Continuous Or Strobe Umbrella Lights for Portrait Photography?

The main reason for using flash is that it allows you to control the ambient light (ie the room/outdoor light) by using your max sync speed. Continuous lights are part of the ambient, therefore you can not control it - you need them for the exposure! Indoors you can turn the entire background black (whatever it is) with correct use of shutter speed - something you can not do with continuous. Because the flash is of such short duration (1/10,000 sec), the ONLY thing that controls your flash exposure is the aperture - shutter speed controls the ambient. Flash can be shaped & midifed using softboxes, umbrellas, snoots, grids to give soft or hard lighting, key, fill & rim lighting. Its very versatile. The other points about model getting hot, needing a LOT of power to get enough light for continuous are relevant too of course

1. can i put xenon or strobe headlights on my VN commodore?

the xenon blue will fit. You would be better off going to supercrap auto though. strobe lights? how much of a tard do you want to be?

2. why did i get so sick after being in a room with a strobe light?

Flashing lights DO affect brain function... A person who is prone to seizures can suffer a seizure from being exposed to either flashing light, or, driving down a freeway with a row of tall trees between them & the rising (or, wetting) sun, thus casting intermittent shadows upon them... In turn, seizure activity causes brain damage, and often this effects memory adversely. So, strobe lights are nothing to fool around with, & especially so for long periods of time!.

3. Would it be cool to have beanbag chairs and strobe lights for my dinner party?

sure would who wants to sit on some hard a$$ chair to eat

4. Can an off duty corrections officer/detention deputy outfit his/her car with red and blue strobe lights?

they can around here, at least some of the deputy sherriffs do. I do not think a corrections officer can get by with it

5. What is the gun/attachment Hit-Girl used when she was fighting in the dark (Strobe light)?

It is called a weaponlight, a weapon mounted tactical light. The weaponlights are being used by law enforcement officers to disorient an aggressor / suspect in a low light condition by temporary blinding their night vision either by constant on or in the strobe mode. Hit-Girl uses the advantage of the strobe mode in the dark warehouse to disorient her targets and kill them. By the way, if you interested in knowing the type of her weaponlight, it was made by Insight Tech Gear and the model is XTI Procyon LED weaponlight. It is fitted on her H&K USP Compact 9mm handgun. Thanks

6. What stores sell strobe lights or disco balls (in the South Bend, Indiana area or just in general)?

I live around Chicago, and most of our malls have a store called Spencers. They have all sorts of stuff for a party, sex, wierd cards, lights/decorations

7. Strobe lights make me faint?

maybe you had a little too much to drink? or maybe you have vertigo OR epileptic episodes :| my friend fainted because of sudden lights

8. the strobe photographers below show a disk moving from left to right under different conditions.?

1) Acceleration is at the left and - at the right, so (a) & (b) 2) Since dx/dt = constant, (c) is the choice 3) Acceleration at left, after which dx/dt = constant, so (a) & (c)

9. What would be a good final project for strobe lights? Inside or outside using a digital camera...?

Strobes are really good at freezing action. That being said it can be a real challenge to freeze running water. It doesnt reflect the light well so you have to backlight it and you have to front light anything else. Water splashing into and out of a bowl Water splashing onto fruit etc...

10. Strobe lighting at dance music festivals — the risks | Croner-i

Health experts have called for warnings and preventive measures following evidence that strobe lighting at dance music festivals may be linked to far greater risks of epileptic fits and that the dangers may even affect those who have not been known to have seizures before. The study, published in the online journal BMJ Open, was prompted by the case of a 20-year-old who collapsed at a dance festival and then had an epileptic seizure for the first time. As a result, the researchers decided to look in more detail at the potential health impacts of strobe lighting at dance music events. Dance music events generate billions of pounds of revenue every year worldwide. However, strobe lighting, frequently used at such events, is known to heighten the risk of epileptic seizures in susceptible individuals. The risks of seizures associated with attending electronic dance music festivals are not widely known, and organisers consequently do not routinely warn visitors about them. The study drew on data from incidents requiring medical assistance, including for ecstasy use, among 400,343 visitors to 28 daytime and night time electronic dance music festivals in The Netherlands throughout 2015. Data was used from one company which provides medical services to nearly all dance music festivals in The Netherlands. In all, medical assistance was provided on 2776 occasions. In 39 cases this was for an epileptic seizure, 30 of which occurred during night time gigs, meaning that the risk of a seizure associated with a night time event was 3.5 times greater than for a daytime event. The researchers suggest organisers need to issue warnings and advice on preventive measures, particularly for those who have a history of epilepsy that responds to flashing lights, known as photosensitive epilepsy.

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