Cool/cute School Shoes?

you can visit this site ,all what you want ,my favorite store.

1. what school shoes should i buy in the uk? black converse or primark black plimsolls?

what about black brogues?

2. what back to school shoes should i get?

Definitely the second option

3. Are these ok for School shoes ?

idk if i would where them to school. there a little old school. but if you like them then go for it! be true to yourself!

4. what would you do if your parents bought you super UGLY school shoes?

Put bags on them, like the ones you get in hospital... nah joking, you should tell your mum to but some for herself and go out in them... see how she will feel... or just burn them... or exchange them in the shop... or just wear them and pray that half the school will have the same!!!.

5. Im 13 going into eighth grade im a girl..back to school shoes? that are in style and cool?

Hmmm, instead of the black Chucks, navy ones would go with your outfit nicely. Plus, a LOT of people have black ones, be different :) It's a cute outfit, do not forget to accessorize. Maybe get one of those rope necklaces at HCO or even braid one yourself. Also, I would recommend a cute green or white tank under with lace detailing or something more feminine. And please do not wear that on the first day of school. It's cute, but not very original. The first day is an amazing opportunity to dress it up and show some real style. Good luck in school!.

6. What kind of school shoes does your kid(s) want........?

my mom got me pumas,they were about 75,and im buying my jordans,that are 109

7. i need to buy a pair of school shoes (see links).... they have to be tie up shoes ,BLACK,though !! opinion ?

Oh god, they are all so hideous! And are you a guy or girl?! Because they looked more like men's shoes to me, even the ones with heels! :^( Just get some low-top black Converse All-Stars and color the white part black with sharpies or something!!! Converse is the BEST way to go!

8. What are your favorite types of back-to-school shoes and why?

Well, I have to wear uniform. Shoes:Converse I wear it with straight leg jeans from aero Any color polo.If cold,cute hoodie cute tote and cute accesories I wear it cause its comfortable yet cute And my style ;D OR, I would wear the jeans with some flats and instead of hoodie, a cute cardigan :D

9. my mother just came back from China and bought me a pair of real-Chinese gym school shoes ! Are they OK ?

I think their really nicee!!!!!!! big fan and itll get more people to ware and want then x

10. what do you think of these for school shoes?

i dont really like them...they look kinda like old people shoes...sorry : /

11. Did I buy enough back to school SHOES???

3 pairs of shoes for the whole of the year? i dont think so unless ur still going to use all the stuff from last year as well

12. My school shoes are WAY too big?!?

John, that not true I am Asian and you offend me

13. school shoes really hurt my feet?

Your shoes probably do not support your feet or there is not enough cushioning on the balls of your toes. Also, they may only hurt outside because of the harder ground or cold weather. Get new shoes!

14. I have to wear proper school shoes so should I where black ballerina pumps or a different sorta ones? Helpp!?

My niece who is 14 wear a lace brouge style or a pointy toe ballet flat ,they are fine do not stress lol,Sharon

15. School shoes help please urgent?.......?

You say that the schools knows. Do you mean that the school nurse has some kind of official statement, perhaps from your foot doctor or at least from your regular doctor? If nothing medical, has your mother submitted a letter for you health file that states that you have specific foot problems (which would have to be stated). Because of that, your doctor has stated that you must wear a supportive shoe. The standard black school shoe does not accommodate the kind of support that is required. Talk this over with your mom so that you know exactly how the school has been informed. If there is nothing official, then she needs to do that this week. She can address a new letter to the principal and send an addition copy that is cc would to the nurse. The next time that the teacher challenges you, respectfully tell him that both the principal and the nurse are aware of your need. Since he legally can not lay a hand on you, he may try detention or some other petty punishment. If that happens, check with the nurse or the principal because you cannot be disciplined for not complying if you have a medical excuse on file.

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If parents haven't checked already, their children's growth spurts over the summer holidays may mean last year's school shoes need an upgrade.Kids can spend more than eight hours a day in their school shoes and the right fit is imperative to reduce the risk of injury and pain in their growing bodies.Paediatric podiatrist Rudo Makuyana said parents should check the fit of their children's shoes every three to four months."The annual ritual of just buying shoes in January can be harmful," she said."Kids' feet can grow twice [a size] in a year. At primary school age, kids' feet grow quite often." Feet usually stop growing around the age of 14 and 15, although older teenagers can go up a shoe size.Ms Makuyana said she saw children with various types of foot pain due to them wearing the wrong kind of shoes.Young girls yet to go through puberty were particularly vulnerable as they had less bone density, she said."Kids tend to be quite active, so injuries is something you should think about; they could roll their feet and hurt themselves." More serious injuries such as Sever's disease - an inflammation of the growth plate that causes heel pain - is quite common in very active children.If shoes were cared for and polished, Ms Makuyana said there was no reason to buy new ones if they still fit your child's feet.She suggested removing the inner sole to check for overhanging toes.Parents should replace the shoes if they are too tight and always ask their child how the shoes feel.The top tip from podiatrist Brenden Brown when testing a shoe was to check whether it bends or twists when holding it at either end."It shouldn't bend in the middle but should at the toes where the foot flexes," he told ABC Radio Sydney "That creates stability. It means your foot doesn't have to do much work during a school day." A stiff heel and having laces were also important for children accustomed to running around in the playground.Shoes with a velcro or top strap were better than slip-on shoes, which should only be worn occasionally, Dr Brown said.Cost should also be a consideration, he said.And once the children arrived home, get the shoes off."Let your kids spend time barefoot as it strengthens their feet muscles," Dr Brown said."It develops the nerves in the base of our foot and we want to get that proprioception and that sensation." Topics:child-health-and-behaviour schools health sydney-2000
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