Convective Fix for Air Conditioning Dilemma?

Agree with @Olin Lathrop that the holes should be top and bottom rather than side-by-side. However, unless your bedroom door must remain shut and has a tight seal, you could probably get away with just one vent with an integral fan, like the one shown in the picture below. Put it anywhere on the wall where it's convenient, and the air leaking around the door will complete the circuit. You can always add a dedicated return vent later if you need to

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Does setting an air conditioner at a lower temperature ensure faster cooling than setting it at higher temperatures?

The answer is no. A basic a/c unit like stated above is a simple on off unit with one blow setting. It will cool at the same rate reaching the temp you want no faster then setting it at the temp you want. The only way for this to be effective is for there to be different speed settings for the blower to increase the amount of air blown. Adding a fan to a room to help circulate the air will help most!


Can a fan cause a liquid to cool below room temperature?

I used my hand sanitizer(thanks to COVID) which is the alcohol of 70%v/v will surely an easy experiment to demonstrate it, and my result was yes the temperature of the liquid is below the room temperature, and I feel it depends upon volatility of the liquids which cause the process of evaporation , and cool down the liquid , in your example, the temperature change would not be significantly much as it in the alcohol one but yes it can cool down.


Is there a word for this act?

An appropriate term for this might be manipulation. You can, of course, expand that to indicate the nature of manipulation.This was an act of manipulation through intentional negligence on the part of A.

A is manipulating the process. If this happens enough times, B's company will eventually require technicians to have the bill in their hands before they perform service. Sometimes, A will be charged for the visit even if B performs no service because A did not have the necessary documentation


Did my NVIDIA card permanently break by itself? Or can I fix it?

Obviously, GPU is damaged.

It could happen either due to the overheating (especially in laptops). It happens very often. As for NVidia chips they degrade quite often when overheated, especially the old ones.Degraded chips can't be permanently restored. Yes, you can improve its condition for some short time (max 3 month) by warming it up at 230 degrees during 3-5 minutes with hot air using Hot Air Soldering Station like Lukey 852D.

If you do not have enough expertize in this, forget this idea.


Can I take heat from the air and convert it to electricity?

Heat is something that comes into existence ONLY when there is a temperature difference. Heat is a flowing energy. You feel heat because the difference in your body temp and the atmospheric temp. You cannot use heat between the SAME atmospheric temperatures.

A method would be to enhance the temperature using solar panels, and store the energy in batteries or in other form like use this this energy in a continuous chemical reaction and then store the "useful" gas in a pressurised cylinder


Cold containers don't sweatwhat do they do?

Technically, you can say the cold glass dehydrated the air around it:dehydration reaction: an elimination (condensation) reaction in which the small molecule that is removed in this case, from the air is waterbut that would sound pretty lame, I think. Really, the jar isn't doing anything. There is no active process the jar is participating in. The ice inside, and the air with its water vapor outside the glass are doing everything.

The jar is simply collecting condensation, sweating, or beading up


Where is the air conditioning filter in a 1997 ford mustang and what is the easiest way of getting to it?

Someone is playing with you. there is no airconditioning filter. There is however a cabin fresh air filter but guess what it cant cause the problem. The issue is a vacuum leak either a vacuum line, the mode selector stitch or a vacuum servo all under the dash. The climate control defaults to defrost if vacuum is lost so that you can still defrost the windshield if necessary in the winter. They figure safety is more important than comfort. Check the vacuum actuator system


What is the syllabus for the mechanical engineering discipline in the recently announced Coal India limited advertisement?

Dont know much about any well defined syllabus for this exam. Follow syllabus of GATE exam ,it covers almost all important topics, question from all the subjects you studied during engineering will be asked excluding engineering drawing,physics,higher enginerring mathematics .Prepare following subjects in priority-Strength of materialTheory of machinesRefrigeration and air conditioningIndustrial engineeringEngineering materialsHeat transferFluid mechanicsOperation researchBook i suggest is - "objective mechanical engineering" by R. K. Jain


What is the best way for DIYer to buy HVAC equipment and supplies if EPA 608 certified but not contractor?

This is just an extension of Ed Beal's comments. I would defiantly set up an account with a vendor who has national outlets (maybe two) which usually allows you to purchase from any outlet. Unfortunately if a state has certain regulations that only allow certain vendors to purchase regulated products, there is not much anyone can do about it. You have an unusual situation, but if you needed anything immediately the only other option would be to overnight from you home supplier


What are the stereotypes of each major branch of the US military?

The Marines are ordered to secure a building. They toss grenades through the windows, rush in spraying automatic weapons fire, killing anything in sight.The Army is ordered to secure a building. They set up claymores and lay mines around the perimeter, string concertina wire, set up firing positions, sketch range cards, and start a guard schedule. The Air Force is ordered to secure a building. They take out a 10 year lease with an option to buy and make several upgrades including air conditioning


My air conditioning system is running, but it's not effectively cooling the home?

All of this are good answers. Try doing a preventative maintenance on your air conditioner. Is the blower wheel in the air handler operating,the condensing fan blade outside turning, Hold your hand over top the fan blade grill and feel the air if it is hot at least the compressor is operating if it is cold then the compressor is not operating. Call a service company at this point. For a do it yourself guide on a preventative maintenance check out this website. com.


How can I get a 220 V European plug into a 220 V wall outlet in Taiwan?

Looks like a standard kettle lead or IEC 60320 C13/C14 lead to me, pretty easy to get anywhere there are computers - they usually breed in drawers or the back of cupboards when noone is looking. Should be able to get one at any computer parts store - just ask if you dont see them on display, as people so infrequently buy them on their own (because they are so ubiquitous when buying a desktop) they probably save display space for other things


How do you make cyberwar lethal?

Broadcast fake news stories that the nations are divided into two groups, let's call them Blue and Red, and convince everyone that they are one of the two colors, and then give them any excuse to not like each other, and then sit back and let biology do the rest. As long as the machines can control the news narrative, various propaganda experiments over the last few decades show that the machines could get the populace into a pretty nasty frenzy fairly quickly


'07 Escalade - AC issues

First you should get a service for your AC. All ACs more or less slowly leak coolant gas. If it has last been serviced 2 or 3 years ago, chances are you are simply running low on coolant. If there is too little gas in the system, it either shuts off - or it can even get damaged.If, after a refill of your AC, the Problems prevail, check the AC compressor clutch relay (as @Al_ mentioned) and the clutch itself, in that order


How much less power does a three-phase air conditioning unit use than a one phase unit?

I live in a three phase power area here in Central Phoenix. My 3 phase 5 ton unit is 19 years old. My Home is 2500 ft sq. In all these years for an August power bill I have NEVER paid more than $100 in a monthly power bill. My neighbors who were advised by so called.

..technicians. replace their 3 phase units with single phase are paying August power bills of $300-450.It is your wallet; what are you willing to pay year after year after year


Do I need an HVAC vent in this bathroom?

I'd say maybe you don't, if it doesn't have any exterior walls, which it does, so that's a yes. Drywall is the enemy. This is also a good time to upgrade any of the electrical on the interior walls as well. You're two steps from a gut job; go for it.

As to whether you need more registers elsewhere, I don't know; I'm not a math wiz: calculate the heat load and the corresponding ventilation requirement (that's the part i pay for)


Does unblocking power bar outlets through short extension cords increase fire risk?

The use of short extension cords is an acceptable solution, but not a particularly good one.To avoid any increase, however small, in fire risk, replace the power strip instead of augmenting it.There are power strips on the market that solve this problem by providing more space between outlets, which is often necessary for the rather narrow NEMA 5-15R connector.

While shopping for an improvement, there are a few more questions to ask to make this a long(er)-term solution:


How to avoid writing Yelp reviews

Option CTell them, that you will think about it or consider doing so and smile friendly.This way, you don't commit to doing anything (writing or not writing). You are not lying either, since in your case, you actually want to write a review. This doesn't rule out the possibility, that you'll ever do it. It ends the conversation, since I doubt they'll press on in a way requiring another answer from you (even if so, just tell them "I'll think about it")


What do you find in a person's home in Hawaii that you won't find in the rest of the U.S.?

One feature that is very common in island single-family homes, but not so much in other parts of the U.S., are jalousie windows, where wooden or glass slats are opened and closed by a lever or crank. This is especially true of homes of older construction that lack air conditioning. Theyre very common here because they allow ventilation, but because they also let heat escape, they arent commonly seen elsewhere except in the warmest subtropical areas of the U.S., like Florida or Southern California


How to calculate Air conditioning load, UAE?

As far as I can remember, there are many air-conditioning load ready-reckoning books and on-line calculators available. To use these calculators, you need to know the ambient and desired temperature and humidity as well as the thermal capacity of the material from which the house is made, as well as the volume of the house, the amount of heat generated inside the house and the amount of heat coming through the windows. Try a Google search for "air-conditioning load calculators" and similar terms.


Frequent burning of air conditioner compressors

Any motor will burn out if there is insufficient voltage reaching it. Or it is overloaded.Measure the voltage reaching the compressor, easily approximated by measuring at the electrical outlet. Do this while the a/c is running. Compare the voltage at the same place without the a/c running. If the voltage drops significantly (240 v to 210 v), that is a sign of inadequate or poorly installed wiring. Excellent wiring will barely have any drop (240 to 238 volts).What is 16 mm aluminum cable?


Need info on AFCI requirements

Assuming that you're concerned with AFCI requirements in dwellings, the generic National Electrical Code (NEC) 2014 edition, Section 210.12 only requires AFCI for selected "120-volt, single-phase, 15- and 20-ampere branch circuits", according to their locations. Additional requirements may apply for plug-connected room-air conditioners (Art 440) and with interconnected power sources (Section 705.

12(D)) related to utility-connected inverters. In theory, a 230-v A/C requires "factory-installed" AFCI, if connected via plug and cord. Section 440.65.Local codes may vary (somewhat wildly) on the requirements for any AFCI at all.


Upstairs Story Not Cooling Despite Working AC?

It looks like the air handlers are both in the basement. There will be a fairly significant friction loss due to the added distance of the second story air ducts. If the ducts weren't carefully sized and balanced from the beginning, this could impede the airflow. Another factor could be the return air. If the upper story does not have its own return air, then the returns will be sucking air from upstairs down to the lower floors when the system is on

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