Clothing for Receptionist Interview at Yoga Center?

If there is a CHICOS in your town or mall, go there! Their clothing is flowing and light....very similar to yoga gear. I always think calm and serene when I see chicos outfits. And if you are not going to buy, yep...just dress neat clean and professional. Your smile and pleasant voice will win the job. I may skip the full suit on this one! Hope you get it ....LUCK TO YOU! :)

1. How is yoga different than Pilates?

Yoga is a spiritual as well as physical daily routine that offers more knowledge and personal insight to balance your well being and your life. The teachings are commonsense like," If you can not breath you can not live", so begins the breathing exercises to increase oxygen. Pilates is non spiritual and has an added aerobics type energy added. I have always hated aerobics.

2. Girls, Are We Alike? A Survey?

1) age: 15 2) winter or summer: summer 3) coke or lemonade: lemonade 4) one direction or Taylor swift: OMG TAYLOR SWIFT I LOVE HER 5) break things when you get mad. sometimes? 6) jeans or skirts: skirts 7) shoes or no shoes: no shoes 8) slippers in the house: no 9) text or talk on the phone: text 10) Facebook or twitter: twitter 11) books or movies: books 12) art or science: art 13) yoga or swimming: swimming

3. Parents: What do you do for fun (besides Yahoo! Answers)?

I love to read. I know everyone says that but really, I LOVE it. Hiking is another thing I love. Making bath and body products is something I've been into for years. I use to do yoga constantly but god I've been so lazy. I meditate almost daily - not really for "fun" but it's something I enjoy. i like to decorate. oh, and.. addicted to HBO and Showtime series (hence the quotes on my profile).

4. People wearing yoga pants in public?

Yeah, they are lazy sluts. They all suck at life

5. To yoga or not to?

Yoga is awesome! It is such a great way to get away from everything and just relax. I have asthma too and was way worried because of the controlled breathing exercises that Yoga requires. After a few weeks of classes my body adjusted really well to it and the breathing exercises really helped to calm my mind. If you are going through a depressed moment in life then I really think that yoga will help you tremendously. It is so calming and relaxing. Granted a few poses may be difficult for a beginner and because of your knee, but if you just pace yourself and know that the most difficult pose wo not come for months, you will have a lot of fun and seeing your gradual progression with be very rewarding. I totally encourage you to take this on, it would be great! And if you find a class that is going on nearby, doing it with other people helps you to see other ways of doing poses and it also has this weird good vibe that just kind of travels from person to person. It is way fun!.

6. Yoga or Pilates??? what is best?????????

Neither Pilates or Yoga is the only solution. It sounds like you have an opportunity to walk since you are in school. You should take full advantage of that b/c it's the only time you will be able to squeeze in your necessary cardio. Also, packing a lunch or at least bringing pre-packed healthy snacks to school will help you lose the extra weight. As for Pilates and Yoga, both work different muscles. Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates who was injured in the war. He learned to strengthen his core to support his entire body from a hospital bed and that is why Pilates is more of a core/ab workout. Yoga, is both a mental and physical workout. Yoga strengthens the arms, legs, back and mind, but can be slightly more dangerous (in the long run) if you do not do the poses correctly. I recommend trying a class first before trying a video. As for Pilates/Yoga workouts, I recommend: *ExerciseTV (if you have digital cable) you can do the workouts in the Pilates/Yoga folder for free at home. You can also go to for free mini yoga/pilates workouts. Additionally, you can buy and download longer workouts for $1.99/$2.99. *Mari Windsor Pilates *Stott Pilates *AM/PM Yoga for Beginners (with Rodney Yee) *Denise Austin Yoga Body Burn Good luck!

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FILE - In this Tuesday, March 19, 2013 file photo, a woman walks past the Lululemon Athletica store at Union Square in New York. Lululemon says no demonstrations of yoga positions or otherwise are needed to return its pricey black yoga pants that the company pulled from shelves for being too sheer. The yoga gear maker's policy statement comes after a New York Post report that was widely circulated by the media recounted one woman's tale of being asked to bend over when trying to return some pants to prove they were sheer. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)NEW YORK (AP) -- No "downward-facing dog" is required.Lululemon said Wednesday that no demonstrations of yoga or any other positions are needed to return the pricey black yoga pants that the company pulled from shelves last week after finding that they were too sheer."We do not require guests to demonstrate the sheerness of their bottoms," said Sari Martin, who works for communications firm ICR and spoke on behalf of Lululemon.The Vancouver-based yoga gear maker's statement comes a day after a New York Post report that was widely circulated by the media recounted one woman's tale of being asked by sales staff to bend over to prove that the yoga pants she was trying to return were sheer.Martin would not comment on the specific instance recounted by the Post, but said Wednesday that this is not standard policy for Lululemon staffers. To the contrary, she said that people who bought the black "Luon" yoga pants, which cost $72 to $98, since March 1, either online or in store, can return them for a full refund, "no questions asked."The hubbub comes a week after Lululemon said it was recalling its black "Luon" yoga pants, which account for about 17 percent of all women's pants in its stores, because their material was too sheer. The pants are made from a combination of nylon and Lycra fibers.The company still hasn't determined the cause of the problem. And officials have declined to say when the items would be back in its stores. But the company has added more stringent controls and is diversifying its suppliers to make sure it doesn't happen again.The flap is a blemish for a company that has been a superstar in the athletic world. Lululemon has grown to 211 stores, including 135 stores in the U.S. and 51 in Canada, as its yoga and other workout clothing has gained popularity with men and women. Its devoted fans helped Lululemon, founded in 1998, become a $1.4 billion business.But the pants snafu isn't the only quality issue the chain has had, though. The company also has had sheerness problems with swimsuits and light-colored pants.RBC Capital Markets analyst Howard Tubin said that while the sheer pants are an "odd" situation, it's just a growing pain for the rapidly expanding company."They tried to get in front of this by not letting the merchandise stay on store shelves and they're working with vendors to try to figure out how this happened," he said. "They're probably handling it the best way they can."Shares fell 76 cents to $62.27.
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