar installations dont help at all because it cast shadows on the roof that makes the attic colder than before . It cancels out the gain we get in electricity from the sun with the loss in heat we get from the Sun in the attic. It is a cruel hoax. that. Nobody cares if you can afford $10 gasoline or $500 oil barrels. You have to conserve energy, period. Same thing goes to firewood which endangers our heatlh and drive up health costs. I have no proof because the experts is not interested yet. . I am sure that they will before too long. The world is burning way too much firewood and cowbricks
A19 LED Bulbs, Energy-friendly Bulbs
Long back, Edison invented the bulb, since then, many changes were introduced. Nowadays A19 LED bulbs are in trend. As the name suggests, these bulbs are not only energy-friendly but also long-lasting.Many features separate A19 from other bulbs. Like, this bulb comes with E26 base, that means, it can be easily installed. Sometimes you have an old holder, and you do not want to part away from it, in such a situation, you can purchase A19, as this bulb easily fits in any socket.Just go back in time, when your old bulb would become like a ball of fire. Thankfully you do not confront such an issue with A19. Why? Because its plastic housing does not support heat.Now let us discuss other features that make it perfect for shops, homes, institutions, malls, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, cinema halls and many other places.Fantabulous Features of A19 BulbsCRI 80: If you are a veteran electric engineer, then you already know, CRI stands for Color Rendering Index. A19 bulb has excellent CRI, that means, bulb's light will show only true colors.Environment-Friendly: These bulbs are environment-friendly. LED bulbs do not contain cadmium, mercury, and arsenic.No dark spots: The moment you light A19 bulbs, the darkness vanishes away.Dimmability: A19 bulbs are dimmable. Yes, it is a rare trait that is not found in ordinary bulbs. One can increase or decrease the intensity of light in bulbs.UL Certification: These bulbs are UL certified. That means they follow all the norms that manifest energy conservation.Where you can Install or mount these BulbsShops: If you run a rickety shop, where there isn't much space, then you can mount these bulbs to illuminate the place. Bulbs are also suitable for big size shops.Home: You can't paste tubes on all the walls. There are places where bulbs suit better. Like kitchen or washroom or courtyard or backyard.Institutions: Hospitals and Colleges are public places. Although more tubes are installed in such places, then also the significance of A19 bulbs cannot be denied. You can easily see dimmable bulbs outside the waiting lounge or on the exterior walls of the building.Conclusion: There was a time, bulbs were considered an expensive fixture. Power consumed by bulbs discouraged people and they started relying on tubes. Then, the invention of A19 bulbs changed the situation. Today these bulbs not only save power but they are also compatible with all kinds of sockets. In case you are buying bulbs in bulk, and want more information about them, visit·RELATED QUESTIONHow do I choose LED lamps for car headlights?With the update of the technology, LED lights have gradually become the mainstream of automobiles.LED lights to have the advantages of novel appearance, long service life, shock resistance, energy conservation, environmental protection, fast response time, etc., which quickly cover the vehicle light refitting and front mounting markets.However, the prices and quality of lamps on the market are different.Due to the serious homogenization of LED lamps on the market at present, even if the appearance is similar, the quality may vary greatly.We are definitely not buying LED lights just for the sake of cheap prices. Choosing LED lights by price are unreliable.To select suitable LED headlights, you can start from the following four parts.1. LED lamp beadsGood LED lamps use brand-new lamp beads and lamp bead chips matched by large-scale light source enterprises, with excellent materials, advanced technology, power saving, low power consumption, and good color rendering.2. Heat conducting materialsFor LED lamps, heat dissipation is particularly important to ensure the long life of the lamps and prevent them from being damaged easily. Poor heat dissipation leads to poor light and cannot see the road clearly. If it is serious, the headlights will be burned down.3. Cooling fanSome cheap LED lamps use substandard fans with low wind power and high noise.4. Power controllerA good power controller can not only meet the control function of the lamp bead, but also has a good protection function for the lamp bead, and complement each other with the lamp bead to maximize the service life of the lamp bead.If you want to know more about LED car headlights, you can visit my website ( or my blog (
LED Light Bulb Purchasing Considerations
Because of their many advantages over traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LED lighting is ready to transform all forms of lighting. To choose and purchase LED lighting, buyers need to learn new terminology and consider factors they should not think about when purchasing traditional lighting types. This brief article provides basic information and purchasing considerations for first-time buyers of LED replacement lamps.As most people probably know now, the term LED means light-emitting diode. When electricity passes through them, they emit energy in the form of light. LEDs convert most of the energy that passes through them into the light, unlike incandescent bulbs that produce light as a by-product of heating. For this reason, LEDs can be up to 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs.LEDs have been widely used as displays and lights for nearly 40 years. It is only recently, however, that engineers have discovered how to mass manufacture and mass produce bright white LEDs that can be used for general lighting. The high brightness and point-source characteristics of LEDs have made it the first choice for traffic lights and car taillights, where visibility and reliability are essential.So what do you need to know when buying LED bulbs? The following list provides some basic guidelines:1. Although the initial cost per bulb remains high, the total lifetime cost of an LED Light is actually lower than that of equivalent incandescent and CFL bulbs. Taking into account the energy costs and the time and resources required to replace incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps, an 80,000-hour LED bulb has a much lower cost for life.2. LEDs are diverse and, as unlucky buyers have every chance of finding the solution, many types are useless for general lighting applications. The finest LED chips emit light with a color rendering index (IRC) of 85%. The CRI, by the way, is a quantitative measure of a light source's ability to accurately reproduce the colors of various objects in relation to an ideal or natural light source. LED bulbs that use high-quality LEDs will last much longer than fancy bulbs that many sells and 60% longer than many competing bulbs that use lower quality LEDs.3. Contrary to what can be read in some places, LEDs generate heat, and this heat is actually the main problem of manufacturers for the development of LED lighting applications. Manufacturers can now produce individual LED chips as bright as a 100-watt incandescent bulb, but these LED Lights are virtually useless for general lighting because their installation in a device creates problems of ventilation that has not yet been resolved. LEDs installed in light fixtures and bulbs must be properly ventilated. The more efficient the chip, the harder it is to cool it properly. There are many LED bulbs on the market that ignore this and use cheap chips to not ventilate them or properly ventilate their chips, greatly reducing their lifespan. While the typical LED bulb is barely hot to the touch, if the chip is not properly ventilated, it can break down prematurely.4. Although LED bulbs last much longer than conventional bulbs, take a close look at the manufacturer's statements about the life of the bulb. The lifespan of an LED bulb should be its 'half-life'. LED bulbs do not go out; on the contrary, they are gradually disappearing. When a supplier declares that an LED bulb will last 80,000 hours, this means that by this stage the chips will have reached a 50% efficiency and that the bulb needs to be replaced. As a result, the bulb could last 100,000 hours or more, but its effectiveness would have deteriorated significantly at this stage. Using this 100,000-hour lifespan as a selling point is therefore misleading. Although LEDs do not last forever, they will last 50 to 75 times longer than a comparable incandescent and 6 to 8 times longer than a CFL.5. When you search the web, you will quickly find that the LED bulb market is flooded with products. Many of these bulbs are relatively inexpensive (less than $20); However, you may find that many of these LED bulbs are made of dubious materials and questionable manufacturing. Good LED bulbs cost more than these cheap bulbs because they use high-quality chips at prices set firmly by reputable manufacturers like Cree. This means that even though these LED bulbs are more expensive, they are far superior.6. LED bulbs cannot be attenuated with traditional dimmers. LEDs require a constant current to operate. For this reason, if a standard gradation method is applied, it will flash at regular intervals, or worse, simply won't work. To dim leD light, a 0-10V gradation module is needed to "mislead" the LED to emit less light. In theory, all LED Lights are adjustable with this module.7. When comparing LED bulbs, you need to understand lumens. Light is a standard unit that you can use to compare LED bulbs to standard bulbs, such as incandescent bulbs and halogens. Basically, light is a measure of brightness. The amount of light is important, but the quality of light, i.e. light efficiency (light/watt), is perhaps even more important. Current quality LEDs have a light efficiency of between 60 and 70 lumens/watt.8. Color temperature and beam sprawl are the other essential tools for comparing LED lights. The color temperature and the spread of the beam are measured in degrees. The color temperature refers to the color of the light emitted. In general, 3,000 Kelvin is warm white (closer to infrared light) and 5,000 Kelvin is cold white (closer to ultraviolet light). Cold white is brighter because it is the natural color of LED Light, while fleas that emit a warm white light require a phosphorous "filter" to "heat" the color temperature, thus reducing the brightness of the chip. The scattering of the beam is the angle of the light emitted. The lower the number, the more the light is like a 'spot'·RELATED QUESTIONIs the light from CFL and LED bulbs coherent?Diffraction grating spectrometers work on all light sources-not only the CFL and LED bulbs that you mention, but also incandescent lamps, the sun, chemical reactions (e.g. fireworks), etc. There is no distinction here between what you think of as "incoherent" light sources-that is, light sources with no long-term correlations in their signals-and "coherent" light sources, such as many lasers. The "coherence" that makes a diffraction grating work is a different kind of coherence. What's "coherent" is that all of the slits (for a transmission grating) or grooved surfaces (for a reflection grating) are lit by the same light sourcetogether,in sync All of those slits or grooves reradiate the light in the same way. Becausetheyare all correlated, you can get interference at some distance from the grating. And since the angular dependence of the inference pattern depends on the wavelength of the light, you can see spectra.Broadening out the answer, "coherence" isn't a yes/no thing. It's a property with a continuous range of values. And there's "temporal" coherence-for a light source, how output at different times are correlated-and "spatial" coherence-how correlated different spatial points of light are to one another. A deep dive requires statistical optics.
Do You Need LED Bulbs? Don't Worry We Got You!
Undoubtedly today's most efficient way of illumination and lighting is LED. Over the past several years LED lighting is being developed remarkably, because of this, it is considered the most efficient and eco-friendly way of illumination for residential and commercial places.The problems we've been going through about LED Bulbs, that they are not producing much brightness and consuming much energy. In the end, it leads to high-cost utility-bills. But now these both problems have been solved and a variety of smart LED Bulbs is been introduced for both commercial and residential areas."Make the Green Deal by installing these energy-efficient LED Bulbs"What are the Different ?In the past, the LED Bulbs is having a limited design to choose from. But at the pace at which LED technology is increasing is quite incredible. Because of the greater advancement in technology, you can now get a range of bulbs with different design and lumens efficacy. The cost is not too high and can provide a significant saving in utility-bills.A19 LED BulbsThe term A19 is used to describe the shape and dimension of the light bulb. An "A" is the classicLight bulb shaped, compared with an upside-down pear.The A19 LED Bulbs is also known as "general purpose" bulb, are one of the most common and familiar bulbs amongst all. It's a standard light bulb designed in a way that commonly finds everywhere.This bulb is one of the most energy-efficient bulbs, provides an omnidirectional light. Which means it provides the light in all direction, ensures the brightness at all the indoor space by eliminating all the dark-spot in your regular incandescent lighting.BR LED BulbsThe BR in these BR LED Bulbs stands for "Bulge Reflector". Which refers to the reflective coating inside the Bulbs, that directly emits the lights forward.If you are having a recessed can and looking for an efficient lighting solution. Then this BR Bulbs will be a perfect choice. These bulbs can reduce your energy consumption by up to 90%, and still provides an utmost brightness.A dimming feature allows you to adjust the brightness 0-10 accordingly during the downtime. Also, consisting of an 80 CRI ensures to display the true color of the object even in the dark.This BR 20,30, and 40 refers to the size of the bulb in ⅛ inches. 20/8, 30/8, and 40/8. The BR40 Bulbs are used for general commercial lighting in 6inch recessed Can. The BR30 is mostly preferred for low ceilings.BR40 is having a higher wattage input, generally used to spread light from the high ceiling to cover large areas.PAR LED BulbsThe PAR LED Bulbs is known for its high lumens efficacy, having an ability to emit broad directional light. Due to its high lumens output, wide-area coverage and durable reflector housing these bulbs are mostly preferred for outdoor lighting purposes.The "PAR" in PAR Bulbs is stood for "Parabolic Aluminized Reflector" typically having the flat lens. These bulbs can emphasize the downlight and halogen bulbs' performance and reduces the maintenance cost.Because of the dimmable feature in these PAR Bulbs, you can dim the brightness 0-10 accordingly. Additionally, this LED Bulb is having an excellent 90 Color rendering index that shows the true color of the object, and most preferred in a clothing store, museum, and jewelry stores as well.Since this PAR bulb is having a variety of base types PAR30, PAR 20, and PAR 38. Depending upon the base there could be one or several sizes, to assure you must verify which type of base your fixture required. Otherwise, the most common base types include GU10, GU24 and E26 Base.MR LED BulbsThese MR LED Bulbs offer you a controllable white beam light focus light on a single focal point, and perfectly suited for residential track, recessed light or even landscape lighting.This MR bulb is originally introduced as a halogen bulb but recently manufactured as an energy-efficient LED. Because of the LEDs, it can save 90% of energy and brings you the utmost light.Due to its small eminence, these bulbs are mostly preferred for compact spaces where they can provide directional lighting. These lights beam angle is used to specify objects in displays and art galleries.PL LED BULBSThese PL LED Bulbs are known as "plugin lamps", having exceptional energy-efficient quality and probably last longer than fluorescent bulbs. This PL bulb is now been in the market for several years, specially introduced as a counter for the CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp).These PL Bulbs are mostly preferred in homes, convenience stores, shops, hotels, and motels. Because of LED installed in them, these lights save up to 70% of energy in comparison to conventional lighting.These PL lamps are having specially designed 4-pin plug-in base know as (GX24Q 4Pin), that each spaced 24mm from the center with two clips at the top and the bottom of the post.GU LED BULBSA GU10 is one of the most common types of the spotlight, we used in our indoor areas nowadays. The GU10 is the easiest energy-saving replacement and can be retrofitted easily in your existing halogen lamp fixtures with GU10 sockets.Before the installation of these bulbs, you must know what kind of color temperature you prefer in your indoor areas.3000K (Warm White)- They will be perfect for productive space like kitchens, and restaurants and study-rooms.>5000K ( Day-light)- These are the brightest light and most preferred in places like garages, and hospitals.Yes!! These GU Bulbs are dimmable as well, can control the illumination by using a dimmer from 0V - 10V.ConclusionIn this blog, we tried to cover almost all types of LED Bulbs, which you were using in your daily lives. We hope by reading this blog you are able to understand the prior information about the variants types of LED Bulbs.If you know any other types of Bulbs, please let us know by mentioning in the comment section below.·RELATED QUESTIONWhy is the speed of the centrifugal compressor is kept higher than that of centrifugal pump?Centrifugal gas compressors are limited by a stress limited tip speed. In general, smaller frame sizes have higher nominal speeds than larger units mainly due to the larger impeller stresses in larger wheels. Mathematically, stress is directly proportional to the square of tip speed. With less denser materials, you can drive to higher speeds. A typical example would be an automotive turbocharger compressing air, made of single aluminum stages where 60,000-100,000 RPMs are not unheard of. The process gas compressor are limited to lower speeds due to a steel alloy makeup and practical constraints of rotor dynamics and thermomechanical stress in multi stage units.
Commonly Asked Questions About 1 Watt Led Bulb
watt LED of HID grow lights?There's a lot of energy savings with led lights. Over time, they could end up paying for themselves. If you go with HPS or MH lights, you'll spend more on energy. You can check out some site like this to calculate cost savings for using a lower watt bulb That might give you an idea about the actual dollar savings. You should also consider that HPS and MH lights will get hot while leds don't put out much heat.------Why does my TV take some 75 minutes for the screen to appear when turned on?Offhand, sounds like a power supply failure, where gradually a component warms up enough (or the board thermally flexes enough) to give you the voltage you need for the image. It might help to know if this is a flat panel LCD/LED or plasma or CRT... and google the model and problem to see if it's a common failure.------I'm shopping for a new TV with these details as my spec's?Panasonic 3D TVs are very good> Samsung have quite a few also> I personally don't rate Samsung as they tend to break down at the drop of a hat, the same for LG, but that's my opinion.Sony have Great telly's also; Panasonic and Sony are the best brands for workmanship and Customer service once you have you're item.------On a normal LED Samsung TV (not a smart TV), when the TV is switched on, it shows "the system is updating, please don't power off." What does it mean?It means that either there is a USB stick connected to the TV and the TV is updating its firmware, or the TV is "confused" and it is time to call for service.------What are the best schools to go to and the type of majors to take to help one become an investment banker on Wall Street?Any college with a good reputation will do. If you want to stand out and pay a great deal more money try selecting any of the top ten schools in the country.As for major, and majors that are associated with Banking, Accounting, Finance, International Finance, Business, etc.It wouldn't hurt these days to also speak at least two more languages besides English. And getting a Masters in Finance doesn't hurt either------Who do you think would be the best choice to direct a Batman movie that is based around the detective side of the character?I would love to see David Finchers take on Batman. We essentially saw his Gotham City in the unnamed city in Se7en. He has a darkness visually but also the desire to tell stories of people struggling with the darkness within. He would be the ideal director for a Batman movie- not necessarily for a series. But I would love to see him do a standalone film with his own cast------What is the average monthly cost of 1 wall plug in night light?While I hate to disagree with anyone, ranger is wrong. Night lights are traditionally sub 10 watts and run on 120VAC. So, (10 watts x 24 hours x 30 days) 7200 watt hours or 7.2 kilowatt hours and I pay 0.0776 per kilowatt hour, so 7.2kWh x .0776cents/kWh 0.55. So, a night light in my neighborhood costs about 50 to 60 cents a month to run. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less. A lot of people use LED night lights that barely draw anything but trickle charge and others use 15 watt night light bulbs.Call it good at 60 cents a month.------How Would You Rank The Albums Of Led Zeppelin?Houses of the HolyPhysical GrafittiLed Zeppelin IVLed Zeppelin IILed Zeppelin ILed Zeppelin IIIThe Song Remains The SameIn Through The Out DoorPresenceCodaBQ1: All of them, due to the unique combination of talent that comprised Led Zeppelin.BQ2: No, but if I played guitar, I would love to play "Bron-Yr-Aur", "The Rain Song" or "Over The Hills and Far Away"BQ3: Not yet.------Why are torpedoes so dangerous for aircraft carriers?There is no defense for a modern torpedo. You cant outrun them and you cant fool them.Modern torpedoes are unlikely to be fooled by countermeasures. Once its on target its likely to get there. Worse, a single torpedo is likely to sink most ships. It might take more than one to sink a carrier, but even one is going to cause major issues. That kind of shock is likely to cause leaks, trip off machinery, trip breakers, etc. If the crew is busy fighting fires - literally or figuratively - then they arent working their mission------fluorescent.... are they really the best thing to use? i hear of LEDs have replaced that statement is it true?there is in basic terms one fact, God is love, He made us and gave us a regulation, that we broke, the penilty for breaking the regulation is loss of life, yet experience He enjoyed us, He willingly died for us, He took our punishment, and He rose from the grave, and now if we repent of our sins and have faith in Him, we are able to be saved from sin and loss of life------Will incandescent bulbs overheat my aquarium?About 22watts of heat is produced by the two 15 watt bulbs. The fish will die if it is a small aquarium say 1foot by 1foot by 1foot. see the following comments:Avoid heat never place an aquarium above or near a heat source or air conditioner. You want to keep the areas temperature as stable as possible.For all species of fish, there is a middle ground in which they are happiest, and they must be kept within that range for optimum health. Examples: Tropical fish 72 - 80 F (optimal is 78), Common Goldfish 65 - 68 F, Fancy Tail Goldfish 65 - 72 F------Led bulbs? the more the brighter? True or false?Very hard to tell, because each LED array may have more LEDS, but dimmer LEDS. So the result could be less light with more LEDS. If both were made by the same manufacturer, I would bet that the greater number of LEDS would be brighter. Some LEDS can produce 20 watts of light output with a compact array the size of a single LED, but require a 6 inch heatsink and cost over $ 1,000.00. Others can replace a streetlight (see below)------I have fluorescent lighting in garage. It still works, but, the light is dim even after changed the bulb. Is it because ballast? or else?It could be a dying ballast and could also be because of temperature. Where do you live? In cold temperatures it can take a while for the light bulb in old style fluorescent lights to warm up to full brightness. If the temperature is below freezing, you might want to replace the lights with LEDs or with newer fluorescents with electronic ballasts which are not as temperature sensitive.------After I spilled water on my laptop, I dried it and left it to drain for a day. I tried to turn it back on and it rebooted and went to the login page but then the screen went black and it's making loud whirring noises. Is my laptop beyond help?Yeah I'm afraid it probably is, screen going black means water has entered the main board, the LED circuitry has failed. The whirring noise I'm not sure, it might be the fans running up and down, I've seen that before.------Why are "energy saving bulbs" so much better than incandescent bulbs?They are just like a small fluorescent light - they pass a charge through the gas inside them, causing the coating inside the bulb to glow. This uses less power than heating a tungsten wire to white heat, as with an incandescent bulb.But yes, they do contain mercury, they do give some people eyestrain, and they make some people feel quite unwell. I used to use them, but the power saving seemed negligible and normal bulbs seem to give a more "friendly" light, so I changed back to incandescent.------How comparable is the electric draw from a power strip LED?At 120 volts a 60 watt light bulb draws 500mA, a fairly high brightness LED might draw 20mA, however for pilot light use the current could be much lower, maybe 5mA or 1/100 that of the 60 watt bulb, or even less. Note that most of the power is lost in whatever (probably a resistor and a diode, but possibly a capacitor , diode and maybe a resistor or two) is reducing the 120V to the less than 2 v the LED uses------What gauge wire should I use for a led light strip mod on my computer?the led lights need a lot less power than the tubes do so you would need a resistor to connect them to each other if the switch box is only a switch on/off installing a toggle in its place would not be a problem if the box has other functions you can connect your toggles to the power cord going from the battery to the switch box leave the box on and use the toggles to control power on/off function make sure your toggles have the proper rating to handel the amount of power/amps that will be going through them------Will Sims 3 work with this computer?No, that computer your about to get is no good for gaming. Get a desktop with a quad core processor, 6 to 8 gigs of ram, a Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 TI video card or better, 700 watt power supply, with windows 7 64bit and you will be able to play all the games coming out for years to come.Venter: Thats why I told him to get a desktop, if he goes with the one in question he will not have a good gaming experience I wish him luck if he does get it.------How should I start with 8051 microcontroller programming? Can anyone direct me to simple 8051 programs?Before starting with 8051 programming you should know some basics about 8051 hardware architecture for examples register, ports, timer, counter , interrupt and serial communication.Dont go random, start learning 8051 in correct way step by step that lead you to better understanding of 8051 microcontroller.I suggest you not to your waste time in reading books on 8051 instead join online course on 8051 micro programming using embedded c and assembly on UDEMY website and use discount code 8051MICRO.------Should Chinese manufacturers worry about the new "Made in America" light bulbs that cost US$50 each?Yes, I heard from Oprah, during one of her "shows," that the Chinese always avoid anything (such as a light bulb) that the CCP doesn't embrace and promote as a "brilliant idea"... otherwise they could quickly be jailed. That's why so many of the "prosperous Tibetans" still don't have electricity in their homes after 60 years of commie rule------Looking For The Right Plant?Anubius nana would be a good choice, it's too tough for the goldfish to damage. It grows with it's roots exposed clinging to driftwood ( don't bury the rhizome in the substrate, gently band it to driftwood or rocks with bands cut from nylon panty hose). They tolerate low light well. It is not sensitive to pH or Hardness extremes. Temps in the mid 70's Are good. The one prerequisite that might eliminate this plant would be the growth rate, it is painfully slow growing. One might get by this by planting lots of it------LED lighting blowing fuses in my car?My suspicion is that the plug you are using is shorted.I bought a cell phone charger off of ebay that was internally shorted. Cheap chinese junk. Popped the cigarette lighter fuse.Take a multimeter and test continuity between the metal tip of the plug, and the "ears" on the side of the plug. If you have continuity, it's internally shorted, or in other words, garbage.------Beginner Grower: What do I need for indoor gardening?You should definitely add some minerals to the soil. You can put it in the water when you water them, or just sprinkle it in the soil. "natures perfect" is a good brand because it's all organic and if you plan on eating what you are growing, this is important. It's pretty cheap considering a little goes a long way and you only have to apply it once or twice a year. You can get it on www.naturesperfect.usGood luck!
How to Shop for (non-incandescent) Bulbs
Raleigh, North Carolina - Buying a light bulb used to be easy. And it used to be something you did several times a year.But now, "a lot of people are starting to look at light bulbs as an investment," says Jaclyn Pardini, a spokeswoman for Lowe's Home Improvement stores.The incandescent bulbs in use since Thomas Edison received a patent for his version in 1880 are being phased out. Federal laws in Canada and the U.S. have changed the way we shop for light bulbs.In place of the so-many-watts incandescent bulbs are more energy-efficient replacements that come in a dizzying array of hues and shapes.But choose carefully. Those CFLs might be with you for the next nine years or so. And if you spring for an LED bulb, you're really in it for the long haul."From the time a child enters kindergarten to the time that they graduate from college, that bulb will still work," Pardini says of LEDs.As those last incandescents flicker out in your lamps and light fixtures, how do you decide what will replace them? Read on:Incandescent Cost: (one bulb): Less than $1; (torun for one year): $7.32 Life: 1,000 hours Pros: It's the warm, soft light you grew up with.Cons: A hot-blooded energy hog. And they're becoming ever harder to find.Halogen Cost (one bulb): $2-$3; (torunforone year): $5.18 Life: 1,000-3,000 hours Pros: The closest thing to the soft glow of an incandescent light. They're now "the designer's choice in bulbs," says Lowe's spokeswoman Jaclyn Pardini.Cons: You're not gaining much in life span or efficiency over incandescents.CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) Cost (one bulb): $1-$2.50; (oneyear): $1.57 Life: 10,000 hours Pros: Here's where energy efficiency really steps up. CFLs use two-thirds less energy than incandescents.Cons: Early CFLs got a bad rap for being slow to warm up and casting harsh light. But they've improved a lot. Still, you reduce the life span a bit if you turn the light on and off a lot (less than 15 minutes of on time). Using CFLs in an enclosed fixture can also reduce their life span, but some newer models have overcome this.Check the packaging for the bulb you're considering.Disposal can be a hassle - they contain a tiny amount of mercury, so you need to recycle old bulbs. Several retailers offer this service, and many municipalities allow drop-off at their household hazardous waste facilities.LED (light-emitting diode) Cost (see note) (one bulb): $10-$30; (one year): $1.50 Life: 20,000-50,000 hours Pros: Extremely long life. Cutting-edge technology.Cons: Much higher upfront cost than other bulb types. But, Jaclyn Pardini says, "the potential return in energy savings and your time in changing out light bulbs is far greater over time. So it's more of a longer-term investment." Like CFLs, some LED bulbs can deteriorate in the heat of an enclosed fixture, so consult the packaging.Note: Cost figures are averages and based on 60W-equivalent single bulbs. Annual cost and life-span based on three hours of use daily.) SOURCES: Lowe's Home Improvement, Home Depot,,, Consumer Reports COST SAVINGS Here are some stats from the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star program, which adds its stamp to light fixtures and bulbs that are at least 75 per cent more efficient than traditional lighting.• By replacing your home's five most frequently used bulbs, you can save $70 each year.• The average U.S. home has about 30 light fixtures; a switch to Energy Star lighting can save more than $400 a year on your electric bill.• If every American household replaced its five most frequently used light fixtures or the bulbs in them, the national savings would be $8 billion each year in energy costs, and that action would prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions from 10 million cars.• You can save energy in three-way and dimmable fixtures, too. Look for CFL and LED bulbs in packages marked "dimmable" or "three-way" to make sure you're getting a bulb that will work.CHOOSING THE RIGHT HUE CFL and LED bulbs come in a variety of colours ("colour temperature" is the correct term) that will really affect the look of the room you're illuminating.Here are your options, with tips on what will put each room of your home in the very best light.• Soft white/Warm white Where to use: Living areas, bedrooms, dining spaces. This is the most common colour temperature, and closest in colour to the traditional incandescent bulb. Works well with earth tones like brown and tan.• Cool white/Neutral/Bright white Where to use: Office and work areas. Fine for general lighting. Works well with neutral tones like grey and beige.• Natural/Daylight Where to use: Reading areas or for display lighting. Complements bold colours like blues, greens and purples; shows colour with the most accuracy.CONVERSION CHART With the phaseout of incandescent bulbs, the term "watts" is fading from importance. Now the word to know is "lumens" - a unit of measure for the brightness of light that a bulb produces. This watt conversion chart will make shopping easier.The wattage equivalent is still listed on the packaging of newfangled bulbs, but can be hard to find sometimes.150W = 2,600 lumens 100W = 1,600 lumens 75W = 1,100 lumens 60W = 800 lumens 40W = 450 lumens SOURCE: U.S. Federal Trade Commission
Is It Safe to Use a 28W LED Bulb in a MAX 15W Lamp Fixture?
It really would be helpful if you would provide more information, especially the specifics on the light bulb.But - assuming the bulb draws 28 watts (and it is not the equivalent to a 28 watt incandescent light) then no, this would not be safe1. A 7W led bulb got broken (its outer case) but it is still working, would it emit harmful rays if I use it?Well, unfortunately there's a lot of different tech used in LED bulbs unlike incandescents which were always reliably a short piece of tungsten wire that got really hot.Fortunately there are not seriously toxic materials in LEDs. And there is no need for an evacuated bulb. The bulb may have several purposes. The LED may still work. However it may contain phosphors that give the a high output blue LED a more natural spectrum than a plain LED alone. This may wreck the spectrum and may not work as intended.It may also just be decorative to make it more light-bulbish-like. Broken it may or may not pose a shock hazard, I can not tell without seeing it, probably not likely.I really can not tell which kind you have so I would say throw it away and get a new one -if it had been incandescent or CFL you would be buying new anyway at this point. You can try and see if the light appear OK and still use it. It might pose a shock hazard or the light may be off-color2. How do I glow an AC supply LED bulb on a 24v DC supply?Original question:How do I glow an AC supply LED bulb on a 24v DC supply?Quick answer:You paint it with fluorescent glow paint, then sit it out in the sun.But , if you were to ask "How do I make an AC powered bulb work with24v DC?"Then, you would need to specify whatWattage Bulb(s)you are going to power with your 24V DC Supply.With theWattageknown, then you would shop forPower Inverterto convert 10 amperes of 24 Volt DC (240 Watts), down to 1 ampere current , at 240 Volts ac (240 Watts). You did notice , that the power value was similar?Yes, since you wish to allow a little more "design space", you design your system for 10 or 20 percent more "load fluctuation" so that you haveinverterdeliver 300 Watts of power if it needs it.If you only need power for 4 of the 10 Watt LED bulbs (800 lumens size), then you only need 50 or 60 Watt inverter.four times 10 is forty, plus bit extra gives 50 Watts needed. asked this question on Quora. apparently,liked my answer. Do not know if it was the quick answer or the longer one3. Is it safe to use a 100 watt LED bulb in a 3-way lamp that specifies using incandescent bulbs only?In general yes. Use an LED bulb that is marked would immable', and do not use it in an enclosed glass fixture -- many of the bulbs are made of plastic and can melt.Also, look for a bulb that has more even light distribution; older bulbs often had the LED elements on a rectangular bar that created 'stripes' of higher and lower intensity light, all of which looks terrible in a lamp4. Why does low power factor make my LED bulb and clock radio flicker at 0.2 to 3 Hz?Low power factor is often an indication of harmonic distortion of the load current. Every type of electronic device connected to AC power has the potential for harmonic distortion. Electronic loads may or may not have built in harmonic mitigation. The percentage distortion is like to me greatest with light load conditions, but the total distortion will be low unless all connected loads are generating harmonics.Harmonic distortion and other types of electromagnetic interference generated by electronic loads could be interfering with some other electronic devices.It is difficult to know if you should replace the harmonic generator or the items being interfered with. A third option would be to just put up with the annoyance5. Using 220V LED bulb in US on 120 VAC help?Get a small 120v primary, 240 volt secondary, liw wattage "step-up or control transformer and use that at any 120 volt receptacle in North America. I bought an interesting argon lamp in France decades ago, and that's how I operate it. I brought a European screw socket home (to USA) with me too, since it does not exist here in standard fixtures.
Can I Plug My 110V/2W/a7mA LED Bulb into My 250V/660W Lamp?
The only way you can is to plug the lamp into a 110v circut. To do this, you would most likley have to change the cord on the lamp1. Using 220V LED bulb in US on 120 VAC help?Send them back to the UK where they will get some use. It is not surprising that they do not function with half the juice. There is 240 but not on the general branches, only where a drier or other appliance is to be located. So, tampering with this outlet using a spare drier cord you could obtain 240 from the wires. And 240 would work great--maybe a little too great for longevity but okay. But, since this would only be at that outlet it would not be useful for lighting other areas. And it would be dangerous unless properly wired. And all to save a bulb. Come to your senses.2. What kind of bulb do I ask for? I would like to buy an LED Bulb but I don't know what TYPE to ask for!?Actually, LED produce virtually NO heat and wo not be harmed by you touching them. That should not be a problem though, because they are so expensive and uncommon that the likelihood of you getting your hands on one is very small. Lowe's and Home Depot do not carry them. Halogen is out because they do not make a candelabra base halogen bulb. They make "mini-candelabra" but they are not compatible. I suggest looking in to CFL's in "Daylight" color temperature. This will be pretty bright (with a bluish tint) but that's about as bright as 60w can get. Otherwise the CFL "Bright White" are nice and pleasing to the eye. Other than this, there is no other super bright bulb that I know of that does not also get super hot.3. how to protect a 12 volt operating DC LED Bulb from 230 volts mains supplyYou could try to add an inductor in series with a rectifier bridge at the AC side, such that it drops about 200V at 50Hz. The wire should be thick enough to not cause a significant voltage drop at DC. I suspect that the inductor will be bulky. Do not use this with only a half wave rectifier (single diode), as the inductor might cause a huge voltage spike as soon as the diode cuts off the current4. where to find Three Function-E27 Super Motion Sensor Led Bulb?Hello, Super motion sensor light is very convenient for home using. Especially the LED motion sensor. You are lucky, the Synron Group is the wholesale of LED sensot motion lights, there also many household induction light5. Why is my 5K potentiometer sparking during regulation of LED bulb? [closed]Assuming that your transformer is stepping down to a reasonable voltage, here is a guess. When your potentiometer wiper is near the lower end, the resistance seen by the transformer will be very low, and the current will be very high, causing sparks and overheating.simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLab.6. How do i make a simple LED bulb flash on and off ?does it shutdown or just turns off without cooling? It could be bad power. the projector senses that it is not getting enough juice from your outlets or something similar and starts its shutdown sequence. Also cover up its IR receivers. I've had this happen to me where there was random Infrared from plasma and florescent that it turns off an IR controllable device. Try a firmware upgrade.7. Anyone knows where I can get LED bulb around Toronto/Sauga area?Home Depot, Walmart, Canadian Tire etc8. Can you continuously flash a high power LED bulb or will it break?The Phillips is not made to be blinked. It is rated at 50,000 switching cycles. Also it has a 0.5 second turn on delay (warm up). It is powered by 12V DC or AC.LINK: CorePro LEDcapsuleLV 2-20W 830 G4 The second is a cheap Chinese LED. LEDs are made to be turned on and off.You do not want to use either of these. Use a Cree XP-3G, the most efficient LED available today. In white or blue.Use a Microchip MIC4802 or MIC4801 CCR driver with the enable pin driven by an inexpensive ultra low power Controller. Very simple driver circuit.Microchip MIC4802 DatasheetThis combination will give you the most efficient, very flexible, low cost, and very bright blinking LED. It is easily battery powered by a Li-ion 3.6V battery such such as Panasonic NCR18650B.
When Will YA Politics Switch That CFL Lightbulb to an LED Bulb to Save Energy for 0bama?
Are you making fun of being thrifty and saving money, or are you making fun of new technologies? I mean both are great things to make fun of. We know that 85% of electricity comes from coal. Which is why we are trying to use as little as possible until that percentage changes. And the largest contributor to mercury pollution is coal burning power plants. The tiny amount of mercury in a CFL is negligible and reduces the amount that is spread out into the world by coal. At least the mercury in the bulbs has the option of being properly disposed of.1. Will this 20,000k LED bulb function as a grow light?A 20,000K lamp will have peak output at 145 nanometers (Wien's Displacement Law). That's hard ultraviolet. It will hurt your plants. 10,000K still peaks at 290nm, UV. You want a lamp with a far redder color temperature. Here's a nice graph of the wavelengths plants like: See the page Light and Plants2. Can I install a 100W LED bulb in a car?I am going to assume that you are referring to 100/130W equivalent bulbs, not that they draw that much current. As long as the current draw is less than the stock bulbs you should be fine.Years ago I updated the 55W bulbs on my 525i to 80W bulbs and the additional current draw was enough to melt the wiring at the bulb. Those bulbs were actually drawing 80W, hence the melting. But LEDs generally consume less power for the same light output, so replacing conventional bulbs should not require any changes to the wiring3. Does a 1995 Ford Thunderbird marker light take LED or bulb?Given the reliability of LEDs, they are probably telling you the truth: the whole thing needs to be replaced...or you need to take it out and find someone good with a soldering iron. Many times LEDs are soldered in place rather than popped in like a bulb. Their high reliability makes this a sensible move and probably even extends the life of the part on average. That being the case, you will need to take the whole part out and find someone willing to replace an LED...or find someone and realize it's cheaper to either live with it or buy a whole new one.4. chips to LED bulbs which is best? – Usefulldata.comchips to LED bulbs which is best? Some time ago I wondered at what the bulb to replace your old 75-watt bulb. I really like the LED version. On the Internet there are many LED bulbs are thousands of different types and sizes. As I choose the right LED bulb? I have had experience of all kinds of LED bulbs and I consider that are beneficial for me. Chip Type in led bulb is for me on the first place! Worst chips are 3528 - poorly lit even if they are many. The only advantage is that the power consumption is small. Are one diod chips with 120 light scatter and good efficiency. Power per chip is 0.08w. SMD 3528 LED has about such luminous intensity as two highlightning conventional diodes. SMD 3528 compared with 5050 SMD chip has the same properties, only that it contains only one chip instead of three. Advantage over SMD 5050 chip is better cooling ambient air, the disadvantage need more space. 5050 chips are better have a decent luminous intensity 10W LED bulb with 60 chips parallels 50-60W incandescent bulbs The single chip are three illuminating points (small LED) LED chip 120 light scatter and high efficiency makes this chip fully pushed older conventional LEDs, compared to which it has up to 6 times higher luminous intensity. The best chips are 5630 bulbs with these chips are my favorite, and in 2013-2014, I searched only bulbs with this type of chips. 15W Watt LED bulb with 5630 chips parallels 75-85 watt incandescent bulbs! This new model LED chip has an even higher luminous intensity than SMD5050 and smaller size. 120 light scatter and very high efficiency.5. Can I use this light socket to power my new exhaust fan? (only 15watts exhaust fan 12 watts led bulb)?voltage? amperage? there are alot of things you are not taking into account.... more info is needed
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